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The Rush

VI: Enlightened

Sometimes I wonder if anyone else had the same experience as I did.

I'm sure they didn't. I always was the exception.

I guess, after being subject to Duskmon's will for so long, I was expecting something more than what I found.

The first time I evolved, I felt empty.

Maybe it wasn't a bad thing; after everything I'd been through, I should have been grateful.

But I wasn't.

I didn't miss my old Spirit, not after what I had done to Kouji and the others.

I just wanted more.

I wanted proof that darkness didn't have to be either pain and anger or an emotionless void.

But I found nothing.

The others got help from their Spirits when they first evolved. I got Duskmon.

The others got the Spirits' instinct for their first battle, to ease them into battle. I got Cherubimon.

The others got at least a sense of the integrity of their Spirit. I got nothing.

I couldn't stop searching.

As long as there was nothing, it seemed that Duskmon had been the true Warrior of Darkness.

I couldn't admit that.

I had to prove that my crusade wasn't fruitless.

Then, I found it.

Ironically, I found it when the need was least pressing – while fighting the Centarumon.

It started as a wisp of advice I knew hadn't come from me.

That was all it took.

A voice of encouragement, a rush of conviction…It all came like a whisper in the dark.

So, yeah. I've done Kouichi before, and it was kinda obvious he was the only one left, so I didn't bother hiding who it was. This was the easiest one (no surprise there…I AM obsessed with him!) and I'm fairly satisfied with how it turned out. I just had to keep it from getting too long…

Anyway, I'm planning a series of drabbles/onshots for 02 and Adventure, but I'm not going to promise when they'll come out. And to my ATTWT readers: I'm SO sorry about the wait; I'll update as soon as I get time!!

-Child of Healing

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