Dinner wasn't as bad as Veronica would have imagined. The conversation was light and both men grilled her about her time at the FBI. She delighted them with some of the more interesting parts of her day, including the time she got to copy a highly sensitive document. She told them, if they couldn't tell, she had been a glorified copy girl and gopher, but it would look good on her resume.

As the trio polished off their meal from Veronica's favorite Italian restaurant, she couldn't help but steal glances at both her dad and Logan. Everything seemed to be going well at the moment. But she wondered how this tenuous truce would play out when she dropped her bombshell. Would it be nuclear?

After dinner, Veronica stacked up the plates and placed them in the dishwasher. She washed her hands and slowly dried them on the towel by the sink. Logan came beside her carrying the glasses.

"Hey," he said to her with a smile.

"Hey," Veronica said in return. She deposited the towel back on the sink and took the glasses from Logan. Her index finger brushed his fingers and neither cold miss the electric charge that sparked between them. It was hot, it was sexual, and it said I want you right now.

"Uh, Dad," Veronica said as she closed the door to the dishwasher. "I think Logan and I are going for a drive. If you don't mind?"

Veronica could see the flash of hurt flicker across Keith's face. After all she had just returned home. But then she could also see him move his gaze from her to Logan. In that moment she knew he understood they needed time alone. Needed to reconnect on so many levels.

"Of course not," Keith waved his hand in the couple's direction. "Go out and see if Neptune has changed since you left. Just call and let me know if you won't be coming home."

And then to Veronica's surprise he winked and she and Logan.

"Great," Veronica grabbed Logan's hand. "See ya' later, Dad." Veronica brushed a kiss on Keith's cheek as she breezed by him, Logan in tow. She stopped just long enough to pick up her purse and then she and Logan were out the door and down the steps.

Logan guided Veronica to his Range Rover parked on the street. He came to the passenger side and opened the door to the big black vehicle and Veronica hopped inside. She watched Logan walk around to his side and she couldn't help but smile. He really was cute, she thought to her self in a moment of pure girl fantasy. And he loved her, Veronica was sure of that. So, what ever happened they would face it together, she hoped.

"So, where we off to," Logan said as he turned to look at Veronica. He had put his key in the ignition and started the Range Rover. Logan's hands rested on the steering wheel.

"Can we go to the pier," Veronica asked as she stared out in front of her, avoiding Logan's gaze. "I want to go to the pier and see the sun set."

"The pier it is," Logan said as he put the SUV in drive and pressed the gas.

The couple rode in silence. Veronica looked out the passenger side window and watched the tableau of Neptune fly before her as the car made it's way down the streets. The passed the coffee place where she used to work and the car wash that Weevil worked at for a brief time after he was released from jail last year.

Then Logan maneuvered the SUV past Neptune High itself. Veronica had mixed emotions about the high school. There were so many bad memories there but it was peppered with good memories as well.

"Can you believe we have been gone two years," Logan said breaking the silence. "It is strange."

"Yeah." It was the only comment Veronica offered before she turned back to the window.

"You okay," Logan asked. He has slowed the vehicle down to a crawl.

'Yeah, can we just get to the pier?" Veronica turned her gaze to him and back again to the window.

"Sure," Logan said worry laced in his voice.

They finally arrived at the pier. Logan parked the Range Rover and turned off the ignition. Veronica had hopped out of the SUV and was walking around to meet Logan before he could put on the parking break.

"Okay," Logan said in surprise. "I guess you really want to go to the pier."

After being so distant the last half hour, Veronica surprise Logan by taking his hand. She grasped it tightly as she led him through the sand and to the pier. They walked in silence until they reached the end. Veronica turned him to her and she looked at him, the ocean on their right side.

"So, we are at the pier." Logan looked out at the ocean. "Now what?"

"Logan, I have something to tell you." Veronica said slowly. She bit the corner of her lip and Veronica could feel her heartbeat quicken.

"This is just great," Logan said. He backed slowly away from Veronica. "What did I do now? What Veronica code did I break this time that you want to break up with me?"

Veronica could see the hurt and distress in Logan's face. Maybe he will want her to break up with him after this.

"I don't want to break up with you," Veronica said as she moved toward him. She reached out her hand to him and Logan moved back toward her to take her hand. "In fact, I hope you won't break up with me after I tell you this."

"What?" Logan cocked his head trying to understand what she just said. "Wait, did you …" his speculation trailed off. "Did you …" He couldn't finish his sentence. Logan didn't want to think about Veronica sleeping with someone else, so he couldn't imagine saying it.

"No," Veronica said shaking her head. "Never."

"Good." Logan sighed. "So, what is it? What has you so jumpy?"

"I guess you could say it is my hormones," Veronica said. She let go of his hand and stepped back. "See, I don't know how to tell you this. So, here it goes. Straight and to the point." Veronica breathed deeply and let it out. "Logan, I'm pregnant. We are going to have a baby."

"Surprise," she added and then closed her eyes. She didn't want to see Logan's expression. She couldn't bear it, she just couldn't.