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Disclimer: If I owned DP, you would know. There would be much more torture and pain.

Danny continued to look anywhere but her eyes. Even the floor had somehow become increasingly more interesting. Danny remained silent for a few moments before bringing his eyes to hers.

"Please don't tell." He begged.

"Huh?" Maddie asked in confusion.

"Please don't tell anyone that I have a human body temperature and I still have a beating heart. I'm already labeled a freak in the Ghost Zone because of it and I really don't need that here." He continued. It was mostly true. It wasn't specifically the beating heart and body temperature, it was still being half human. Even if they didn't figure out that he was half human, he'd still be considered a freak and tested on if word spread.

Maddie looked at the boy's sad and fearful face. It was tilted downward again. She had never seen Phantom like this before. Usually, he was so brave and he seemed almost invincible. He was always joking too; exchanging witty banter, making sarcastic side comments, or just in general. Right now, he seemed scared and helpless. Maddie felt kinda bad for the ghost-no, boy. He didn't seem like a ghost right now.

Maddie put her hand under his chin and tilted his head up toward hers. "I won't tell anyone." She assured with a kind smile. Danny answered it with a small smile of his own. She let her hand slide back out from under his chin.

"Thank you." He said appreciatively.

The nice moment was disrupted by loud footsteps bounding down the stairs.

"Maddie, Danny's gone!" Jack exclaimed in panic.

"What?!" She shouted in just as much alarm.

"I've looked everywhere for him, but he's just…!" Jack shouted.

Danny became nervous at hearing his parents like this, but an idea popped into his head.

"Did you look under his bed?" Danny asked the startled couple.

Jack gave him a weird look. "Why would he be under his bed?"

"Just try it, okay?" Danny insisted.

The confused couple ran up the stairs. Not a moment after they had left, Danny phased through the ceiling and hid under his bed, changing back to human. He pretended to be asleep when he heard his parents barge through the door.

"Danny?" Jack asked as looked under Danny's bed and surprisingly found his son sleeping there.

Danny pretended like he was waking up. "Hi, Dad." He greeted.

"Son, what are you doing under your bed?" Jack questioned.

"I must've fell off my bed and rolled under while I was sleeping." Danny guessed, exiting from under his bed.

"Oh, Danny, you worried us sick!" Maddie told her son while hugging him tightly.

"I guess that Phantom was right after all." Jack said with slight surprise.

Danny played his part. "Phantom?"

"We'll explain later, honey." Maddie told him. "Are you feeling better?"


Okay, done with this. Now I'm going to continue my series of stories that take place after PP.

1. Complicated Relationships

2. Walking in Eachother's Shoes.

3. Your Cheatin' Heart

The one I will be working on: Double Trouble.