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The Rush

I: Numb

Well, see...It's not something I can explain.

C'mon; you know the feeling, don'tcha, buddy? It's the kind of thing you experience without really thinking about it. I can't put it into words...

Meh...I'll try anyway.

Ya see, the only thing I really remember is the very beginning.

When the ring of Fractal Code appears, my hand...well, it feels like it's asleep, right? Only for a second, though, because then it goes numb, like the rest of my body.

I can only feel my right hand, the one that's holding the D-Tector. That and my hair whipping around my forehead and neck.

Even all that fades when that first burst of energy comes.

It's - I don't know. It's not painful, really. Well - heh - then again...

Electricity courses through my body, making me feel like a giant blob of energy.

No...not electricity.


It rages through me, giving me power, changing me from the inside out.

It's more energy than I've ever felt before. Or since.

More than I can contain.

Almost more than I can handle.

And as it overrides everything else, as I go completely numb, all I can think is...

Holy crap, what a rush!!

Since computers are being stupid and I don't have access to Word to work on my major projects, I thought I'd get up at least something to let you all know I'm still here. And, for some odd reason, I decided to try out drabbles. Basically, each chapter is going to be a drabble with one of the Frontier characters reflecting on some part of Spirit Evolving. So this drabble (in case you couldn't tell) was Takuya. (Oh, yeah. I'm not going to tell you who's talking until the end of each chapter, so tell me if I've got the voices down so you could tell who it was. And they won't all have an emphasis on their element. lol)

Anyway, I'll update ATTWT as soon as I possibly can!!

-Child of Healing

Word count: 200