A few hours later Kyle was just laying in his bathtub. 'Moving? Tomorrow?' It was so strange. And he couldn't even began to imagine his life without her. It scared him.

His plan was to hang out with her as much as possible tomorrow. He was excited for the day to come, but also didn't want it to come. One minute of good times with her, was just another minute closer to not being able to be with her anymore. Kyle had never thought this way before, it was weird.

He feel asleep, dreaming of Amanda. He loved to dream. It took him away from reality. And the way dreams worked were amazing to him. He was very much interested in them.

When he woke up, for a second he had completely forgotten about Amanda moving. But the instant he shifted he remembered the night before. Her crying with her face in his chest. And him doing the same, which was very rare. He sighed loudly.

He got out of his bathtub, and began to get dressed. He wore green, which was the color Amanda liked most on him. Looking at the image that was on his mirror, he was surprised how tired he looked. Maybe he didn't sleep as well as he thought he had.

Avoiding breakfast, he left the house as soon as he could. He wanted to get to Amanda's sooner than usual. He knocked on the front door, and was lucky when Amanda opened the door instead of her mother. "Hey Amanda." She looked even more tired than Kyle felt or looked.

"Hey Kyle. What are you doing here so early?"

"I wanted to hang out with you longer." He smiled weakly.

"Well you're lucky. Mom went in early for her last day of work." She grabbed his arm, and pulled him inside. "I was in the middle of finishing my breakfast. Do you want anything?"

"No. I'm fine. Thanks though."

She shrugged and sat down at the kitchen table, and Kyle sat down across from her. He just stared at her eating, which made her feel very awkward. She looked up, "Kyle? Why are you staring at me eating?"

"I just... don't want you to leave..."

She looked down at her bowl of ceral, and put some in her spoon, then watched as it slowly fall out of the spoon. "I don't want to leave either."

They both just stared at the table until Amanda said, "I need to go brush my teeth. Want to come upstairs with me?"

"Sure." He said, following her into the kitchen as she talked.

She filled her bowl with water, and set it in the sink. Then she started off towards the stairs. Kyle followed her. She stepped into the bathroom, and grabbed her toothbrush, and squeezed some toothpaste on it. Kyle watched as she began to brush her teeth, going back and forth, back and forth. In a weird way she was very gracefully with the way she did it.

When she spit her final spit of toothpaste and had already rinsed her mouth, she looked over at Kyle. "Were you watching me brush my teeth?"

"In a way, it was beautiful the way you did it."

She turned her head to the side, "That's kind of a weird thing to think." She said, laughing.

"I can't help it."

She smiled, and then grabbed his hand. They started down the stairs. Amanda locked the front door as they walked out, and sat in her car. But then Amanda started to cry, she had just then thought about how this was going to be the last time she drove with Kyle to school. He put his hand on her hand which was on the wheel. "What's wrong?"

"It's the last time I'll be driving with you to school. It scares me." She closed her eyes tightly as more tears began to pour of her closed eyelids.

"Amanda this won't be our last day together, I promise."

Her head shifted over to him, and she weakly said, "How do you know? My mother may not let me over here." He gave her a look, he knew she could get away from her mother if she really wanted to. "I know. I know." Amanda replied.

He gave her a soft kiss on the lips, and she began to start her car. "If we don't leave now, we'll be late." She said, making sure to stay focused on the road.

Kyle watched her as she nervously started to drive. Making sure to keep the tears back. Which was very hard to do.

After about ten minutes, they drove up to the school. "Ready to go?" Kyle asked.

She took a deep breath. "Yeah. I'm ready. I just hope I don't end up crying."

"Crying isn't a bad thing Amanda. Sometimes it's just good to let it out."

She sighed again. "This is so messed up. I can't believe I have to leave you." She said as they got out of the car. "I don't want to leave you. My life is going to be completely different."

Kyle grabbed her into a hug, and rubbed her back. "You'll be fine. We'll be fine. Sometimes change is a good thing."

She looked up at him, "Kyle... I don't know how to say this... but..."


"I don't think we'll be able to make it without seeing each other."

He looked at her, confused. "But we still have weekends."

"Kyle. You can't expect us to drive five hours every weekend."

"But we..."

"I know. I hate this too. But honestly... we can get back together when I move back. Which I probably will after I graduate." Kyle kept on looking at her, speechless. "Kyle?"

"I have to go." And he walked off to his first class.


The rest of the day was a complete drag for Kyle. He couldn't think of anything else. As weird as that seems. He was so stuck on Amanda breaking up with him. It was the most heart breaking thing he had ever experienced. And now he knew why people were so depressed when it happened.

At the end of the school day Kyle walked over to Amanda's car. Not knowing what to fully expect. "Hi." She said, walking slowly up.

"Hey." He said as she unlocked his door.

He slipped into his car seat, and looked over at Amanda getting into hers. "How was your day?" She awkwardly asked him.

"It was alright. Yours?"

She started the car, "It was ok I guess. A little emotional. You know, with it being my last day and all."

"Yeah." He said, and turned his head to look out the window at the passing trees, and streets.

The rest of the car ride was filled with silence, which they both hated. But as Amanda pulled into her driveway, she expected Kyle to be willing to hang out. But as soon as she got out of her car, she could already clearly see Kyle fastly walking over to his house. She stared after him until she couldn't see him anymore.

She sighed loudly. She couldn't believe he was just leaving like that. Without even saying bye. Maybe he was taking his whole breaking up thing harder than she had expected him to.

Then before she knew it, she was flopped onto her bed, crying. It was going to be so hard to leave. Especially with Kyle like this. She was leaving tomorrow. She couldn't believe he was acting this way, now. At a time like this. It kind of made her mad. Which was rare.


The next morning Amanda woke up with tears staining her cheek. She rubbed off the gross feeling, and sat up. She then realized that today was the day she was moving, and she now had to finish her packing.

She stood up, and began packing the few things that she hadn't packed. She could hear loud noises outside of the house, and she walked over to her window. Outside her mother was talking to the driver of a moving truck. "I can't believe this is really happening to me." She said outloud.

That same morning Kyle woke up with a hurting heart. Which he found weird that the feeling of that was still there. Amanda was leaving, that was final.

He walked into the kitchen, looking for something to eat. Lori walked into the the room, and sat down at the kitchen table. "Why aren't you over at Amanda's?" She asked, eager sounding.

Kyle looked over at her, "Because I don't want to deal with it right now."

"You don't want to deal with it right now? She know she's moving today right?"

The words hurt him. "Yes. Yes I do know that." And after making toast, he walked back to his room, mad at Lori for bringing it up.

The hours passed by very slowly, yet very quickly at the same time. While Kyle was laying in his bathtub, being down, Amanda was packing like a crazy animal. She was disappointed that Kyle hadn't come over yet. Especially since there was only one more hour before she left.

During the final hour of Kyle doing nothing both Lori and Josh pilled into his room. "What are you still doing here?" Josh asked, with his arms crisscrossed.

"What do you mean?" Kyle asked, sitting up.

"Are you serious?" Lori began, "Amanda is moving in an hour, and you aren't going over there to hang out with her?"

"Why should I?"

"Because she's Amanda." Josh started, "Duh."

"She broke up with me yesterday, ok? I just don't want to see her." And he lay over on his side. His back to Lori and Josh.

Josh came around the tub though, "Ever think she did that because she didn't want to hurt you later on?"

"No." Kyle said, and turned to his other side. Only to find Lori right in his face.

"Just go over there. We all know she cares about you, just as much as you care about her. Now get out of that tub." She said, pulling on his arm, trying to get him up.

Kyle turned on his back. "No."

"Stubborn ass." Josh said. "You'll regret this later." And they both walked out of the room.

"Finally." Kyle thought.

But then after sitting there for several minutes, he decided they were right. Even if Amanda did break up with him, that didn't mean she still didn't care about him. Plus she was probably missing him just as much as he was missing her. So he got up and began to get dressed.


Amanda's tears were now fresh. As she packed her final clothes. Kyle hadn't come at all that day, and she decided she was going to go see him right before she left.

She was content on her quiet crying until she heard someone step into her room. She hoped it wasn't her mother, because right now all she wanted to do was scream at her. But when she turned around, she was happy to find that it was Kyle.

"Kyle." She said smiling, and walked over to him.

"Hi Amanda." He said. "I'm sorry I didn't come sooner."

"Don't say another word about it. I'm just glad you came." They smiled at each other. "Kyle..." She walked out of his arms, "I didn't mean what I said earlier. About breaking up. I thought I did. But I realized that I don't want to leave you. You're to great. Sure we won't see each other everyday, or even every weekend... but I know we can make it through." They lightly kissed each other.

"AMANDA!" They heard from downstairs, breaking their kiss. "WE'RE LEAVING IN A HALF HOUR!"

More fresh tears occured on Amanda's face. At first Kyle tried to push them all away, but after a while it was almost impossible. "We'll make it through." He said to her, and gave her another kiss.

The next twenty minutes was spend with Kyle helping Amanda move all her boxes to the truck. And then they had the next precious ten minutes alone together, talking. Kyle's favorite thing to do with Amanda.

The ten minutes went by so quick though. To quick. "I have to leave." Amanda said, standing up.

"Yeah." Kyle said, standing up too.

She ran into his arms, giving him the hugest hug he had ever been given. He hugged back, while tears poured out of both of their eyes.

Kyle grabbed her hand, and together they walked down the stairs, and out of Amanda's house. They turned to look at each other. "I'll come over next weekend." She said, while holding both of his hands.

"I can't wait till then." Kyle said with a weak smile.

One last time, Amanda ran into his arms, and Kyle gave her a kiss. The type of kiss that you want to never end. Then when they were done, they rested their foreheads against one another's.

"I'll miss you." Amanda whispered.

"I'll miss you too." He said, looking deep into her eyes.

"COME ON AMANDA!" Her mom yelled, getting into the driver's seat on the moving truck.

Looking at Kyle with sad eyes, Amanda walked over to the truck, and hopped into the seat. She stuck her head out of the window, and blew him a kiss. He weakly smiled. Then the truck started to drive away. "See you next weekend!" She yelled while waving, with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"See you." He weakly said as the truck drove out of sight.

He sat down on her front deck steps. He sighed. He would see her soon, that he was sure of. Soon couldn't come soon enough.

He sighed one more time, then stood up, and started walking back to his house.

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