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Dating the Uchiha chapter 6:

First baby

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura cried out. Five years had passed since they'd started dating.

Sasuke looked down at his Sakura. Uchiha Sakura as it is. "Hn," he replied and sighed. He glanced over to Tsunade, who was trying to get the littlest Uchiha out of Sakura so to say.

Meanwhile, Sakura had grasped his hand and was squeezing it tightly. Sasuke had to mention that his wife was strong. Unbelievably strong for a woman. That was probably the reason why his hand was all numb now. He couldn't really complain though. After all, he was the reason she was going through this pain now.

"Just a little bit more now, Sakura!" The Hokage had personally insisted on helping the pregnant woman throughout her pregnancy, meaning she would, of course, also deliver the baby.

Sasuke bent over to Sakura's ear.

"Think about how we got you pregnant in the first place, Sakura…-chan, "he whispered softly in her ear.

Her hand relaxed just a little bit and she managed to squeeze out a smile.

On rare occasions, he had started to call her Sakura-chan. He knew she liked it. He did it for her, to make her feel special. She definitely deserved it. It was their little secret though.

Sakura let out a last cry of pain and the baby was there.

"It's a girl!" Tsunade announced happily.

"No, it's our girl," Sakura said weakly, but she managed to smile.

The first time he could hold his little girl, he fell in love with her. She had the large eyes from her mother, but the color was a darker shade of green. She had his raven black hair though.

She felt so fragile in his hands. Carefully, very carefully, he lowered his head to kiss her little forehead. Another thing she had inherited from him. Then he smirked. Nobody would call her forehead. Not that they would give her any bad nicknames either. Her daddy would take care of that.

"Hey, it took you way longer before you kissed me," Sakura teased him.

Sasuke just smirked at her, before handing the baby over to her mother.

Sakura held her baby with love. "She looks a lot like you," Sakura smiled, looking at Sasuke. He seemed pretty proud.

"Aa," he admitted.

"Did you already pick a name for her?" Tsunade interrupted them.

Sakura looked up and smiled at her shishou. "Her name will be Mikoto," Sakura replied, smiling at Sasuke now. Both he and Tsunade looked at her in astonishment.

"Are you sure?" Tsunade asked, having seen the male Uchiha's face.

"Sakura, we never even considered that name…" Sasuke said softly, yet it was one of the rare times his emotions surfaced.

"But I know you want it as well, don't you? Please Sasuke-kun, don't deny it," she begged. Her jade eyes were pleading him to agree. How couldn't he? After all it was his mother's name.

Slowly, he smiled at her. "Aa." Then he turned back to face the elder, blonde woman. "Her name will be Mikoto," he said. Tsunade smiled as well now. "Very well," she said and her approval could be heard through the words.


"Sakura-chan! Teme! Is it a boy or a girl?" Naruto yelled as soon as they got home. Even before they had entered their house, he clamped Sasuke's arm, yanking it back and forth in impatience.

"Oi dobe, shut it. You're not even supposed to be here yet," Sasuke glared at him, prying the boy's hand of his arm.

Naruto ignored his comment, but at least he lowered his voice. "Boy or girl?" he asked again. He tried to catch a glance of the baby.

"A girl," Sakura said proudly and finally entered the Uchiha estate.

"What's her name?" Naruto asked excited, although it sounded more like "Whutsername?"

"If you don't calm down, I'll have to kill you outside," Sasuke replied, narrowing his eyes.

"Geez teme, take it easy." Nonetheless, Naruto calmed down. He glanced at the baby in Sakura's arms. "So what's her name?" he asked again as if it was the only thing that counted at the moment.

"We called her Mikoto," Sakura replied happily.

"But… But that was your mother's name, wasn't it?" Naruto asked stunned, looking at Sasuke rather sheepishly.

His best friend nodded. "Wow teme, congratulations!" Then he hugged him tightly. "So…" he started, once he had released him again, or rather, when Sasuke had shoved him away. "When can we expect the next one?"

"Naruto!" Sakura growled and he scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "Gomen, Sakura-chan!"

"Where is Hinata, Naruto?" she asked suddenly, realizing that her friend would never have allowed Naruto to talk like that.

"She's at home with the other girls. I think they are preparing some surprise for you guys," he replied thoughtfully.

"I don't know if you understand the concept of a surprise, Naruto," Sakura started, rolling her eyes.

"Hey! I didn't say what the surprise was!" he protested, which only earned him a glare from Sasuke and a sigh from Sakura.

"Get out!" Sasuke grunted and nearly kicked the wannabe Hokage out of his house. Even though he got a few, now muffled, protests from the boy, he finally accepted his fate and went home.


"Stop fooling around with Neru-kun, Mikoto-chan!" Sakura called out.

"But okaa-san, we're playing ninja!" Mikoto protested while she pouted, because her mother didn't approve of her behavior. "Otou-san would be proud of me!" she added, eyeing her mother with her large dark green eyes. Her raven black hair was tied together in a messy ponytail.

Sakura sighed. "That you're in the academy doesn't make you a ninja yet," she explained slowly. Sometimes her daughter was acting like she knew all about being a ninja already.

"It does! Naruot told us so!" her daughter protested again.

"You mean Hokage-sama," Sakura corrected her with a smile.

"Naruto told us we could call him Naruto!" Mikoto replied stubbornly.

"Did he?" Sasuke asked, smirking at his little girl, who was currently trying to tie Naruto's son up.

"Otou-san, you're back!" she called out, dropping the rope she had been occupied with. She ran towards her daddy and jumped in his arms. Sasuke easily caught her and looked at Neru. "Are you trying to keep him all to yourself?" he teased her. She blushed heavily. "No! He's annoying!"

Sakura smiled at her daughter's habits. She was very much like her father.

Meanwhile Neru himself was trying to free himself, while making a face. His blonde hair was a mess.

Mikoto jumped down and ran over to him, to prevent him from untying himself.

"If they ever wind up together…" Sasuke sighed. "It never was my goal to end up as family of the dobe."

"Hey, he's the Hokage now. Moreover, his father was the fourth, so that'll turn out fine," Sakura said, kissing him softly.

"Eew!" they heard two shouts from behind. As they turned around, they saw their two sons standing there, watching their parents kiss with disgusted looks on their faces.

"Wait until you find a girl you like!" Sakura winked at them.

Kyo wrinkled his nose. "Girls have cooties! Otou-san, how come you liked okaa-san? I mean, I love you okaa-san!" he quickly added. His mother ruffled through his hair. "I know you do, Kyo-kun," she assured him and he flashed her a grin.

"It took me a while," Sasuke replied. "But then I finally figured out that girls don't have cooties."

"They don't?"

"No, Tamaki-kun, they don't," Sakura chuckled.

"Well, then maybe I should kiss a girl!" he replied thoughtfully.

"Che, they don't really come after me," Sasuke muttered underneath his breath.

"Maybe they'll change," Sakura said, laughing at him. "They already have their own fan girls after all.

"Talking about girls… Where is Tsuki?" he asked, looking around.

"Tsuki-chan is still sleeping," Sakura replied, guiding him to the crib. Sasuke glanced at the baby and smiled. She was the only one who had inherited Sakura's pink hair. Her eyes were already too dark to be green though. She would definitely get his onyx eyes.

"I'm glad you're home again," Sakura whispered. "How did it go?"

"It was quite easy, actually. The dobe picked out a good team." Then he sighed. "He'll be a good Hokage," Sakura said, knowing that he was thinking the same. "Aa." But then, he'll probably never say it himself.

"So," Sakura said, while she prepared dinner. She was almost finished now. "You finally figured out that girls don't have cooties," she said casually.

Sasuke smirked at her. "Sort of."

"Did you ever even think they did?" she asked, not even trying to hide her curiosity now.

"Maybe," he said mysteriously. "But I found the found the right girl, who certainly didn't have them."

"I love you, Sasuke-kun," she smiled, giving him a peck on his cheek. He smirked. "Love you too."

"Kids! Dinner's ready!" Sakura called out after a while. All the children raced inside and jumped on their seats.

"Ramen!" Neru cried out.

"We had ramen the other day when I was over at Neru-kun's," Mikoto said matter-of-factly.

"You did? And how many bowls of ramen did Naruto eat?" Sasuke asked. Of course he couldn't call the dobe, dobe when he was speaking in front of his kids about the Hokage.

Mikoto looked thoughtful. Then she gazed back to her otou-san. "I think about eight!"

"Yare yare, Mikoto-chan, don't you eat that much, it's not healthy," Sakura sighed, afraid that her children would pick up Naruto's bad eating habits.

"But Naruto said it was okay! You would become very strong!" she protested.

"Sasuke-kun, do something about it, please," Sakura pleaded. "If he doesn't stop spreading this nonsense, then I'll have to punch it out," she added underneath her breath.

"I rarely eat ramen," Sasuke said playfully.

This made his daughter think it through.

"Otou-san is very strong! I want to become like otou-san!" Kyo said proudly.

"Me too!" Tamaki shouted.

"I want more ramen!" Neru said, placing his bowl on the table.

"Kids," Sakura sighed.

Sasuke just smirked. He certainly liked the Uchiha household. He'd never been happier before.

This story was mainly about Sasuke getting finally happy. I think I've accomplished that now!

Yeah, you guys must have noticed the names I've used... I liked the thought of Sasuke's first daughter to have his mother's name, after all, she seems an important person for him. I came up with the name of Naruto's son myself, but I merely changed a letter and removed some others XD Then the names of Sasuke's sons, I love Fruits Basket and Ouran High School Host Club, as you might know, and that's where the names come from. Kyo and Tamaki being my favorite male characters in those anime. Tsuki just means moon.

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