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Emily Lehman sighed and stood up to stretch. She had been working on paperwork for the past six hours straight. She groaned as she realized how much she actually had left to do. She laughed at how pathetic she was, having to take a personal day off work, just so she could get it done on time. She wandered into the kitchen slowly and got a large glass of water. As she made her way back to the living room, she heard her phone ring.

"Hey, Matt…"

"What are you doing?" Matt asked as soon as Emily answered the phone.

"Paperwork," Emily grinned, "Is this a booty call?" she teased.

"Possibly," he replied, "Come over."

Emily laughed, "I'll take that as a yes. I can't-you should come over here!"

"Em… I miss you," Matt said, "A lot,"

"Matt, I still have so much to do!" Emily protested.

"Come on… Bring it with you!"

"You know I won't get anything done!" Emily countered. She could already feel his lips on her neck and collarbone. She closed her eyes and sighed as she pictured herself in his arms-in his bed.

"You know you want to…" Matt insisted.

"I can't. I have to get this paperwork done for court tomorrow!"


"Okay," Emily relented, gathering up the folders and her laptop, "Give me twenty minutes."


Matt sighed, aimlessly flipping through channels, unable to focus on anything. He looked at his watch again and sighed, trying not to worry. It was entirely possible she sat down with her paperwork, trying to get to a decent stopping point and lost track of time, Matt reasoned with himself. Unable to resist, he grabbed his cell phone and pressed the correct speed-dial. "Hey Em… I – I mean, uh, just…call me, okay?" Matt dropped his phone on the couch beside him and sighed.

Again, he flipped through all 150 channels, irritated that it took less than 5 minutes. Shutting off the TV, he stood up and grabbed his keys. Even if she had attempted to continue her paperwork, two hours was a little extreme. Especially without calling. Just as he was headed out the door, his phone rang. He flipped it open immediately and without looking at the caller ID, "Em?"

"Matt Flannery?"

"Yeah. This is Matt. Who are you?"

"Matt, my name is Linda Andrews, I am the nurse manager at LA County Hospital. I am calling you on behalf of Emily Lehman."

"Em? I-Is she-okay? Did something happen?" Matt asked,

" You were listed as her emergency contact in her cell phone. Matt, Emily was in a car accident. She is here in the Intensive Care Unit."

"Oh God… Is-she-?" Matt leaned against the counter, afraid his legs wouldn't support him any longer.

"She is stable, but in serious condition. We would like you to come in so we can speak with you further and so you can see her."

"Okay… I-Was she-I mean-?" Matt took a deep breath and stopped, realizing he wasn't able to form a coherent sentence.

"I'm sorry Matt, but that is all the information I can give you right now. You will need to come in and speak with her provider."

"Okay… I'll-I'll be there as-as soon as I can," Matt flipped his phone shut and hurried to his car.