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It all starts one day in Casper high. Danny walks up to his friends in the hallway.

"Hi guys." He greets his two best friends; Sam Manson and Tucker Foley.

"Hi Danny." They greeted in unison.

"Hey, did you study for the test today?" Tucker asked casually.

"Test?! What test?!" Danny panicked.

Sam punched Tucker in the arm. "Danny, there's no test, he's just messing with you."

Danny sighed in relief. Unfortunately, a wisp of ice cold breath escapes the teen's mouth.

"Meet you in class?" his friends moaned.

"Meet you in class." Danny confirmed. With that, he ran off to the restroom. He entered a stall and transformed himself from clumsy Danny Fenton to heroic Danny Phantom. He exited the school via phasing.

When Danny reached the outside, he let his eyes wander across the sky. There were a few clouds scattered across the vast blue void.

"Greetings, ghost child. I, Skulker, have returned once again to..ahh…ahhh…achoo!" A deep voice said, but sneezed toward the end.

Danny whipped around. "Wow, Skulker, you don't look so good." Danny commented.

"No matter. I shall still capture you." Skulker claimed, launching a net, but his sickness caused him poor aim and it missed Danny by a mile.

"Nice aim." Danny sarcastically mocked.

Skulker got mad and lunged at Danny, grabbing him by the neck. Danny squirmed as Skulker's face was inches away from his.

"I have caught you now. You shall not escape from…achoo!" He sneezed again, releasing Danny out of surprise.

"Ewww, gross." Danny commented as he stuck out his tongue to show his disgust.

"Hey, Skulker! Maybe some soup would cure that cold of yours." Danny bantered as he took out the Fenton Thermos and sucked his sick opponent in.

The ghost by tiredly returned to school. His class had started a few minutes ago. He transformed back and walked into the classroom where his teacher was waiting.

"Detention?" Danny asked routinely.

"Detention." Mr. Lancer replied.

Danny walked to his seat and slumped down into it.

At lunch later that day, Danny didn't feel hungry at all.

"Hey, dude. Where's your lunch?" Tucker asked as he noticed Danny sitting with an empty spot in front of him.

"I'm not hungry." Danny responded with a dull tone.

"Are you okay?" Sam questioned in concern, noticing how pale her friend's face had become.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Danny answered in the same tone. He didn't really feel great, but he didn't want to worry Sam…or Tucker.

"Danny, when you tell me that you're fine when you're not only makes me worry more." Sam told him. It was like she could read his mind.

"I think I'm just coming down with something. I probably caught Skulker's cold after he sneezed on me, which, by the way, was extremely gross." Danny admitted.

Danny's ghost sense went off for the second time that day. "Again?" He moaned. "I'll be right back."

Danny quickly ran behind a tree and transformed into his ghostly self.

"What the-" He exclaimed to himself as he noticed that his boots had become a black and white form of his sneakers. "Oh, well. It'll have to do for now."

Danny routinely flew up and scanned the sky. His search was interrupted by an annoying voice shouting.

"BEWARE! For I am the Box Ghost!" The small blue ghost shouted.

"Seriously, how do you get back out of the Ghost Zone so fast?" Danny asked irritably.

"Nothing can hold in the might of the Box Ghost!" The annoying ghost claimed.

"Really? How about this?" Danny questioned, turning on the Thermos and sucking the specter inside. "Hey, Skulker, I brought you some company." Danny said happily into the thermos before he capped it.

"Cool shoes!" Someone shouted up at Danny.

"Huh?" He asked as he looked down.

"Your shoes. They look cool." The person restated.

This brought up a slight murmur of voices discussing the new addition to his costume.

"Uhhh…thanks." He nervously stuttered as he flew out of sight.

A minute of two later, he returned to Sam and Tucker.

"Danny, what was that all about?" Sam hissed.

"I don't know! I'm sure it's nothing though." Danny assured, although he wasn't quite positive himself.

After school, Danny headed to Mr. Lancer's room for detention. His face was paler and he had dark circles under his eyes. His hair was messier as well. He felt a little tired.

"Hi Mr. La…ahh…ahhh…achoo!" Danny sneezed.

"Pride and Prejudice Fenton! What has happened to you?" Lancer exclaimed, noticing Danny's disheveled look.

"What do you mean?" Danny asked, his voice still dull.

"Are you sick?" Lancer asked in an unusually concerned manner.

"It's just a little cold." Danny insisted.

"Daniel, I am giving you permission to postpone your detention until after you are feeling better. We do not want this to spread." Lancer told him.

"I don't look that bad, do I?" Danny thought to himself as he shuffled out of the room.

He transformed himself in the empty hallway, ready to fly home. His feet still wore the black and white sneakers. He darted into the wall, ready to phase out, but somehow, couldn't. He rammed the wall again. Nothing.

"Okay. This cold must be messing with my powers. No need to worry, though, because it's just a cold and it will be over by tomorrow…or the next day." He convinced himself.

Suddenly, he felt a tingling situation. He looked down to see that his legs had become blue jeans. "Maybe there is a need to worry. Ugh, this is just like the Fenton Crammer incident besides that fact that I'm full size and I don't have Dash following me around."

Danny tried to turn himself invisible so that he could slip out undetected. He flickered tp invisiblity and then back into sight.

"What?! I can't turn invisible either?"

Danny quietly ran to the back door, careful not to be noticed by anyone who might be walking by. Luckily, no one did. He snuck out the door and took off. If he flew high enough, no one would notice him.

Danny felt the cool air on his face as the familiar sensation of flying took him over. The weightlessness felt amazing. Flying always seemed to calm whatever troubled him for a little while. He stared down into the safe city. It was so happy and calm. He didn't even realize that he was losing altitude until he hit a "Welcome to Amity Park" billboard. He smacked into the sign and bounced off, regaining his focus.

"I seriously need to watch where I'm going." He lectured himself. He brushed himself off.

"Hey, Danny Phantom! Say cheese!" Someone shouted.

"Huh?" Danny confusedly looked toward the voice. There was a photographer standing there with a big camera. It flashed and the light blinded Danny.

Danny shook his head to clear his vision. He searched for the photographer, but found no one.

"So much for going unnoticed." Danny moaned to himself, flying off once more.

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