Chapter Nine, the chapter where Kendra tells Two-Bit something he's wanted to hear from her for a long time.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Outsiders or Patrick Swayzes' song, She's Like The Wind. They belong to S.E.Hinton and Patrick Swayze.

Still Two-Bit POV

I got Dally's hand off of me and walked on my own. Steve was saying that Socs would jump him and Dally instantly when we stepped into the Soc territory. I ignored both of them and kept walking. Dally was saying how funny I looked, dressed as a Soc who was jumped a time or two. I was keeping an eyes on the houses, seeing how they kept getting fancier and fancier.

"Keep an eye pealed, guys. We're in Soc territory." I said to Steve and Dally. Steve and Dally stopped.

"Hey, How bout me and Dally stay where we can see you, but they can't see us." Steve asked, making me turn to him. "I mean... we'll be jumped if we go with you and you'd have to help either beat us or save us. And we don't want to be beat by a fellow greaser."

"I see." I said in reply, "Good point. I'll go alone. If I need help, I'll whistle."


Way to stick up for me, guys. I turned and walked, trying my best to keep my thumbs out of my pockets. I felt weird. There was a Soc standing on his porch looking at me. I looked back at him. He nodded and went inside. I let out the air I was holding. Smiling, I went to their park and walked around. Maybe Ken would be here. No luck with her being on the ground. Maybe a tree? I took a good look at all the trees in the stupid park. Finally in the last tree, there was a foot handing there. I looked up in it but the leaves blocked my view. Great, I have to climb. Placing my hands on a branch, I pulled myself up on the branch. I sighed, making something jump behind me. I glanced over my shoulder and found Kendra sitting there with her arms crossed over her chest and a trail of blood running down her lip.

"KENDRA!" I reached out for her but she screamed.

"Don't touch me you damn Soc!!" Oops, yeah... the costume. I removed the sun glasses and stared at her.

"Ken, it's me." I said cooly. She gasped and tightened her grip on her chest.

"Keith!" I took off my madras and handed it to her. I turned my head as she pulled it on. "What are you doing dressed at a Soc?"

"I was looking for you... I was worried."

"By yourself?!"

"No. Steve and Dally are here too."


"Just within ear shot," I said, then let out a whistle, long and low that broke off in a sudden high note. "They'll be here in a few moments." I slid out of the tree, turned, and extended my arms out to her. "Jump down, Ken." She smiled and jumped down in my arms. I set her down and smiled at her. Her face was bruised a little. I was thankful that she wasn't cut up any.

"Hey! Two-Bit!" It was Dally's voice. I turned my head; Dally and Steve were running towards us. They halted and stared at us.

"Come on, the Socs would be here any minute now." Steve said. I wrapped an arm around Ken and nodded to Steve.

"Lets go, Ken. We're going home."


Two-Bit: That was so corny!

Me: I'm sorry... I had a brain fart.

Two-Bit: Brain fart?

Me: I couldn't think! (He slaps Ace, Ace slaps back starting a sissy fight)

Dally: At least the broad is alright.

Kendra: Broad?

Dally: You!

Kendra: Why you little... (continues calling him everything under the sun)

Steve: (watching the sissy fight and verbal fight) Wow... It's like these guys have know each other forever. (looks at the readers with a big grin) Hi everyone! My name is Steve Randle and my best buddy is–

Everyone else: SHUT UP!

Steve: Sheesh... I just wanted to talk to the lovely readers who've continued to read this lame story as it went on! (sticks tongue out at Dally and turns back to the audience, grinning again) So how are you lovely readers? (waits for an answer) Hello? (knocks on the computer screen) Hello??


I led Kendra into the house and sat her down on the couch. Here arms were still wrapped around her, hugging herself. I looked down at her and frowned.

"I'll go get you another shirt. That madras is too hot for you in the summer." I said, going up the stairs to her room. There were clothes everywhere, on the bed, on the floor, in the closet. I grabbed a simple blue T-shirt and went back out. She was crying again with her hands covering her face. I froze and stared at her. "Are you okay?"

"I should of listened to you and Dally..." she paused to look at me, "And Darrel..." Feeling bad for her, I went to her and wrapped her in a hug.

"Don't worry, Kenny..." I whispered in her ear. I pulled away a little and looked right at her. "Did he hurt you too bad?"

"No... he tried to... he gave me a drink... vodka..." I clenched my jaw, "And he tried to get my drunk and to..." she stopped and let the tears fall again. I wipes them away with the palm of my hand.

"He ain't gonna hurt you no more."

"I know..." I handed her the shirt and turned. Walking to the kitchen, I heard the madras hit the floor. There was a window over the sink. I could see myself in it. I looked just like a stupid Soc. It was scary. Grabbing a glass and putting a few ice cubes in it, I looked around in moms choice of alcohol. There was a green bottle with a brown liquid in it. I poured some of it into the tall glass. I took two more bottles and poured them in there together. Having the urge for something chocolate, I looked in the fridge and found a bottle of chocolate syrup and poured some in the glass. Then I slid it aside and took out another glass. I filled it with milk and chocolate syrup. I stirred it with a long spoon, then put the spoon in my glass.

"Keith...?" I jumped.

"Yeah, Kenny?"

"What are you making?"

"A drink... Don't worry, you don't have any alcohol in yours." I handed her the glass with the chocolate milk in it. She stared at it. "It's chocolate milk, Ken."

"What do you have?"

"Oh... its..."

"Can I have a sip?" I fished out an ice cube with the spoon and handed it to her.

"Here, try the ice cube first." She took it and popped it in her mouth. She made a weird face.

"Um... alcohol and... chocolate syrup?" I smiled at her.

"Yeah..." I took a sip and grinned. "You like it?" She continued to stare at me. Setting down the glass on the table, she jumped on me and hugged my chest with her face in my collar bone. "Kendra?"

"I love you, Keith... Two-Bit..." then she kissed my cheek and walked off, carrying the glass.

I look in the mirror and all I see

Is a young old man with only a dream

Am I just foolin' myself

That she'll stop the pain

Living without her

I'd go insane

Just a fool to believe

She's like the wind.

-Patrick Swayze-

She's Like The Wind

Chuckling, I picked up the glass left and took a sip. I froze.

"Ken, you took my drink!!"