The List Final Chapter

It was still early when Snape entered the Great Hall. The students were just starting to trickle in. He noticed Albus sitting at the head of the table. The kindly old wizard met the Potions Master's dark eyes and motioned to him to come join him. Sighing to himself, the Professor obliged him.

"Ah, Severus…please have a seat. I've been meaning to chat with you and since it is early, we might be able to accomplish this before the rest of the staff arrives," the wizard said, his blue eyes twinkling merrily.

The Professor sat down stiffly in the chair next to the Headmaster, who leveled a steady gaze at him.

"Is there something you would like to tell me, Severus?" Dumbledore asked him.

The Potions Master divined at once that Albus was referring to the situation with Miss Granger. How the old wizard knew about such things, Snape would never know. But he had intended to inform the Headmaster of the development anyway. He took a deep breath.

"Ah, yes Headmaster. There is a rather delicate matter involving a student who is of the age of consent who has taken rather a liking to me," he said softly. An understatement to say the least.

The Headmaster smiled.

"Ah yes, Miss Granger. I was wondering when you'd notice," the Headmaster replied, smiling at him. "Wonderful young witch. Intelligent, beautiful. You are a lucky wizard, Severus. You are, I imagine, going to return her…er…interest?"

The Potions Master was stunned. Albus seemed to actually approve of this. Of a teacher sleeping with a student. He blinked his eyes at the Headmaster, who grinned at him.

"Severus, don't you think after all your years of service, you deserve some happiness? You live your life like a hermit. There is nothing to bring you joy or light. I think an association with Miss Granger will bring you both. The young woman is levelheaded, intelligent and will keep you hopping," the Headmaster said.

"I don't know about levelheaded right now, sir. She seems to be led by her…emerging maturity," Snape said.

"She is led by her passion for you, Severus. It can be daunting when so new, coming from one so innocent. But once she has you, she will settle back into her familiar ways," the Headmaster said knowledgably. The Headmaster leaned forward, his eyes twinkling.

"I think, Severus, that your main worry should be whether or not you can keep up with her," he said grinning a bit lasciviously. Snape looked at him shocked, and the Headmaster laughed out loud at the startled look his Potions Master gave him.

"So, Headmaster I take it you don't frown on this kind of association?" Snape asked him. The Headmaster sobered.

"Not all attractions should be acted upon, Severus. I disapproved of Professor Lockhart's activities here greatly. But in the case of you and Miss Granger, I believe it is a good match. You both have something to offer each other beyond the physical attraction. I think you can make each other happy if you choose to go the long term, and I think neither will have regrets if the affair is short term. So in this case, you both have my blessing," Albus said, nodding at Snape.

The Potions Master could hardly believe it. Albus approved of his indulgence with the Gryffindor witch. And he found that the Headmaster's approval made him feel less uncomfortable about his desire for the witch.

"Thank you, Headmaster," Snape said warmly as the rest of the staff filed in.

Snape excused himself from Albus' presence and walked to the edge of the dais. He scanned the Great Hall for Draco or Hermione. He didn't see either. He felt his chest grow tight. Had the young wizard taken her someplace and seduced her? Gods, he hoped not. The boy would ruin her with such an experience. The Professor felt a cold rage washing over him. If Draco had abused Hermione, the boy would pay. He didn't care if he was a Malfoy.

Just as the Potions Master was about to leave the Great Hall, the doors opened and in walked Hermione and Draco. Hermione had a flushed look about her, and the Potions Master's nostrils flared. It took all his strength not to go to her and ask her if anything happened between her and Draco. The blonde wizard was walking beside her, and looking rather smug. He met the Potion Master's eyes rebelliously, then cut them over at Hermione rather possessively. The feeling that rose in the Potions Master's chest could only be described as going into battle mode. He wanted to beat the young wizard senseless. Snape watched as Draco walked Hermione to the Gryffindor table. Her housemates barely looked up, having accepted the friendship between the Gryffindor witch and the Slytherin wizard. Only Ron's eyes glinted maliciously, but he knew better than to say anything. He didn't want a repeat of the mashed potato incident.

The Potions Master took his seat, his black eyes focused on Hermione. He found that his attraction to the witch had led him to break several self-imposed rules, the foremost being his use of legilimency for personal reasons. He broke it again, whispering the spell and looking into Hermione's mind. What he saw there made him furious. Draco was kissing and caressing her, and she was responding to the young wizard. Jealousy reared up in his breast, as well as a sense of anger, and yes, betrayal. He continued to watch the scene and breathed a sigh of relief when Hermione pushed the wizard away. So Draco hadn't managed to take her. Thank the gods. The Professor didn't miss the flash of anger and malice that washed over the pureblood's face. He had probably considered forcing himself on her. If he had, Snape would have killed him outright.

The Potions Master realized he had to tell Hermione that he desired her, and wanted to slake her thirst for him. He wasn't sure if they would remain lovers afterwards. His current desire for the witch was purely physical. He would leave that open, though the idea of having a beautiful, intelligent young woman to engage when he wished appealed to him. Actually, the thought of intelligent conversation appealed to him as well. He was still upset that Hermione had responded to Draco. When he took her, he would do his best to wipe any residual attraction to the wizard away, making her only desire his touch, his possession. Draco had been too tame when he tried to seduce the Gryffindor. If he had been more demanding, he might have convinced her. The Professor had the advantage of seeing what Hermione desired beforehand, and though passionate, it hadn't been gentle. His kiss hadn't been gentle either, and she had loved it. Miss Granger seemed like the perfect woman on which to slake his passions.

The Potions Master looked over at Draco, who was sitting quietly, eating. He wasn't chatting with his fellow Slytherins, but seemed deep in thought about something. The Professor tried to probe the young wizard's mind, only to have the pureblood turn and look at him directly. Hmm. Draco must have had some occulmency training. The boy frowned at him, then gave an evil smirk, turning back to his meal. Draco's mind wasn't completely blocked but any reference to Hermione was. Snape let him be. For now. He knew Draco would not take his failure to seduce Hermione lightly. The boy was too on point to discern what he was up to. Maybe the Potions Master would visit him tonight, while he slept. Now that sounded like a plan.

After finding out Hermione planned to spend a quiet evening in Gryffindor tower, Draco returned to Slytherin house after supper and went directly to his room and retrieved his two-way mirror. He held it up.

"Lucius Malfoy," he said into it. His reflection clouded. After several minutes, a similar, more mature face appeared in the glass. His father.

"Hello, Draco," his father said, smiling at his son, "How are things at Hogwarts?"

"Things are fine, father," Draco replied, "but I need a powerful lust potion."

Lucius frowned.

"A lust potion? Draco, don't tell me you are having such problems with seducing a woman you need to use a lust potion. That is entirely unacceptable. You simply have to try harder," his father said.

Draco frowned back at his sire.

"This is a special case, father. It involves the mudblood Hermione Granger and Professor Snape," Draco said eagerly. Lucius' eyes flashed at both these names. He knew and despised the mudblood witch, who had been beating out purebloods in marks since she first came to Hogwarts. He had met her, and found her full of pride and arrogance, even having the audacity to challenge his views on pureblood superiority. He himself wanted to take the little witch down a few pegs, very brutally. But she was untouchable. And Snape, that fucking traitor. Lucius hated the wizard. He had foiled everything, spying for Dumbledore.

"Tell me what is going on, son," Lucius said, interested. When he heard what Draco planned for the mudblood that Professor Snape had an interest in, he was extremely pleased. He could exact revenge on both with one act. He was proud of his son's deviousness. He agreed to have the lust potion delivered by owl post in the morning.

"Thank you, father," Draco said.

"It is my pleasure Draco. And when you're doing that mudblood, give her a few hard ones for me. Be sure to tell her they are for me." Lucius said, his gray eyes glittering with malice.

"Yes sir," Draco replied. His father's image disappeared from the mirror. Draco put it away. He lay back in the bed for a moment, thinking about his interlude with Granger. He had almost had her. He swelled at the memory. He looked down at the bulge beneath his robes, then stood up and stripped down to his silk boxers.

Draco walked to the bedroom door, opened it and bellowed, "Pansy!"

After a moment, he heard her voice.

"Yes, Draco?" Pansy called up. She was down in the common room.

"Come up here," he called back down.

He waited, and he heard her footsteps hurrying up the stairs. She walked up to the room door and peeked up at him. Her eyes instantly heated up when she saw him shirtless and in his boxers. Draco opened the door wider, given her a familiar look.

"Come in here," he said in a commanding voice. Pansy liked to be ordered about. It turned her on. The witch walked into his room without hesitation. Draco closed the door and warded it. Pansy was the only witch he was open about. They had been involved sexually since his fourth year, though they were never a couple. Pansy generally serviced him at will. There were several other Slytherin males that had her on call as well. All were well connected. Pansy planned to utilize those connections after graduation, by extortion if necessary. She was a shrewd witch with very little conscience when it came to getting what she wanted.

Her eyes swept over the beautiful form of Draco Malfoy. He looked like a god with his blonde hair, gray eyes and well-muscled body. She noticed he had a good erection going on.

"Now who caused that?" she asked him curiously. "Don't say me. You had it before I got here."

"Never mind who caused it," Draco growled, grabbing Pansy and pushing her down to her knees. "You just take care of it."

He lowered his boxers and felt Pansy take him into her warm mouth. He sighed and closed his eyes, leaning his head back and enjoying her ministrations. She had been doing this so long, she knew exactly what he liked and how he liked it. He looked down at her bobbing head.

"Make it quick, Pansy," he hissed. "I want to turn in early."

This disappointed Pansy. Usually Draco would give her a quickie after she blew him. But she sped up and soon Draco was groaning, filling her mouth with his release. She swallowed it down neatly. Pansy never made a mess.

"Thanks, Pansy," Draco said, looking down at the witch as she rose to her feet. "I owe you one."

"You sure do," she griped, miffed he wasn't going to shag her, "and I don't expect to wait forever for it either." She turned and walked out his bedroom, going to get her toothbrush.

"Greedy little chit," Draco smirked, pulling up his boxers and climbing into bed. He lay there a while, thinking about the ways he would take Hermione after giving her the lust potion. He was definitely going to get her to blow him and then bugger her. Full penetration and no lubrication either. After a while he fell asleep, dreaming of Hermione's defilement at his hands.

At about two in the morning, the door to Draco's bedroom opened. A black-robed form glided in silently and looked down on the sleeping wizard.

"Legilimens," a silky voice whispered.

There was silence as Draco's mind was probed. Black eyes went hard as diamonds. Pale hands clenched in an effort not to strangle the boy. The figure turned and left the bedroom as silently as he entered. A black scowl contorted his features. It figured Lucius would have a hand in this.

Snape walked down the stairs, through the common room and into the dungeons corridor. Still scowling, he returned to his rooms to think.

He had a plot to foil.

The next day in Potions class Draco arrived two minutes late. He was carrying a large picnic basket of food he had collected from the kitchens for his and Hermione's lunch in the Astronomy Tower. In his pocket, he carried the flask of lust potion his father had delivered this morning. He was prepared for his time with Hermione.

The Potions Master sat at his desk, reading over some parchments.

"Fifty points from Slytherin for lateness, Mr. Malfoy. Next time move a little faster," Snape said, not looking up from his desk as Draco slid into the first row and sat next to Hermione. His housemates groaned. The blonde wizard looked at the Potions Master in shock. Snape rarely punished students in his own house.

"But, Professor," Draco began.

""Twenty more points from Slytherin," Snape said, his black eyes glinting at Draco maliciously, "do you want to go for twenty more? Keep protesting then, Mr. Malfoy."

The blonde wizard scowled at the Potions Master. He knew he was being targeted because of Hermione. The witch looked at the Potions Master too, knowing that his rivalry with Draco was making him punish the young wizard. Well, she could expect nothing less of him. This was standard Snape.

Hermione felt her stomach roll when the Professor's black eyes swept over her. She thought she saw a little heat in them, before he looked back down at the parchment he was reviewing. After a minute, the Professor rose, walked to the chalkboard and wrote the word "LAB" on the board. Ah, so they were going to do some brewing today.

The Professor began to write the brewing ingredients and instructions on the board, the students copying them down on parchment. The Professor than walked out of the class for a moment, then returned wheeling in a cart that held the items they students would need to make the potion.

"Today, we are making a blanket lust potion antidote," the Potions Master said, pacing back and forth as he spoke. "The use of lust potions on unsuspecting wizards and witches often results in unwanted pregnancies, as well as puts them through the humiliation of having unwanted, unplanned intercourse with another party. One of the worst aspects of being given a lust potion is the individual's ability to remember everything about the acts they performed, including their inability to stop what is happening to them. A person under the influence of a lust potion can be told to say and do anything in order to receive relief. Giving a person a lust potion without her or his knowledge can result in serving a prison sentence in Azkaban. It is considered to be rape, since the person given the potion consents only because they are under the potions influence and has no choice in the matter."

Here the Potions Master's black eyes slid to Draco. The blonde wizard was looking at him with an expression of dull horror on his face. The Potions Master seemed to know of his plan for Hermione. Damn. How did he fucking know?

"So if you have been tempted to use a lust potion to attain someone you desire, I suggest you think again. The penalty for such an act is harsh. Better to hone up on your seductive skills. Today's potion is a powerful brew that will counteract most lust potions moments after it is imbibed. Please follow the instructions carefully because a mistake can cause extreme damage. Row one, please gather your ingredients and proceed to the lab."

Draco and Hermione picked up their parchments on which the instructions were written, carried them to the cart and gathered the necessary ingredients. They then walked to the lab. Heated caldrons were already set up. They chose stations next to each other and started on their brews. Draco was cursing internally. Fucking Snape. He was going to try to ruin this for him.

Another student set up a station next to Draco, who cut his eyes at her. Suddenly he gave a small, wicked grin. He had an idea how to get Snape off of him, at least long enough to complete his defilement of Hermione.

For the next hour, the students worked on their potions, the Professor gliding through them, watching their progress carefully, stopping students here and there with a question, then continuing on. He stopped behind Draco and watched him carefully. He didn't say anything to the wizard because he was doing impeccable work. He moved on to Hermione, standing a bit closer behind her than he did the other students. No one noticed this but Hermione and Draco. Hermione could feel the heat of the Potions Master's lean body behind her, and fought the urge to lean back and connect with him. Snape leaned in and moved his mouth close to the witch's ear." Hermione could feel his warm breath waft across it when he spoke to her..

"I need to talk to you after class, Miss Granger," he purred silkily, "I think you will like what I have to say."

Hermione felt her stomach turn over. He could only mean one thing.

"Yes, Professor," she said a bit huskily.

Draco heard the exchange. So Snape was planning on telling her he'd return her interest. Well, he'd be getting spoiled goods if Draco had anything to do with it. Some students were bottling their potions and bringing them up to Snape's desk. Draco picked up a pinch of powdered dovesbane and surreptiously tossed it into the caldron next to him as the brewer was otherwise occupied, then moved a bit closer to Hermione. The witch, who happened to be a member of Slytherin house, moved back over the cauldron to add her final ingredient. Suddenly the cauldron flared, the light hitting the witch in the face, scalding her. She screamed and fell over. Her body started convulsing.

"Professor!" Draco shouted as Hermione tried to help the witch.

Professor Snape ran over to the witch, gave her a quick examination, then swept the burned, shuddering young pupil into his arms.

"You all finish up here and go to lunch," Snape said, whisking through the classroom and out the door with the witch, heading for the infirmary. Draco smirked. That should hold the Professor for at least an hour.

He hurriedly bottled his potion and carried it to Snape's desk, deposited it, and grabbed the wicker basket. Hermione had already turned in her potion. She was standing there looking after Snape.

"I hope Merelda will be all right," she said, "she was pretty badly burned."

"I'm sure she'll be fine," Draco responded, "Poppy is great with patching up Potions injuries. She's been doing it for years. Now, let's do lunch."

He smiled at Hermione, who returned his smile. Draco moved toward the classroom door.

"All right, Draco. I hope you have something good in that basket. I'm starving," she replied, falling in step beside him.

"Don't worry," Draco said, "I've got just the thing to sate your hunger, Hermione."

They walked up the main stairs and headed for the Astronomy tower.

Snape was hovering over his injured student. Her face was badly burned. She had no eyebrows left and her eyes were seared shut. The front of her hair was burned away. She was in great pain, and convulsions wracked her body. Poppy attended her, trying to first address the convulsions and the pain.

Merelda Bascombe was a good student. She was generally a stickler for following procedure. What had gone wrong? She was also one of his, a Slytherin.

"Severus, sit down!" Poppy said, pushing him toward a small folding chair.

Snape sat down on the edge of the chair, his black eyes focused on the writhing girl's ruined face. She was such a pretty young woman. This was terrible.

"Will you be able to heal her face, Poppy?" Snape asked.

The medi-witch looked at him, her face softening.

"You got her here swiftly, Professor. I should be able to restore her," Poppy replied.

"Thank the gods," Snape breathed.

Poppy passed her glowing wand over Merelda's body several times and finally the convulsions stopped. She turned to Snape.

"All right, I've stopped the convulsions, Severus. Now I have to give her something for pain. While I'm working on her, you need to fill out the report. I have the forms in my office. They are in the file cabinet under "Potions Accidents" You know the routine. Use my desk," she said.

Snape nodded. There were ten pages of forms to fill out. He was glad only one student was injured. Draco was right next to her, he could've been burned as well. But luckily the boy was standing close to Hermione when the cauldron blew. Very close.

The Professor frowned, remembering Draco and his plans for Hermione, and his eyes narrowed as a disturbing possibility entered his mind. The wizard couldn't have purposely contaminated Merelda's brew as a distraction, could he? Snape felt a coldness sweep over him. Yes, he was a Malfoy. The boy was perfectly capable of harming an innocent person in order to gain his own ends. If a student was injured, the wizard knew that Snape would have to accompany him or her to the infirmary and fill out a lengthy accident report.

Snape hurried into Poppy's office, his heart pounding and retrieved the forms. According to school protocol he couldn't leave the infirmary until they were completed and stamped by Poppy. The Professor sat down, retrieved a quill and started writing furiously.

Hermione was busily taking food and utensils out of the basket, and setting it up on a checkered tablecloth spread on the stone floor of the tower. There were cold chicken legs, soft crusty bread, potato salad, three bean salad, lemon pie and pumpkin juice, which Draco had brought to the windowsill and was pouring into glasses. He slipped a hand into his robe pocket, and removed the small bottle of lust potion. He opened it and sniffed it. Yes, odorless and tasteless, just as his father said. The instructions said he only needed to add a few drops, but the wizard dumped the entire contents in, returning the empty bottle to his pocket. He added some never-ending ice and brought the juice over to Hermione, handing her the drugged glass smiling.

"Thank you, Draco, " she said, setting it down. The wizard's eyes followed the glass. Then he sat, his long legs stretched out in front of him.

"You brought the perfect picnic food, Draco. I love cold chicken and potato salad," Hermione said, spooning some salad on her plate and a chicken leg. She then fixed a plate for Draco and slid it over. She bit into the chicken and sighed with pleasure.

"This is good," Hermione said chewing. She noticed Draco was just watching her and not eating.

"Aren't you going to eat, Draco?" she asked, picking up the pumpkin juice and taking a healthy swallow. Draco grinned at her darkly.

"I'm going to take care of my appetite in a minute, Hermione," he said, letting his eyes drift over her. Father said the lust potion worked quickly.

Hermione took another bite of chicken. Then she put it down and wiped her hand across her forehead.

"Is it hot to you, Draco?" she asked, grabbing her robes and shaking them so some air would circulate beneath them.

"It is getting rather warm," he drawled, his gray eyes focused on her intently.

Hermione began to unbutton her robes.

"It's way too hot for these," she said as her fingers flew down the front. Draco watched her silently as she stripped off the robes. She was now in her school uniform. A sheen was developing on her face.

"Cooler, now?" Draco asked her.

"No. I still feel hot, and…and…strange," the witch said, wiping her brow again.

"Maybe you should undo the top buttons of your blouse," Draco suggested.

"Yes,' Hermione breathed, unbuttoning them. She looked at Draco, her eyes slightly confused.

"What is it, Hermione?" he asked her softly, hardening.

"I…I…don't know. Suddenly I feel a strong urge to…to kiss you," she said, looking at him, her amber eyes starting to heat up.

"You can do that," Draco said, getting up, walking over to Hermione and sitting down next to her. The witch leaned in and kissed him gently. She pulled back.

"Draco, I…I," she said, her eyes still confused.

"Just do what you feel, Hermione," the blonde wizard said, leaning toward her.

Hermione kissed him again, this time with more ardor. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and felt her body instantly ignite with desire. Draco wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back, feeling her kiss grow deeper and more intense. She slid her hands over his chest, feeling his body beneath his robes. She wanted, needed to touch his skin.

"Draco," she said against his mouth, "take off your robes. I want to touch you."

Draco quickly unbuttoned his robes and shrugged out of them. Hermione continued to kiss him, her mouth sliding from his and moving over his throat.

"You taste so good, Draco. Gods," she murmured, sucking on his neck. The wizard let her do it, his eyes closed, leaning his head away to give her more access. That potion was good. He felt her fingers rise to the buttons of his shirt. She stopped kissing him a moment.

"Your shirt…I…I want to touch your skin, Draco," she said, her amber eyes burning now.

"Go ahead, Hermione," Draco said hoarsely. The witch began to unbutton his shirt, she got it halfway open when she leaned in and began to kiss and lick the wizard's chest.

"I don't know what's happening to me," Hermione gasped as her mouth moved over his skin. She was hot all over. Her skin felt as if it were on fire.

"I do. You want to be shagged by a pureblood, you mudblood," Draco breathed as she continued to kiss him.

Dimly, the term mudblood registered.

"Draco, she breathed, pulling back from him with an effort, "you called me a mudblood," she said.

"Yes. That's what you are. A filthy, little naïve mudblood. It was so easy to get to you, Hermione," Draco said coldly, his eyes hot with victory. "Keep kissing my chest."

Hermione fell back to kissing and licking his torso, horror taking over her mind. She couldn't stop.

"Lust potion," she said against his skin, taking a nipple into her mouth gently. Draco hissed.

"Right in one. And I'm going to shag you like the mudblood slut you are. Intelligent. Hah. You are so stupid to have believed I wanted to be your 'friend'. That idiot Potter and Weasley were right this time, you should have listened to them. Your compassion is going to cost you."

Draco pushed Hermione down on her back roughly and climbed on top of her, pressing his erection between her thighs, and moving against her. Hermione groaned.

"Yes, you want my pureblood wand, don't you Hermione? Answer me, whore," Draco breathed, looking down at the aroused witch.

Hermione had tears in her eyes. She knew what was happening but she couldn't stop herself. It was a nightmare.

"Yes," she said brokenly. Draco began to unbutton her blouse, revealing her bra-encased breasts. He looked at them appreciatively.

"You have nice tits, mudblood. Want me to suck them?' he asked her.

"Yes," Hermione sighed, writhing.

"Not yet. I want to tell you something first. It's always been my intention to use you, mudblood. To stick my tool in you in every possible way. You've given me nothing but shit for the past seven years. I hate you more than anyone else in this world. When I do you, I'm going to hurt you. I am going to return every bit of pain your very presence caused me. You are nothing. A fucking freak of nature. You shouldn't even exist, you bitch. True witches don't come from muggles. I don't know what the fuck you are.

I'm going to take you because I hate you, Granger. I'm going to make you suck me too. Fill up that insolent mouth of yours with eight inches of superiority and make you swallow my seed. And you're going to want it. You're going to want every bit of humiliation I cause you, you slag. This is the only thing you're good for. Other people may tell you you're meant for better things, but trust me, you're nothing but a whore. And I'm going to show you you're a whore. You're a whore, aren't you?" he asked her, rubbing his erection against her hard.

Every bit of Hermione's mind was screaming don't say it. Don't say it. But she did.

"I'm a whore," she whispered as she thrust back against the hateful wizard.

Draco smiled cruelly.

"That's right, mudblood, a fucking whore," he purred. Draco pulled her bra up roughly and bit her lightly on her exposed breast, before sucking her nipple into his mouth hard, laving it with his tongue, causing Hermione to arch up against him, moaning, her hand wrapping in his blonde locks and pulling his head against her breast. He growled against her.

"You don't deserve to be shagged by a pureblood. It's an honor not meant for freaks like you," he said as he ran his mouth over her other breast, then looked into her heated amber eyes. "Tell me you're not worthy." He sucked on her hard.

"I'm not worthy!" Hermione cried out. Draco started, and reached for his robe. He took out his wand and cast a silencing spell. Then a contraceptive spell.

"Your womb isn't fit for a Malfoy," he hissed as she felt the spell tingling inside her. He pushed himself off her, rising to his knees and began to unbutton his pants. Hermione writhed in front of him as he pulled out his organ. He stroked it, looking down at her.

"It's beautiful, isn't it, mudblood? You're a lucky witch," he breathed. Then he stuck his hand under her skirt, and her knickers, feeling her moistness. His handsome face contorted with lust. Hermione was bucking, trying to get him to touch her more, but he drew his hand away.

"I'm not for your pleasure, mudblood, I'm for your pain. I'm not about to put my mouth on you," he hissed at her, wiping his hand on his pants. He didn't want to taste her. It might tempt him. He folded her skirt back and laid on her again, his shaft resting on the wet crotch of her knickers. He rubbed it against her. She cried out, pleading with him.

"You want me to do you right now, don't you mudblood? Even though I think you are filthy and beneath me, unfit for anything decent. You aren't good enough for me. You think you are, but you're not. You are some kind of mutant that shouldn't even be walking the earth. But I will ride you, hating you the entire time. Your first will be a wizard that hates you. You'll carry this with you the rest of your life," Draco breathed, his eyes glittering as he lifted his hips and reached under her skirt, pulled her knickers down, then ripped them off of her. He now rubbed himself skin to skin into her wetness, his shaft sliding up and down against her clit. Hermione begged and moaned for penetration, for relief, even as her mind was glazing over with horror. It was like watching herself from a distance and being unable to do anything to stop what she was seeing.

Draco worked himself against her soaked core, his smoky eyes locked on her face, reveling in her desire for him. He could see the terror and the shame underneath her lust. She didn't want this, but couldn't stop it. His revenge was sweeter than he ever imagined. Soon she would be screaming his name, and he'd be buried in her to the hilt, taking her most precious part and telling her it meant nothing to him at all. Draco shuddered against Hermione, his member swelling to painfulness.

"It's time, mudblood," Draco breathed, beginning to hoist her legs.

"Poppy! Stamp these! Quickly!" Snape said holding out the stamp and the forms to the medi-witch, who was passing a wand over Merelda.

"In a moment, Severus," she said, continuing healing the student.

"Poppy! Please! I have to go!" Snape said, shaking the papers at her.

The medi-witch turned and looked at the Professor, shocked by the contorted look on his face.

"Severus, what's wrong?" she asked him.

"Poppy, I don't have time, just stamp these so I can go!" he said. The healer took the papers, laid them on the bed and stamped them one by one as Snape paced.

"There, they're stamped," she said, looking at him oddly. Snape hastily scrawled his name and ran from the infirmary, his robes billowing. Poppy blinked after him. This was the first time the Potions Master left a student without knowing if they would be all right. She shook her head and returned to working on Merelda.

Snape ran to the shifting stairs and jumped to the landing, scrambling up the steps as fast as he could go toward the Astronomy tower where Draco and Hermione were having lunch. His robes were tangling in his legs as he ran and he tore them off, leaving them on the stairwell. He almost fell twice, leaping for the moving landings, but he had no concern for his own safety. He cursed himself for letting Albus cancel his apparition privileges after Voldemort's death. He was the only one at Hogwarts who could apparate directly in the castle, because of his need to be able to make it back when suffering from the Cruciatus curse or beatings. He usually couldn't navigate the grounds in his condition. The power to apparate would be of great benefit now.

He leaped to the final landing and ran down the corridor that led to the long stairwell that opened on the Tower. He slid past it, then ran back, taking the steps three at a time his heart pounding in his chest…if Draco had taken her…

He emerged into the Tower and saw Draco on top of Hermione, placing her legs on his shoulders. The Potions Master roared and in one stride was there. He grasped Draco by the back of his shirt and flung the startled young wizard off of the witch.

"No!" Hermione cried, sitting up and reaching after Draco. The Professor looked down at her, then knelt, looking into her eyes. They were dilated and full of lust. Her blouse was open and her bra lifted from her full breasts. The scent of her arousal was powerful.

"No, Professor. I want him…" Hermione pleaded, her amber eyes burning into his.

Snape felt his heart constrict and he turned his head to look at Draco. He rose slowly, murder in his eyes. Draco had risen from the ground, tucked his tool back in his pants and was buttoning his shirt. His gray eyes met Snape's.

"You can see she wants me, Professor," he said.

Snape hesitated as Hermione wailed Draco's name. The Professor stalked over to Draco's robes, picked them up and rifled through the pockets until he found what he was looking for. The empty bottle of lust potion. The Potions Master examined it, then shook it. He looked at Draco, before placing the bottle in his own pocket.

"You gave her the whole bottle?' he roared at the wizard. "A whole bottle of lust potion? You fucking animal!"

Before the Potions Master knew what he was doing he launched himself at Draco, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt, choking him.

"I should kill you," Snape seethed, death in his black eyes.

"What? Over a fucking mudblood? She's nothing, Professor," Draco spat back at him.

Snape held him a moment. Then he released him.

Draco straightened his collar and looked at Hermione, who was still reaching out for him, calling to him, begging him to finish.

"We should both do her, Professor. No one would know," the wizard said, his gray eyes conspiratorial..

Snape hit him. Hard.

There was a loud crunch when the Potions Master's fist connected with the young wizard's jaw. Draco was slammed to the ground, out cold.

"I would know, you filth," Snape said quietly.

He turned to Hermione, who was sitting quietly now, looking at Draco's unconscious body. Her amber eyes flicked up to his as he approached her. He knelt, and pulled her bra down, then started buttoning her blouse. She put her small hand on his.

"You could do it, Professor," she said achingly, "You could release me. End this for me. Please."

Snape looked at her, then continued to straighten her out, lowering her skirt. His eyes swept over the patch of chestnut hair before he did. He swallowed.

"No, Miss Granger. You are under the influence of a lust potion," he said.

"But I want you even without a lust potion, so what difference would it make, Professor?" she asked him, trying to pull him to her. Snape resisted.

"The difference is, Miss Granger, that under the influence of this potion, you would let anyone have you. In your normal state, you would only let me. I would rather wait until you wanted only me," he said, lifting her into his arms. She tried to kiss him, and failing at that, she ran her hands over him, trying to reach the front of his pants. He twisted away and pinned her arms down, cursing Draco.

"I have to get you to the infirmary, Miss Granger. Luckily we have plenty of antidote. Draco gave you an unconscionable amount of potion," he said gently, carrying her toward the stairs. He stopped by Draco and wandlessly bound him.

"Your father's going to spend a lot of money keeping you out of Azkaban," he said to the unconscious wizard, prodding him with his toe. The wizard moaned.

"The Aurors will be here to get you soon," Snape said, as Hermione suckled on his neck. He pulled her away from him.

"Stop it!" he hissed.

"I can't," she whispered back at him, trying to reach his throat again.

Snape sighed and allowed her access as he carried her down the stairs, knowing it would ease her ache to touch him. Her mouth was warm, soft, and maddening. He felt himself swelling, and for a moment was tempted to take her instead to his rooms. But carrying a writhing, suckling, knickerless Hermione through the halls of Hogwarts in full sight of its residents was out of the question. Plus, he meant what he said. He didn't want her like this. She just…just felt so good.

Snape turned down the corridor and took the shifting stairwells down to the infirmary floor. A student passed them and stopped, looking at the robeless Potions Master and the moaning Hermione curiously.

"What are you looking at?" the Potions Master demanded, giving the boy a black scowl.

"Nothing sir," the student said, skittering away.

Snape pushed the infirmary door open with his foot and sidled in with the aroused witch.

Hermione looked around.

"Ooh, look. Beds, Professor," she said, her eyes glowing.

Snape groaned and walked faster.

"Poppy!" he bellowed, "I need your assistance!"

He lay Hermione down on a cot, and she pulled him down towards her with amazing strength, locking her lips to his, slipping her tongue into his mouth. He helplessly let her kiss him for a moment, savoring her taste, her ardor and her heat. He heard a throat clear behind him. He broke away from Hermione to find Madam Pomfrey standing there, her arms crossed and her eyebrows furrowed.

"Lust potion," Snape said lamely, licking his lips and rising from the side of the bed, unlocking Hermione's arms with effort, "I..I was just helping to ease Miss Granger's symptoms."

"So I see," Poppy said stiffly, walking to the witch's side and leaning over her. She checked Hermione's eyes.

"She's been given quite a dose. Do you know who did it?" she asked the Professor.

"Draco Malfoy," Snape replied, his eyes narrowing.

Poppy clucked her tongue.

"Such a handsome young Slytherin. Why would he stoop to something like this?" she asked, loosening the writhing Hermione's clothing as best she could. The witch was reaching out for the Professor imploringly.

"Obviously his charms were not enough," the Potions Master growled, his eyes on the young woman he longed for.

"Well he deserves Azkaban for this," Poppy said, placing a cool cloth against Hermione's brow, "though I doubt he'll see it. His father will make sure of that."

Snape said nothing. She was right. Suddenly Hermione lurched up and screamed for the Professor. He looked shocked as she fell back and writhed.

Poppy looked at him.

"Professor, you're going to have to go. The lust potion is in full effect now," the medi-witch said as she used her wand to put restraints on Hermione's wrists and ankles, securing her to the cot. "Any male presence will just aggravate her condition. I will apply the antidote, but she has consumed so much potion that it will be a day or so before she recovers."

The Professor nodded, unable to take his eyes off Hermione, straining against the restraints and calling out to him desperately. She was promising him some very dirty rewards if he would just come to her. He was getting an erection and Poppy had turned a deep, deep shade of crimson.

"You'd better go, Professor," the healer said in a strangled voice. Snape nodded and reluctantly left the witch behind. He was wondering what kind of sick wizard he was. The restraints had turned him on as much as her words and writhing body had. He pulled the bottle out of his pocket. Quite a powerful and expensive potion. But then again, the Malfoys could afford the best. He went to find the Headmaster and inform him of what happened.

Draco would be arrested and taken to the Ministry for holding until his father was contacted. No doubt Malfoy senior would send the best lawyers galleons could buy, and the boy would be home by nightfall. Draco would of course be expelled from Hogwarts, until the trial at least, if there were a trial. Malfoy had powerful connections and would use them to protect his son. Snape doubted he would get more than a slap on the wrist.

At least he hadn't taken Miss Granger. That privilege was still his.

It was several weeks before things returned to normal for Hermione and the Professor. Draco's father had put up one hell of a fight to keep his son out of Azkaban, and succeeded. Hermione was subjected to interview after interview with Aurors, Ministry officials and Draco's legal counsel. The use of veritasserum was effectively blocked by Draco's lawyers, so the young wizard was not forced to reveal the truth under its influence. Professor Snape's testimony was stricken from the record in exchange for him not being charged with breaking Draco's jaw. Hogwarts teachers were not to physically assault students, and he could have lost his job. Snape agreed to this only at Albus' insistence. The Headmaster did not want to lose him. So it came down to Hermione's word against Draco's word, especially after the evidence, being the lust potion bottle, disappeared mysteriously. Without the bottle there was no real case.

What Draco's counsel claimed was Hermione was a tease that had driven the young Malfoy wild over a period several weeks with unmet promises of sexual intercourse. They also claimed the wizard was unable to eat or sleep, driven to distraction because of the witch, and was not himself when the unfortunate incident occurred. It was found that Draco was a victim of his own adolescent sexual drive, and not yet mature enough to handle them. So the young wizard was released and the record of his arrest, sealed.

However, Albus refused to accept young Malfoy back to Hogwarts, and despite his father's best efforts, Draco had to finish his studies at home and did not graduate with the graduating class, although he did receive a Hogwarts diploma.

During the time of the trial, Snape and Hermione did not get a chance to discuss their situation. In fact, Hermione was so distracted and off-balance because of the case, Snape feared that she had lost all interest in him. He thought perhaps the close call with Draco had cooled her ardor for sex, and consequentially for him. It had been a terrible ordeal after all, and she probably felt terrible, terrible shame because of her actions under the lust potions. In class, she could hardly meet his eyes. When he tried to talk with her about how she was feeling, she barely answered his inquiries and he let her go, frustrated. He didn't bring up her attraction to him, simply because she was no longer evidencing it. Now he found the tables turned, and it was he lusting after Miss Granger.

When Draco was freed, Hermione felt as if there were no justice in the world at first. His hatred of her amazed the witch. She remembered everything he said when he was on top of her. Every horrible word, and every touch he gave her. She also remembered trying to seduce Professor Snape under the influence, and she was very ashamed of herself. Even though she was under the lust potion, she felt disgusted with herself that she would throw herself at him after wanting Draco the way she did. She still had feelings for the Professor, she still wanted him, but felt he couldn't possibly want her after seeing how slutty she had acted. She remembered letting Draco kiss her, and wondered if his council had been right, that she had driven the wizard to do such a desperate thing. But he told her he had always planned to defile her from the very beginning. She had been so stupid to believe he'd changed. The Professor had tried to warn her, but she didn't listen to him. When last came to last, Hermione believed the entire situation with Draco was her fault and hers alone. So she shut down.

Professor Snape saw the pain behind those amber eyes, and tried his best to get her to open up by ordinary means. But it just wasn't working, and he needed it to work. He had begun to have dreams about the witch, and woke up on more than one occasion to a rather sticky bedspread. His normal snarky attitude worsened, and his students bore the brunt of his dissatisfaction. His marking of parchments became more demanding and exacting, and he was on a record roll with the amount of house points he was taking, and the number of detentions he was assigning. There were so many complaints by the students to their heads of houses, that they descended on Albus en masse and demanded he find out what was wrong with the Potions Master and do something about it before there was no house cup competition because Slytherin house would be the only one left with points.

Albus summoned Snape to his office and offered him the usual lemon drop, which the dark wizard declined, also as usual. The Headmaster withdrew the plate of candies, set it down and placed his hands on desk, tapping the tips together as he looked at the stony-faced Snape.

"Severus, you have to ask her," the Headmaster said.

The Potions Master raised his eyebrows at this statement from out of the blue.

"Ask who, what?" he responded, scowling at Albus.

"You must ask Miss Granger if she still desires and wants you, directly, instead of waiting for her to evidence it. It is quite possible she has given up on you wanting her after you witnessed her wanton behavior with Draco, even if the lust potion inspired it. Women have a terrible habit of blaming themselves for the things men do, Severus, and can twist a situation so badly they end up believing they are entirely at fault. If this has happened to Miss Granger, she might actually believe she is no longer fit for you, or anyone for that matter, and has suppressed her need as a result," he said, looking at the Potions Master, who looked thoughtful.

Albus continued.

"You came into this as the pursued, Severus. Given your rather strait-laced attitudes concerning students of the age of consent, it took a while for it to sink in that Miss Granger could be a good thing. You also used the fact that she wanted you to justify any future intimacy. It was easier on you. But now, she is not evidencing that desire any longer, and so…not 'wooing' you. Yet you've already developed an equally strong attraction to the witch, and your ardor hasn't cooled. You are frustrated, my boy, and taking it out on the student body as a whole, when you should really be pursuing Miss Granger, and letting her know she is still desirable to you. You need to let her know it is all right to still want you. That you do not hold any anger or blame against her because of what Draco has done. She needs reassurance, Severus. I know you are not a man of great emotional displays, but if you want that witch in your bed, then you are going to have to let her know you do, in no uncertain terms. I suggest you get on this immediately before I am forced to take away your point-taking authority. Do I make myself clear, Severus? Talk to Miss Granger," Albus said, his blue eyes twinkling behind his glasses.

The Potions Master sat there. Of course, Albus was right. He was hedging and suffering for it. He needed to talk to Hermione, and he would do it today after class. If a bit of snogging was in order, he would do that too. He had to wake that fire back up.

The afternoon potions class seemed to drag by. Hermione did her assigned reading without so much as a glance at the Potions Master. When she was at her randiest for him, he caught her sneaking peeks constantly. When the class ended, and the students placed their parchments on his desk, Snape waited for Hermione to approach.

"Miss Granger?" he said, looking at the witch. Her amber eyes flicked up at him and back down to the desk. He felt a throb at her reticence.

"Yes, Professor?" she asked softly.

"I would like you to remain after class. I need to talk to you," he said, his black eyes on her face.

"Yes sir," Hermione responded without enthusiasm.

She walked back to her seat, sat down and waited for the class to clear. The Professor followed the last student out, then locked and warded the door behind him. He then walked back to the front of the room and stood, leaning against his desk, directly in front of Hermione. She sat with her eyes on the table.

"Look at me, Miss Granger!" the Potions Master said in a harsh voice. Startled, Hermione looked up at him, wide-eyed. His black eyes met hers.

"Miss Granger, do you still dream about me?" he asked her, his voice hard.

Hermione blinked at him and swallowed. She didn't answer.

Snape suddenly slammed his hand violently on the desk in front of her, making Hermione jump in her seat.

"I asked you a question, Miss Granger. Do you still dream about me?" the Potions Master demanded.

"Yes," Hermione said in a small voice. "All the time."

The Potions Master looked at her. His tight chest loosened in relief, but he didn't show it.

"Do you still feel the same about my voice? My eyes? My controlling nature?" he asked her.

"Yes, Professor," Hermione answered. He could see flickerings of the familiar heat in her eyes.

He leaned forward on the desk, bringing his face very close to hers.

"Do you still have the desire to make those dreams reality, Miss Granger," he asked her silkily.

"Yessss," she answered breathlessly. Her eyes were bright now. Then suddenly they clouded, and she dropped her head. Snape frowned.

"What is wrong, Miss Granger?" he asked her, softening his voice, "Tell me why you are trying to hide what you are feeling now, when you were so candid with me before. Tell me."

"You saw me with Draco," she said, "that had to disgust you," she said.

"No, it didn't disgust me, Miss Granger. I knew what he had done," he replied.

"Yes, but you warned me and I didn't listen. I got what I deserved," she whispered.

The Potions Master scowled. Albus had been right. She blamed herself. He caught her chin, hard, harder than he intended he was so outraged.

"Now you listen to me. You had no way of knowing what Draco was up to. And as for listening to me, I am not known for either my forgiveness or my compassion. You may well have been correct about Draco, and I might have been wrong. You were trying to help him redeem himself. It is not your fault the wizard is unredeemable," Snape said.

He let go of her chin.

"Come up here, Miss Granger," he growled.

Hermione stood up and walked from around the desk. She stood facing him, her lip trembling as she made a courageous effort not to cry.

Snape looked down at her.

"I dream about you too, Miss Granger," he admitted, "I dream of doing things to you in ways that a would make your porno movie seem like a child's animation. Hard. Strong. Ceaselessly. I dream about your legs trapped over my shoulders, about your nails digging into my back, and about you screaming my name at the top of your voice, Miss Granger. I wake up covered in my own ejaculate some mornings."

He moved closer to her, so his body just barely touched hers. She was trembling at his words.

"If I don't take you soon, Miss Granger…I'm going to wind up killing somebody," he breathed, " I need to know if you still want me the way you did when you wrote that list."

Hermione swayed against him, feeling his lean body, taunt, strong, barely contained. The Professor's dark eyes looked down at her as if he were already possessing her. Heat burst between her legs, and she gasped. The Professor took that for a yes, and once again lifted her up and pressed his mouth to hers hungrily, not giving her a chance to react, as he forced his tongue between her lips and tasted her thoroughly, throbbing terribly beneath his robes. Before he knew what he was doing, he had her lying on top of the desk, and his body on top of hers, working against her, grinding into her as he continued to kiss her, growling hungrily. He felt her legs wrap around him and he heaved himself against her, jerking her body as if he were actually possessing her, he broke the kiss and looked down at her face as he continued humping against her. Her amber eyes were hot, and she was moaning, moving against him as he pressed his erection between her thighs, feeling her heat through their robes.. He could take her right here, right now on his desk and shag her senseless. It would only be a matter of removing her knickers and taking out his tool and driving into her. Gods that would be heaven.

"Damn, Miss Granger," he said to her, his voice low with desire as he rocked against her soft body. He slid a pale hand down her side, around the curves of her breast and over her hip.

"Professor…do it," the witch moaned, arching against him desperately. Snape stared down at the witch beneath him, then started to hitch up his robes frantically, seeking to unfasten his pants. He had just loosened them when the knock came.

"Fuck!" he breathed, releasing Hermione and pulling her off the desk. She was flushed and continued to push against him hungrily.

"No, we have to stop," he hissed, holding her back. Anyone who looked at her would be able to tell she was aroused. Desperately, Snape cast a strong cooling spell on her. She immediately wrapped her arms around herself, teeth chattering.

"No time for a cold shower," he breathed as the knocking continued. He straightened his robes and walked to the door, pulling it open with a scowl. Albus stood on the other side. Snape ran his hand through his hair quickly.

"Headmaster," he said, stepping aside and letting the tall wizard in.

"Ah Severus," he said. Then his eyes fell on Hermione, "And Miss Granger, what a pleasant surprise." His sharp blue eyes noticed her shivering. "You look rather cold, Miss Granger," he commented.

"I'm fine, Headmaster," she said, her teeth threatening to chatter some more.

The Headmaster looked doubtful. He turned to Snape.

"You really need to turn on some heat, Severus," Albus said, giving him a wink.

Snape scowled again.

"Is there a reason you stopped by here, Headmaster?" he asked.

"I was just in the area, Severus. I stopped by purely on a whim," he said, smiling. "Though I would like to talk to you about procuring some of that splendid shampoo of yours. The one that scrubs your scalp itself? Extraordinary. I was hoping you had another bottle."

Snape sighed. He didn't. That meant Albus would wait until he mixed up a batch. He looked at Hermione longingly.

"I can mix you up a bottle, sir," the Professor said, still looking at the witch, who was staring back at him. Despite her coldness, she was still panting somewhat, looking completely shaggable.

If Albus noticed the tension between the two, he acted like he didn't.

"Excellent," he smiled, "I'll just wait, if you don't mind."

Snape wanted to say he minded very much, but this was the Headmaster. You weren't allowed to mind.

Albus took the end seat in the first row, crossing his arms and looking from Snape to Hermione with a smile on his face.

"I'll be right with you, sir," Snape said, walking up to Hermione and catching her by the arm. He walked her toward the door and leaned into her.

"The Headmaster just saved you from a very rough ride, Miss Granger," he said to her with a slight growl in his voice. "We would have been moving furniture, believe me."

Hermione couldn't even speak she was so turned on by Snape.

"I can't wait anymore," she breathed.

"I won't wait any more," Snape replied, tightening his grip on her arm until she gasped. "You come to my office after curfew tonight. After nine in nothing but your robe. Understand me, Miss Granger. Nothing. But. Your. Robes. And if you aren't here by nine fifteen, make no mistake. I WILL come find you," he breathed against her ear.

Hermione shuddered at the threat in his voice.

Snape opened the door.

"Now you go get a good meal and rest up. While you can," he hissed, pushing her out the door and closing it quickly behind her.

Hermione stood there a minute, staring at the closed door. Passing Slytherins looked at her curiously. None of them messed with her much since the Draco incident. The Professor told them she was to be left alone. Hermione ignored their looks and turned, walking slowly toward the main hall, her heart pounding.

Tonight she'd learn what it meant to be the woman of Severus Snape.

Hermione had been in the Great Hall for over half an hour when Snape billowed in, taking his seat and ordering his meal. She looked up at the dais, and met his dark eyes. They were absolutely smoldering. She felt a huge gush, and rolled her eyes up to the ceiling.

"Hermione, you all right?" Ron asked her, his eyebrows furrowed.

Hermione tried to compose herself. Her knickers were absolutely soaked. Snape was smirking at her knowingly.

"Yeah, Ron. I'm fine," she replied, biting into a sweet roll.

"I noticed Snape giving you the evil eye," Ron said, leaning close as if the Professor might hear him. "He's a horrible old bird, isn't he? It would give me the creeping fugwugs if he looked at me like that." Ron shuddered.

Hermione almost laughed

"I don't think he'd ever look at you like that, Ron," she said, smiling obliquely.

"Well, still. It seems like he's been watching you a lot since he came into the Great Hall," Ron said. "I don't like it. He looks like he's up to something."

Ron had become extremely protective of Hermione since the Draco incident. He would swell up protectively if he saw any male eye turned toward the Gryffindor witch.

"Oy! Whatcha looking at?" he'd growl, taking Hermione's arm and dragging her away.

At first, Hermione thought it sweet, but it soon became annoying. She asked Harry to talk to him, which he did to avoid having to witness another big row between them. Ron still had all the sensitivity of a rock. The first thing he would do is bring up Draco if he and Hermione got into it again.

Harry did get him to tone it down a bit, but Ron was still on point when it came to Hermione.

Hermione could hardly eat, feeling Snape's eyes on her body, and imagining what he was thinking. He had almost taken her in his classroom. He must have lost control completely to let go like that. What would he be like tonight? Hermione had a feeling there wouldn't be much kissing and caressing leading up to the big moment. The Professor didn't seem as if he would wait very long to take her. She didn't want him to. But gods, he was so hot and demanding.

Snape had her on his desk before she knew what was happening, and he felt so good moving against her body, his tongue in her mouth and his member pressing between her thighs so hard it was almost painful. If the Headmaster hadn't come when he did she would have certainly lost her virginity on top of the class' latest assignments, which were scattered under her.

"Hermione? Are you all right? Your eyes look all glowy and weird," Ron said, staring at her. Poor Ron. He had no clue about women at all. Hermione scowled at him.

"Ron, just stop watching me and eat, please," Hermione said, irritated.

"Just wanted to make sure you aren't sick. You're looking kind of flushed too," he stated, shoveling some peas in his mouth and looking at her intently.

Hermione turned to Harry, who was quietly eating a ham sandwich. He had heard everything the two had said, and glanced up at Snape, who really was looking at Hermione with a glint in his eyes. But Snape's eyes glinted at everybody eventually. He wasn't as suspicious as Ron was. Hermione looked at him, pleadingly. Harry knew what to do.

"Hey Ron, who do you like in the upcoming match between the Kenmare Kestrels and the Tutshill Tornados?" Harry asked across Hermione.

"The Kestrels are going to stomp the Tornados," Ron replied, getting up, "shove over Hermione. Men are talking Quidditch," he said, squeezing in next to Harry, pushing the witch over unceremoniously.

Hermione mouthed, "Thanks," to Harry, who gave her a small grin as Ron launched into the whys and wherefores of just how the Tornados were going to have the snuff kicked out of them.

Hermione glanced back up at the head table. Snape was still looking at her. He licked his lips, his black eyes seeming to see right inside her. She felt another gush. She was definitely going to have to shower when she left the Great Hall. Gods, she couldn't wait for tonight.

Snape got an erection the moment his eyes fell on Hermione sitting at the Gryffindor table. Knowing in a few hours he would have the witch under him was making him extremely randy, and he had been in a state of perpetual arousal ever since she'd left his class. She'd better be on time tonight, or he really would go and get her. He wasn't waiting another night. He was tired of dream-induced releases. He wanted to let go inside her body. He watched as the Gryffindor witch said good-bye to her friends and rose from the table, giving him a rather hot-eyed look before turning and exiting the hall. He'd bet his last potion that the young witch's knickers were soaked to dripping. He felt a sudden urge to follow her and find out, but steeled himself. Tonight. He just had to wait until tonight. He'd find out everything about her.

The Professor returned to his rooms and set about preparing for his night with Miss Granger. He put fresh sheets on the bed, and added more pillows. He might need them to prop up parts of her body. He then had a house elf bring him some bottled water and a bowl of never-melting ice to keep the water cold. He then went to his potions storeroom and got a few healing items. He had a feeling Miss Granger was going to need them before the night was over. He also selected a strong contraceptive elixir. He planned to fill her with so much seed, she'd conceive quadruplets if she wasn't protected. He thought about music, then decided against it. The sound of her cries of passion would be music enough for him. This night was not based on romance, but on animal attraction on both their parts. No need to muck it up with useless extras.

He wondered if Miss Granger would want to continue with him after tonight. He would do his best to make her want to…but still would possess her as if this were to be his only time. Which meant she had a good, hard ride coming. He only hoped her need matched his own. It certainly seemed to this afternoon. When he thought about it afterwards, he was glad Albus showed up when he did. It would have been satisfying to slake his need for her on his desk, but then he would have had to wait hours or days to have her again. Tonight, in the privacy of his rooms, he could take her over and over again. He throbbed at the thought of it.

He surveyed his bedroom to see if he forgot anything. He did. He transfigured a piece of parchment into a large mirror, and placed it against the wall on the far side of his bed. He liked mirrors, and thought Miss Granger would like to see her fantasy as it happened, if she were able to focus that is. There was a good chance she wouldn't be. The Professor stripped down, walked into his bathroom and took a shower. He bathed himself thoroughly, wanting to be squeaky clean all over. He doubted that there would be much exploration of bodies tonight, but one never knew. He finished showering and applied a deodorizing spell, but no scent. He only wanted to smell pure sex and sweat. As far as he was concerned, nothing could possibly smell better. He pulled on a pair of silk boxers and buttoned his robes over it. He then walked to his study and poured himself a shot of firewhiskey. He sat down in the armchair facing the fireplace and stared into the flames, his mind focused on the innocent beauty that would soon be his. He glanced at the clock. Time was kind and had flown by. It was now eight-thirty.

Hermione had showered, and now was sitting on the side of her bed, trying to deal with the butterflies in her stomach and the ache between her legs that intensified every time she thought of the Potions Master, waiting for her in his rooms. Did he feel as much anticipation as she did? She looked at the clock. It was a quarter to nine. She took a deep breath and stood up. The fabric of her robes swished against her naked flesh underneath. Her nipples hardened at the contact. She felt as if her entire body was just a mass of nerve endings, waiting for the electric touch of Severus Snape to race through it. She exited her room and walked down to the common room. She froze. Ron and Harry were there, playing a game of wizard's chess. She would never be able to slip by them. And Ron was in perpetual watchdog mode. If she tried to leave the common room so close to curfew, he would demand to know where she was going this time of night. She sat on the stairs, unobserved and watched them play. It was a slow game. Harry had gotten better over time and they thought each move out carefully. She looked at the common room clock. It was ten after nine now. Professor Snape had to be wondering where she was.

Snape was pacing his study now. Miss Granger was usually punctual. Something must have happened to hold her up. His black eyes watched the clock as the minute hand moved toward the fifteen-minute mark. When it struck he stood up and marched through the study door, through his office and out into the dungeon corridor. With a harsh look on his face, Snape cast a disillusionment spell on himself, and strode through Hogwarts, a determined look on his face. He was going to get Miss Granger, if he had to go into Gryffindor tower itself to retrieve her.

He walked quickly into the main hall and up the main stairwell. He noticed two students snogging behind a statue, but didn't have time for them now. He rode the stairwells to the corridor that led to the portrait which hid the entrance to Gryffindor Tower. He strode through the corridor and stopped in front of the portrait of the Fat Lady.

"Open up," he hissed.

The Fat Lady started.

"Who's there?" she asked.

"The Head of Slytherin House. Now open up," Snape said irritatedly.

"How do I know it's the Head of Slytherin house," the portrait challenged him.

"Because last time I was here I threatened to strip you with a turpentine spell," Snape hissed, "And I can still do it."

The Fat Lady blanched and the portrait swung open. Snape stepped through and walked the passageway, and emerged in the common room. The first thing he saw was Potter and Weasley, playing a game of chess. The second thing he saw was Hermione, sitting on the top of the stairs with her chin on her hand, watching them. He knew what happened immediately. She couldn't get past them without them questioning her. She couldn't very well tell them she was going to shag the Potions Professor. Snape walked by the young wizards toward the stairs, then up them. They didn't turn into a slide because, although he was male, he was a staff member. He could enter the girl's dormitory.

Hermione was seated on the stairs, waiting for Ron and Harry to finish and retire, when she felt strong arms wrap around her possessively. She almost screamed, but a hand clamped over her mouth.

"I told you I'd come for you," the disillusioned Potions Master purred. In a moment, Hermione was also disillusioned.

"Come with me, Miss Granger," Snape said in a low growl, not releasing the witch but holding her tight against him as they made their way down the stairs, past the boys and out of the common room. Ron looked up, then looked around suspiciously.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked him, looking up from the game.

Ron's brow furrowed.

"I don't know. I just got the feeling we weren't alone," he said, still looking around, "like somebody walked past us."

Harry scowled at him.

"If this is a new way for you to try and break my concentration, Ron, it's not going to work. Now come on, it's your move."

Ron looked around the common room once more, then returned to the game. But he still had a feeling he had missed something. Something important.

Hermione felt strange with the Professor's arm encircled tightly around her waist, and feeling his body pressed against hers, but not being able to see him. Where their bodies contacted however, she felt heat was passing between them. He hurried her along, almost dragging her as they walked down the corridor leading to the stairs. She could hear his breathing. It was ragged, like he could hardly draw a breath.

"Are you all right, Professor," she asked him as he pulled her along.

"I will be," he growled, "as soon as I get you to my rooms, Miss Granger." His arm tightened around her possessively.

Hermione felt a pulse of anticipation at his words.

Soon they were in the main hall and turning down the dungeons corridor. Hermione was feeling a little winded, they were moving so fast. Snape was in full stride, and his legs were a lot longer than hers.

"Professor, I'm tired," she said to the slight shimmering beside her.

They stopped. Suddenly she was swung up into the Professor's arms, and he started striding again.

"I can't wait for you, Miss Granger," he said.

Hermione didn't know if he meant wait for her to catch up to him in the corridor, or wait for her to be ready to give herself to him. She suspected both. They arrived at the door to the Potions office. It swung open and Snape carried her through. The door shut and he whispered a ward over it, then proceeded to the wall that opened to his study. The wall slid up and they stepped through that also. It slid down and the Professor whispered a ward and a silencing spell, then turned and strode with the witch through his study and into his bedroom. He put her down and removed the disillusionment spell.

They stood there, looking at each other. Hermione was trembling at the predatory look in the Potions Master's eyes as they swept over her. He licked his lips.

"Miss Granger…" he breathed, his black eyes glittering. He was trying to find the right words to say to her.

Hermione put her hand to his lips gently.

"We've talked enough, Professor," she said softly, her amber eyes glowing with desire. The Professor searched her face for a moment and saw nothing but surrender.

Then he was on her.

Somewhere in Snape's brain, a small voice was shouting, "she's only eighteen, she doesn't know, be gentle!"

Unfortunately, that voice was drowned out by the larger voice of his sex-starved body that said, "a willing woman! get her!" and it was the second voice he heeded as he roughly latched on to Hermione, all hungry mouth and thirsting hands. He pulled her to him and lifted her, crushing her soft body to his, every curve registering against his lean body as his lips crashed against hers like thunder. He plundered her mouth, suckling her tongue, exploring her heat, aware of the other, deeper, tighter heat that awaited him, aware of the sounds of desire the witch was making as he moved her up and down against his body. He turned with Hermione and walked forward, dropping to the bed, falling with her, landing on her and grinding down against her, a roaring in his brain as he slid against her, digging his toes into the stone floor and pushing rhythmically, his swollen member rubbing against her crotch, as she moaned and gasped.

He stopped humping the witch and slid down a bit, attacking the buttons of her robes as if they were the enemy, opening them swiftly and parting the fabric, revealing her beautiful body, her full breasts, flat belly and the perfect bush of her sex. His black eyes were locked to her body, his jaw set with lust, as he parted her robes completely and groaned before his mouth and hands took over again, starting at Hermione's throat and sliding down her body, his fingers and lips and tongue dancing across her skin, feeling and tasting her breasts and belly, spreading fire as the witch arched and whispered unintelligible words of pleasure, her hips thrusting up as the Potions Master bent over her as if kneeling in prayer, both pale hands palming and encircling her breasts, as his mouth drifted through the patch of soft hair covering her sex. He drew his hands down to her thighs, growling as he pressed his nose against her and inhaled, salivating as the scent of her filled his nostrils. He thrust her legs up and with one hand parted her labia, his black eyes drinking in the inviting pink softness of her inner flesh.

The hymen was there, partially broken and from some activity the witch had engaged in, but still stretched thinly over the entryway to her body. Her clit stood hard and peaked, glistening with her arousal, and the Professor flicked his tongue over the sensitized flesh and Hermione screamed and buckled, making him press his lips to her and suckle her hungrily, running his tongue up and down, tasting her honey as he carefully pressed a long finger past her hymen, not wanting to tear it any further, and slipping it into her warmth knuckle deep, groaning as her softness wrapped around his digit. He thrust into her gently, and she tried to bear down on him, rolling her hips instinctively. He watched her body move, excited by her rotations, he withdrew his finger, licked it clean, then carefully pressed the tip of his tongue inside her, collecting her juices, lapping gently, aware that the volume of her cries as well as her movements were increasing. He couldn't take it any longer, she was too hot, too ready and his tool was thrumming with the need to get inside her and he launched himself back over her body, leaning to the side, his pale fingers flying down the front of his robes as the witch tried to kiss his face, or whatever she could reach.

His black eyes were locked to her face, which was contorted with need, her amber eyes blazing with the fire burning inside her. Hermione's core was an aching, throbbing, hungry emptiness, and the press of Snape's body so close but not close enough was driving her wild, and she moved against him wantonly, whispering to him to hurry and put himself inside her, and she thought the wizard would actually breathe fire the way his black eyes smoldered down at her. Snape finally got his robes open and stood up, removing them, looking down on the writhing witch. He pulled her to her feet roughly and yanked the robes off her arms, letting them fall to the floor, and was about to push her back on the bed when it registered he hadn't yet given her the contraceptive.

He cursed and turned to the end table, picked up the bottle and thrust it at her, so totally taken over by his need he could only grunt, "Drink!" at the witch. Hermione opened the bottle and drank it down, handing it to the wizard who flung it across the room uncaringly. It shattered as he pushed her back down on the bed, his eyes locked to her thighs and the prize between them. He licked his lips and lowered his silk boxers, his engorged member springing out jauntily as if to say "Surprise!". He was so aroused it curved, pointing towards the ceiling, the thick head leaking fluid. He looked at Hermione for her reaction. The witch looked at his large organ with wide amber eyes full of hunger, looking as if she wanted to devour it. She slid herself into the bed fully, resting her head on the pillows, spreading her legs in invitation and reaching out for him, both arms extended. Snape growled and flung himself into the bed, landing on her hard, crushing his mouth to hers demandingly, rubbing his erection into her wetness. She was so hot down there.

He lifted his hips slightly, reached down between their bodies and positioned himself against her, his black eyes liquid as he watched her reaction to his large head pressing between her thighs. Her mouth fell open as she felt him, and she pushed her hips up for more contact.

"Do me, Professor. Do me now, please," she whimpered up at him, her eyes slitted like a cat's with need.

Snape pushed against her lightly at first, teasing her, pressing against the small patch of skin that protected her virtue. Then his expression went hard as he looked at her, as if to say, "This is it, Miss Granger" Snape pulled back and thrust into the witch hard, his organ tearing through her hymen and burying itself inside her. Hermione screamed and arched up against him as the pain hit her. Snape wrapped his arms around her and held still.

"I've got you," he breathed, "hold on to me."

Sobbing, Hermione wrapped her arms around Snape's waist as the Potions Master drove into her powerfully, his mouth going slack as he was caressed by her tight, hot walls, which encased him so securely, it was like her body was sucking him. He plunged deep into the crying witch, his movements becoming stronger and harder as he slid over her body, watching her face, licking at her tears, groaning his pleasure as he took her. Gods, she was so tight, so delicious. He needed to get deeper. He stopped, and Hermione cried out, pulling at him. It was just beginning to get good. Snape's nostrils flared he pulled her legs over his shoulders and raised his body over hers. Looking down at the witch, he said. "Now you get all of me," and slammed into her brutally, making her shriek with pleasure and pain. He hit her again, and she buckled off the bed, her eyes wide with surprise. Snape started taking her slow, claiming every delicious inch of her, giving her long, hard strokes, burying himself into her up to the hilt, his nads pressing against her cheeks, holding it, then pulling out almost completely before slamming into her again, and holding it, rolling his pelvis. Then he increasing the speed of his penetration, shifting his hips and thrusting into the witch at different angles, trying to leave no part of her untouched as he stroked and plunged inside her, reveling in her surrender, her sweet voice crying out when he hit bottom and drove past it hungrily. He wanted her to feel his ache, his power, his need and his strength. He wanted her to know he could reach deep into her, and bring her the satisfaction she craved. So he stroked her harder and harder, tearing through the sheathe of her body in abandon, his pale hips blurring with the ardor of his penetration. She wanted to be shagged by him, he was going to make sure when he finished, she knew she had been claimed, and claimed well.

From the moment Snape thrust inside her, and her body wrapped around him, Hermione was his completely. He felt better than she even dreamed, strong, forceful, demanding as he buried his hardness inside her, feeding her need to be possessed, beating into the ache that throbbed inside her, soothing her, yet taking her to some other aching, needing place. His thrusts were getting harder and deeper, and the room around her was fading, all she could see and feel was his pale, muscled body jerking over her, those black eyes blazing down into hers, silently saying "give me everything." And she tried to talk to him, to tell him how good he felt inside her, but her words came out jumbled, senseless as he plowed into her, but his eyes, his eyes looked like he knew.

Snape dropped and rolled to the side, turning Hermione with him, her legs still on his shoulders, so they lay facing each other, and he let go, pulling her buttocks back and forth against him, pistoning into her body, grunting, hissing, moaning and groaning with abandon as her tightness slid over him wetly, the sounds of him plunging through her juices exciting him even more. Hermione bounced against him, her mouth open against the sensation as he thrust his member in and out of her so quickly, and deeply it became one just a blur of pleasure inside her. Watching him take her was even more exciting, she had never seen the Professor look like this, his face contorting with delight and lust as he drove his glistening tool into her body over and over, and she felt a burst of joy that it was she who was making him feel like this, then suddenly something started growing in her, something so good she started calling out to him, telling him she was feeling something she never felt before, and his eyes grew even hotter and he rode her even harder, staring at her as he slammed violently inside her, making her scream out even as the sweetness bubbling up threatened to consume her, and she strained against him, feeling herself tightening to a hard ball of intense pleasure, distantly hearing the Professor groaning loudly, before she exploded, her entire being turning liquid, flowing and rolling and pulsing over the wizard driving into her, his silky voice encouraging her softly even as his body beat into hers brutally, and then, there was nothing but shuddering bliss…Hermione could hear herself as if from a great distance, and the Professor's voice cracking as he pulled back and slammed into her, pulling her tight to his hard body, crushing her as he filled her with a great, pulsing heat, whispering obscenities as he jerked against her, also shuddering, the flooding of her body continuing for a long time before his throbbing inside her eased, then ceased, and he let out a long, satisfied groan, locking his lips to hers and tasting her deeply, as she spun back down to rest in his arms.

The Professor held Hermione's quaking body against him, still embedded in her wonderful softness, feeling himself deflating inside her warm, young body as he caught his breath. Possessing her had been every bit as good as he knew it would be, and satisfaction softened his features. The witch was strong, she could take him. Not once had she tried to get away, not that she could have…he wouldn't have released his hold on her for the gods themselves. He had ridden her hard her first time out, and his black eyes flicked over her, but he couldn't see her face for the tangle of hair that had fallen across it. He brushed the damp locks away, and her amber eyes looked into his softly, and she smiled at him. Yes, she was all right.

"Thank you, Professor," she breathed, letting her eyes fall shut.

Thank you? Oh no, Miss Granger. No thanks yet.

"Miss Granger, it is proper to thank someone at the end of what ever activity you are engaged in. This is not yet the end," Snape purred, his eyes still full of lust.

"Not the end?" she asked him, lifting her lashes slightly so she could look at him. She felt heavy and exhausted as well as sore.

"Hardly. This is only intermission," Snape said, withdrawing from her wetly, moving back a bit and allowing her to lower her legs. His eyes swept over her body, which was shining with perspiration. He felt a tiny pulse in his loins.

"I have a feeling it will be a very short intermission," he added, smirking at her.

Snape looked at Hermione.

"How do you feel?" he asked her, his black eyes lowering themselves toward her thighs.

"Sore. And kind of thirsty," she replied, shifting a little.

"I can take care of that," Snape said. He rolled out of the bed. Hermione let out a small gasp as he walked over to the dresser to retrieve a bottle of water. Snape heard her and turned around.

"What is it, Miss Granger?" he asked her, concern on his face.

"Your…your back, Professor," she said in a low voice, her eyes wide.

The Professor picked up a bottle of water and walked back towards the bed, picking up a vial of healing potion from the nightstand before sitting on the edge of the mattress. Hermione could clearly see the raised pattern of scars that criss-crossed his back.

"Yes. Voldemort's gift to me for years of service," Snape said, handing her the healing potion, "drink this down. It will ease your soreness."

He watched as the witch opened the vial and consumed its contents, making a slight face at the taste.

"Nasty," she said, grimacing at him.

"Strong," he replied, "my own special brew. It works quicker than the healing potions you get from Poppy. I developed it while serving the Dark Lord to ease my own pains and wounds."

He handed her the bottle of water. Hermione opened it and drank thirstily, downing half the bottle. She sighed and recapped it, handing it to the Professor. He set it on the nightstand and climbed back into the bed, stretching out on his back, his face turned toward the witch.

"Was I what you wanted me to be?" he asked her.

"You were more," she answered him, her eyes heating up. "You are so…so different like this. You aren't…well…cold and unfeeling."

"What man can be unfeeling when he's inside the body of a beautiful, passionate woman?" Snape replied, "Now is not the time for me to exercise restraint, Miss Granger. I relinquish my personal control during sex because that is the only way to fully enjoy the experience. To enjoy the gift you're giving me."

"So you enjoyed me?" Hermione whispered, "Even though I don't know what pleases you yet?" Snape's eyes glittered.

"Enjoyed you?" he said, moving slightly closer. "You saw me. You felt me, how I moved inside you, how I couldn't stop myself. Can you have any doubt, Miss Granger?" he said silkily. He traced her mouth with a long pale finger. "You bring me great pleasure, and if you still have doubts, I'll soon allay them."

Hermione's eyes drifted down the Professor's long lean body. The Professor watched her eyes move across him. They were curious. He figured it was the first time she had ever seen a naked man up close. He had engaged her, but he was so hot, so ready for her he hadn't given her time to familiarize herself with his body. Snape could tell she wanted to touch him, but was hesitant. She didn't realize that as far as he was concerned, after what she gave him, she could do anything she wanted to him. He took her hand and placed it on his chest.

"You can touch me, Miss Granger. I don't bite…hard," he purred, moving her hand over the muscles of his chest slowly, until she began to move it herself. Hermione edged closer to him, her eyes locked to his pale skin. His chest was hairless and sculpted, warm beneath her palm. She could feel the thudding of his heart and held her hand over it, looking at him for a moment, then returning her eyes to his body. She slid her hand lower, marveling over the hardness of his belly, and the tight ridges beneath her fingertips. Snape inhaled sharply as her soft hand explored him, his black eyes meeting her amber ones as she moved it lower, into the dark curls of his pubic hair, pulling it gently. Snape threw his head back and sighed brokenly as she touched his member lightly, and it swelled beneath her hand. Snape groaned.

Encouraged, Hermione wrapped her hand around his organ, felt it growing strong and hard in her hand, the blood pumping through its length as if it had its own heart nestled inside. She began to caress it, working her hand up and down the thick shaft, listening to the wizard's breath catch. Snape whispered "Scourgify" and cleansed his body for her, then cast the spell on her as well. He was fully erect now, watching her hand slide over his tool, biting his lip and wanting more than her hand on him. Hermione noticed his hungry look and crawled down the bed.

"In that movie, Professor," she breathed, looking at his throbbing organ, "The women did things to the men…"

"What kind of things, Miss Granger?" he asked.

Hermione looked at Snape but didn't answer. Instead she climbed on top of him and straddled him, sliding her body down over his calves until her thighs rested on his shins, and her face was over his erection. She held it up, and looked up at him, her amber eyes shining. Snape quickly reached up and pulled several pillows under his head and shoulders, propping himself up so he could clearly see the witch.

"Things like this," she whispered, lowering her head and wrapping her lips around him, her hair falling over her shoulders and resting softly against his thighs. Snape groaned as he felt her heat close over him, and bucked his hips slightly at the sight of the witch, looking at him, his organ between her soft lips. He had never seen anything so erotic. She slowly pulled him out, dragging her lips over him, then started planting soft, sucking kisses around his head and up and down his shaft. It felt amazing, and looked so erotic as he watched her kissing his member tenderly. Where had she learned to do that? There wasn't much kissing in pornos of any part of the body. Then she slipped her mouth over him again, and he didn't care where she learned it from that point on. He brought his hand to the back of her head gently, and pushed her down so she took him in deeper, then pulled her hair gently to make her rise, then pushed her back down. She understood and began to bob on her own. The Professor hissed as her lips and tongue caressed him. She stopped.

"Am I doing it right, Professor," she asked him.

"Yes, but you need to suck too, Miss Granger," he breathed. She immediately began to do it.

"Gods, yes!" he gasped, throwing his head back in pleasure as Hermione laved him, experimenting with her head movements, turning this way and that with him in her mouth, judging her successes by his gasps, hisses and curses. She leaned back so he could see himself moving in and out of her mouth clearly, realizing he liked to watch her…then she glanced at herself in the mirror, sitting on his legs, bent over him and felt a gush at seeing herself doing this to her untouchable Professor, whose head was thrown back in delight. She started moving faster, watching herself in the mirror and watching him lean his head forward, mouth slack as her mouth flew back and forth over him. He started groaning louder and his pale hands locked into her hair and began guiding her, pushing into her mouth deeper as he bucked his hips.

"Yes, Miss Granger, damn," he gasped, the tendons in his neck tightening as pleasure rushed up and down his shaft, and his scrotum started tightening. Gods, he didn't know if she were ready for this.

"You'd better pull away, Miss Granger," he groaned, not wanting her to pull away at all, but giving her the option, "I'm about to climax and I don't know if you'll like the taste of it."

But Hermione could hear the need in the Professor's voice and didn't stop as his body began to tense up and tremble. She wanted to know what it was like to have him release in her mouth. She sucked him hard and cupped him with her soft warm hand, kneading them lightly, feeling them contract in her palm. Suddenly they drew up tight and the Professor let out a cry, then her mouth was full of hotness, the Professor's hands reflexively pulling her down on him as he came, grunting, jerking in her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed. His release tasted sharp, a tiny bit like aspirin, but not terrible She sucked him until the pulsing stopped, his hands relaxed and he began to grow soft in her mouth. She stretched out on him then, her breasts resting on his loins, her head resting on his chest, listening to his racing heart slow, his chest rising and falling as he stroked her hair absently.

"You didn't have to do that," he said softly, his breath still hitching.

"I wanted to. I wanted to make you feel as good as you made me feel," she whispered back, "I did didn't I?"

He looked down at her, an odd expression in his dark eyes, as if he couldn't believe she was asking him that after such an amazing performance on her part. But then again, this was all new to her. She needed reassurance. She had no idea of the power she had over him right now.

"Yes, yes you made me feel very good. Very good indeed…but I'm afraid we have another intermission now," he breathed down at her.

"That's all right," Hermione said, feeling rather full and sleepy, "I can wait, Professor."

Her eyes drifted shut and in a couple of minutes she was asleep on top of him.

"You can rest a little while, Miss Granger, but not too long," he whispered, his pale fingers still playing in her hair.

Snape let Hermione sleep for about two hours. While she slept, he watched her, his organ swelling with the memory of their recent bout of sex. He was tempted several times to wake her by entering her, but decided it was too soon to be that demanding or familiar with the witch. If she agreed to continue this relationship, there would be plenty of opportunities to rouse her with a good stiff dick. Snape found he liked the idea of having Miss Granger for a lover. She was curious, passionate and not near as talkative in bed as she was in class. And if she did start to talk too much he could easily give her mouth other things to do.

She had given him one hell of a blowjob, and by the way she reacted to seeing her own lips wrapped around him in the mirror, she had enjoyed doing it. He had no idea that what turned Hermione on the most during this whole affair was his reaction to her. She was getting off on his vocal and physical expressiveness. His obvious hunger and desire for her. The intense pleasure he took in her body.

As long as Hermione had known the Professor he was always controlled and disciplined, cold and seeming to have no human feelings to speak of. She had always felt she could never please the wizard as his student in his classroom, and it was heady to know that she pleased him very much as a woman in his bed. Snape was a different man when it came to sex, and she knew this was a side of him few knew about She felt very special to know this part of the dark wizard

Snape figured it was time to wake the sleeping witch, but first went into the study and summoned a house elf to bring some food down the kitchens. If the elf was shocked to see the Potions Master in his all-together, it didn't react. It winked out, returned several minutes later, handed him the platter of food with a low bow and winked out again. No doubt his nakedness was the talk of the kitchens.

Snape looked at the platter. Tiny, sweet chicken wings, rolled cold cuts with cheese and bread cut into bite-sized pieces. Good, nothing to weigh her down. He walked back into the bedroom, set the food down on his night table then sat on the bed, looking down at the sleeping witch. He gently shook Hermione's shoulder.

"Miss Granger, wake up," he said softly, shaking the witch.

Hermione turned on to her back and stretched. Snape's nostrils flared as she rolled luxuriously in his bed, her nude body stretching, as she groaned, her hair flung wildly around her head. It took an effort not to roll back in the bed and mount her. He was aching. Her amber eyes opened and looked up at him, softening but heating up instantly. She stretched her arms out toward him.

"More, Professor" she said, sleep still in her voice, making it low and throaty.

Gods, she was a hot one, wasn't she? She was hardly awake and she wanted him pounding inside her again. A growl rose from the back of Snape's throat as he looked down at the lusty, young witch.

"In a few minutes, Miss Granger," he said with an effort, "Right now I want you to eat something."

"Food?" Hermione asked, sitting up in the bed instantly. She was famished.

"Yes. Just some chicken, cold cuts and bread," he replied as she slid to the end of the bed, stood up and walked over to the platter. His black eyes raked across her body, over her full breasts and tight round bottom. He growled again as she grabbed a chicken wing and made short work of it. He watched her eat, how her lips moved over the food, how she sucked her fingers and licked her lips as she ate hungrily, without any shyness at being so starved or so greedy. Finally she sucked her fingertips one last time and sighed, sated.

She started to walk back to the bed when Snape stood up, his eyes glittering. Watching her bend over the platter of food had sparked his imagination. He walked up to her, and stopped, his body an inch from hers. His organ bounced against her belly and she gasped, looking down at it for a moment, and looking back up at him, a pool of he

at growing in her lower belly.

"Well, Miss Granger, it's time for the second of the two F's," Snape said silkily..

"The two F's?" she repeated, her brow wrinkled, "What's the two F's?"

"I've Fed you," he said, placing his hands on her shoulders gently. Then he spun her roughly and walked her toward the bedpost quickly.

"Now I Fuck you," he growled, "bend over and grab the bedpost, Miss Granger."

Hermione felt a gush wet her thighs as she obediently bent over and grasped the bedpost. Snape looked as her bum, then ran his hands over her shoulders, down her back and up again several times, enjoying the softness of her flesh, before he caressed her hip, cocking his head. Suddenly he lightly slapped her buttock and Hermione gasped as he watched the globe jiggle, his black eyes alight with lust.

"Such a soft bottom," he breathed as he stepped into her, rubbing his erection between her cheeks slowly. Hermione's eyes widened.

"Professor," she gasped, "You're not going to…"

"No, Miss Granger, I'm not going to take you anally, tempting as it is. I don't think you are ready for that yet. Maybe one day you will let me indulge myself in such a way…" he purred, grinding against her, his pale hands grasping her waist.

Hermione breathed a sigh of relief. She had heard anal sex hurt, and the Professor had a very big tool. She didn't think she could take him that way. But it was clear he wanted to do it, just not tonight. She swallowed. She would handle that situation when it arose…but now she wanted him inside her, and she moaned at the feeling of his hardness rubbing back and forth between her cheeks.

"Professor," she moaned, desire evident in her voice.

Snape stopped sliding against her, and pulled his hips back a bit so he could position himself to enter her…she was hot and dripping wet.

"My rubbing against you turned you on, didn't it Miss Granger? You are soaked," he breathed, rubbing his head back and forth in her wetness, making her cry out with need.

Suddenly he thrust deep inside her, filling her with his hot, pulsing shaft and hitting bottom, causing her back to arch up at the sweet ache. He groaned as he buried himself in her wet, welcoming body again, and began to stroke her slowly, loving the friction of his hard flesh rubbing against her velveteen walls.

"Yessssss," he hissed, clutching her waist and pulling her into him as he thrust inside her. "How does this feel, Miss Granger?" he growled at the moaning witch.

"Sooo goood," she sighed in pleasure.

"Look at us," he hissed, "in the mirror."

Her eyes half-lidded with pleasure, Hermione turned her head and saw herself, bent over, clutching the post with both hands, and the Professor behind her, his pale hands holding her waist firmly, his dark hair a curtain around his face as he looked down at her buttocks, thrusting into her. Hermione's body jerked back and forth as he pulled her over him, her breasts swinging rhythmically with each penetration. She could see him poling in and out of her, the thick shaft appearing and disappearing behind the curve of her hips.

"Oh gods that's so sexy!" she moaned, watching the pale body of the Professor moving against her. His head turned and his black eyes locked to hers in the mirror.

"Beautiful," he said softly as he looked at her. Then he slammed into her and held still as he watched her scream, her head dropping, panting at the sudden depth and ache.

"Can you take it?" he asked, pulling back and ramming into her again, making her cry out and buckle. "Tell me, Miss Granger, because this is how I'm about to give it to you if you don't tell me otherwise."

He felt much stronger and deeper than the first time. But even though it hurt, there was something good underneath it, something Hermione wanted.

"I can take it," she whispered back at him, watching him through the mirror, "but wait…let me adjust myself."

Snape ceased stroking into her as she moved closer to the bedpost, clutching it between her breasts, and actually wrapping both arms around it and leaning her face alongside it.

Snape watched her through the mirror. Her brow furrowed slightly in anticipation of his ardor. He throbbed at the expression on her face.

"Are you ready, Miss Granger?" he breathed, aching to take this beautiful witch hard.

"Yes," she said in a low, low whisper.

He caressed her back gently for a moment until he saw her relax through the mirror, then he slammed into her, growling as she cried out, and started riding her brutally, slamming repeatedly into her wetness, yanking her toward him with each deep thrust, his pelvis slapping loudly against her jiggling buttocks, increasing his speed, his head thrown back, his mouth open and eyes closed in pleasure as he pummeled her sweet softness as if it were some castle wall he was laying siege to with a battering ram. It felt so good to let himself go and tear into the young screaming witch's body with abandon, bathed in her juices, her sweet wet walls hot and writhing around him, her soft buttocks cushioning his stroke, her body shuddering as he hit bottom and strained into her, never saying stop or no, just his title over and over. He was glad he decided to give in to her, she was beautiful and willing and soft and….

Snape lost himself in the pleasure of Hermione's body, pistoning into her mercilessly, loving her cries of passion as she received him, pressing back against him, giving him all the access he desired to her delicious body, the caress of her sleeve driving him mad with lust and hunger, the more she gave him the more he wanted, the more he had to have. He pressed down on her lower back, forcing her bottom higher as he burrowed into her, grunting, growling, cursing and gasping as he took every inch of her, claiming her thoroughly, roughly, completely as he rode her. He leaned his chest against her back and rammed himself inside her to the hilt and began to rotate his pelvis, eliciting more screams of pleasure, digging deep for the gem hidden inside her, and reaching it as she let out a ragged cry and came, her body clamping down, and her release pouring over him as she shuddered around him, and he started taking her again, hard as he could, wrapping his arm around her waist to keep her from collapsing, lifting her with his stroke to the balls of her feet as he worked toward his own release, tightening as he buried himself in her clamping, erupting sleeve repeatedly, thrusting wildly until he came with his own ragged shout, ramming himself into Hermione to the hilt as pleasure tore through his body and rocketed out of him in a strong, pulsing gush, his release pooling inside the shuddering, gasping witch and washing back over him in a flood of heat. He held Hermione tight against him, one arm encircling her waist, one hand fisted in her hair, his lips pressed to her shoulder, as he spooned around her, his pelvis flush to her buttocks as he emptied inside her, unable to let her go, unable to move at all as he pulsated, glued to her body by bliss.

After several minutes, Snape was able to loosen his grasp on the witch, and felt her slowly sliding down the bedpost. He grabbed her again before she hit the floor and with an effort swung both their exhausted bodies around so they landed on the bed. Hermione was still trembling and he pulled her body closer to his, feeling protective, trying to calm her with his presence.

"You are fantastic," he breathed in her ear, "I don't want this to stop, Miss Granger. Having tasted you, I am going to constantly crave you."

She moaned and slid closer to him, her tremors easing. The Professor lay there a while, listening to her breathing ease, then roused himself, scrambling up into the bed and pulling her up to the pillows. She was limp as a rag doll. He spooned around the witch, kissed her temple, closed his eyes and fell asleep to the sound of her breathing.

Professor Snape's consciousness slowly returned, and he reached out a long, arm, groping for the soft, warm body he had fallen asleep curled around. He found nothing. Opening his eyes he found his bed was empty. Miss Granger must have left while he slept. He was disappointed. Why would she leave without letting him know? Was she through with him, her curiosity and lust sated? He hoped not. He had meant what he told her, that he wanted them to continue. She had been too passionate, too sweet, too willing. He had fallen to her the moment she let him inside her body. Having had her, he refused to let her go…if she tried, he would take her by force if he had to. Kidnap her in the dead of night and bring her to his rooms and shag her senseless. His nostrils flared at the thought of her trying to deny him after this. His black eyes turned toward the night table, where the remains of her meal rested. His eyes narrowed. There was a piece of folded parchment there. He scooted over in the bed and reached for it, catching it in the tips of his fingers. He opened it, and scanned its contents, then smiled.

Dear Professor,

After much consideration, I have decided that my list must be altered in order to remain true to my description of one Severus Snape. After tonight, this is the man as I know you as now, and forever more.



As to continuing with you, Professor, the answer is a resounding yes.