Title: Different kind of Shot

Rating: I dunno yet…

Pairing: Mickie/Candice

Disclaimer: I don't own em… never will… that's that!

Summary: Response to a Mickie/Candice request… FEMSLASH… if you don't like Femslash… then don't read it…

"I wanted to tell you… I really did but I didn't want you to freak out… and have that ruin our friendship…" Mickie admitted, sitting next to her friend on her car.

"Me? Freak out?" Candice asked incredulously.

Mickie couldn't help the smile that played on her lips at the utterance of that statement.

"Ok… point taken…." She said. The likelihood of Candice freaking out about something like that was slim to none, after all, Candice was probably the most open minded chick she knew, sometimes even too open minded for some people's liking.

There were a few moments of somewhat comfortable silence before Mickie decided to break it.

"So, what exactly would you have done if I just came right out and said, 'Candice, I like you a lot, in a more than a friend sort of way'?" Mickie asked.

Candice stayed unusually quiet for a moment before replying,

"I would have done this…." And before Mickie could even react, a soft set of lips were pressed against hers firmly. She couldn't help but kiss back. She ran her tongue across Candice's full bottom lip, savoring the taste of her flavored lip gloss. The kiss was unlike anything she had even imagined and by the time it ended, Mickie couldn't hide the grin playing on her lips.

"Well… in that case…" She joked. "Candice, I like y-" Her sentence was cut short by Candice's lips, not that she minded.

"So, I'm gonna guess that means we're giving this relationship thing a shot…" Mickie said once their kiss had ended.

"Yea" Candice agreed, a smile playing on her lips. "Speaking of shots… About that title shot…"

This was definitely the start of an interesting relationship… inside the ring… and out…

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