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Tsubasa: Wings of Destiny

"C'mon, Syaoran-kun, let's go!"

"Umm...won't someone be mad if they find us playing in the castle?"

"'Course not, this is where I live, silly!"

"Oh, right..."


"I told you, no titles with us, Syaoran."

"Right, Princess. I-I mean-"




Syaoran lay awake. They were in another world. Sakura was returning more and more like herself with every passing day. She only needed about four or five more feathers. Needless to say, deep inside, Syaoran was fighting with himself. She'd never remember him...but they could just always build up another relationship...but they'd have to draw the line somewhere. He sighed. Fai and Kurogane were scanning the area with Mokona. Sakura had just regained another feather, and she had yet to wake up. Syaoran watched her as she slept.


Sakura was watching another memory she'd just gotten back with the help of her friends.

"I hope ---------- gets off work so...so that I can tell him...that I...love him...with all my heart."

"Uh, Princess? What are you doing here?" the voice was unfamiliar...distorted...

"This here..." she knelt down, after looking at an empty space, "I saw it last night."



Sakura's eyes opened. She was met by Syaoran's amber ones. He smiled, "Finally awake?"

"Y-yes...Are we in another world now?" Sakura sat up, wrapping her cloak close around her.

"Yes, while you were sleeping."

Sakura frowned, "Everything always happens when I'm asleep."

"Well, not much has happened now. Fai-san and Kurogane-san with Mokona are searching to see if we're anywhere near civilization."

Sakura looked at her surroundings, seeing they were in the middle of a desert-like area. A little ways off, there was an oasis. She cocked her head. Syaoran noticed her look, "Something wrong, Your Highness?"

"No...it just...looks like where I used to live. My world in the country of Clow." Sakura informed him. Then, she turned to him, "You never told me where you stayed in Clow before!"

"Umm...to-to tell you the truth, Princess, I don't really...remember...it was a LONG time ago." Syaoran stuttered.

"Hmm...you know, Syaoran-kun..." Sakura looked away, "Out of all the memories I've gotten back, you, Fai-san, or Kurogane-san have been in them. Is it true that I didn't know you before, or have I really met you for only a small amount of time-"

Syaoran caught her as she collasped. Her eyes glazed, then went back to their jade color. "Wha-what's...what was I saying?"

"...You were asking where Fai-san, Kurogane-san, and Mokona went."

"...I was?"



Fai looked around, "Well, I think we've gone far enough. Let's head back. It's starting to get dark."

"I hope you two aren't scared, scared, scared of the dark!" Mokona squealed.

Kurogane glared at the creature, "I'm ready to rip you to shreds."

"Oh, no! Fai, a monster is stalking me in the dark!" Mokona ran and hid behind Fai.

"Who are you calling a monster?!" Kurogane barked, unsheathing his sword.

"Hey, look over there. Lights." Fai pointed.

"Huh?" Kurogane looked at where the magician was pointing, and there were faint lights off in the distance. Fai turned and looked at the setting sun, then back at the lighted area, "I'm gonna say that looks like south to me."

"Eh, whatever. We'll look more tomorrow. Let's go back." Kurogane turned, following back his tracks.

A couple minutes later, Sakura and Syaoran saw the three approaching from the light of their fire. Syaoran inquired, "Anything?"

"A lighted place, south. A long ways off." Fai told them.

Kurogane grumbled, "Can't Whitey just fly us over there?"

"No, no, no way!" Mokona frowned, "Too much weight!"

Fai grinned, "I think he was talking to you, Daddy."

"I TOLD YOU TO STOP WITH THAT!!" Kurogane drew his sword again, raising it.

"Oh, no!" Fai ran, "Daddy's mad!"

"No, I'll protect you, Mother Fai!" Mokona puffed its small chest out.

Kurogane picked up Mokona, "I'll start with you."

Sakura and Syaoran blinked.


The next morning, they all awoke in the extreme heat. They began walking south, using the sun to determine their direction. Fai rubbed the sweat off his head, "Man, is it hot, or what?"

Sakura, Syaoran, and Kurogane looked at him, "Not really."

He pouted. "Well, I'm from a cold country, so this is all new to me!"

"What? Working up a sweat?" Kurogane raised an eyebrow.

"The hhheeeaaatttt!!!" Fai dramatically put a hand over his heart.

The ninja smacked his head, "Let's just leave him."

"Hey, I think I see something!" Sakura squinted, hoping to break up the small argument.

"Where at?" Syaoran looked at the direction she was looking. In the distance, still a ways off, was the small form of a town. "Oh, I see it, now. Looks like a village or something."

They got closer to it, and Kurogane murmured, "Looks like a little bigger than a village."

"I'm going to guess a small kingdom." Fai wiped his hand across his head again.

Sakura pointed out when they were really closer, "I think I see something beyond it...something big."

"Mokona see it, too!" Mokona Modoki chirped, "It's really big! B-I-G!"

Kurogane pulled Mokona off his shoulder by his ears, "You know...the more I listen to you, the more I'm ready to kill you."

"Kuro-Daddy already said that!"


"Halt, who goes there?!"

Before they knew it, the group of four (five, including our fav Mokona) was surrounded by many people with spears. They wore the same desert clothes as Sakura and Syaoran. "Who are you?" one spoke. "Speak up!"

"Lower your weapons!" came a voice from the back of the surrounders. A familiar silver-head and golden-eyed man made his way to the front.

Syaoran and Sakura stared as he stared back.

Then, they all exploded at once, their voices getting mixed up.





They pointed, mouths gaping, eyes blinking. Fai decided to burst in on the awkward silence, "So...you know this man, Syaoran-kun? Sakura-chan?"

"My high priest!" Sakura smiled, then ran into Yukito's arms, "I missed you so much, Yukito-san!"

"Princess Sakura?...Syaoran, I hope you're going to explain this."



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