Time seemed to slow as Lucius' large hands slid down her thighs and pulled up her dress. The air was loud with the sound of their breathing. His long fore-finger slid up her inner thigh making her squirm. It came to rest mere inches from where their agreed 'deal' would be sealed.

Hermione already knew what the outcome would be; she could feel the warm slickness between her legs where her traitorous body had responded so deliciously to the hated Malfoy.

Suddenly there was silence and Hermione realised that it was because both she and Lucius were holding their breath as he slid his finger under the edge of her knickers and into the wet heat between her legs. Lucius ran the tip of his finger over her wet folds and round the entrance to her quivering centre. She barely stifled a desperate moan at the contact.

They started breathing again when the finger was withdrawn. Lucius placed it between his sensuous lips and sucked her wetness off; smiling wickedly as he did so.

"And so it begins Mudblood." he whispered in her ear. Hermione was swamped with a feeling of fear and desire which made her heart swell. "You could never resist me." he continued in her ear as he ran his hands up to her neckline. He deftly scooped her breasts out of their confines so that they stuck out provocatively from her dress. The cool evening air combined with his warm fingers on her nipples made Hermione's whole body tighten and she flopped back against his large body. He growled deep in his chest at this, "So helpless Granger," he dragged his thumbs over her nipples again, "What would Potter and Weasley think if they saw you like this, hmm?" His mouth was on her neck and his next words vibrated through her, "What would they say if they saw their clever little mudblood so desperate for my touch?"

"I am not desperate!" Hermione cried, wrenching away from him and turning to face him, anger sparkling deep in her eyes. The effect of her anger was lost, however, as his grey eyes slid appreciatively down her body; drinking in the sight of her bare chest in the glowing light of the moon and torches. His beautiful, cruel features were rendered sensual by his obvious arousal. The silver eyes had liquefied like mercury.

His hands found her hips and pulled their bodies close together; she felt his powerful muscles pressed against her from chest to knee. He bent his head and stared deep into her eyes for a brief, scorching second before joining their mouths.

His kiss was slow, deep and possessive. His tongue stroked luxuriously over hers whilst his long fingers stroked over her bottom, grinding her hips against his. Lucius broke the kiss; Hermione couldn't repress a small gasp of loss. He smirked arrogantly and she was again filled with her contempt for the man in front of her. Hermione staggered back, flinging a hand over her eyes. What on earth was she doing here?

She yanked her dress back up over her shoulders and fled from the room.

Hermione did not make it far.

"I think that's the last time you're going to try and escape from me tonight little one." Breathed Lucius as he pressed her to the wall in the wide entrance hall. And before she could respond, Lucius covered her mouth in a powerful kiss. Again, Hermione initially closed her mouth to the kiss - her whole body was tense and she was shaking slightly. The wizard did not give up, he put his all into the kiss, unwavering in his pursuit of the Hermione's surrender. He repeatedly ran his tongue along her bottom lip and slowly slid his hand down between them. When he reached her smooth stomach he broke the kiss and looked into her stormy eyes. Lucius slid his fingers once more into the warm wetness between her legs. He raised his eyes to her face, Hermione's eyes were closed and she was flushed with shame.

"Give into it mudblood." He said, moving his hand unhurriedly over her swollen clitoris, "open your eyes - look at me. I want to see what I'm doing to you." Hermione slowly opened her eyes; anger, shame, and desire were fighting for dominance in the depths of the deep brown orbs; anger eventually won out. Lucius' hand was swiped away, " I do not want this." said Hermione in a hoarse voice, but her body betrayed her and Lucius could read her desire everywhere; in her flushed cheeks, her ragged breathing and the wet flesh beneath his fingers. He smiled, knowing he'd won; in one skilled movement he seized hold of Hermione, pushed her to the wall and pressed his whole body up against hers. The man rocked his hips forward, forcing Hermione to feel his erection, "give in, my sweet one, you're eyes say more than those pretty lips." He purred before applying his tongue to the tempting throat in front of him, it was not long before Hermione let a tiny moan escape her mouth. Lucius revelled in it, "now, that's more like it." He said, lifting his head and smiling wickedly, he started to grind his hips into hers, dragging their aching flesh over one another, Hermione let out a strangled gasp and the wizard chuckled lasciviously, continually crushing their hips together.

The movement was producing an almost unbearable friction, "tell me what you want now Hermione." He licked along her jaw line, "tell me what you want me to do to you." His tongue moved to the sensitive earlobe, "tell me." Hermione brought her head up from where she had let it fall back to look the tall wizard straight in the eyes, "do not make me say it Lucius." she pleaded, but Lucius was determined to hear it, he withdrew all contact and stood, hands on hips, waiting. Against every better judgement, Hermione reached for him, "please."

"Tell me what you want mudblood." Hermione looked at the floor, her hands fisted at her sides, without looking up she whispered, "I want this, Lucius, please, don't make me beg.."

The blonde wizard gave an almost triumphal growl and Hermione felt that pulse of fear deep inside her again as he lifted her slightly and pinned her to the wall once more. His hardness pressing against her core. His mouth descended over hers and his tongue in her mouth felt incredible. She gave herself up to the feeling as he rolled her dress up round her hips and slid two long fingers inside her. "So tight little mudblood." He whispered in her ear as his other hand found her erect nipple. She moaned in response – distressed to find his words adding to her arousal.

Lucius slid his fingers in and out of her until she thought she could bear it no longer. He seemed to read that she was near orgasm and pulled his fingers from her body. "Now, prepare yourself – I don't like it gentle." And with that, Lucius Malfoy pulled his throbbing erection free from the confines of his robes and thrust himself in to Hermione's quivering body in one brutal motion.

He felt like velvet covered iron he was so hard. She could feel him stretching her impossibly wide and couldn't keep the desperate cry from escaping her lips. He laughed deep in his chest, "Hurt does it mudblood? Feeling my fat cock plundering your hot, tight little cunt?"

Hermione couldn't answer as he began to move within her. The cold wall was rough against her back and her head hit the wall with every thrust he made into her body. She knew she wasn't going to last long under this onslaught of sensation. Lucius seemed to push deeper inside her with every thrust. His earlier words came back to her, making her clench around him "bury this cock in you so deep you'll be able to feel it in your throat." Lucius pushed his tongue into her mouth again, mimicking the action of his cock. It was all she could take. Orgasm ripped through her with an intensity that was almost painful. Her cries were muffled by his tongue.

It wasn't over. The slivery eyes bored into her as he kept moving deep within her. Her over-sensitised body spasmed around his thrusting length, he seemed to glory in her loss of control and pushed harder – his mouth curling in a superior smirk. Hermione's nerves felt like they would shatter at the sensory overload. She couldn't tell whether her body was screaming with pain or pleasure, she just knew that she couldn't take it any longer. "Please… please Lucius…stop … I can't bear it" she breathed jerkily. He tightened his grip on her hips, "I don't think so Mudblood, I haven't finished yet." He sneered.

He changed the tempo of his thrusts, beginning to move slowly but firmly inside her, grinding his hips in slow circles. The almost unbearable feeling of the moments before quickly heated into an all consuming fire as Lucius began to come inside her. She looked into his eyes as she felt heat spill deep within. He made no sound but his beautiful mouth was open in a silent gasp of pleasure. The sight of him pushed Hermione over the edge again and her exhausted body clenched around him, milking the last drops of his orgasm from him.

Before she had fully recovered from that last wracking orgasm, Hermione found herself standing in the entrance hall watching Lucius tidy his robes and hair before picking up his cane from the floor and looking her in the eye. "That was distinctly pleasurable Mudblood." He drawled, all traces of his earlier husky passion gone, "You would do well to remember that you should not attempt to resist me again." With that he turned on his heel and walked smartly away down the corridor and back into garden where the faint murmur of voices could still be heard.

Hermione stood in the cool dark hall. Her heart still fluttering and her knees wobbly. She had to get back to Grimmauld Place – away from this place. Staggering to the front door she apparated back to the front door of the shabby building where the members of the Order would be eagerly awaiting her return. She realised she could feel Lucius' come beginning to run down her thigh and with a shuddering breath, opened the front door.

What would Sirius say?

AN: This could be the end – or it could be the prelude to something a bit longer… I don't know… Lucius is such a bad boy!