The sun hid behind clouds.

Amongst the green it waits for the chance.

A Lummox on a stroll, singing and dancing, ungrateful of the life it has been given.

Until it appeared.

Grappled to the floor and claws exposed. Left right left right flesh here fur there; blood fashionably coating the predator.

It admires the sadistic artwork of its victim.

Megalomania takes over the body and leaves a grin of pure rapture.

It bites down hard and is instantly reminded of its existence; suckling on the very essence and pulling away with a soft burp.

Riki had acquired Elf Shot.

Author's note- Please be gentle when reviewing this... I was trying something new ( . ) to secretly raise my Saga Frontier story level... wait... you didnt hear me say that... This is actually for my two fav reviewers who just seem to love my Riki so much... So i figured i'd give a little insight on him learning Elf Shot... Be warned however that the Riki that is learning elf shot is a dark riki... if you havent caught on...

R/R! with kid gloves... KID GLOVES!!! lol