(A/N: Because I'm an insane Goh fangirl and I just felt like writing this.)

Sake-Flavored Kiss

By Space Toaster

Getting into a nightclub was never a problem for him. All he had to do was look straight at the bouncer, and soon he was strolling in. Maybe it was his size, the scars, or the piercings, but whatever the reason, people knew not to screw with Goh Hinogami. The club was pretty big, bathed in blue lights that reflected off his pale skin. Pulsing dance music thudded out of the speakers. He left with a minor headache that night. He remembered what he ordered, Sake Screwdriver with no ice. The girl's name was Ruri. He wouldn't have noticed her if she didn't accidentally kick his seat. She wouldn't have looked as wicked if not for the buns in her hair, made to look like devil horns. There was also the cherry lollipop, which looked unintentionally phallic as she dipped it in her White Russian and contemplatively twirled it on her tongue. Her eyes flicked over to him, and they had stared at each other for a good long time. Somehow, they ended up leaving together, and now they were at his apartment with his hand up her shirt. She grabbed his head and kissed him. They tasted each others mouths; cherry, vodka and cream, sake and orange juice. Her sneaky fingers slipped into his leather coat to feel just how many scars he had. With a soft growl he bit her shoulder and rolled on top of her.

Ruri woke up with Goh's arm draped across her stomach. Cautiously, she slipped out from underneath. He grunted in his sleep and rolled over. She slipped out of his bed and into his bathroom to take a look at herself. Her hairstyle had half-collapsed, so she undid the remaining 'devil horn'. Her lips looked bruised and her neck had faint bite marks on it. And there was a scratch on her chin where his labret spike poked her. She tiptoed back into his room and went around finding her clothes. Now dressed, she snuck over to his bed. He didn't seem quite as…threatening when he was sleeping. She bent down to softly kiss him on the vein in the middle of his forehead. Then she swiftly made her exit, stopping only to leave a note on the coffee table.

"[Phone number

Call me!

Ruri "

As she walked down the hall, she could taste his sake-flavored kiss on her lips.