Excerpt from Surprise!

This is my first time writing a story so sorry before hand if the story sucks. If you could leave a review, that would be great. I want to see if I should continue with this story.

A little girl is crying during the evening, around the time when most of the people left to go home. A little boy passes by and decides to accompany her by playing in the playground. The little girl starts laughing as they play in the swings and seesaws. After a while someone comes to pick the little girl up. The little girl turns around but the boy is gone.

Ten years later the girl named Luchia otherwise known as Luke is attending a private high school. She has shoulder length frizzy hair that is tied near her split ends and her bangs cover most of her eyes which is already covered by thick glasses. She also wears the boy's uniform which doesn't fit her that well... Her disguise and alias are so no one can recognize her as the daughter of the King.

By the beginning of the school year Luchia is bullied near the entrance gate by three guys since her appearance makes her look like a nerd. Kaitou, the little boy from ten years ago, arrives to school but the gate is blocked.

Since Kaitou is late for school he decides to help the kid being bullied. He kicks their asses in no time and tells them "Pick on someone your own size." Luchia admires his "courage" and starts going in her own world about how princely Kaitou became. (O by the way Luchia and Kaitou haven't met since the ten years and the only reason she knows who he is is because she tracked him down using her father's power by hiring detectives, just like a stalker…) When the late bell rang Luchia snaps out of it and runs to her homeroom. Unfortunately, Kaitou and Luchia are not in the same class but they are next door to each other. Along the way Luchia bumps into someone, she says sorry and continues running. The boy she bumped into turns out to sit next to her but she doesn't notice since class just started and she is rushing to get her supplies out.

Once lunchtime comes, most of the students rush out to go to the school store. Luchia walks outside to see if she can find Kaitou in the hallway but she bumps into the boy from earlier again. Luchia finally recognizes him and asks "Hey, aren't you that guy from before?" and he says "Yea. I sit right next to you…." Luchia asks "what's your name again?'"

"My name is Rihito. What about you?"

"Ummm….my name is Lu…Luke. Yea, Luke."

Suddenly, another group of people rushed out in the hallway and knocked Luchia unconscious. Rihito is startled and taps Luchia on the cheek to see if she is okay. "Hey, Luke can you hear me?" but there was no response. Rihito was worried so he lifted Luchia up in his arms (since it was easier than putting her on his back) into the nurse office. There was no nurse there so Rihito put Luchia on the bed to find a nurse nearby. Eventually, Luchia woke up and found Kaitou sleeping on the bed next to her. Luchia is surprised and looks around to see where she is. Instead she ends up staring at Kaitou's face.

"It's not nice to stare." Kaitou says with his eyes closed.

Luchia jumps and blushes from embarrassment. "Sorry…" Luchia said while running out of the room.

Just then Rihito came in with a nurse to find Luchia missing. Rihito asks Kaitou "Have you seen a little blond boy by any chance?"

Kaitou says "He just left."

Rihito thinks Luchia must've gone back to class and left to find Luchia.

At the end of the day Rihito and Luchia head home together since they live around the same area (or so he thinks. Luchia just lives with her other relatives for now since it is closer to school). When they were about to part Luchia smiled and thanked Rihito for taking care of her (he filled her in on what happened while she was unconscious). As the wind blew, her face came into view (despite the way she dresses and her hair, her face isn't that bad. She is a princess after all.) Rihito is astonished at what he saw and stuttered "N…no pro…bl…em"