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The memories were horrible…they haunted him. Finding Hermione alone in that large room, chained to the wall, lying on the floor covered in her blood and most likely Naito's. It was a sight that often brought Kuro to his knees and the irony of the situation did not humor him in the least.

The Monogatari had indeed taken the potion to end the curse and it had indeed worked. But now?

Now, Hermione was a true vampire…made from a Shadou…destined to always be a Shadou. As the potion took effect, each Monogatari left…searching for their new lives and their new beginnings. Kuro remained behind. Hermione was still royalty in the eyes of those in Darkland…she was the Princess by marriage and now she lived the life they all did or the one they all one day would. She was like a Shadou now…able to withstand sunlight, but still she was a vampire.

"I can't do that," she said. "You fought so hard to find a cure for your curse. I can't make you a true vampire now."

Kuro stared at her. His hard look wanted to crack. But he had to make his own choices and what were they? He had two choices. He could live his life with Hermione, grow old and die or he could live an eternity with her. He could never grow old with her…not in the human sense.

His dark eyes looked up into Hermione's. Hers swam with a new found knowledge…what came with being bitten and turned. Knowledge of the darkness their world could harness. He could never leave her…ever.

"It is my choice, Hermione," he said stepping forward. "And I choose an eternity with you."