This is a request by Wangdoodle.

Silver Pair!

Shishido was just out of the showers. He changed into his regular clothes because he was heading home. He was going to leave until he heard something.

"Hiyoshi, that hurts." Came Choutaro's voice.

Shishido didn't dare look beyond the shower door. He was scared. What if Choutaro... ?

"Ow!" Choutaro cried.

"Settle down, Ootori. Don't move." Hiyoshi ordered.

Shishido was really scared now.

"Hiyoshi, that hurts!" Choutaro cried again.

"If you stop moving I'm sure that it would end quickly and it won't hurt." Hiyoshi said.

Shishido was panicking. Didn't Hiyoshi know that Choutaro was his?! Wait... his?! Shishido shook the thought out of his head. He needed to save Choutaro right now!


"Ootori, please. This would end quickly! Don't move!"

"I'm sorry... but it hurts!"

Shishido made a plan. He would barge in and demanded that Hiyoshi gets off of Choutaro. He would go on three.





"Hiyoshi! It hurts... can you please hurry up?"

3!! CHARGE!!!!

Shishido barged in.

The two stared at him.


Hiyoshi stared at Shishido skeptically and put his hands in the air.

"Are you hands in the air?" Shishido asked. He has his eyes closed.


"Now put on your clothes!"

"Y...what?" Hiyoshi asked.

"Are you both wearing clothes?"

"Shishido-san, what are you saying? Of course we are!" Choutaro said.

Shishido slowly opened his eyes. He only saw Choutaro sitting on the bench, clothed, and Hiyoshi with his hands in the air, also clothed. Hiyoshi was holding on to a swab (?) in one of his hands.

"What were you two doing?" Shishido asked.

"I was helping Ootori. He fell during practice." Hiyoshi explained.

Shishido felt dumb. "So... you guys didn't do anything age-inappropriate?"

The two shook their head.

Shishido felt very, very dumb. "Oh..."

Choutaro smiled. "Shishido-san, don't worry about it!"

"Sorry! I'll leave you two alone." Shishido said. "And Choutaro, remember that dat-- er... meeting we have!"

"Yes, next Saturday, right?"


Hiyoshi shrugged. "Here's a bandage." He said.



lol, that was fun to write.