I'm typing these as I wrote them out because there was this really big plunny holding a big plot stick to beat me with if I didn't write and type it up exactly as they said to...
So any bad fanfic writing is blamed on the plunnies. They wouldn't let me edit.
(Yes, Plunny, I know you want things your way. I just think that I could...nevermind, it's going to be your way. \eyes Plot Stick warily\)

Should anyone get ideas for their own fics from any of these, take off with it. Just let me know if you're going to use one of my plunny-fics in a fic. I'd like to get credit for what you take, and would like to see the fic you put it in.


Shinichi: Why do I have to do the disclaimer?

Kiritsu: Because we all know you'll actually mean it. And you lost the coin toss to Saguru-kun and Heiji-kun. And we have to have one of you detectives do it because nobody will believe Kaito-kun.

Shinichi: Kiritsu-neechan doesn't own Detective Conan or Magic Kaito. She just borrows us.

Kiritsu: See, that wasn't that hard. \dodges soccer ball aimed at her head\

Kaito: Hey, I don't mind being borrowed...as long as I get returned.

Kiritsu: I'll return you. ...eventually...

\Kaito gets wary look\

Kaito: I think I'll be going now...Ehhhh?! Where did these handcuffs come from?

Kiritsu: \snickers while dangling the keys to the handcuffs\

Kaito: \grumbles choice words learned from Nakamori-keibu during heists while picking the locks to the handcuffs\


I know this one got some ideas from another fic I read...I just don't know which one, or I'd give credit.

"Moshi moshi."


"Agasa-hakase? What's up?"

"\sigh\ I have some bad knews, Shinichi. Ai was hit by a car on her way back from the store. The driver was drunk, and it is believed that she died when she was hit"

"Ai...is dead?"

"I will continue working on the antidote, but it will be slower without her."

"Don't bother."


"It's hightly unlikely we'll find the antidote without her. Kudo Shinichi will die, and Edogawa Conan will stay."

"If you're sure."

"I am. Oh, Ran's coming. Bye, Hakase."

"Goodbye, Shinichi"


"Conan-kun? Who was that?"

"Agasa-hakase. He was calling to tell me-tell me that Ai-chan died."


"She was hit by a car."

"Oh, Conan-kun..."

\that night\ (see also: plunny didn't tell me what happened in between)

"Moshi moshi."



"Agasa-Hakase called and told me what happened. Is Conan ok?"

"As well as he can, after his friend died. Are you going to be coming back now?"

"I...Ran, I won't be coming back."

"What! Why-"

"Please, Ran, listen. You remember when I ran off at Tropical Land? I saw one of the guys in black from the rollercoaster blackmailing someone. His friend snuck up on me and I was knocked out. They fed me some kind of poison. As far as they know, I'm dead. I barely survived, and it's still in my system. My 'case' is trying to bring these guys down, while others with me search for a cure. The few times you've seen me were when we thought we'd found the cure. They were all only temporary. I left whenever the pain started to come back because I didn't want you to see me like that."

"You-you're not-"

"I'm dying, Ran. I've been told it won't be much longer, now. They gave me one last temporary cure so that I could call you and not be in pain."


"\real-sounding-but-fake gasp of pain\ Damnit, looks like it's wearing off. I never got to say this before, something always seemed to come up whenever I tried... Ran, I love you."

"I love you too, Shinichi."



"... I wish I could be there, Ran. I'm sorry."

"It's ok. I love you."

"I love you too. Goodbye."



"Oi, Kudo!"

"Kudo is dead."

"Eh? You're right there."

"Ai-chan is dead. Shinichi-niisan is dying. Ran-neechan is crying 'cause he told her. Me...I'm Edogawa Conan."

"Haibara died?"

"And with her, any true hope for a cure. Go away, Hattori."

I really hate sad plunnies. They make me write things like this that make me want to cry while I write them. Maybe I should grab my bat and see if I can keep the plunnies at bay with that...