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Chapter 13

James just watched Lily for most of the wedding. He wouldn't be able to tell you what colour the bridesmaids dresses were, only that they didn't look good at all. He couldn't tell you what was the song that the bride and groom danced to or what they ate. No, that was a lie, he knew they'd eaten chocolate cake. Really nice chocolate cake! He did know that Lily was wearing a beautiful pale yellow dress with a white cardigan, she had actually drunk quite a lot and she wasn't as happy as she should be. Petunia Dursley, as she was now known, seemed to make it a point to completely ignore Lily's existence. Her friends then took this as a cue to make fun of her. James just sat with Lily at the head table and tried to comfort her. Petunia had been forced to put Lily there but had not put James there so while everyone danced James sat in the seat that Lily's mother had been sitting in.

"Don't worry about it," James said. Lily sighed and looked at her sister. Both Vernon and Petunia looked incredibly rigid while they danced.

"I want to go back to Hogwarts," Lily said, "and I miss my wand," James smiled and took his out. He handed it to Lily and put her hand around it.

"Take it for a while then," He said, "at least until tomorrow, when you'll have a new wand and I'll buy you something nice,"

"James," Lily said with that look that was supposed to be stern but she couldn't manage it so well anymore. She took another drink from the glass of wine that was on the table.

"Ok, I won't buy you a thing. I am going to spoil Muffin though," James said. Lily laughed and kissed him, "Come on, lets go and dance." James took Lily's hand and took her to the dance floor. He didn't know this strange muggle music but it seemed alright to dance to. James put his arms around Lily, glanced at where various members of her family were then began dancing with her. Lily laughed as she noticed James continuously glancing at her parents or her grandmother.

"Don't worry about them," Lily said, "It's Petunia's day, they're not going to notice me."

"Still," James said.

"Oh, I love this song," Lily said as another song came on.

"What is it?"

"Abba! If you change your mind, I'm the first in line! Baby I'm still free, take a chance on me!" Lily said. She began singing along to it and held James' hands as she danced. James easily got into the music and couldn't help laughing as Lily threw all caution to the wind and danced how James had only seen her dance once before. James and Sirius had once caught Lily and Hiba dancing crazily in the Gryffindor common room once when everyone had gone to bed. It had been rather amusing and quite unlike Lily or Hiba. James pulled her closer and Lily looked up at him with a smile.

"You know every man in this room, except Vernon, is watching you?" James asked with a grin.

"Really?" Lily asked as she looked around. James knew he was right and he held onto Lily's hands with pride, "three of them are my cousins, they're making sure you don't do anything wrong," She said with a grin.

"Would I do that?" James asked.

"You may if I tell you that I think I'm in love with you," Lily said with a slight hiccup. James stared at her seriously for a moment. Lily scowled uncomfortably.

"Really?" James asked. Lily nodded, "You're not just saying it because, I think, you're drunk?"

"What! I'm not drunk!" Lily snapped. As if to prove James' point she stumbled slightly. James caught her and laughed lightly. Lily hit him then smiled.

"Ok, maybe I'm a little drunk but I can only tell you because I'm drunk," she said as she pushed herself up on her toes to kiss him.

"Lily, your parents," James said.

"It's alright," Lily said. Her lips were millimetres away from James'. He glanced at Lily's father then returned Lily's kiss.

Lily held onto James hand tightly as they walked down Diagon Alley. She hated coming here. There were always shadows here, even on the brightest of days, like today. The practically deserted shopping street had supposedly once been a bustling hive of activity but Lily found it hard to believe. James vaguely remembered it but that had been before You-Know-Who had taken over. They walked in silence as the few people who were there watched them carefully. Lily felt awfully conspicuous in her beige muggle coat and bright red hair. James had said she didn't need to wear Wizarding robes but now she was thinking that she should. She felt everyone's gaze on her and James. James had his arm around her protectively and held her close. A slight breeze made an abandoned newspaper fly down the street. Behind them were a series of loud cracks. Lily fought the urge to turn around and look but whoever it was was following them. James and Lily came to Ollivanders and they walked in.

"Come on," James said quietly. Lily walked into the shop and felt herself relaxing almost immediately. It was comforting being surrounded by so wands. There was a sound from the back of the shop and Mr. Ollivander came through.

"Ah, Miss Evans and Mr. Potter," He said. Lily scowled and looked at the old man.

"You remember me?" Lily asked. Ollivander nodded.

"Willow, 10 ΒΌ inches, swishy. I expect your best subject at Hogwarts is Charms?" He asked. Lily nodded. Ollivander smiled and looked at James.

"Mahogany, 11 inches," James grinned and nodded, "So what can I do for you?"

"Um, my wand broke," Lily said as she pulled out the pieces of her wand from her pocket, "I was hoping that you could possibly fix it for me," Lily asked hopefully as Ollivander took the pieces. He looked over it then gravely shook his head.

"I'm sorry, Miss Evans, but I can't do that. The best I can do is to select you a new wand," Ollivander said. He set the broken wand down on a table then began rummaging through his thousands of wands. As he did the door opened and a gush of cold air filled the room. Lily and James turned to look and saw a group of five people come in. Lily didn't recognise them at first but James did.

"Bellatrix," He hissed. The woman who was obviously the leader of the group smiled.

"Ah, so the report was right. A Mudblood and a blood traitor," She said. The group spread out around the shop to stop any form of escape. James took out his wand and held it as he stepped in front of Lily. Lily fought the urge to grab a wand, any wand, off the shelves.

"I have orders to take you to the Dark Lord," She said.

"You will do no such thing, Mrs. Lestrange," Ollivander said from behind them. Everyone turned to look at the old man.

"Be quiet old man. You have no authority over the orders of the Dark Lord," Bellatrix said.

"Actually, the 'Dark Lord' has given me and my shop asylum," Ollivander said, "I didn't ask for it but he sees the importance of me staying open." Bellatrix hesitated. Lily looked from the Death Eaters to the old man.

"We'll be waiting outside," She muttered. The Death Eaters filed out of the shop but Lily and James could see them hanging around outside the shop in front of a boarded up shop opposite.

"I'm terribly sorry about that. Here, try this one, Miss Evans," Ollivander handed Lily a wand. Lily took it and cast a simply charm with it. It felt different to her old wand but it was more comfortable then James' wand.

"How is it?" James asked. Lily tried a more complex charm then transfigured the bouquet she'd conjured into a pigeon.

"Feels good," She said with a smile.

"Walnut, unicorn hair, slightly smaller then your last wand and a little less flexible. I thought I'd try it. It was that or this one, same properties as your last wand but made of Holly," He said.

"Could I try it?" Lily asked. Ollivander swapped the wands and Lily tried a different charm. It felt the same as the last one but Ollivander seemed to see something that she didn't and he grinned at her.

"That would be your wand," Ollivander said. Lily smiled at him and glanced out of the window as she pulled out a handful of coins. She paid for the wand and then looked at the Death Eaters outside. Why did no one try and capture them? Everyone knew Bellatrix Black, Lestrange Lily corrected herself, was a Death Eater. She was laughing with the others outside.

"Why don't you just apparate?" Ollivander asked from the back of the shop as he put the other wand away.

"Um, James can't apparate yet," Lily said.

"You could try apparating with him," Ollivander said.

"Um," Lily looked uncertain but nodded, "Thank you Mr. Ollivander,"

"My pleasure, Miss Evans." Lily took James' hand after picking up the fragments of her old wand and they apparated to Lily's house.

"Do you think Mr. Ollivander will get into trouble?" Lily asked.

"Nah, he'll be fine," James said, "Dad's said he's been through and seen worse. Dark Wizards tend to give him immunity because he sells wands. He won't be hurt." Lily somehow doubted it and began playing around with her new wand. As they made their way to the kitchen she conjured things, transfigured them and then made them vanish. By the time she was at the kitchen she felt as comfortable with this new wand as she had been with her old wand. She still felt a loss for her old wand but she was happy with this new one.

"How much did it cost?" her mother asked as they came into the kitchen

"Not much," Lily said, "Do you want the change?"

"What am I going to do with Wizard money?" She asked with a smile.

"Good point," Lily said. She sat down with James.

"When are you leaving James?" She asked as she put down a few cups of tea in front of them.

"Soon. Dad's going to come and pick me up because of what's been happening in the wizard world recently," James said. Lily saw her mum's eyebrows go up slightly.

"What's happened?"

"The Knight Bus has stopped running because of the number of attacks on it so he's coming to pick me up because I can't apparate yet," James said. Lily looked away as her mother looked at her.

"Lily, are you really sure it's still safe to be in the wizarding world?"

"Yes mother, I want to stay in it. I love it," Lily said. Her mother looked sceptical and turned to get some biscuits for them when an elderly wizard apparated in their kitchen.

"Sorry," He said when Lily's mother threw biscuits all over the kitchen in surprise.

"It's quite alright," She said. The elderly wizard flicked his wand and the biscuits returned to Lily's mother's hands.

"Dad!" James said happily when he saw the elderly wizard. The elderly wizard smiled and embraced his son. Lily scowled. She hadn't expected James' parents to be elderly. She thought they would be in their forties like her own parents. Obviously they weren't. Lily looked at her mum, who was pouring out another cup of tea.

"Lily, Mrs. Evans. This is my dad," James said, "Dad this is Lily and her mother."

"It's a pleasure to meet you," He said to Lily's mum then he looked at Lily, "The infamous Lily Evans," He said as Lily shot a glance at James.

"What?" He asked.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Potter," Lily said as she stood up to shake his hand. Mr. Potter laughed and gave her a hug.

"Has my son been behaving himself?" Mr. Potter asked.

"He's been a perfect gentleman," Lily's mother said.

"That would be a first," Mr. Potter said with a knowing look at James. James grinned at him and looked at Lily.

"Lets go and get my things," He said.

"Alright," Lily said. She kept looking at Mr. Potter as they left, "You never said that your parents were old."

"You never asked," James said, "Mother's health is waning a bit but dad's all good." Lily nodded. They went to get his things in silence. Now that James was leaving Lily felt like part of her was leaving as well. She suddenly felt depressed and upset. James saw this and gave a kiss at the top of the stairs.

"We'll meet up before School starts again."

"I know."

"And when we're back at school I'll do whatever you want to cheer you up. We can go into Hogsmeade again," He said with a cheeky grin. Lily hit him gently.

"Shut up," she said. James laughed and kissed her again. This kiss lasted a long time, or it felt like it. Lily didn't want it to stop but they were soon interrupted by Mr. Potter clearing his throat at the bottom of the stairs. They broke the kiss but Lily didn't let go of James.

"You will see him soon Lily. School starts again next week," Her mother said. Lily sighed and kissed him on the cheek. James smiled and led the way down the stairs.

"Thank you for letting me stay Mrs. Evans," James said politely.

"It was a pleasure," She said. She put her arm around Lily as she joined them, "I'll hopefully see you at the Hogwarts Express,"

"Definitely!" James said with a grin.

"And don't forget to come and see us again," Mrs. Evans said.

"Yes Ma'am!" James said. He looked at Lily, who tried to smile but she couldn't, "I'll see you tomorrow?" He asked.

"Yes, please. We're having a roast dinner tomorrow and Sirius has invited Hiba and her family over so the more the merrier," Mr. Potter said.

"I'm afraid we've got an engagement ourselves but Lily isn't doing anything, are you?" Lily shook her head.

"Fantastic, come by at five," Mr. Potter said, "James will owl our address later." After another round of farewells they left. Lily sighed as she sat back down in her chair in the kitchen. Her mother gave her a knowing look and gave her a slice of left over wedding cake.

"He's a nice boy," Lily's mother said.

"I think I'm in love with him," Lily admitted to her as she idly stirred her tea.

"I would be surprised if you weren't," Lily blushed slightly.

"Ow!" James muttered as he hit his head on the wall of the compartment. Lily laughed and pulled him back towards her.

"I'll kiss it better," She said as she kissed his head then kissed his lips.

"I don't deserve you," James said as she let his hands roam and explore.

"I know you don't," She said. She pulled him in for another kiss before the compartment door slid open and James' friends all piled in.

"Here you are!" Sirius said with a grin as James rushed to get his hands out from underneath Lily's shirt.

"Don't worry, we won't tell anyone what you've been up to," Remus said, "It's quite cute. We thought you were patrolling the train but Kingsley said he hadn't seen you guys in about two hours so we thought we'd come and find you," he explained with being asked. Lily looked at them rather annoyed and sat with her legs over James' lap. She was already in her uniform and James was enjoying that fact. The last week of the winter holiday had been one of the best weeks of his life. Lily got along so well with his parents and they'd even let her stay over for a few nights! James had a new respect for them as they helped him to fall even more in love with Lily. James put a hand on Lily's leg and waited as the Marauders settled down. Peter let go of Lily's cat, who had been nestled in his arms, and Muffin jumped up onto Lily's lap. Lily stroked the cat and looked at the others.

"A bit of warning would help," She said, "next time." James looked at her with a smile.

"Well we did knock on the door," Sirius said, "but you seemed too busy nursing James back to health," He grinned. Lily went slightly red and stared at her cat. A slightly awkward silence followed until Peter decided to break it.

"Can't wait to get back to school," He said, "Not because of lessons but because you know when we go exploring on the F-" Sirius nudged him silent. Lily looked up curiously at that.

"I know what Remus is," Lily said.

"I know but just in case someone over hears us," Sirius said. Lily scowled at him and sighed.

"Have any of you seen Mary?" She asked when she realised her friend was missing.

"Nope," Remus said as he got out a paper, "I thought she was spending Christmas at Hogwarts?"

"No, she came home," Lily said.

"Maybe she went back to school early, it's not unheard of," James said. Lily nodded but her mind wasn't at rest. To be fair though, she hadn't exactly looked very heard for Mary. The moment James appeared she had become distracted.

"Hm, sale on broomsticks," Remus said as he flicked through the paper. He held out the pages concerned and let James and Sirius fight over them. Once it had been snatched from his hand Remus continued to read the paper with Peter peering over his arm to read as well. Soon the trolley witch came and James insisted in buying a bit of everything. Lily watched as the boys seemed to stuff themselves but didn't eat anything herself. Something about Mary's absence was bugging her. Lily had only seen her the previous day and Mary hadn't said anything about going back to the school early.

"I'm going to go and look for her," Lily said.

"Alright," James said with his mouth stuffed. He leant up for a kiss but Lily took one look at his stuffed mouth and pushed him away with a playful smile. James looked at her mournfully but not even his girlfriend could keep his mind off the food for long. Lily sighed as she made her way through the train. A group of second year Hufflepuffs were playing with a normal muggle Frisbee, a third year Ravenclaw was having a hurdles race with a Gryffindor but Lily soon ended that. Soon she had searched the entire train and Mary wasn't to be seen anywhere. Lily scowled and turned to look at the other end of the train. As she came back to her carriage she heard a scream of anger. Her eyes widened and she turned around just in time to be hit by Sarah Parton, James' ex-girlfriend. Sarah's tackle sent them both flying to the floor and Lily put her arms over her head to avoid Sarah's nails. Lily had seen what those nails could do to a Hufflepuff and she was sure they could do the same to her.

"You bitch!" Sarah screamed as her nails dug into Lily's arm. Lily pushed her off and scrambled to her feet. She just had time to stand up when Sarah ran at her again.

"Ah sh-" Lily turned to run away from her. She didn't want to hit her friend with magic but she might not have a choice. She grabbed the side of the door to her compartment and just managed to get in but Sarah followed her in. The game of wizarding chess that Peter and Sirius were now playing was thrown everywhere as Sarah grabbed Lily's legs.

"You stole him!" Sarah said as she scratched at Lily. Lily hit her back and kicked her away. James grabbed Lily while Remus got Sarah and parted the two fighting girls. Sirius sat on a seat and egged them on.

"What made you think you could keep him?" Lily shouted back at Sarah's latest insult.

"Why I should-"

"Girls!" Remus said as he put himself between the girls. Sarah tried to get past but she soon gave up.

"Gryffindors are supposed to be honourable. You should have been put in Slytherin with Snape. I'm your friend!" Sarah said. Lily's blood began to boil but James forced her to sit down and Remus forced Saray out of the carriage then locked the door.

"Why did you stop it?" Peter asked mournfully.

"Yeah that was amaz-" Sirius stopped at mid sentence after Lily glared at him. Lily conjured a small hand mirror and began to inspect the damage while James and Remus interrogated her. Lily chose to ignore them and frowned at her reflection. Sarah had managed to get her face and there was a small cut on her cheek that bled slightly but it was already scabbing over. Her arms were covered in tiny nail shaped cuts and her shirt was torn slightly.

"That bitch," Lily said as she got out her want and healed herself, "I wasn't the one to break up with her, why did she take it out on me?" No one answered her question, wisely thinking that silence was better then answering that question. The boys started talking quietly amongst each other about broomsticks while Sirius and Peter gathered their chess set together.

"Why didn't you just use magic?" James asked once Lily had calmed down.

"She's my room mate," Lily said. She felt slightly better but not much better, "I just hope that McGonagall doesn't punish me for it," Lily said with a sigh. James put his arms around her and kissed Lily on the side of the head. Lily closed her eyes and fell into James' hug. Her thoughts fled her and she fell asleep.

James held his hand out for Lily as she got off the train and led her to the carriages that would take them back to the castle. The carriages each had an auror in them and they sat at the front facing backwards so that they could keep an eye on the school children. As James sat next to Lily he saw several girls whispering and pointing at James. A few girls gave Lily the finer behind her back but Lily didn't seem to bothered if she caught them.

"So when's the next trip into Hogsmeade?" Sirius asked as the carriage started down the track to Hogwarts.

"Not any time soon," Lily responded, "There's been a few attacks in Hogsmeade and I read in the paper that the school was very concerned about the safety of letting us go to-"

"You think we go with the school's permission?" Peter asked with a giggle, "Have you told her anything about us?" He asked James.

"Yeah, I have," James said. He was busy glancing around. He saw a few of his friends from other houses looking at him in disbelief and James felt his ego being boosted several miles high. He put his arm around Lily and gave her a quick kiss. Lily turned to smile at him and kissed him back quickly. James turned to look at the guys who had been staring at him and they all looked at him in shock. James grinned and put his arm around Lily and pulled her closer. He couldn't help it, he wanted to show Lily off to the school, he'd got the girl of his dreams and he was going to let everyone know.

"Do you want to come?" Sirius asked Lily, "We can meet Hiba there." James nodded vaguely in agreement and looked around to see who else was watching them. He saw Mo a few carriages behind them watching them carefully. James gave him a small wave with his free hand and turned to look at Lily.

"I don't know," Lily said uncertainly, "I don't think I can get off being in trouble again if Filch catches me."

"You won't get caught, I promise," Sirius said.

"I don't know," Lily said, "Besides, James won't be going anyway."

"What?" James asked, "What's this?"

"You promised you'd keep out of trouble this year so that we could convince Dumbledore to make you head boy, remember," Lily asked.

"Prongs keep out of trouble?" Remus asked as he laughed, "You must be kidding me!"

"Um, when was this?" James asked.

"Last night, you said you'd try and make head boy," Lily said. James frowned as he tried to remember the previous night. They had gone to the cinema then that meal in London and then it had been back to James' house.

"When we were in the restaurant!" Lily said, "Were you even listening to me?"

"Oh, Prongs is in trouble," Sirius said. James suddenly remembered.

"Oh yeah, sorry, you were wearing a very revealing top last night," James said almost shyly. Lily gave him a slightly annoyed look, "I'm sorry, next time I'll try and focus on you more, not you I mean, I mean what you're saying, not what you're wearing-" Lily's frown turned into a grin and she kissed him quickly.

"You're so cute when you worry," She laughed.

"So are you guys coming to Hogsmeade?" Sirius asked.

"Sorry guys, I have to do what the Lady orders," James said with a shrug. Sirius and Remus looked at him with a scowl and while Lily smiled proudly James gave them a look they understood perfectly.

"Well, I'll tell you mate, you'll be missing out," Remus said.

"It's for the best though," Lily said with a smile. James nodded and turned to look at the castle that had just appeared over the brow of the hill. He pulled Lily closer and held her tightly as they watched the castle get bigger.

"We're home!" Peter shouted as he bounced in his seat.

"Can you tell someone had a bad holiday?" Sirius asked in amusement.

"Well, not all of us can get away from home so easily as you do," Peter said. Remus chuckled and shook his head. James felt like everything was perfect for the first time in his life. His friends were laughing and joking, Lily was in his arms, every boy in the school was jealous of him and Hogwarts was right in front of them. It was a dream come true. All too quickly they came to the castle and James was forced to let go to Lily to get down from the carriage. He turned and lifted Lily off the carriage and let her down on the floor. Lily grinned and put her arms around his neck and kissed him while they waited for the others to get down.

"ALL STUDENTS TO GO TO THE GREAT HALL!" They heard McGonagall shouting.

"I love you," Lily said to him quietly so only he could hear. James felt his heart stop and his breath got caught in his throat.

"What?" James asked in shock.

"Well, I think I'm in love with you," Lily said, "I know we've only been dating for like a week but I have known you for a long time." She smiled weakly and waited for James to respond. James' heart now started beating at full pace and he couldn't hear anything except his own heart beat and breathing. James grinned and leant forwards to kiss her. Lily smiled as he kissed her lips and laughed slightly as he picked her up. They were disturbed by Sirius tapping on James' shoulder.

"What?" James asked. James turned around to see McGonagall standing behind them.

"Enough of that Potter and Evans," She said sternly, "Miss Evans, could you come with me please, I need to talk to you in my office now."

"But Professor-"

"Your new boyfriend can wait," McGonagall said, "Potter, Black, Lupin and Pettigrew, to the great hall. The headmaster wants to talk to the students!" James sighed and reluctantly let Lily go. He watched as McGonagall led her up the stairs where Sarah joined them. James felt like his stomach was about to fall to his feet. Lily was going to get into trouble for the fight on the train.

"Come on mate," Sirius said as he pulled James' arm. The four of them pushed their way through the door and found some good seats at the Gryffindor table nearest the teacher's table. They wanted to hear Dumbledore loud and clear, and maybe throw some dung bombs at professor Kettleburn in the process. They sat down and waited until all the students were in the hall. They saw the teachers filing in and standing around the hall and looking serious. James looked at Sirius with a curious expression and then waved at Hagrid. Hagrid hadn't noticed them, instead he wiped his eyes with one giant hand.

"Weird," Remus said as he looked over to smile at Hagrid. Dumbledore walked into the room and everyone went silent. James smiled at the headmaster but Dumbledore looked at him seriously. There was something wrong, not only because Dumbledore wasn't smiling back but because he had frown lines on his forehead.

"Students, teachers and ghosts," He started, "It is highly unfortunate that I bear such sad tidings at the beginning of the new school term. Over the duration of the Christmas holidays I am afraid to inform you all that no less then eight students were murdered by those who follow Voldemort. I have often warned you to be careful when outside of the school grounds but unfortunately you cannot always be so vigilante. I will not name those students that were killed but the houses that they are from will be notified. However, amongst these students was our much loved head girl Charlie Kingsle. All of you know that Charlie was from Slytherin and many of you may not wish to believe that she was murdered by Voldemort, many of you have been led to believe that he does not kill those that are in Slytherin but let this warn you otherwise. Voldemort does not care what house you are from or who you are, you must all be careful. As a result of this Hogsmeade trips for the rest of the year will be cancelled. Only final year prefects will be allowed into the village with teacher supervision. No student will be allowed out of their dormitories beyond five o'clock. Quidditch practices will be supervised by at least two teachers in addition to Madame Hooch. If a student wishes to use the library they must gain permission from their head of house. One final thing is that I regret to tell you that two of the murders were conducted by Hogwarts students who are now on their way to Azkaban. If any student is caught using any form of magic in the corridors they will be brought to me." The hall was silent. James' mouth had fallen open at the end of the speech. Eight students were murdered? Was that possible? How could that be? And by a fellow student? Who could be so cruel as to kill one of their classmates? James closed his mouth and looked at Sirius and Remus. When Remus met his gaze James watched him mouth Lily's name. James' heart stopped for just a moment as he realised that Mary might be one of those students. If Lily wasn't in trouble for fighting on the train then this was bound to be why she was told to see McGonagall. James looked down the table and saw not only Lily and Sarah missing but also Gabbie, Lily's other room mate. He also noticed a group of third year Gryffindor boys missing and realised that they must also be in McGonagall's office. James got up and with everyone watching he ran from the hall.

"James!" Sirius shouted as he jumped up and followed. James didn't look back. He ran straight up to McGonagall's office and skid to a stop. He hesitated before knocking on the door.

"Come in," McGonagall called. James went in and had a look around the room.

"Where's Lily?" when he noticed it was empty.

"She has returned to her dormitory," McGonagall said. James nodded and ran from the office. For once McGonagall didn't shout at him as he did so. He nearly ran into Sirius but dodged just in time. The Fat Lady was crying when James came to the portrait hole and swung open.

"Lily!" James shouted, "Lily! Where are you?!" He went to the girl's dormitory.

"She went to your room," said a third year Gryffindor as he shuffled past from a chair by the fire to the stairs to the boys dorm. James pushed past him and ran up the stairs. His heart was thumping as he crashed through his door. He stopped when he saw Lily on his bed hugging her legs. She looked up when James entered the room. Her eyes were red and slightly swollen and her tights were damp with her tears.

"Lily," James said as he went to hold her. Lily's body seemed to give up when he hugged her and she started sobbing harder. James just held her tightly and let her cry. Sirius, Remus and Peter all came into the room quietly and looked at James curiously. Eventually Lily stopped sobbing and her breathing became regular. James shifted her in his arms slightly and looked at her face.

"Is she alright?" Sirius asked with a frown.

"She's sleeping," James said as he lay Lily down in his bed. He pulled his covers over her and kissed her forehead.

"I wonder who did it?" Remus asked.

"Who cares who did it? It doesn't change the fact that she's dead!" Peter said violently. James, Sirius and Remus all looked at him. Peter had tears in his eyes and his fists were clenched so tight that his knuckles were going white.

"Wormtail?" Remus asked as he put his hand on Peter's shoulder.

"Leave me alone," Peter said as he shrugged Remus away and went to his bed. He pulled his hangings closed so violently that one of them was partly torn off the railings. James watched silently in shock then looked at his friends.

"What's gotten into him?" Sirius asked quietly.

"I have no idea," Remus said, "He wasn't close to Mary was he?" James indicated for them to leave the dorm. They went out into the stairway and closed the door.

"Can one of you go and check on the other girls?" James asked.

"Leave that to me," Sirius said with a nod. James nodded along with him but he was starting to realise what had happened. One of his classmates had been killed, as had the head girl. Why would Voldemort kill a Slytherin? A gloom started to settle over James as he thought about the loss of Mary. She hadn't been exceptional but she was a good friend. She was also one of Lily's friends and one of Lily's life supports at Hogwarts. Mary had always suffered at Hogwarts, being teased by Slytherins but it had never gotten to her. James felt Remus gripping his shoulder.

"Go and be with Lily, we'll sort everything out with the other girls," Remus said.