Okay, so it's Season 5. The shooting NEVER happened and neither did Manny and Peter. This also means secrets never happened nor the STD. Jay and Emma are still mortal enemies. Haha. Enjoy!

"So how is Peter?" Manny asked Emma who simply shrugs.

"Good I guess" she said opening her locker, she wore a brown tank top with a dark red hip vest and a short jean skirt.

She glanced around to get a glimpse of the blonde boy and points so Manny would see him too.

"there he is" Emma points out and Manny slowly nods taking in his surroundings..

"Why is he talking to Jay Hogart?" Manny asked, giving an odd look and folded her arms as Emma rolled her eyes as she took a longing glance over.

"Looks as if Jay's doing his daily harassment" Emma's brown eyes fumed at the scene "Jay is such a scumbag" she disgusts.

The guy hung over Peter like he was on the hunt and Peter was his prey, like he could easily crush Peter like a big. Emma hated Jay SO much, it disgusted her that girls lined up for him. Where were girls' respect these days? She'd give Alex credit for dumping him but that was just because she had gone gay.

Emma felt for Peter, seeing him look nervous and itching the back of his neck as Jay said whatever to him and Alex hung on his shoulder like the parrot she was. She probably enjoyed Jay bullying Peter.

"come on" Manny pulled on her best friends hand, guiding her to Snake's class "Lets get our seats" she says

Emma nods getting her books "He can handle himself" she said glancing at Peter yet not so sure, and then Jay a bit more sternly. jerk.

She had no clue someone was watching her too down a few lockers..

Sean Cameron.

"Sean!" exclaims Ellie, snapping her fingers infront of his face.

He stayed looking down the hall to Emma and Manny, and watched Emma enter class before sighing and looking down. Ellie was huffing and puffing infront of him but he didn't even want to look at her..

He didn't even want to face her.

Sean wore his famous white tank and jeans, and instead of the usual grey hoodie, today he wore a black one!

Anyways, reason for not being able to look at his own girlfriend? Ellie had cheated on him. Him! Who would do that? With his best friend of all people.. Jay.

And the worse part was she didn't even know he knew…and was there.

He wanted Emma back. That girl would never do such a thing to him, he was stupid to of broken up with her.. he was just sick of trying to be enough but never seemed to be. But now, it's been years, their senior year, and Emma was still so pure and innocent. He needed her back.

Ellie was just a cheating liar.

And Jay. His own best friend, how could he do that to him? Ellie was his girl friend! They were best buds! He should of listened to Emma, she told him Jay was bad news..

He had to talk to Emma. Now.

"I got to get to class" Sean removed her hands when Ellie cupped his face and she dropped them, sadly watching him as he picked up his bag looking like he was in a hurry and stormed off.

Ellie scoffed and watched him go, then glanced at Jay who didn't even acknowledge her when he walked passed her too. They had hooked up at the Ravine, Sean had said he'd meet Ellie there and then he texted her last minute, when she was already drinking with Jay and Alex, that he was going to stay home. She got too drunk, and believe her even she knew Jay wasn't her type, but she knew Sean wasn't inlove with her either... and that hurt, but she also wasn't stupid to the fact that maybe even if Jay wasn't her type of boyfriend, he sure was charming when he wanted to be and a 10 in the beauty department. How could she resist?

She was drunk to the point she just leaned up and kissed Jay as he was talking, and he let her do it, and though she freaked out when he tore away, she still had to eye the van she always did when she came to the ravine and gave him the hint that she wanted to go in it.. it took him a few second before he halfly nodded after he glanced around, then chugged the rest of his beer and led her to the van.

Inside though, nothing really happened! They only got as far as taking off her shirt, and unzipping his belt and MAYBE a little blow action but that was IT. She didn't even finish and he told her to get out and go home to Sean. . and she did..minus the go to Sean part. She avoided him a day or two, then tried to act like it was alright .. but lately, hes been acting wierd. But how could he know? Nobody knew.

Little did she know Sean ended up at the ravine when he changed his mind about not going, and saw her kiss Jay and go into the van before he stormed off.

Meanwhile, now classes were starting, Jay walked into class earlier than usual but whatever, and Amy followed him in after. Ever since he's been single, shes been following around like a puppy.

Jay stopped, seeing everyone taking their seats but Sean was who had caught his attention. He was sitting at the front, which was unusual. Jay gave an odd look and then glanced around guilty like but swore Sean couldn't of known what happened the other weekend. Plus the guy had an anger issue, if he really cared about Ellie, he'd come swinging.

Amy snapped him out of it, yanking his shirt a bit to gesture him to follow her to walk to the back of the class and take a seat where also Spinner and his new girlfriend Jane was.

Sean looked back but not at Jay, at the person just a row behind him, Emma..who was giggling at whatever Manny was saying. Jay caught this to glare at the back of Emma Nelson's head. She had the looks now sure, the science smarts; the perfect goody two shoes girl.. Jay got all that, but the thing that he hated though was that she didn't have a clue to what a bad life was like...to be poor, or trailer trash, or ugly, or anything bad like that. Shit just got handed to the girl and sometimes she was blind to it and was a brat. THAT'S what he couldn't stand about her.

He hated Emma Nelson

And Emma hated Jay Hogart