Just Another Monday Morning

She sighed as she strode along the corridor on the way to another dull meeting. This was the last thing she needed after a long night in theatre working on a complicated emergency.

She pushed open the boardroom door and glanced around at the sea of expectant faces. People whom had all been waiting for her. She smiled slightly as an apology for her lateness before sliding into the only spare seat.

She glanced up to see a slightly tired looking Joseph sitting opposite her, he at least had received the minimal benefit of a few hours sleep after she'd suggested her went to the on call room after a long day and night.

He smiled up at her slightly, partly as an acknowledgement of her arrival and partly through gratitude for the few hours of sleep she'd gifted him.

The meeting began and as talk of toilets and rising vandalism started she found herself in desperate need of some sort of entertainment to keep her amused, and more important awake. She glanced around her and her eyes settled on Joseph. She smiled slightly as an idea popped into her head. She slipped her stockinged foot out from her heeled shoe and lifted it, reaching out underneath the table and resting it on her registrar's knee; flexing her toes slightly and laughing to herself as she saw a panicked look shoot through his eyes as his head jerked upwards at her touch.

She began to straighten her leg; sliding it back and forth along his thigh, enjoying the mixture of uncomfort and pleasure in his eye, knowing he was unable to complain and ask her to stop, nor cry out in pleasure. This was her little game and she was enjoying it more every second.

She briefly looked down at her agenda and realised they were nearing the end of the meeting. She slid her foot further down to his crotch, flexing her toes and stroking him through his trousers, working very hard to stop herself laughing at the look of pure terror that flashed across his face as she felt him begin to harden.

Only as she heard the meeting begin to draw to a close did she withdraw her foot and slide it back into her shoe. Standing with the other members of board, excluding a sufficiently embarrassed Joseph, she began to move towards the door.

"Mrs Beauchamp" he called out, "Would it be possible to have a word?"

She stopped, smirking slightly and allowed to others to exit before closing and locking the door. She turned to him, "Mr Byrne?"

She walked towards him smirking as he stood up and moved away from the table, his arousal obvious to her, "What… What were you doing?"

She glanced down to his crotch, "I would have thought it was fairly obvious…"

She moved up to him trapping him between herself and the table, smiling as she reached up kissing him deeply. He gasped slightly not expecting it but soon responded, wrapping his arms around her waist, and holding her close to him as their tongues explored each others mouths.

Joseph was finally allowing himself to see his consultant as a woman, and a rather gorgeous one at that, as opposed to the object of authority he'd forced himself to view her as.

Connie began to see more than the awkward, slightly geeky registrar she'd always thought of him as. Allowing herself to be pleasantly surprised as she ran her hands up his arms, feeling the toned muscles beneath his shirt.

Suddenly he lifted her and turned laying her on the boardroom table and beginning to undo her shirt. She looked up at him in surprise but made no effort to tell him to stop as she felt the material slide down her arms and off.

His lips fell to her chest, tracing the line of her bra with his kisses before he reached around, deftly removing it with one fluid movement. His thumbs began to trace circles around her already erect nipples, making them harder still before he found himself unable to wait any longer. He undid the zip on her trousers and slid them down over her ankles and ran his hands over her black lace underwear, almost savouring the moment and locking it away in his brain before he removed them.

She smiled as she reached up pulling at his tie, removing it swiftly followed by the other items of clothing he'd decide to wear the night before. She pulled him on top of her, guiding him inside her as she kissed him. Moaning loudly as she felt him move inside her, their cries mingling together as they brought each other closer to climax.

She reached round digging her nails into his lower back, pulling him deeper in as she arched her back. He let out a deep moan as he felt her bring him nearer to the edge, and looked down at Connie to find her face glistening slightly, and full of pleasure.

He felt her tense around him and cry out as she came, groaning as this tipped him over the edge and he came before lying down on the table beside her and watching the gentle rise and fall of her chest.

Feeling her breathing return to normal she rose and quickly dressed before looking down at Joseph. He took this as a sign and quickly dressed himself and looked at her expectantly.

"I'm going home now Mr Byrne. I suggest you do the same. I expect to see you in my office at the end of your shift tomorrow." She swiftly turned and left the room leaving Joseph wondering what the hell sort of game he'd just let himself be dragged into.