This incident, though true, has been changed very slightly by me. Kanou and Miki are still kids. enjoy this one!


"I'm done!" exclaimed Miki, as she finished her homework. She shut her book with a snap and leaned back, the cool wind lifting her bangs. She touched her forehead and started when she realized it was burning hot.

"Oh no!" she yelled as she measured her temperature. Running out, she showed her mother the reading. Her anxious mother handed her a glass of hot and lemon, and said, "Miki darling, you should not go for your soccer practice today."

"But Mum, today is Kyosuke's match!" she wailed. However, her mother shook her head and said firmly, "nothing doing, darling. You have to rest."

Miki sulked for the rest of the day and prayed that she would recover. However, by the evening, she realized that she had become a victim of chicken pox. She wept and screamed, but her mother insisted her to be kept in quarantine.

With her eyes brimming with tears, Miki called Kyosuke.

"H-Hello, Kyosuke? It's Miki here."

"Hey! What's up?"

"I can't come for your match. I have chicken pox. I'm really sorry," she said, tears flowing down her cheeks.

Kyosuke, however, was far from angry. He was dead worried; Miki expected him to be furious.

"Miki, I'm coming there!" he said, worriedly.

"No! I'm fine, really," said Miki.

But Kyosuke was already gone. Within minutes, he was by her bedside, much to Miki's surprise.

"Why did you come? This means you have missed your match, Kyosuke," she said, slightly wary of his reaction.

However, Kyouske smiled gently and said, "There are millions of soccer matches. But there's only one Miki. And I don't want to lose my best friend."

Miki smiled softly, her cheeks reddening slightly. She allowed Kyosuke to hold her hand, a thing which she normally disapproved of. He squeezed it gently and began to talk about soccer.

Mrs. Tsujiwaki suddenly realized that her daughter had fallen in love, without knowing it.