Fandom: CSI

Title: I hateā€¦.

Author: White Rabbit

Category: Angst

Spoilers: Slight spoilers for Playing with fire and Who Killed Sherlock

Rating: A nice pg

Pairing: Implied Greg/Nick, with some onesided longing on Hodges part.

Summary: I hate Greg Sanders.

Author's Note: Hodges P.o.V So I was just about to head to bed when BAM his hit me. It wouldn't let me get some sleep. You know i'm so sleepy I forgot how tonpost this thing lol.

I hate Greg Sanders

I hate that he is liked by everyone.

I hate how he doesn't have to work to get their attention.

I hate how he is liked by the CSIs.

I hate how he plays his music loud.

I hate the fact he gets away with it if he does play his music loud.

I hate his music.

I hate his spikes.

I hate his fake Mohawk.

I hate his blonde hair.

I hate his ever changing hair styles.

I hate his loud shirts.

I hate his band shirts.

I hate his moles.

I hate his quirky smile.

I hate his perfect teeth.

I hate his humor.

I hate his pick up lines.

I hate how he flirts with everyone.

I hate when he is right.

I hate that he can out shine me when ever he wants.

I hate that he knows more then me.

I hate how he was different after the explosion.

I hate how he longed to be away from the lab.

I hate how he went from Lab rat to a field mouse.

I hate how there is no longer loud music.

I hate there is no loud shirts.

I hate how he doesn't style his hair.

I hate how he acts like a school girl when he has a crush.

I hate how his crush returns the feelings.

I hate how they hug in the hallway.

I hate how Nick looks deep in to his eyes as he just about to kiss him.

I hate the pure love in his eyes after Nick kisses him.

I hate that there is no trace left of him in the labs he worked at before becoming a CSI.

But most of all, I hate that Greg isn't mine.