Sorry, I really suck at poetry, but I couldn't get this out of my head. Hopefully the poetry bug will not take me again.

At the Close

Shadows at the window

Shadows at the door

Fear takes hold and grips me tight

My savior is no more


If light smiles on us

If our cause is right

If our struggle is so true

Why this cold, wretched night?


My lover and my hero

He whose heart was brave

Stood upright and fought and fell

Him I could not save


Another love behind me

Bright new hope for all

If I stand and fight for him

Not all my love need fall


My future is before me

My eyes will not see day

Will mother's love prove strong enough

Will my love light his way?


Now look fear in the eye

Plead mercy from the dark

I think my life a worthy trade

But evil leaves its mark


I recall my dying thoughts

And gaze upon my son

He walks with phantoms at the close

My own, the Chosen One


My love has been enough

My love sustains him still

We stand, we phantoms, with him now

We let him look his fill


My lover at my side

Our pride and joy here, too

Our struggle is at its end

Our cause has proven true


He walks forth to join us

He has no more to fear

He understand our sacrifice

Why we join him here


As he meets his death

Gives away his all

He looks just like his father

So brave, and standing tall


My son has no future

Of love and loss and strife

He deserves a better fate

He deserves his life


It doesn't hurt, the dying

It hurts to have you near

But show no fear, love, end it now

And I will be right here