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"Did you just see that?" someone gasped.

"Is this really happening?" someone else said, nearly crying.

"Who knew the Uchiha would ever do that?" a boy grinned.

"Che, who cares. He is only holding her hand."

"Does Naruto know about this?" somebody else whispered.

Sasuke turned his head in annoyance. He glared at the gossiping people behind him. "I knew we shouldn't have come here," he said.

His companion gently squeezed his hand. "Don't listen to them. Just ignore them. You're here with me after all."

Sasuke relaxed, like he always did when he was around her. she always made him feel at ease.

She smiled at him and he gently stroke a pink hair lock out of her face. She really was adorable.

He ignored the laugher and sobs from behind him.

"Why did you insisted on coming here again?" he snorted.

She just laughed and he couldn't help himself but smile. She really could make him smile.

"Did you hear that by the way? They were saying what Naruto would think of this," she whispered. She squeezed his hand again as she saw his face after she'd mentioned it. "Hey, they're just curious. You can't really blame them," she winked. "But if they really annoy you that much, I can always send them flying back home." She grinned as she subtly filled her hand with chakra. Sasuke smirked too. He really liked being with her. after a few months, since his return, she had asked him out again and this time he had accepted. He had warned her not to have any expectations for the date, but she'd just laughed his comment away.

"Don't you think it would only feed their gossiping when my date would beat up a few guys for me?" He said dryly, but with a hint of humor.

"Surely, but they wouldn't do it close to you anymore." She laughed again. he joined her laughter with his own and ignored the curious voices behind them.

"It would be so embarrassing," she grinned.

Their food had arrived at their table. She let go of his hand and to him it now felt cold and empty.

"Look, Sasuke-kun, there are Naruto and Hinata."

Sasuke glances outside and saw them talking vividly. Then he looked over to his date. She looked so happy.

"Sakura, your food is getting cold."

She looked over to him and her pink hair danced.

"Oh yeah, you're right." She looked up to him rather shy. "I'm very glad you wanted to go on a date with me," she said and blushed.

He smirked at her, linking how she looked while she blushed. "Well things are a little different now, aren't they?"

She nodded. "With half of Akatsuki gone, we can relax a little bit, indeed."

"Especially with my precious brother gone," he said. She grabbed his hand again. it felt nice and warm. It made his heart melt bit by bit. She looked at him without saying anything. He knew what she meant though. She didn't need to say anything.

They ate their meal quite silently.

"Have you received any missions lately?" Sakura asked.

"Yes, next week I have to do some stupid escort mission." He snorted in dislike. He wanted to become at least a jounin. Actually he was aiming for ANBU. So was Sakura. She was teaching some new medics to work in the hospital, so she could try for ANBU. She wanted to assist them being a medic. The Hokage was being very helpful and supporting. Yet, Sasuke had the feeling as though she had developed some strong dislikes towards him. It couldn't be helped, after all, he had been away for quite a while. Sakura grinned at him.

"What?" he asked suspiciously.

"I've got the same mission. I asked shishou if she could give it to you. Naruto is on the mission as well." Her grin grew wider as she saw him realize what that meant.

"A team resurrection, huh?" he smirked.

"Yeah. A little surprise. Do you like it?" she asked insecurely.

"Nice job," he replied, this time being the one to squeeze her hand.

She smiled happily at him.

She really made him feel good.

"Talking about team seven, how is Kakashi doing lately?" he asked and Sakura smiled cheekily.

"I think he's actually seeing someone," she said with twinkling eyes.

Sasuke raised his eyebrows. "Really? Who?"

"I don't know, honestly, but he's being so sneaky lately. He changes subjects as soon as I start asking him about it." She looked annoyed. "But I'll find out sooner or later!" she guaranteed him.

They stood up and Sasuke paid for their dinner.

Slowly they walked through the streets. Sakura pointed at some shops while they passed by.

It was summer and therefore still hot outside, even though it was getting a little dark.

They bought an ice-cream and sat down somewhere.

"I really love living here," Sakura said enjoying her sight.

Various people were strolling by, enjoying the warm night. They talked a lot and as it got really late, they decided to go home.

For the first time, Sasuke walked Sakura home.

As they arrived at her house, they had to say goodbye.

"I really enjoyed it tonight," Sakura started.

"Me too," Sasuke admitted.

"It was really nice being with you, while it was just the two of us," she blushed. Again, Sasuke thought of how beautiful she looked while she blushed.

"I thought so too,' he smirked, enjoying how she was struggling for the right words. Normally she was so talkative. It was funny to see her having trouble thinking of the right words.

Sakura glanced at him. "So… you want to do it again some day?"

He took his time before he answered her question. "I would like to do it over some time, yeah."

Sakura smiled contently. Neither of them showed any sign of leaving.

Sakura was hesitating. Then she stood on the tips of her toes and quickly kissed him on the mouth.

She awaited his reaction anxiously. He looked a little bit surprised.

"Good night, Sasuke-kun," she said quickly.

She turned around and took only one step before her arm was captured by Sasuke. He spun her back around and pressed his own lips against hers. Sakura's eyes widened slightly before she closed them.

She tasted sweet and her lips felt soft against his own. He enjoyed this moment to the fullest, before he finally released her.

She stood there, looking at him. She looked a little bit dazed. He slowly smiled at her.

"I really liked it tonight," he said.

"M-Me too," she replied, still surprised.

"I want to do it over again."

She regained her smile. "The date or the kiss?"

He captured her lips with his again. "Both," he grinned afterwards.

"Good, me too," she smiled happily. "Good night, Sasuke-kun."

"Good night, Sakura," he replied.

They smiled at each other, before she went inside her house and he returned to his own place.

The night had been great and he would take her out again soon.

His heart was melting bit by bit, but it went faster than he'd thought.

He smiled contently before falling asleep.

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