"Bye, Bye!"

And with that, I'm off, the whole universe my oyster again.

Or it would be, if he hadn't jammed the bleedin' controls.

Damn Doctor, he can't let me have my way ever. Always has to interfere. Always has to make himself the succesful one...

Anyway, I have a body to inspect.


Not half bad, considering it's my first regeneration for ages. It feels good to be out of that damn Trakenite body, at any rate.

These clothes don't go at all though.

Victorian apparel? What was I thinking? I look like him, when last we met, when he was that annoying bloke in Wild Bill Hickock clothes.

God, I hate him.

No, this just won't do. Even worse, since this is his TARDIS, not mine, all the clothes are his sort of thing, not mine.

Still, I have no other choice. He must have SOMETHING good...



Dammit, the drums are still there, banging on in my head...

I've settled on this black suit - a tad 'the Matrix', but it'll do.

I've not done too badly for a body this time round. Reasonably young, somewhat stylish, quite cool, and somehow, indescribably me.

The TARDIS has landed, on Earth, the year 2006. where he wants me to be, no doubt. he'll be coming, I have no doubt of that.

But when he does, the Master will be waiting.


It's the end...

I ruled this pitiful Earth. I had an army. i was the Lord and Master.

And now he's beaten me. Again.

But I'll have the last laugh.

He thinks I'm dying. He thinks that I, who have fought all to survive, who has lived life as a barely mobile HUSK, will let one bullet stop me now, on his account.

"I guess you don't know me so well after all..."

I have a little back up, you idiot. You never even noticed it there, staring you right in the face...

Aw, look, he's crying. Begging me not to die. Well, tough, mate, I'm going. At least, for NOW, I'm going.

As I die, and my mind withdraws itself into the ring, I look at him.

"Well what d'you know... I win."