The Ninth Doctor stood. He stared out as the legions of Dalek ships flew down, raining destruction as they came.

"For we are truly at the end of days," he murmured. The robotic Master behind him said nothing, but quietly watched the annihilation. He was almost sad, if it weren't for the fact that he had spent his lives trying to destroy the home he had scorned.

"I'd call this a moment to pull a rabbit out of a hat, Doctor," he murmured.

"What rabbit?" the Doctor said. "I haven't got any answers. The other fellow's doing something, but he'll be too late - I can just tell."

"Then let's do something worth remembering," the Master suggested. "Go out with a bang."

The Doctor turned on him, and smiled softly.

"You know?" he said. "That sounds like a rather good idea."


Dalek Sec led his units into battle against the Time Lord forces. His mission was planned as a backup, in case the main assault failed – or the Doctor came up with a way to defeat them.

The forty three strong Cult of Skaro, a unit of free thinkers, blasted their way through logic traps and staser cannons, taking casualties as they went. Sec knew he needed only four to survive. Dalek Caan would be one, he knew – Caan was a born survivor, exterminating anything in his path. Dalek Jast and Dalek Thay were also possible survivors. Dalek Kalon had been another one to consider, but he had died fighting an entire unit of Gallifreyan Capitol Guards. Bravery was all well and good in a thinking Dalek, but not when it got you killed.

Their target – codenamed the Genesis Ark – was a ship designed by the Time Lords to carry their prisoners to Shada, the great prison moon. It would be used to store approximately five million Dalek reinforcements in case the battle went awry.


Thousands of Dalek ships flew into Gallifreys lower atmosphere, laying down a carpet of destructive missile fire. The Time Lord's dome withstood it all, but when the Daleks themselves attacked, they broke through the small cracks and into the Citadel.

Death reigned in the streets, as the Time Lords soldiers destroyed wave after wave, the Daleks exterminated women and children, and slowly but surely, the Citadel fell...

The Rani died in the process of unleashing a virus – it killed thousands of Daleks, but the Citadels auto-atmosphere cleanser killed it before it could do any real damage.

Drax, the great expert in technology, managed to build a device that could vaporise Dalek armour without harming anything else. Unfortunately, he was killed before he could activate it, and it was blown to pieces.


The Doctor transmatted into the chamber, ad smiled at fond memories that he was not even certain were his own.

The great frieze with the fallen Time Lords Borusa, Mellethon, Caratharan and Sigfiredoradortankalaka, and the body of the Great Rassilon, waited for him, and as soon as he materialised, the voice boomed out.

"What do you seek Doctor?"

"My Lord Rassilon," the Doctor replied, his voice impassioned, "I need your aid! Our world is dying, as an evil force conquers it!"

"I know," Rassilons' great voice boomed. "I know well how our world falls – but this is the Last Contact, that was foretold so long ago. Our own arrogance has led us here. If our people had not tried to prevent their existence, the Daleks would never know about us, and would never have tried to develop Time Travel."

"I know that!" the Doctor said. "And I ask that you forgive us, as we need your help now!"

"I cannot help, Doctor," Rassilon said. "Our people must pay for their arrogance – as must our world. I am sorry – but you must see my point."

The Doctor sighed, and turned on his heel.

"You may find, my honoured Lord Rassilon," he threw over his shoulder, "that you might be the one who needs us."

Rassilon was silent as the Doctor transmatted out.


Gallifrey's fall was slow but sure. Daleks swept through every single corridor, killing everything.

Romana was crying. This was her failure, nobody elses. If only she had worked harder trying to persuade the Daleks of peace... but no, she realised bitterly. This was the only way it would have all turned out. She was starting to regret not asking the Sontarans to come in - they might as well have shared in the annihilation of this pointless war, and they would have enjoyed it.

The Cybermen were no good - they fought all right, but nowhere near anywhere useful. She was regretting helping them too. Ah well, she thought to herself. At least I had an alright innings. She got a hold of herself and sat up.

To find the Ninth Doctor smiling at her.

"Doctor?" she murmured.

"C'mon Romana, I need your help!" he grinned. She looked at him, with that old 'good times just round the corner' smile, and she believed.


The Master had already set everything up. Well, almost.

"So... what exactly will this do?" Romana asked.

"Oh, nothing much," the Doctor replied from under a console. "Open the Eye of Harmony, unleash the powers of hell... that sort of thing."

Romana's eyes widened.

"Doctor - that will destroy Gallifrey as well," she said.

The Doctor came up and looked at her, and she saw in his eyes a sort of sorrow mixed with determination mixed with amusement.

"Have you looked out of the window recently?" he asked. "Only there's not much of a Gallifrey left to destroy. Most of the Capitol's overrun. In fact, I just bet you the Daleks will get in here in a few minutes. How's it going?!" he called to the Master.

"Quite well," the android said. "In fact, I think it's ready!"

"Marvellous!" the Doctor said. "Now we wait."

He stood up and faced the only door into the room. It was a couple of seconds before Romana asked what he was waiting for.

"Our friends the Daleks," the Doctor smiled. "I want to make a fantastic exit and I really feel it would be nice for a few of them to actually see me destroy them!"

"Hm," the Master said, coming up behind him. "I don't know about you, but I'd rather just be shut off."

The Doctor turned to him and shushed him. "You can't feel pain anyway, I imagine this is going to be rather unpleasant."

Even as he spoke, the door clanged, as Daleks tried to get in.

"Ah, they're here," the Doctor smiled. Romana turned to the door, and stood next to the Doctor.

"Haven't you got a plan?" she asked.

"Nope," he replied. "Apart from giving a hliariously witty last word or five."

"To go out with dignity is enough for me," the Master smiled.

The Daleks broke in, the door falling asunder. Dozens of them swarmed in, and surrounded the Doctor.

"Hello, boys!" he said. "I say, isn't this the bit where you say -"

"Exterminate!" the Daleks chorused.

"Yes that's it!" the Doctor grinned, right before a dozen Dalek energy bolts smashed into him, throwing nhis body right, left and sideways. He was finally released from the bolts, and he grinned at the Daleks one last time before collapsing. Romana simply closed her eyes, and waited for death. It was given to her. As for the Master, he had been true to his word, and shut himslef off. But too late, for even as Romana collapsed to the ground, the Eye of Harmony began to open, and the Time Vortex was slowly, but surely, unleashed...


Half a mile away, near the wreckage of the TARDIS bays, the Cult of Skaro - or rather, the four survivors who remained, namely Sec, Caan, Jast and Thay, opened the Timeship codenamed the Genesis Ark. Thousands of Dalek troopers flocked in, following preset hibernation orders. As the last Dalek flew in, the Void Ship opened, and the Cult flew the Ark inside. Then it closed, and slowly faded away into the void...


From space, it looked something like this. The planet slowly became enveloped by a great, multicoloured, psychedelic haze, that swept across the entire world, vaporising everything it touched that didn't have adequate shielding. the Citadel was so old, and so wreathed in Time Energy, that it survived, albeit a ruined and wrecked as the Daleks had left it, but the people - both Time Lord and Dalek - were annihilated.

Then the haze spread out, touching the Dalek fleet, and destroyig it. The only ship that escaped was the Emperor's, and even it was damaged, and it's occupants sent half mad. But apart from that, nothing survived. The haze slowly faded, and eventually, there was nothing left. No one had survived this Time War, except for the Dalek Emperors ship, the Cult of Skaro, and one little TARDIS, shpaed like a Police Box.


It was called a Delta Wave. He had planned it meticulously. With the TARDIS, he could set it so that it could affect only Dalek DNA - destroy the lot of them. Easy. He was lucky he had the TARDIS – without its precise systems, he could never have done anything to stop the Daleks – the Delta Wave would destroy them all.

When he set it off of course, the power involved fried him - leaving his Eighth Body a withered husk, nearly dead. But it was a good way to die, stopping the evils that had tried to end his world, and fortunately, he could still regenerate, so that's what he did, the energy sweeping over him, letting his wounds heal...

When it was over, he popped his head out of the door, expecting to find a victory celebration.

He found a wreck.

There was nothing there. Noi Time Lords, no Daleks. The Capitol weas a husk. There were no bodies, no crashed casings. Just the ruined city.

He wandered around for a while trying to find clues, but he found nothing. He reasoned that his other self must have unleashed the Eye of Harmony upon the Daleks, thus destroying them and Gallifrey too.

It was a cold, solid fact, now.

He was the last of the Time Lords.


"And that's how it came to it," the Doctor finished. "After that, I looked in a mirror and realised that I didn't look like Count Duckula, then I wandered aimlessly for a bit, regenerated again, and finally ran into you on Malcassairo..."

"And the rest, as they say, is history," the Master finished. "I almost wish I'd been there, now."

"Well, you weren't," the Doctor said, looking at the floor. "You weren't anywhere. You were trapped in a watch while the war was fought."

"Don't remind me," the Master murmured.

"So now what?" the Doctor asked.

"Simple," the Master said. "My plan continues, and you sit here and watch."

He stood up and smiled.

"Goodbye, Doctor."

He walked out, briskly and smartly, leaving the old Doctor to watch him go.

The End.