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His job was to protect her.

His job was not to love her.

It was only a matter of time. He knew that as he stood in the drawing room staring into the crackling fire. The manor was quiet and the sound of the rain pounding its exterior seemed to echo through the rooms and travels down the corridors. His eyes traveled from the roaring fire to the pictures spread across the mantel. His eyes landed on an old picture of his son. His son stood there in front of the manor in his Slytherin robes looking very much like a small replica of the father.

His son loved her too.

The extent of that love still alluded him…was it the love you have for a friend…love you have for family…love you have for a woman? He brought the brandy snifter to his lips. The feel of the warm liquid gently caressing his lips was cause enough for him to close his eyes and remember…remember what her lips felt like. The fire hissed bringing his mind back to the roaring fire. It no longer danced in the myriad shades of orange and red, but burned a deep dark black…a warning.

They were coming…his wards had been breached.

The brandy snifter fell from his hands, breaking into a million little parts as it made contact with the marble floor. The sound of his rapid, panicked steps echoed with the rain through out the manor. His heart pounded wildly…he had to get her out of there…now.

He could see the door…the door that would lead him to her only feet away. A door to his right suddenly opened, his son running out following him to her room.

She was sitting in the middle of the bed, knees drawn up to her chest, feet tucked beneath the hem of the long white robe. The room was fragranced with the irises adorning the room. She looked up shocked and worried at the sudden intrusion…the sudden appearance of both men and both men looking frightened. She barely had time register the fright on their faces. The older of the two reached her two swift strides, pulling her off the bed as they fled the room.

Her opened white robe fanned out behind her, exposing her legs beneath her short white gown…there was no time to worry about that. Her heart was pounding. If these two men were scared she should be scared. The popping sound drifting down from a stairwell alerted them to those apparating on the floor above.

He ran faster, frantic to get her away. He looked back. The fear in her eyes reminded him of her face amongst those fighting against him in the Department of Mysteries. If he had not failed at the Department of Mysteries he never would have been in this situation. Maybe his life would have been better if he had succeeded. His son fled with them, trying his best to stay behind her…to keep her protected.

They slowed just enough at the top of the staircase to rush down it without causing her to fall. Looking back, she looked like an angel floating down that staircase only to be trapped by the devil. The sight of several Death Eaters standing at the bottom of the stairs, forming a human wall stopped their descent. Behind her she felt the youngest step closer to her, as if they could hide her…protect her physically.

She looked behind them. Those that had apparated into the manor now stood at the top of the stairs. They had no where to go. Fear gripped her heart in the worse way. Was this it? Was she to die between father and son? One of their numbers had already been killed by these people…must they all die for her?

Both gentlemen wrapped an arm around her, pulling her closer between them, trying to keep her safe. Slowly each wall of Death Eaters began to close in on them. He could feel her chest heave against his as she buried her face into his chest, wishing for it to be over quickly. Her eyes looked up off his chest into his cold grey eyes and he knew…he would give up forever just for her…