Title: Destruction (!?)
La Corda d'oro

Author/Artist: Mizutama
Tsukimori Len x Hino Kahoko
Not Mine, belongs to Kure Yuki, Ruby Party and Koei.
What can I say, I just can't pass on the chance to pick on Tsukimori's (cute) little flaws. This piece is (sort of) written for the 5truelove challenge on LJ.

All Tsukimori Len wanted to do was cook a nice warm breakfast for his lovely girlfriend in bed…instead, like a domino effect, one mistake he created in the kitchen spawned an even greater one on his next attempt, yet despite the third failed attempt he still persisted. He simply refused to give up, as Tsukimori had always understood that one could only get better with practice, not worse. Failure was something that his prodigal mind frame could never compute.

Following his 12th failed attempt, however, the prospect of his girlfriend waking up to find the destruction of her kitchen and dumping him out of fury began to surface in the rational part of his mind, he was forced to acknowledge that he would have to conquer the fields of the culinary arts another day and instead, should now try to rid the kitchen of all evidences of his mishaps.

However, in his haste to shove everything into what she once told him was a machine that washes dishes, he somehow managed to knock over some of the dishes she left out to dry the previous day, causing them to fall down and break on the kitchen ground with a loud smashing sound.

"Len…?" The sound of Kahoko's voice alerted him that the ruckus he had made has woken her up.

He immediate threw in what he figured was the dishwashing detergent and quickly closed the machine in hope of hiding at least a minor part of his mess. He then found himself holding his breath as she finally appeared in room, feeling like a misbehaving child caught by his mother as his girlfriend's eyes widen, her groggy brain slowly registering the chaos before her.

"Len…" She started, apparently trying to remain calm "What have you done?"

The kitchen was in utter disarray; scraps of food were everywhere, pots and pans alike were burned, some of them containing…questionable-looking substance in them and that was just the start of describing this mess. To put it simply, Tsukimori Len had reign havoc on Hino Kahoko's kitchen.

It took all the power in him to keep on his usual poker face and give her an excuse similar to the one he gave Tsuchiura many years before; "Your kitchen utensils are not like the ones at my house, Kahoko."

Unbeknownst Tsukimori, behind him, the dishwasher was slowly starting to spit out a steady trail of soap bubbles…