Ok, this came about due to boredom and an icon that has Kid holding a sign that says 'Will pull any prank for your attention'

...actually, he might be right side up and holding the sign on its side if I pick 'up' by the direction of the bricks behind him...

Moving on.

Tai Kuroba, your review doesn't show your e-mail or I'd have sent this to you. But so's you know, Icka's fic is on her insanejournal (username-mischif). The one labeled 'Bait' is the one I was talking about.

Kaitou Kid: Can we get to the fic now?

Hakuba: Only after someone does the disclaimer.

Kaitou Kid: *smirk* Can I do the disclaimer?

Hakuba, Conan, and Heiji: NO!

Kaitou Kid: Why not?

Kiritsu: They don't trust you to do it right.

Kaitou Kid: All I was going to say was that you don't own us. You sometimes wish you did, and after seeing this fic I would love it if you did just long enough to let me do this, but sadly that won't happen.

Kiritsu: Good Job.

Hakuba: ...you let him?

Kiritsu: Hakuba, shut up, or I'll let him get revenge before the next story starts.


So Kid was bored.

Excruciatingly bored.

Keibu-san had started ignoring him, and wasn't even going to heists anymore!

This could NOT be allowed to continue. Keibu-san was extremely necessary to his plans.

Well, mostly necessary. Kid could have adjusted it for any of his Tantei's instead, but he prefered having the Keibu running the show.

So how was he going to get Keibu-san's attention if heists wouldn't do it anymore?


The next morning Nakamori-keibu found his office was neon pink, exept for a spot of white on his desk.

The white turned out to be a note.

Dear Keibu-san,

Hope you like the new look!

Kaitou Kid


There was a puff of smoke.

"You bellowed, Keibu-san?"


"You were ignoring me!"

...was Kid pouting? Kid would say no, but it certainly sounded like it to Nakamori.

Then Kid smirked and held up a sign 'Will do anything for your attention'. Then he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"#!$##$&%!#%^#ING KID!"


*snickers* Do I get too much enjoyment out of my character torture?

*ponders* Nah.

*goes back to laughing at their fate during the last two chapters*