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Chapter 1.

"Ron, No! I said, NO!"

The sound of Hermione's shouts ripped through the house again, waking her two children.

Rose sat up as her bedroom door opened, revealing an upset looking Hugo.

"You ok?" she whispered, turning on the bedside light as he shut the door.

"No," came his shaky reply as he began to cry. He ran over into his sister's arms, crying into her shoulder.


A pained cry, followed by a loud thud made Rose and Hugo look up. They paled as the thudding and cries of pain continued.

"You – stupid – BITCH!" Ron was yelling. " You – never – show – me - any – respect!" He punctuated every word with a kick or a punch, "You – aren't – being – a proper – wife!"

Rose had had enough. "Hugo, come on, I'm getting Harry." She pulled him from the room, down the stairs to the kitchen, their mother's cries and their father hitting her becoming louder as hey ran past the closed living room door.

She ran to the fireplace, grabbing a handful of floo-powder from its pot on the mantle piece. She threw it in, pulling her brother into the floo with her as the flames tuned green.

"Harry Potter, Godric's Hollow!" she said clearly, holding her brother tightly.

They stepped out of the fireplace into Harry's kitchen to find Harry, Ginny and Ted sitting around the kitchen table, looking at them in shock.

"What's happened?" Harry asked, looking from the livid look on Rose's face to the tears running down a shaking Hugo's cheeks.

"Mum and Dad are fighting again." Hugo answered, "He's hurting her, he finished his voice trembling.

"What do you mean hurting her?" Harry asked, his voice urgent.

"He's beating her." Rose spat, holding her brother close as he cried harder.

There was a mad scraping of chairs as three wands were drawn and the adults stood up, moving past Rose and Hugo to the fire place.

"Stay here. We'll sort it." Harry reassured them before following his wife and Godson, who had already disappeared through the floo.

Footsteps on the stairs announced the arrival of Harry and Ginny's three children.

"Oh my God! What's happened?" Lily asked.

"Dad's hitting mum," Hugo whispered.

The other three looked at each other in pure horror. They ran forward, wrapping their arms around the Weasley children.

The flames turned green again and Harry emerged carrying a limp Hermione. Ted arrived moments later, moving quickly over to help Harry move her to the sofa.

"Mum!" Hugo cried, breaking free of the group and running over to her. She was battered and bruised. Her lip was bleeding and her arm was broken, twisted into a funny position.

"Where's mum?" Lily asked.

"Giving her brother an earful that her mother would be proud of." Ted muttered.

"Yes well, Molly is going to murder him when she hears about this." Harry said, his voice dark.

"Is mum going to be ok?" Rose asked.

"She'll be fine. I'll look after her." Harry wrapped his arms around her, as she finally succumbed to tears.

Hermione groaned in pain. " Where are the kids?" she asked, her voice hoarse from crying.

"We're here mum. It's ok." Hugo answered, brushing a lock of brown hair of his mother's face.

Knowing they were both safe, Hermione slipped out of consciousness, allowing darkness to claim her again.

"Right kids. I want all five of you to go up to bed alright?" The two Weasleys opened their mouths in protest. "Your mum would say the same. It's eleven o'clock at night. I promise that if anything happens I'll wake you up. I'll look after her. I promise," he said, gently, but firmly.

They nodded, looking at their mum.

"Ted, can you organise that for me? Stick Rose in with Lily and Hugo with Albus." Harry said. Ted nodded and led the five children up stairs, pausing to let Hermione's children give her a gentle kiss on the cheek each.

Harry turned his attention to Hermione drawing his wand. He flicked it, muttering a spell that would reveal hidden wounds and show the severity of each. Several points glowed green over small cuts and all the bruises, a few blue to indicate broken bones. There was one that really worried hi however, and that was the red one over her chest that said she was bleeding badly. Her shirt was still white in the place in question, so it had to be internal. It started flashing, meaning it was going to become fatal very soon.

Harry looked at her face and realised blood was dripping out of her mouth.

"Shit." He hissed.

"What's wrong?" asked Ted, having just come back down the stairs.

"She's got a broken rib. It's punctured her left lung and she's loosing a lot of blood. Not to mention drowning in it." He said, picking her up. "Stay with the kids, and tell Ginny where I have gone when she gets back. I'm taking her to St. Mungo's." He said flicking his wand awquadly to floo powder to go into the fire.

"What do I tell the kids?"

"That's all they need to know, that she's going to hospital and that I'll send word when I know what's happening. Don't let them come to the hospital."

Ted nodded, and Harry stepped into the green flames. "St. Mungo's"


When Hermione woke she kept her eyes shut. Muffled voices could be heard, but they were shouting.

"SHE'S MY WIFE!" Ron stormed.


"Let me through Ginny," Ron said, his voice low and dangerous. "Don't make me hex you."

"You aren't getting anywhere near her Ronald. And don't even think about hexing me. You know I've always been better at duelling than you." She too had a low tone, just as dangerous as her brother's.

A series of loud bangs and shouts followed this and other angry voices soon joined the fray.

"Mr Weasley, I am going to have to ask you to leave!"

"Let me see my wife."

"Ron, just go home." Harry's voice sounded. Hermione opened her eyes and realised why the voices were slightly muffled. She was in a hospital bed, and they were outside her door.

"Harry, just let me in."

"You don't have the right to be here never mind in there. You hurt her, and you hurt your kids - " Harry was cut off.


"Mentally Ron. They stumbled out of our fireplace on Thursday night white as sheets. Rose and Hugo have both been up at all hours of the night crying their eyes out cause they think their mum is going to die because of when you did! They haven't seen her in almost a week Ron. She's been out cold since she passed out on my sofa!" Ginny screamed. "Ted was up with them all night last night! Rose looks like death, she hasn't slept all week. Hugo is sleeping out of pure exhaustion. Don't you dare tell me they aren't hurt by your actions Ronald Weasley. Get out. You're not going to get in. give up." Her voice had a flat, don't bother trying tone to it.

"Fine. I'm going home."

The ward door closed with a slam and Ginny could be heard muttering a string of profanities that would make a nun blush. The door opened and Harry entered, smiling as he realised she was awake.

"Hey, how you feeling," he asked, sitting down beside her.

She paused for a moment, thinking about her answer.

"Everything aches. Even breathing hurts. My so-called idiot of a husband had the ordacity to even think about coming near me after he decided that beating me to the ground was acceptable, and I really want to see my children."

Harry smiled. "Fair enough. I think the Healers will want to check you over now that you are awake."

She grimaced. "Great. I get to be prodded and poked."