DISCLAIMER: you know how they say young children and animals can see things adults can't? What I wonder is what the younger population of Tokyo saw? I can't manage anything more than PA right now, but I'm I'm workin' on DTD!!!

My Dear Child

by MM

The dog barked in sharp, pitiful yaps. Its voice rose with emotion, then lowered with anger. Its tail shifted between its legs and its back. The mongrel was clearly confused by what is saw.

But, there was nothing there. There was nothing beyond the rusted chainlink fence and tall grass. The tick infested animal was possessed by a strong need for something to just be there. The poor thing was lonely and miserable.

And was making the woman miserable as well.

She banged the door open, to startle the mongrel. It didn't work. She could see her dog was hysterical. The whites around its eyes were showing. Fluid and mucous flew from the dog's snout every time it jerked its head.

What had its balls in a bunch?

She hobbled down the walk, cursing the high heavens for her demise. If the rat face didn't shut up when she told it to she would wring its neck and drink its blood for good luck. Or just drink its blood for the heck of it.

She hated this life, her life. Everything!

She was dirt poor and lived in a shit hole. Her husband 'died' not long ago and she was left with their retarded child.

She swore it was the man's bad blood.

As the woman came level with the dog her eyes scanned the street and beyond. The empty yard, the horizon...

A high, agonized scream ripped from her throat.

The tick infested dog bound back through the yard, its tail between its legs. It tripped through a hole in the screen and jumped into the boy's lap. He sat there, absentmindedly petting the trembling animal. His eyes were trained on the spot, just beyond the fence and tall grass. His body was completely still, but his eyes flinched with fear, trained on exactly the same spot the dog had been gazing.

Author's Note: don't blame me. Blame my cold and Misquamicut Beach. They're the bastards who've effected this story.