Chapter 26

Luchia waited in the classroom for Kaito to come back with the pieces of cloth from her last costume covering her so that the people would stop looking at her.

"What's taking Kaito so long? It's time to do the concert." Luchia said while looking everywhere. "He might have not noticed that it is already time. I'll just wait a bit longer…"

After a couple of minutes Luchia began to worry since there was no sight of Kaito.

"It's already been five minutes, where could he be?" Luchia thought

Luchia became impatient and decided to ask the leader of the fan club where Kaito was, since the leader would probably know anytime where Kaito is.

"Umm excuse me; do you know where Kaito is?" Luchia asked, hiding her face so that the leader wouldn't notice her and decide not to tell her because of the disgust the leader had for her.

"I'm busy right now. Leave me alone." The leader said as she continued walking to the table she was serving

"But I have something important to give him." Luchia lied

"Oh really? What is that important thing?" the leader asked as she stopped to listen to Luchia

"Uhh….it's his lucky charm…He needs it."

"Give it to me and I will give it to him"

"But….he entrusted me that lucky charm and he told me not to lose it or give it to anyone else"

"Why would he give you his lucky charm if it is that important? Who are you to him?"

Luchia looked at her watch and noticed that 5 minutes passed by.

"I have to hurry or else he won't be able to perform at the concert!" Luchia said urgently "If you are not going to help me then I will go to someone else"

"Wait!" the leader said as Luchia was about to leave. "If you tell me who you are to him then I will tell you where he is." The leader said, to keep tabs of every person Kaito knew

"I am his…."


"His sister!" Luchia said, to avoid the wrath of the fanclub's jealousy

"Oh, you're his sister? Then let me introduce myself. I am – "

"I don't have time for small talk; I really need to get to Kaito." Luchia interrupted

"Oh, okay. He's at the auditorium."

"Thanks" Luchia said as she ran towards the stairs

Luchia's cloak fell on the floor as she ran, showing her ponytails and outfit.

"Hey, isn't that the obnoxious girl from earlier?!" the leader said as she finally noticed she was tricked "How dare you trick me!"

: At the auditorium :

"Where is Luchia?" Masahiro asked

"She'll be here soon, just wait" Kaito said

"We waited long enough. We even let another group go before us."

"If she doesn't come right now, then we are going without her."

"But what about the song she was supposed to sing?"

"You'll have to sing her part."


"Come on, let's go. It's our turn now."


Luchia was now at the 4th floor running down the stairs.

"Please God, let me make it in time" Luchia said

While Luchia was running down the stairs she saw Rina walking down too.

"Rina?" Luchia said confused "Aren't you supposed to be at home?" Luchia said as she slowed down

"Oh, that. It turned out to be nothing. But what are you still doing here? Aren't you supposed to be singing right now?"

"I know I'm going there right now. But, I'm late and I need to rush there or else I won't make it."

"I see…Then take this" Rina said as she stuck out her hand to give Luchia something

"What is it?"

"It's a microphone. You won't have enough time to stop backstage and wait for the stage crew to give you one."

Luchia almost got teary eyed by Rina's kindness. "Thank you." Luchia said and continued running down stairs

From out of no where a butler appeared behind Rina. "Oujo – sama , I don't understand why insist on helping her so much."

"….She reminds me of my first friend. Besides their personality I would say they are almost the same."

Back at the auditorium, the band finished singing their first song and started playing the intro to the song Luchia was supposed to sing. Kaito put on a fake smile and started singing the first line to the song, Kibou no Kaneoto Love Goes On.

"Yume no owari wo negau no ha naze?
Are hateta basho ni mo hana ha saku no ni

Nanairo no kaze Nanairo no sora
Kibou ha sekai ni afureteru no ni

Machigaeta, yume wo miteta dake...
Ai no arikaya kioku no nazoto
Tsuki sasaru tsumetai kodoku ni
Anata ha kurushindeta no"

Suddenly, a little light opened at the entrance of the auditorium and the sound of Luchia's voice sang along with Kaito's

"Junbaku no..."

Kaito surprised to hear Luchia, looked around the auditorium to see where the sound could come from. The spot light suddenly shined at the walkway which led to the stage. There, Luchia appeared, walking towards Kaito and the other band members. Kaito paused at the sight of Luchia. As Luchia finally got up to the stage, she gave Kaito a smile, reassuring him to leave the rest to her. "Tsubasa wo yasumete yasashiku nemutte
""Ikitai""to negai umareta deshou? Saa!
Kibou no kaneoto saigo no uta wo ima...
Tsuyoi mono dake no sekai janai kara.
LISTEN TO MY LOVE kono uta wo..."