Summary: What happens when you lock characters of Bleach and Naruto in a room? Complete and utter chaos. Come see for yourself!

Dragon: Okay, I'm doing this fan fiction with my friend, GaaraFangirl90, GFg90 for short. And I have to ask you something GFg90.

GFg90: What?! Whatwhatwhat?!

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The Bleached Room of Fishcakes

Chapter 1

The Room

A large empty white room lays untouched, yet is in perfect condition. Then, for the first time in ages, the quiet has been disturbed. Two cloaked figures entered. One wore a silver number 1 on its cloak, and the other a number 2. Both of their faces are hidden by the hood of their cloak

"This looks like the perfect place." Number 1 spoke, obviously with a female's voice.

"Yes, perfect," replied the second one, also with a feminine voice.

"We need to install the equipment"

"Shouldn't take long."

"Well if it doesn't take long you can install all the stuff and I'll sit here and relax."

"My outfit needs washing, it got muddy. In a place you can't see. Yeah."

"Okay Diedara, but how could it have gotten muddy if we didn't go in any mud?"

The second figure pouted. "It got muddy yesterday."

"So you mean your wearing the same thing you did yesterday?"

"I dropped it."

"You should have worn something else. Now let's get to work."

Later that day, the same two figures were in the newly-built control room. It has a lot of buttons, switches, flashy lights, and other control stuff. Along with room service. Free room service. That was brought to the room by Abel Nightroad, trying to get some money. Who obviously missed the part where the room service was free.

"Now," Number 1 started, "You can go first Number 2."

The second figure looked ecstatic for a moment, then calmed down. Her finger then started moving dramatically towards the 'FISHCAKE' button, then poked it tentatively a few times before finally pressing it.

All the sudden in the room below, that can be seen though a large window, the sound of 21 soda cans opening at once went ringing throughout the room. At the same time, white smoke clouded it from view momentarily before clearing to show multiple ninja standing in the previously empty area. They looked around in confusion.

"WHAT'S GOING ON DATTEBAYO!" A certain eyesore yelled. (And if you can't figure out who that is we really pity you.)

The black-eyed boy standing next to him grimaced and covered his ears. The pink-haired girl slapped the first genin on the back of his head. "Shut up already, Naruto!" she whined. Behind them, the man reading his favorite orange book merely sighed, then turned the page.

Across the room, Lee was making vows to himself. "I SHALL FIND OUT WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR YOUTHFUL SELVES! I SHALL BE WITH GAI-SENSEI ONCE MORE!" And indeed, there was only one in the room who had such large eyebrows. Both of his team mates just shook their heads and wandered off towards everyone's favorite genius, pineapple hea- erm, Shikamaru.

The genius was with his pals, Ino-pig (Pig? What? I said nothing.) and Choji. They had already received an explanation of what had happened, and sat down near a corner of the room, talking to each other. As Tenten and Neji approached, so did Hinata, Shino, and Kiba (plus Akamaru, of course).

Shikamaru looked at them and muttered something like 'troublesome' under his breath. "So, you want an explanation too." It was a statement, not a question. "Fine. Well, so I don't spend much time explaining, we were brought here by some extra-dimensional force. It seems there's someone behind it, and I'd like to know who and why."

"…that's your explanation?" Kiba asked. "Pretty short." Pineapple he- sorry, my tongue slipped, Shikamaru just shrugged.

Nearby, Kankuro and Temari were doing there best to hold Gaara still. He had been transported to the room without his gourd, and that was just pure luck for everyone in there. Yashamaru was standing very, very still, remembering what had happened upon his death. He had no intention of dying again, and he would stay alive as long as he was away from his nephew. Even if that happened to be a few meters.

Tsunade and Jiraiya were chatting with each other off to the side, even having Tsunade slap the frog sage across the face a few times. Tayuya was talking to anyone she passed by, with many beeping noises coming from her mouth. Cussing was censored in that room… how will Tayuya survive?

Haku was merely looking through the window at the cloaked figures, carefully observing their every move. He was going to find a way out of this for sure and roam once again among the living! Mwahahahaha!

"OKAY! NOW IT'S MY TURN!" Everyone in the white room, even Gaara, stopped what they were doing and looked at the clocked figure that made the sudden outburst.


"TIME TO BRING IN THE SHINIGAMI!" Number 1 yelled a little to enthusiastically. "And the…err…OTHER PEOPLE!"

"…" Everyone, including number 2, just stared as number 1 slammed her hand eagerly on a big white button. Then, the sound of 21 soda cans closing (is that even possible?) echoed in the room as a cloud of black smoke clouded everything from view.

"…cough, cough…What the hell!" Our favorite carrot top yelled. "What the hell is going on!?"

"Hey look Ichigo," Rukia said as she pointed to part of the black cloud of smoke, "that cloud looks like Chappy!"

"Hey it does!" Free-loader said to Rukia.

"Hm…I wonder what's going on." Ishida said to Chad.

"…" was Chad's response.

"Aw…" Orihime said while sighing. "I was just about to eat ice cream with mustard and pickles on top!"

All of the unfortunate, I mean, fortunate souls who have experienced Orihime's cooking (excluding Matsumoto), Tatsuki, Hitsugaya, Ikkaku, and Yumichika, shuddered of the thought.

Matsumoto ran up to Orihime and said, "Your taste it as exquisite as ever Orihime!"

Tatsuki stepped in-between Orihime and Matsumoto, I mean, someone that likes Orihime's cooking must be a little messed up in the head. "Who are you!? How do you know Orihime!?"

"It's okay Tatsuki, she is my friend."

Mean while over where Shiro-chan and Bya-kun are…

"What do you think we should do caption Kuchiki?" Hitsugaya asked.


"Oy, Shiro-chan!" Hinamori yelled running over to Hitsugaya. "What's going on?"

Hitsugaya's vein popped and he was about to correct his dear friend, but he was cut off by a hysterical fit of laughter coming from a Kurosaki. "'Shiro-chan'?" Karin said as she wiped tears from her eyes, and once again, Hitsugaya's vein popped.

Mean while, were our favorite squad 11 members are…

"Hey, Shiny Head! You head is shinier than normal!" Yachiru said happily while sitting on Kenpachi's head.

"What did you say!?" Ikkaku yelled.

"Yah know…" Yumichika said looking at Ikkaku's head. "I have to agree with vice-caption."


"Ken-chan." Yachiru said looking at the side of the room were the Naruto characters are.

"What is it Yachiru?"

"My pervert senses are tingling!"

As Yachiru said that a certain shinigami caption who was talking to his white haired friend sneezed. And also at the same time a masked ninja who was reading a book sneezed. And also at the same time as that an old man who was getting a betting by Tsunade sneezed.

"So, caption what do you think happened?" Yumichika asked.

"Don't know."

"Well," Ikkaku said, "what ever happened, it's his fault!" Ikkaku yell as he pointed to Hanataro.

"M-my fault?" Poor Hanataro stammered. "W-why is it my fault?"

"Because you're a squad 4 member, and clumsy!"

"Now, now," Mr. Hat-n-Clogs said in his usual cheerful tone "that wasn't very nice of you."

"Well, do you have a better explanation?" Ikkaku asked.

"Why, yes, I do!" Urahara said as he whipped out his fan. "It seems as though we had been teleported somewhere in the materiel world!"

"Well that's great!" Ichigo said sarcastically. "Now what are we going to do if some Arrancar attack Karakura?"

"Well, it could be worse."


Urahara closed his fan and pointed at the Naruto characters (who by the way, were staring at the newcomers) "We could have been transported to another dimension like those people over there!" All of the Bleach characters' heads turned to see the Naruto characters. (They didn't notice them before Urahara pointed them out.

"Indeed." A black cat said.

All of the Naruto characters' jaws dropped, even Gaara's, and they were all thinking, 'Did that cat just talk!?'


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