Lily Evans Most Fabulous List Of Pet Names For James Potter

1. Big Head ( used 482 times since first year. )

2. Imbecilic Toe Rag ( used 523 times since third year. )

3. Obnoxious Moron ( used 87 times since this September )

4. Most Hideously Annoying Boy This Side Of The Equator ( used only until Professor McGonagall pointed out that Black was on this side as well )

5. Fat Head ( used more times than could count )

6. Rule Breaking Schmuck ( Used as often as humanely possible )

7. The Most Annoying Aggravation ( used while referring to when talking to friends )

8. Pain a la Potter ( used only when speaking in a French accent! )

9. Bothersome Bigot ( used after he is cruel to Slytherins )

10. Son of a----

" Hunny? "

Whipping around, James Potter almost dropped the old piece of parchment. Looking at him curiously was his wife of three years, Lily Evans.

" What is it that your holding James? " She asked, hands instantly finding there way onto her hips after she took in his guilty look.

" I... um, was just... CLEANING! Yes, I was just cleaning like you asked me too, so I... um. " James trailed off as Lily crossed across the room to see exactly what he was " cleaning " .

" Isn't this my old school trunk? " Lily murmured in surprise. " What would you be wanting with this? "

That was the precise moment she zeroed in on the piece of paper crumpled in his fist.

" Give it to me James. "

Knowing any effort to hide The List would be futile, he handed it over to his fiery wife.

Glancing at the title of the paper, Lily's eyes widened comically. Reading farther, Lily began to laugh, eye's glinting with tears of humor.

" You think that's funny do you? " Said James, trying to scowl but failing miserably ( due to the fact he was fighting a smile ).

" Oh yes, immensely. " Replied Lily, still giggling.

Giving up the his attempt at being annoyed, a small smile made it's way onto James' face. " Did you really need to write a whole list? "

" Oh yes! " Said Lily, nodding earnestly. " I made a lot of list's during my years at Hogwarts, and most of them were probably about you. "

James felt his jaw drop. " You wrote list's about me? ME? But... but you hated me! "

" Oh, yes I did. " Said Lily, but she was smiling. " But even then I was almost always thinking about you. "

She grin grew bigger at his gobsmacked look. She turned and slowly made her way toward their bedroom writing desk. Pulling out a rather battered purple quill from the drawer, she slowly wrote something on the old paper. Turning back around she folded the paper neatly in half, handed it to James, smiled at him shyly, and walked out the bedroom door.

Slowly, James pulled the paper apart, and looked downward towards the part that had been scratched out in Lily's favorite shade of blue ink.

Number ten was no longer the same rude " Pet Name " as before, but now read...

10. Father Of My Unborn Baby ( to be used only until said baby is born, then, it's going to be " Dad ". )

Staring at the paper for about two solid minutes before comprehending what it said, James let out a loud whoop of joy.

Racing into the living room to scoop a laughing Lily into his arms, the list lay forgotten on the floor.

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