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What's wrong with Shelly? Find out in this chapter.

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Eric sat across from Shelly with panic in his eyes. Shelly was oblivious to the concern in her fiance's eyes since she was looking down at her own knuckles. Eric's heart pounded with each passing second. He reached across the table and gripped Shelly's hand in his. Her eyes were forced to meet with his.

"Shelly, what's wrong?" Eric asked.

"Nothing," Shelly replied.

"The doctor," Eric reminded Shelly of her own words.

"I've been sick lately," Shelly replied.

"And you didn't tell me?" Eric asked hysterically. "Were you waiting for the condition to worsen, or—"

"Eric, will you please let me finish?" Shelly interrupted. She paused knowing how Eric could be when he was concerned about something, especially her. It was the main reason she chose to keep silent until now. It was true that she had been vomiting every morning, but wanted to be sure of the case before giving any false news to the one she loved.

"I'm sorry," Eric said at last. "I'm just…"

"Worried, I know," Shelly finished for him. Eric gave her a half-smile of defeat. The woman knew him too well. Shelly took another deep breath. "Eric, if it were something detrimental to my health, I would've told you in no time, but I…even if my suspicions were correct, I wanted to know for sure." Eric listened, despite the betrayal of worry still plastered on his face. "So I went to the doctor and…" Eric's eyes widened waiting for her to finish.

"And?" Eric asked when no answer came right away.

Shelly smiled wide as she revealed, "I'm pregnant."

The concern in Eric's face switched to delight.

"We're...we're going to have a baby?" Eric asked short of breath.

Shelly responded by nodding and laughing.

"This is the best news I've heard since you agreed to marry me," Eric said cupping his hands around hers.

Gail returned with the glasses of water forcing them to part their hold on one another. Eric and Shelly each thanked her as she sat the cup down in front of them.

"Are you ready to order?" Gail asked.

"Sorry, we haven't even looked at the menu," Shelly said laughing. Whether it was brought on upon the strange look they received from their server or from Shelly's own excitement, she neither could say, nor did she care. She wanted the world to know of her fortune. "I found out I'm going to have a baby today," Shelly explained.

"Oh, congratulations!" Gail exclaimed. "How far along?"

"A month," Shelly answered.

"Well, you two take your time, I'll be back in a few minutes for your order" Gail said, patting Shelly on the shoulder. With those words she left to tend to the other customers.

Shelly picked up her menu. She glanced over at Eric whose eyes were solely focused on her.

"What?" Shelly asked grinning.

"I love you," Eric said with a smile.

"I love you more," Shelly said back.

Now wasn't that just sweet? That's what I love most about the Eric/Shelly relationship, their love is just so pure. In both the movie and the graphic novel there is no doubt how much the two love and adore one another. It just begs for fanfic authors to write fluff. Thanks for reading!