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Sasuke strolled down the hallway with a cocky arrogance that could only belong to an Uchiha. Though no one could blame the boy for being so smug. His plan had worked extremely well. Thanks to the help of Kakashi there were now no obstacles standing in the way of his primary goal. Naruto.

Sasuke felt the head of his member dripping with excitement when he slowly opened the door to Naruto's unguarded room. His enthusiasm only risen when he saw his blonde sleepy quietly on the hotel's bed. He was unprotected, he was vulnerable, he was unaware, he was all for Sasuke.

The Uchiha crept quietly up to the sleeping beauty. He made sure that he was as silent as possible so that he wouldn't wake up his blue-eyed lover, at least not yet. First he wanted to admire his prize before he claimed it.

Sasuke noticed hat a piece of blonde hair was dangling in front of the sleeping boy's face, so he moved it aside.

"Iruka...leave me alone." Naruto mumbled in his sleep. Any other time the hyperactive fool's rambling would have been considered somewhat 'cute' to the Uchiha, but this wasn't any other time. This was now and right now Sasuke felt horny and possessive, and having Naruto calling out someone else name while he touched him did not sit well with the stoic boy. He wanted the kitsune vessel to say his name and his name only.

Sasuke pulled down the blanket covering Naruto's body only to find out a surprising and very joyous discovery. Naruto slept in the buff. The blonde's tan chest could be easily seen rising up and down as he slept, while his toned butt seemed to shine in the moonlight almost as if it was trying to point out where Sasuke's manhood belonged. Sasuke tried to calm his beating heart. He had been so horny for the past 8 hours in fact he was so aroused that he just knew his cock was slowly turning blue; and standing right in front of him was the solution to all his problems. But he couldn't act out his desires just yet, he needed to do what he had intended on doing in the first place, and that was making Naruto call out his name in his sleep.

The Uchiha's hand targeted the kitsune vessel's pink nipples. His fingers lightly began pinching and rubbing the teat until it turned hard. When Sasuke heard Naruto's breathing getting heavier he quickly began to do the same to the boy's other nipple.

"Mmm...suke." Naruto softly moaned in his sleep.

Sasuke's hand trailed lower on the kitsune vessel's chest. The Uchiha softly chuckled when Naruto's body shuddered when he lightly tickled the boy's stomach. His hand travelled even lower until he got to blonde's prized possession which was nestled between soft golden curls. Sasuke fisted the boy's semi-hard member evoking Naruto to take a sharp intake of air. His thumb lightly circled around the head of the blonde's penis; smearing pre-cum while he did so. The stoic boy then slowly began pumping the tan shaft causing Naruto's body to perspire. Sasuke licked his lips as he imaged what it would taste like to licked the sweat of the blonde's tawny skin, but he ignored the urge to do so since there would be time to do that later. He moved his hand faster on the boy's scrotum and the kitsune vessel unconsciously began thrusting into the pale boy's fist.

"Sasuke." Naruto lightly whimpered. A pleased grin appeared on the Uchiha's face. His tasked was accomplished, now there was just one more thing to do.

Sasuke removed his hand away from Naruto's length. Naruto groaned when he lost the warmth of the pale boy's hand. Sasuke ignored the boy's cries and placed his lips near the kitsune vessel's ear. The Uchiha flicked his tongue out and lightly began licking away at the blonde's lobe. Naruto's cock twitched as Sasuke's wet organ molested the inside and outside of his ear. Pre-cum fell rapidly from the head of the boy's member as the Uchiha sucked harshly on the outer edge of the earlobe. Then suddenly, Sasuke bit down hard on the boy's flesh.

"Ah!" Naruto yelled as he awoke from what he thought was a pleasant wet dream. Sasuke happily moved his lips away from the kitsune vessel's ear. His Naruto was finally up; and after all the ministration he had done to the boy's body the fool was more then ready for some action.

The blonde was confused at first. He didn't understand why he had suddenly woke up in pain. He felt a throbbing ache coming from his ear and he touched the appendage to feel that it was wet. Naruto looked up to the ceiling to see if it was leaking, but his sight was met with a horny Uchiha.

"Sasuke!" Naruto screamed now fully awake. He sat up in his bed only to realize he was completely naked in front of a libidinous Sasuke. He grabbed for the sheets so he could cover himself but the Uchiha quickly pulled them away from him.

"S-S-Sasuke, what are you doing here? Aren't you suppose to be in the basement?" asked the nervous blonde. He couldn't understand how Sasuke got into his room. Gaara and Lee were supposed to be guarding his door and Shino and Kiba were suppose to be watching Sasuke. Not to mention that Kakashi and Iruka were possibly roaming the hallways. It was practically impossible for the Uchiha to enter his room and yet here he was standing in front of the kitsune vessel with a look that basically screamed 'I'm going to fuck you long and hard.'

"Naruto, you upset me." Sasuke said while crawling on the bed. Naruto tried to back away from the pale boy, but there was only a small amount of space he could move if he didn't wan to fall off.

"I've worked so hard to get to you, and now that I'm here you act like you don't even want me." the Uchiha's eyes slowly began turning into a familiar shade of crimson red. Naruto gulped but he still tried to remain calm. He had to if he wanted to figure a way out of the situation.

"Worked? What do you mean by that?"

Sasuke pulled Naruto's taut body against his frame. The blonde tried to get away; but to no avail. Sasuke then tilted the kitsune vessel's head and slowly trailed his tongue down the boy's cheek. Once close enough; he softly whispered into Naruto's ear.

"Nobody will be coming in this room any time soon. I tricked them all into fucking each other, so for the rest of the night your all mine." Sasuke lightly kissed Naruto's shocked face as he allowed the information to sink into the poor blonde's head.

The blue-eyed boy couldn't believe it. Everybody in the hotel was having sex! Even Iruka who seemed to be the biggest prude out of all the males. It couldn't be true, but then it had to be because the Uchiha was in his room right at the moment. Which meant he was screwed. Literally.

Naruto pushed the stoic boy away from him and tried to run for the door. Unfortunately, his legs got tangled in the bedsheets and he fell face flat on the ground. Sasuke recovered the fallen boy and placed him back into the bed.

"Sasuke, I don't th-"

"Shh...I think you bruised your mouth when you fell." The Uchiha said while he delicately rubbed his thumb across Naruto's bottom lip, " Let me kiss it to make it feel better."

Naruto's eyes widen as Sasuke's lips hit his. The Uchiha forced his tongue into the boy's mouth and began roughly playing with the blonde's own wet organ. To Naruto the kiss felt more passionate and wild then the one earlier in the day. It seemed that Sasuke's mouth was trying to devour him whole as the stoic boy sucked and nipped at his lips. The blonde was truly enjoying the kiss and soon he began kissing the Uchiha back. Trying to add just as much lust and desire in his kiss as Sasuke's.

The Uchiha groaned when he felt Naruto's tongue responding back to his. He wrapped his arms around the blue-eyed boy and tilted the blonde's head back so he could deepen the kiss. Now it was Naruto's turn to groan. The deepening of the kiss allowed Sasuke to go even further into his mouth. His tanned cock twitched when the stoic boy took complete control of the fool's tongue and began sucking it roughly to simulate the wonderful sensation of oral sex. Unfortunately, the two both needed oxygen and sadly they had to pull away from each other.

"You see, it's all better now." Sasuke said while licking his lips to see if there was any taste of Naruto left on them.

Naruto's mind was a bit foggy after the intense and hot kiss. His manhood was completely pointing up north and it was starting to feel painful. His mind suddenly became clear when he felt the Uchiha kissing him on his neck. The blonde pushed the stoic boy's head away from his collar bone and looked at the Uchiha straight into his red eyes.

"Sasuke, we shouldn't be doing this." protested Naruto. Sasuke sighed. He then looked at the blue-eyed boy with a determined stare.

"Naruto, I am going to fuck you..." The Uchiha plainly stated, "...and not just because I desperately want to; but because you need me to, or rather you desire me to fuck you."

"I-I don't desire you." Naruto lied.

"Really? Then why didn't you stop me from pulling out your delicious penis in front of the whole village this afternoon?" Sasuke asked with a toothy grin. Naruto began to blush.

"You caught me off guard. I didn't know what to do." Truthfully the boy was caught off guard. Having a lust crazed Uchiha grabbing your manhood in public wasn't something that Naruto had to deal with everyday.

"Okay then. Why did you come down to the basement when you knew I was after you." The blonde's face turned even redder.

"I only came down to check on you!" Naruto yelled in defense, "Besides your the one who pulled me into the cell!" Without warning Sasuke attacked the nude boy's frame. The stoic boy positioned himself so that Naruto was laying flat on his back and he was hovering over him.

"Come on Naruto. I know your not smart but you can't actually make me believe that you came down just to 'check up on me'." The Uchiha ground his crotch onto Naruto's weeping member. The blonde whimpered in pleasure as Sasuke's shorts caused an enjoyable friction in between his legs.

"Admit it. You hunger me. You want me. You love me." Before Naruto could even protest Sasuke shut him up with another passionate kiss. While the Uchiha distracted the blonde he hurriedly began taking off his clothes. Once he was completely undressed he released the boy's lips. Again Naruto's mind was hazing, so Sasuke decided to take control of the boy's confused state.

The Uchiha grabbed his tossed aside shorts and pulled out the bottle of lube that Kakashi let him borrow. Sasuke coated two of his fingers with the gel before spreading the blonde's leg apart to reveal the tanned boy's tight pink pucker. He slowly massaged the inner muscle of Naruto's hole before shoving the two digits inside the boy. The Uchiha felt Naruto's ass tighten to resist the fingers being shoved into it, so with his other hand Sasuke massaged inner thigh of the blonde's legs to ease the boy's tension. Naruto's muscles relaxed and Sasuke was able to force his digits in further.

The kitsune vessel resisted the urge to cry out in pain as Sasuke prepared him. He knew what the Uchiha was doing was for the best, but it still hurt. Sasuke on the other hand was amazed at just how tight Naruto's ass was. The deeper the stoic boy's fingers went inside him the tighter the blonde's anus would clench around his two digits. It made Sasuke want Naruto even more. He had to hurry up and prepare the blonde before he just decided to ride the boy's golden ass without any lubrication at all.

Naruto's pucker had spread wider due to the fingering, so the Uchiha added another finger in. When the blonde let out a pleasurable cry Sasuke knew that he must have hit the boy just right. Sasuke shoved his fingers deeper and faster inside the boy. Another deep-throated whine came from the kitsune vessel and the Uchiha found himself growing addicted to the panting boy's yell.

"Sasuke...stop...teasing." Naruto pleaded. The Uchiha's fingers kept hitting something that made him see white every time it was struck. The feeling felt good; but in a torturous way and it didn't help that his already stiff cock was ready to blow in any minute if it was touched. The blonde made a reach for his penis so he could ease some of pressure building up inside him, but Sasuke smacked his hand away as soon as he saw it travelling downward.

"Sasuke...please." Whined the suffering boy. The Uchiha decided to give into the boy's pleas. Besides, he couldn't wait any longer either. Sasuke spread Naruto's legs even wider so he could have enough room to enter the tight anus. He didn't even bother coating his member with any lubrication. After spending several horny hours in the cell there was enough pre-cum on his length to squeeze through the tightest of asses. Hopefully Naruto's would be one of them. The head of Sasuke penis barely touched the blonde's pink pucker before the boy whimpered in protest..again.

"Wait!" Naruto yelled.

"Look, Naruto, don't try to deny this." Sasuke began, but was interrupted by the blonde's voice.

"I'm not trying to stop you." The kitsune vessel said with a blush staining his cheeks, "It's just that I want to pay you back for earlier."

"Pay me back for earlier?" The Uchiha questioned. Instead of answering; Naruto lifted himself from the mattress and pushed Sasuke so that he was laying over him. At first the stoic boy wanted to disapprove. In the position he was in it looked like Naruto wanted to top him; and the Uchiha had waited far too long to just let the blonde be seme. Sasuke calmed down when he saw the blue-eyed boy's head lowering towards his manhood.

Naruto was a bit nervous. This was his first time giving a blow job so he didn't exactly know what to do. After seconds of thinking it over he decided to just wing it. The blonde opened his lips and shoved the Uchiha's penis into his mouth. Sasuke nearly died when he felt the intensive heat and wetness that surrounded his member once inside the kitsune vessel's orifice. Naruto almost gagged when the stoic boy's cock hit the back of his throat, but when he heard the way Sasuke moaned when he deep thoarted him he decided to continue on with it. Naruto took noticed that the Uchiha's member tasted extremely salty, not like the boy minded; he did it ramen for a living after all. However, he did have trouble fitting the boy's entire length inside his mouth, so for the rest of the skin that he couldn't suck, he gently massaged with his hand.

Sasuke felt like he was in heaven. The blonde was amazingly good at giving a blow job, especially since it was his first giving one. The Uchiha clenched his toes in pleasure every time his length went deeper inside the tanned boy's mouth. Sadly, the stoic boy knew he had to stop Naruto's oral ministration on his cock. He wanted to cum inside the blonde's ass not his mouth. So with great control Sasuke pulled his raging hard on out of the kitsune vessel's mouth. At first Naruto had thought he had done something wrong, but when he looked towards Sasuke he saw a look of gratitude of what he had just done.

"Get on your head and knees and spread your legs for me." The Uchiha demanded. Naruto did as he was told without any complaint. Sasuke position himself behind the kneeling boy and accustomed himself with the boy's tan ass. He molded the to cheeks in his hand while enjoying just how soft the buttocks felt in his hand. Sasuke waited so long for this moment so he wanted to enjoy every second of it that he could.

"Hurry up." Naruto said after growing tried of the stoic boy just playing with his ass. The Uchiha chuckled at the boy's impatience, but agreed with the blonde. Sasuke spread Naruto's cheeks apart and positioned the head of his penis at the tanned boy's opening. With one thrust of his hips Sasuke entered the blonde's tight pucker. Naruto hissed in pain. The Uchiha's member was way bigger and longer then his fingers which caused the boy's anus great discomfort.

Sasuke bit his lips to keep from screaming out in pleasure. Naruto's ass was just like he imagined it tight and warm. The pressure of the blonde's muscles on his stiff cock felt so good that the Uchiha thought his dick would burst from the tightness. Sasuke tried desperately not to move any further into Naruto's anus until the boy was completely comfortable with having something so huge wedge inside him. After a while Naruto felt the pain in his rear slowly subdue, so he gave Sasuke's length a light clench; signaling that he could continue.

The Uchiha pulled out of Naruto with great haste only to immediately push back in. Naruto shook when Sasuke found his prostate straight away. He held onto the bedsheets as the Uchiha continued thrusting inside him while hitting the his g-spot with every lunge he took inside of him. The kitsune vessel realized his breathing was getting harsher and that his throat was getting hoarse from crying out in bliss. He tightened his hold on the sheets as he felt Sasuke's thrusts getting faster.

If Sasuke thought he was in heaven before he was wrong: it didn't compare to the feeling of Naruto's ass. It seems like the blonde's tight bottom was trying to devour his cock whole. It was so taut that the stoic boy had trouble pulling out of the pink pucker. Soon a sudden rush of adrenaline rushed over the Uchiha and he began to thrust inside Naruto with an animalistic speed.

"S-Sa...uke!" The blonde stuttered out when he felt the Uchiha's penis driving even deeper into him. For some odd reason Sasuke's thrusts were becoming more powerful; which made him strike Naruto's prostate with even more force. The blonde felt himself salivating as he could only open his mouth in awe at just how good the Uchiha fucking him felt. Even the fact that he knew his ass was going to be damn sore in the morning didn't stop him from screaming out Sasuke's name with each lunge the stoic boy took inside him.

"Play with yourself." Sasuke grunted out. Naruto did as he was told and began pumping himself; still propping his body up with one hand. Though the Uchiha couldn't see it; he could tell the blond was jacking off by the movement of his thrusts. Glad that the blonde was doing what he was suppose to, the Uchiha gave the boy's golden ass a slap of approval. Naruto moaned when he felt the palm of Sasuke's hand hit his rear. The sting on his bottom turned into an enjoyable sensation when his g-spot was hit. Sasuke noticed that the blond had enjoyed it when he hit his ass so he did it again. The tanned boy moaned once more as he felt the same stinging sensation, so the Uchiha continued to do so.

Tears were beginning to strike down Naruto's face, but they weren't tears of pain; instead they were tears of joy. He never imagined that his body could feel so wonderful. His frame was shaking in delight and his screams were only getting louder. He pumped his cock faster as he knew he was about to explode at any minute, but something odd happened. Sasuke stopped pounding into him. The blonde turned his head to see what was wrong.

"Say it and I'll move." Sasuke said to the confused boy. He tried to stay in control as the blonde's ass continued to squeeze him. He had to get the boy to confess to him before he made him cum.

"Say what?" Naruto said while trying to push the stoic boy back in him, but the Uchiha had a firm grip on his bottom so he couldn't move.

"You know what to say, Naruto. Now say it."


"Can't hear you."

"I love you, Sasuke." That was all the Uchiha needed to hear before he lunged inside the boy again. Sasuke didn't even get a chance to pull out before Naruto sperm spilled from his member and landed all over the sheets under him. While the blonde climaxed his ass squeezed the Uchiha's cock for all it was worth, causing the stoic boy to release as well. His semen coated the inside of the tight pucker; while some slide down Naruto's leg.

The two took the time to enjoy the afterglow. Naruto was ready to go to sleep until he realized something. Sasuke was still inside him and was just as eager to go at it as before.

"Sasuke, your still hard." Naruto said in amazement. He had thought the stoic boy was done. The Uchiha's cum was practically leaking out of his ass he didn't think the boy could have any semen left inside him.

"You didn't think I would be done just after one little round." Sasuke said while lunging into the blonde's tight bottom again, " Like I said your mine for the entire night."

Naruto felt liking crying again only this time in distress. His ass definitely was going to be sore in the morning. Damn stupid powder.

--- The next morning in the village---

A tried blonde rode on the back of a stoic boy frame. The blonde was pissed but it was hard to tell by the bags under his eyes. Sasuke sighed.

"Come on, dobe. Your not still mad at me are you."

"Of course I'm still mad at you." Naruto yelled while hitting the Uchiha on his head, "Because of you I won't be able to walk for weeks."

"Hey stop it." Sasuke said while shoeing the blonde's fist away from his head, " Would you feel any better if I said I'm sorry and added an 'I love you' to it."

"Maybe." Naruto humphed.

"I'm sorry, Naruto and I love you very much." Sasuke apologized, "But you know it was mostly that powders fault."

"I guess your right." The blonde said after thinking about, "But can you believe that Iruka and Kakashi sensei are dating now? Who would have thought it."

"Yeah and Lee is leaving the leaf village to live with Gaara, not to mention that Shino and Kiba are shacking up too."

"'Ey dare!" A voice called out to Naruto and Sasuke. Sasuke turned around to see the guy who had hired him yesterday. The Uchiha noticed that the old man was holding a barrel that seemed to be quite heavy.

" Hey, old man. Um...sorry about not being able to catch the crook who stole from you the other day." Sasuke apologized.

"It's alright lad. A couple of Jounin's caught the thieving langer before he could leave the fire nation." the old man smiled through crooked teeth, " I just came over here to tell you thank ye."

"Thank me? For what?" The Uchiha asked.

"You made me realized dat dis stuff is jist too dangerous to be even near people." The red head said while gesturing to the barrel in his hand, "I've decided to dispose of Venus completely so dat no one 'll be able to git there grubby 'ands on it."

"Good idea." Naruto agreed.

A few inches away from the three males, a couple of kids were playing with a red ball. One of the children tried to toss the ball to a child who was standing right behind the old man, unfortunately the kids aim was a little to high and it hit the Irishman straight on the head.

"Oi!" Yelled the elderly man as the force of he blow caused him to fall into Sasuke. Naruto jumped off the Uchiha's back once he realized the boy was falling. When the blonde landed he watched as the barrel landed with a crashed and the black powder blew into the Uchiha's face. Oh no!

"Um...Sasuke." Naruto asked to see if he fallen boy was OK.

"Naruto..." Sasuke spoke harshly as he got off the ground. "Remember when you said you wouldn't be able to walk for weeks." The Uchiha opened his eyes which had now turned red again.

"You might want to change that into months."



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