Note: I don't watch the Simpsons; I've only seen the movie so Homer might be a little OOC.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Simpsons or any other show featured in this fan fiction.

Somewhere in Springfield, Wherever there was a small shop. It had recently been bought by one Homer Simpson and now there was a sign atop the store. Upon the sign in poorly-drawn crayon was the world "Tattooz!" A figure walked out of the store. He was oddly yellow in skin color, isn't that a sign of some really bad disease? Anyway this figured also had dozens of temporary tattoos on his arms… and butt.

"It was tough but I've finally done it! I made my own tattoo shop Tattoo Pig!" Homer exclaimed to the small pig also covered in temporary tattoos such as "Mad Hog" and "Oink!" The pig snorted in response.

"What do pig noises have to do with me fulfilling my life long dream of ten minutes?" Homer asked in vain.

So, who should be first to get inked up by Homer? Here are your choices:

Sam Manson

Illidan Stormrage

Homer tries to tattoo himself

Double D

Patrick Star

Somebody else (You tell me who)

See ya next chapter!