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Summary: Meet Sakura Haruno; an average student, who is now attending a new high school. New friendships, hardships, field-trips and rivalries wait just beyond Konoha High's front doors…

Declaimer: I do not own any of the Naruto characters, but this story idea is rightfully mine.


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Chapter1: The Adventure Begins!

Sakura shot up as if she had been catapulted out of her bed. She scanned her new room carefully until her eyes at last met her pink alarm clock in the far corner. She squinted her jade eyes in the bright sunlight. 6:50, it read. She slumped back into her pillows. She still had a few minutes…wait a minute! 6:50?!

She literally dived out of bed and made a dash for the bathroom. Sakura Haruno, one of the most organized and obsessive people in the world, was not and I repeat: was not going to be late for her first day in a new high school.

She rummaged through her new closet (which was filled with boxes), and at last found the package the school had sent to her. When she had first received it, she had been surprised to find that its contents did not include a regular school uniform- but only a pair of navy blue sandals and a matching navy blue headband. The center of the headband bore the symbol of a leaf- which she assumed would eventually have some sort of meaning.

She tied it around her head and allowed a few strands of her pink locks to flop forward. She wore a fitted, black t-shirt with a hallow white circle on the back. She wore a red skirt that went down to her knees and had a slit on one side. She studied her reflection on the mirror, occasionally adjusting her headband. She wanted to make a good impression today to her new classmates and teachers.

She peered at her watch and it read: 7:10. She had a quick breakfast, bade her parent's goodbye, and rushed out the door with her backpack loosely slung over her shoulder.

She ran down the street until she at last reached her bus stop. She counted 7 other people at her stop- each glancing at her for a moment, and then resumed staring down the road. She felt awkwardly out of place, but had grown used to this feeling because she had moved a lot.

When the bus finally came roaring down the street, she followed the seven others onto the bus, and off they went.

She prayed that she would make it through this day.

She departed the bus and felt her jaw drop when she saw the enormous building looming over her. This couldn't be her school…this was a castle. By far, this was the largest building Sakura had ever seen. Not only that, Sakura had never seen so many people. Students of a variety of ages were scattered all over the school grounds. Most of them were in groups and were wearing top-quality designer outfits. Sakura felt extremely out of place.

After evading the bunches of people and the flying objects, she finally entered the school. The entrance hall was about double the size of Sakura's whole house. It was decorated with banners, school symbols and artwork. There were also doors. Hundreds of doors. Each door was leading to a different stairway, hallway or classroom. She rubbed her eyes and felt sweat-drops roll down her forehead. Oh man, how on earth was she going to find her classes?

There weren't as many people in the entrance hall, Sakura noticed. She had space to move around. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her class schedule. It read as follows:

Homeroom/Period one: English- Hatake, Kakashi Room 583B

Sakura sighed. She needed help. She looked around, hoping to find a familiar face, but she didn't know anyone. She spotted a girl who appeared to be about her age who was stapling papers to a bulletin board. She had a long, blonde ponytail and was wearing a black skirt and a white tank-top. It was worth a shot.

Sakura walked over to the board and pretended to be reading the papers- hoping to catch the girl's attention. When her plan had clearly failed, Sakura walked up to the girl and tapped her on the shoulder. The girl spun around so quickly that she nearly collided with Sakura.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" the girl said, "I thought you were…someone else." The girl put the stapler down. "So, do you need something?"

Sakura blushed. "Well…you see…I'm lost." She looked down at her feet.

The blonde girl smirked and stuck out her hand. "Ah, so you're new here? Nice to meet you! My name's Ino! Who are you?" Sakura shook Ino's hand and smiled timidly. She was revealed that the people here weren't as snobby as they appeared.

"I'm Sakura. Yeah, I'm new here."

Ino bowed politely. "So Sakura, which class are you looking for?"

Sakura quickly glanced down at her schedule. "583B." To Sakura's surprise, Ino started to laugh. "What's so funny?"

"I'll take you to the classroom as soon as I'm finished here. You see, we have the same homeroom class. I'm sure you've noticed this symbol on our headbands too- it represents which group we're in. All of the other students who are our age and have the leaf symbol are in our homeroom. We travel around to our other classes together."

Sakura nodded. "That's a strange system. What other symbols are there?"

"Sand, Cloud, Mist and Rock. There are other existing symbols too, but they are found in other schools," Ino finished, returning to the bulletin board.

Sakura thought about this strange system. Leaf? Sand? Who came up with these things? She looked up at the board.

"So what are you doing?" Sakura asked.

"Oh, I'm posting the sign-up list for the soccer tryouts tonight. It's a boy/girl mixed team. I don't think a girl has ever made the team though," Ino answered.

"Can I tryout?" Sakura asked, remembering soccer as being her favourite sport of all time.

Ino's jaw dropped. "Well Sakura, no offence, but there is a very low chance of a girl being allowed on the team…but it's your life and I'm not going to stop you."

Sakura took a pen from her pocket and wrote:

Sakura Haruno

"So Ino, are you in a lot of activities here?" She pocketed her pen.

"You bet! I'm on the Student Council, so that's why I'm posting this list, I work at my, mother's flower shop, I play the flute in the band, and I'm the president of the 'Sasuke Uchiha Fangirls.'"

Sakura was about to ask who this 'Sasuke Uchiha' was, but she then heard a shriek from behind her, followed by someone shouting, "Uchiha's here!"

Sakura and Ino spun around to find a very large group of girls gathered around the center of the entrance hall. The door swung open and the screaming got louder. A boy with black hair and a blue jacket strode in. His hair stuck out in the back and the rest of it flopped into his face. When he spotted the drooling group of girls, he froze.

"CHARGE!" one of the girls screeched, and the crowd of girls ran pell-mell at the terrified-looking guy. He started running towards the board Ino and Sakura were standing at.

"Hey Ino! He has a headband like us! Ino! Ino…?" she asked, but when she turned, Ino was in a trance- staring at the guy running towards them. "Hey Ino, are you list-," but Ino fainted. "Ino?!"

The guy named Sasuke paused before the board. He took out a pen, and beneath Sakura's name, he wrote:

Sasuke Uchiha

He was about to continue running, but he paused and glanced back at the list. "Sakura Haruno?" he said in a voice that made Sakura shiver. Sakura couldn't help but squeak. Sasuke turned to her. "You're Sakura Haruno? Are you good at soccer?"

"I g-guess," she said, "I played at my old school."

Sasuke's onyx eyes met hers. "We'll see just how good you are tonight at tryouts." With that, he ran off. Sakura watched him leave with a horde of fangirls stalking him.

"Where'd he go? Is he gone?" asked Ino, who sat up, looking around.

"Yep," Sakura said and Ino cursed. "Y'know, Ino, I don't see why a guy like that has a fan club. What's so great about him?"

Ino stared at Sakura as if she were a block of wood. "Do you have holes for eyes, woman? Didn't you see him?"

Sakura shrugged. "Yeah, he looks cool. But what's he like?"

"Who cares?! Anyways Sakura, I'm glad you didn't see anything good in him. If you ever do, I'll beet you to a pulp. Got it?"

"I'll remember that," Sakura said, taking a step backwards and nearly colliding with someone behind her.

"Whoa! Watch it you…you…who are you?" asked a blonde boy. "Are you new here? Weeell, I'm Naruto Uzumaki! Nice to meet you! What's your name?"

"Uh…Sakura Haruno," Sakura answered, feeling slightly nervous because of his outgoing personality.

"A-ha! You're trying out for soccer? Well good luck!" Naruto said, noticing the board. "And my good, old buddy Sasuke is trying out too. I'd better sign up," he said and taking out a pen.

Naruto Uzumaki!!! Believe it!!!

Ino gave him a disgusted look. "And what makes you think that you'll ever be in the same league as Sasuke?"

Naruto cocked an eyebrow. "Look who's talking."

Sakura held in her laugh and Ino glowered at him.

"Hey guys!" Naruto called, "Come tryout for soccer!" A large group of boys, who

Sakura assumed were Naruto's friends, came over.

"Oh! I will! Only if my dog can be the mascot!" said one of them


Another boy in a grey coat drifted over without a word.


"Whatever," said another.

Shikamaru Nara

"Only if we have pizza parties," said one who was holding a bag of chips.


"I'll slaughter that Uchiha," said a guy with creepy silver-white eyes and long hair.

Neji Hyuuga

"I'm going to make my master proud!" said the last one, who was by far, the scariest of all. He had a mop of shiny, black hair, bushy eyebrows and a green jumpsuit .


There were two others standing behind the group of boys. They strode over.

"Hey Ino!" said a girl with two brunette buns in her hair.

"H-hello," said the other girl, who had the same white/silver eyes as the other boy named Neji.

"Who's your friend?" asked the first girl.

Ino grinned. "This is Sakura Haruno. Sakura, this is Tenten and Hinata. Guess what, you two! Sakura is going to be trying out for soccer tonight!"

Tenten nodded in approval. "Well, well. You're brave, aren't you? Make us proud, Sakura!" Sakura turned pink and returned her grin.

"Y-yes! Good luck Sakura! You'll be up against my cousin!" said the girl named Hinata. By her white eyes, Sakura immediately figured that Neji was the cousin she was speaking of.

"Yeah…your cousin…," Tenten said, staring at Neji dreamily. Ino smirked and then turned to Sakura.

"Well Sakura," she said happily, "including Sasuke, all of us are going to be your classmates!"

Sakura scanned them all with a smile. They seemed like a nice bunch, and noticing the jealous and dreamy looks that passer-bys were giving them, they were also a very popular bunch.

AUTHORS NOTE: I know that Tenten, Neji and Rock Lee are supposed to be one year older than them, but I wanted to include them in the story!

The bell rang, making many heads turn and making many groan. Sakura tagged along with her new classmates. On the way there, Ino attempted to explain what their classroom number meant. "So the '5' in '583B' means that the class is on the fifth floor, you ignore the '8', and if the last number is odd, which it is, then the classroom will be on the right if you walk clockwise down the hallway and the 'B' means that the class is on the west side of the school. Got it?"

Sakura stared at her. "I think I'll just stick with you." Sakura followed her classmates down hallway 7, up staircase E, to floor 5, around a few corners (by now Sakura was totally lost), and at last to the door of class 583B.

Sakura smiled in relief, but her friends looked unfazed. They must be used to finding classrooms.

They went through the doors. The desks rose like bleachers and each table sat three. At the front, with his feet propped up on the teacher's desk, sat Kakashi Hatake. He had spiky, silver-grey hair and a mask that covered half of his face. Despite his hair colour, he appeared to be fairly young, and he was reading an orange book. He didn't even look up when his new students walked in.

The only other person in the large room besides their teacher was Sasuke Uchiha, who looked out of breath from being chased by his fangirls. His back was facing them and he was leaning against the window-sill- looking out the window.

"Hey! Sasuke!" called Naruto, who led the large gang across the room. Sasuke turned and replied with a lazy wave. Ino fainted again. "Have you met the new girl, Sasuke?" Naruto asked.

"Which one?" Sasuke asked, remembering all of the new fangirls, and facing the gang.

"Sakura Haruno!" Tenten said with a smile, and while pointing her out. Sakura was still at the other end of the room and was attempting to drag Ino across the class.

Sasuke smirked. "Yeah, I've met that one." He remembered her as the only one who hadn't been a fangirl. Yet.

Sakura gave Ino's arm a large yank, but in result, she fell backwards and landed on her butt. A few of the students who were filing into the room sniggered, but then received glares from Naruto's gang, making them sulk off.

Kakashi, who had finally looked up, said, "Oh! Well class is about to start so…are you a new kid?" He stared down at Sakura, who Hinata and Tenten were pulling to her feet.

"Y-yes. I'm Sakura Haruno. Nice to meet you, Mr. Hatake." More people laughed, receiving glares from Hinata, Tenten and Ino (who had finally woken up).

"Sakura," he said with a smile, "please call me Kakashi." She bowed and nodded.

"Before you take your seats, I should forewarn you that you have already been assigned seats." Groaning rang through the room. "Every Friday we will be going on a field trip. You will be divided up into three-man squads and you are to travel together at all times. You three are study-buddies and are permitted to sit together in your other classes. You are team mates and teamwork is essential. Now here are the teams:-,"

"Wow," Kiba whispered to Naruto, "that's the longest speech I've ever heard Kakashi say!" Naruto and the others nodded.

Kakashi read through a list of names. Sakura listened for names that she recognized. She finally heard "Kiba, Shino and Hinata." The three of them nodded and sat at a table in the front. Sakura caught Hinata glancing at Naruto sadly. Hinata's leader was a teacher named Kureni.

"Rock Lee, Tenten-." Tenten's jaw dropped about a mile. "And Neji." Tenten's eyes were as big as saucers. Now picture someone with a dropped jaw, wide eyes, a blush, a twitch and a shiver at the same time. You have just pictured Tenten. "They will be led by Gai on Friday's." Rock Lee dived out of his chair and landed on a random table, making the people who were sitting there flee.

"Thank you," he was muttering to himself, "I will make you proud master Gai…oh thank you…" Everyone, including Kakashi, sweat-dropped.

"Moving on then," Kakashi said nervously, turning back to his papers. "Next group: Shikamaru, Ino and Choji."

"NOO!" Ino cried, staring at her two new partners. One was glaring into space and the other was glaring at his empty chip-bag. "Why?" Ino said, whipping away an imaginary tear. Sakura felt sorry for Ino and followed her with her eyes until she sat down with a pained expression on her face. This was when Sakura noticed it.

There were two freckly and annoying-looking boys sitting in the far corner of the room. They didn't have a three-man team yet and they were pointing at Sakura and sniggering. Sakura turned back to her teacher and tried to ignore them.

"The next team is: Naruto, Sakura-," and he paused. The two boys who had been sniggering were now laughing. Kakashi even looked up.

Sakura could make out a few things they were saying: "I wonder who's going to be in pinkie's group?" "That's the idiot who whipped out in front of the whole class!" "Oh yeah! She's the one with the big forehead!" They laughed again.

Sakura continued trying to ignore them. She had always been self-conscious about her forehead being wide. She left her hair down so that it would be harder to notice. Sakura hoped that one of those boys wouldn't be the third member to her team.

Kakashi returned to his paper. "Ok then, the next team is: Sakura, Naruto-," Not those boys… "-and-," Not those boys… "-Sasuke."

"Yes!" Sakura exclaimed. A few of Sasuke's fangirls started crying. Naruto was delighted and Sasuke was backing away from Sakura.

"Sakura, I thought you weren't a fangirl…," Sasuke said, still backing away.

"Huh?" she said, looking up. "Oh! Sorry you have it wrong, Sasuke! I'm not happy because I'm in your group- no offence." Everyone gasped. Ino fainted. Sasuke's eyes widened. She had dared to insult an Uchiha in front of the whole class… "I'm happy because I'm not in their group," she said nodding in the direction of the annoying boys.

Sakura followed Naruto to a table, but Sasuke just stood there- flabbergasted. She was certainly different from the other girls.

"As for your leader," Kakashi continued, "He will be no one other than yours truly; me!" Naruto 'whooped', Sasuke nodded, and Sakura, not sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing, smiled unsurely.

Kakashi finished reading the list of groups. Most people weren't satisfied. The whines of the heart-broken Sasuke-fans could still be heard. Sakura rolled her eyes. Sasuke didn't seem that great.

Kakashi continued talking about the field-trips and how he would be taking suggestions, and how important it was to stay together. Sakura glanced at her team-mates. Sasuke was determinedly staring into space and Naruto was sleeping. "Oh great," Sakura thought, "I've got to work with a grouch and an idiot."

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