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Note: This story has been simmering in my mind ever since I read DH, especially since DH proved my entire other series completely against canon grimaces and mutters under breath. I'm a triplet, so when JKR killed off Fred, it was almost a physical blow to me. I understand the connection between multiples, and for her to kill off a twin….well, I can't even imagine George's pain. I have a character that I've meant for George all along, so I'm going to start out telling her story, and then eventually weave George in. Have patience. This is George's story, and it's also a part of Wren's story. I hope to eventually be able to tell you a lot more about her. This will just contain some snapshots of her years at Hogwarts, but after a couple chapters of that, it'll mostly be about George. Please, please, I beg on bended knee, review. I'll be much more likely to update with encouragement. All flames will be fed to Fluffy, though, so beware. His three heads are hungry.



I wish I could have been there to see it, that bright day. She's described it to me so many times that I almost feel as if I was truly there, but deep down I know I wasn't. Our story begins on a sunshiny day in Ireland, on the walkway leading down from a cottage towards the sea. The door opens, and a small girl, about eleven years old, runs out. She wasn't exactly a pretty girl; she had wild, curly hair that was light brown in color, and her feet were too big for her body. Still, she had enormous emerald eyes, and her slightly crooked smile was always coming readily to her face.

In her hand the girl clutched a crumpled letter that was as yet unopened. The envelope, lying forgotten on the ground behind her as she whirled away, was addressed to Miss Wren Gallagher, Ainmire, County Kerry, Ireland. Running on the rocky ground of the partly island town couldn't have been easy, but Wren had grown up there. She knew that place like it was her own backyard, which it practically was.

Finally reaching her favorite rocky crag by the pounding sea that she loved so well, Wren dropped down on a rock and ripped open her letter with trembling fingers. I know of her excitement. Every student that had ever received a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had felt that way; the quivering anticipation, spiced with a hint of fear and uncertainty.

Finally getting a hold of herself, Wren opened the letter, where it said the words that she had waited so many years to see.

Dear Miss Gallagher,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry…

The rest, as they say, was history. The following information of sending a reply by owl, the enclosed booklist, none of it meant anything to Wren after having read that first glorious sentence. "Jesus, Mary and Joseph," she said in her lilting Irish brogue. "I did it. I got in. Praise the saints!" She couldn't say anything else through her joy. Finally, she couldn't contain herself any longer. Placing the precious letter carefully under a rock, Wren jumped fully clothed into the sea. She had spent just as much time in the water as out of it, and was as comfortable as a mermaid, whether it be spring or winter. Water was water, especially when it was the beloved salty waves of her Irish home.

The sun was setting before she got out, dripping, and sat down to watch the fiery display in the sky. Then, Wren walked home, almost dry and completely at her ease in the darkness. The villagers of Ainmire still scorned overuse of electric lights; the wizard inhabitants preferred wands, while the Muggles went so far as to use oil lamps, although that trend was slowly fading away.

I will take a moment now and describe Wren's family, and some of her past. Wren is the daughter of Eamon and Taryn Gallagher. Eamon Gallagher is a wizard, who works as a Healer at St. Mungo's in the permanent spell damage department. Taryn Gallagher is a Muggle who met Eamon when he was home on vacation during his third year at Hogwarts. After spending subsequent vacations together, they eventually fell in love and married three years after Eamon's graduation from Hogwarts. While he was not yet a fully qualified Healer, they managed beautifully. They kept their home in Ireland while Eamon Apparated to work every day.

After Eamon had been qualified, they were blessed with a son, whom they named Devlin. Devlin's eleventh birthday came and passed without a word from Hogwarts, so his parents were left to assume that he was without magical powers. He is currently attending a local school called "Bremington High," where he plays on the football (American soccer) team.

Three years after Devlin's birth, the family was blessed with the arrival of Wren. Wren was early thought to be a Muggle, but on her sixth birthday her first show of magic was shown when the doll she was given did not have right color hair for Wren's preference, and it suddenly changed to red. Healer Gallagher was thrilled at this, overjoyed to know that one of his children would be able to follow in his footsteps at Hogwarts. It was also Wren's dearest ambition, as she wished to one day follow in her father's footsteps and become a Healer.

In personality, Wren could be a dichotomy. One side of her was very quiet, especially when she stood out by the sea. She said then that she preferred to allow the sea to speak, and she would listen with respect. The other side spoke of her true Irish heritage, which means that she has a fiery temper and an iron sense of right and wrong.

As she walked back to her home, Wren wondered what her parents would say as to her earning a place at Hogwarts. Even more, she thought about her older brother, Devlin. They were especially close, and it would be difficult to leave home for ten months out of the year while he remained behind. Would he be angry over her being a witch and him not being a wizard? It was a troubling thought.

The cottage poured out light from its lamps. Because Mr. Gallagher was the only trained magical person in the family, they usually lived as Muggles. The only time that Wren could ever remember being affected by the wizarding world was when she had broken her arm when she was four, and her father healing with his wand. So while she wasn't technically a Muggleborn, the wizarding world still held many wonders and mysteries that she had only dreamed of before.

"Wren!" The girl smiled as she heard her mother calling for her, and quickened her step. When she reached the door, she saw Taryn beckoning her to come in. "Come on, lovey! I'm dying to hear your news, that's for sure. Come along!"

After barely having stepped foot into the house, Wren's redheaded mother nearly attacked her. "Well? What news? Did ye get in?"

"Whoa, Mam!" Wren laughed. "Here, its letting you read the letter, I will be, but not until Dad gets in. Is he on his way home?"

Her mother nodded emphatically. "Sure to be along any minute, and that's the pure truth of it. Ahh!" she said brightly, as a loud crack went through the air. They were used to the father and head of the home appearing out of thin air. Eamon's very demeanor crackled with excitement as he looked expectantly at his daughter and wife. His thatch of hair was blond, and brown eyes twinkled.

"They said at work that the letters had gone out today. No secrets, mind! Wren, tell your dad if there's news before I set fire to the house by mistake!"

Wren surrendered her letter to her parents, and turned away to hide her proud grin. It wasn't proper to be feeling all bigheaded, it being a sin and all. But she wasn't disappointed with the reaction of her parents. "Wren!" "Lovey, you did it! Knew you could!" Laughing, the grownups took their daughter into their arms and laughed.

Devlin came in to see what the excitement was about, and Wren, fearful what her parents might say, said softly, "I got into Hogwarts, brother. Be you happy for me?"

A few emotions crossed Devlin's face. The first was jealousy, then shame. But they were soon overpowered by pride and happiness for his sister. "Course I am, sister! It's a bit of a shock, to be sure, but I'm sure I'll be getting over it soon enough. Me little sister, a witch! Sounds dreadful evil, don't it?" He laughed teasingly, and the rest of the family laughed with him. Wren felt immeasurably relieved. Perhaps there wouldn't be a row between the siblings after all.

And so that's how it was in a cottage in Ireland after Wren Gallagher received her letter from Hogwarts. As for the rest? Well, I guess you'll just have to come back, won't you?