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Chapter 12

Sakura slowly awoke. She was bandaged up and her wounds felt like they were still stinging. She had made it...she had successfully finished the price for Yuko. Now, everyone's debt's were paid off. Everyone's except...

Her eyes searched for Kurogane. He had been subjected to a horrible fate. "Game." That was what they were calling him. Now that Fai was a vampire...he had to have "game." She spotted...Syoaran over in a corner of the room, his injured leg stretched out, but his left leg remained pulled up to him. To Sakura, he seemed asleep. She had heard the tale..if Syaoran was a blood heir to Clow Reed, her father...was he related to her? If so, how? Was he a brother? Distant cousin? Her wounds were still stinging and were bandaged. She found that she couldn't move all that well. All she could do was move her head around. Appearantly, Fai had seen her, and walked up to the bedside from another room. He sat down, "Sakura-chan...daijoubou?"

"Hai...I'm fine. How about you?" Sakura gave him a weak smile.

Kero popped up into her view, "You worried us half to death! I mean, when you came stumbling up like that...I could already hear Toya and Yue..." the creature of Clow shivered.

Sakura wanted to give a small chuckle, but her pain was at a high level. She groaned, "Kero...my head...it hurts."

"I'll be right back, then-" Kero was about to fly off when Fai shook his head, "I'll go. Satsuki needed to check up on you, anyway."

The vampire/wizard stood up and fumbled with his eyepatch on the way out of the room. Sakura finally caught sight of Kurogane standing at the doorway. "Kurogane-san..." she choked out, "How is your back?"

"It's fine. Nothing serious," Kurogane said shortly.


"Nakuru, are you ever going to stop calling me 'Souppy?!'"

"Never! I can't call you by your real name!"

"Oh, indeed. We all know how tragic THAT would be!"

"Spinel Sun. That doesn't exactly sound normal!"

"Nor does SOUPPY!!"

"Oh, shut up! Don't complain! We need to get to the sama's daughter! Sakura-hime! As I heard from sama, she's absolutely..."



"Oh, get a grip, Nakuru."


Fai stood outside after having gotten Satsuki so she could check up on Sakura. He sighed.

"About Kurogane..."

"We've talked. I said, 'Good morning, Kurogane!"

"...That was your response?"

"At first, just like Syaoran-kun, Sakura-chan, and Mokona...I intended to call him by his name, but...it was so much more fun to get him angry at all the nicknames I gave him. I doubt anyone had given him a nickname before in his life. It was so fun...that I didn't realize that I was stepping over a line I had drawn for myself. That's why I can never forgive him for deciding I had to live. If I forgive him, we might get close again."

"What happened didn't happen because you two spent time together."

"Even so, I don't want to make anyone unhappy anymore. Those words I said when King Ashura finally drew me out...I don't want them to become a lie."

"Fai...There's one thing you need to remember. To all the young ones in your group, you are no longer someone who passes through their lives and is forgotten. You have become someone very important to them. Your hardships are their hardships, too."

I understand what Yuko-san is saying...demo...

"...and I said to forget it!"

Fai frowned and looked upward, seeing a young woman with long brown hair and light brown eyes landed before him. On her shoulder was a small black creature, similar to Kero. He glared and prepared for battle, "Who are you?"

"Oh! You ARE as good-looking as sama described!!" the girl beamed.

The creature sighed, "Nakuru, get ahold of yourself. Fai-san, was it? We're here to see the hime. Sakura-hime."

"What do you want with her?"

"We're on special orders to protect her."

"And who is your master?"

"His name is Clow Reed."

"...Clow Reed?! Isn't he-?"

"Yes," Nakuru nodded, "Sakura-hime and King Toya's father."

Fai studied them carefully, then said, "...Follow me."

Fai led them inside, passing by many of the people who were moving into the building from the tower. He led them into the room. Kurogane glanced up, and inquired, "Who're they?"

They introduced themselves. The girl smiled, "Hey there! I'm known as Nakuru!" She pointed to the black Kero, "And this is Souppy."

The creature sighed in annoyance, but gave up. Kero leapt off of the bed, flapping his wings, "Whoa! What're you two doing here?!"

"Ah. Cerberus. Pleased to see you again," Souppy nodded his head in acknowledgement.

"Spinel Sun...and Ruby Moon. How long has it been?"

"Not as long as you think, Cerberus," Nakuru grinned, poking him.

Fai looked down at the sleeping Syaoran, who still hadn't woken up. "He must be worn out."

Kurogane, not having heard Fai's comment, "What do they want?"

"They say they're here to protect Sakura-chan. They were sent from Clow Reed."

Kero's eyes widened. "...Sama?! He's not alive! We watched him die, Yue and I!"

"He's still here spiritually, Cerberus," Souppy explained, "And he still gives us orders."

"My...otou-sama?" Sakura repeated weakly from the bed.

Nakuru walked over and leaned down next to her. She nodded, "Yes, Sakura-hime." She then examined her before taking her left hand. Nakuru closed her eyes, and a gentle light from Nakuru's body flew into Sakura's. The hime's wounds instantly began to heal, and Sakura's head didn't feel as light. She realized that her pain deceased. Nakuru gave a tired sigh of relief, and stood, "Does that feel better?"

"...Hai," Sakura sat up, and looked up at Nakuru, "Arigato, Nakuru-san."

"How'd you do that?" Kurogane demanded.

"Magic, black-san."

Kurogane instantly fumed, and Souppy apologized, "I'm sorry. Nakuru is always..."

"Cute?!" Nakuru offered, her face dead serious.

"A little messed up, is what I'm thinking of," Souppy nodded.

Nakuru pounded the black Kero into the wall near Syaoran. Once he'd heard the small thud, Syaoran's eyes opened. He looked at Souppy, who lay beside him, clearly in pain. He looked confused at once. Fai quickly told him what was happening, and he understood.

Mokona called upon Yuko once again, and she began talking about Fei-Wang Reed, who was behind everything that'd happened since the begin of the dimension-hopping travelers' journey. Once they all agreed to go, Nakuru and Souppy worked out a deal with Yuko so that they could travel with the group as well. But what it was, they would tell no one.


Home is behind

The world ahead

"Any strange occurances...well, there's a lot goin' on in this country lately. Anything specific?"

"Strong powers, someone randomly gaining power, anything like that?"

"No, sorry."

"Okay...I'm sorry to bother you."

"No trouble at all."

Sakura looked around with a fierce determination. Ever since "Tokyo", she had never been the same. She was stronger, and was always trying too hard for anything. They'd arrived in the country of Hortrenia, a place with wars happening everywhere. For land, control, and power. There was hardly anything beautiful left in the country because everything had been destroyed by the wars. Mokona had sensed a feather, and they were now searching for it in the small city they landed in. So far, no one had any luck. Sakura was now having to wear a brace on her right leg. Even though Nakuru healed Sakura, she had still lost the use in her leg. Sakura rarely ever laughed anymore, smiling only for Mokona. Kero and Souppy, worried about her condition, followed her everywhere they could, Nakuru giving the hime her own space. So, she often tried to cheer up the others.

"So, tell me, black-san," she directed at Kurogane, who glared in return, "what do you like to do to pass time?"

Mokona joined in with Nakuru, giving her a smile. "Kurogane likes to drink! So does Syaoran!"

Syaoran turned to face them, hearing his name in the conversation. As if reminded by a recent event, he turned away, a light blush on his cheeks. Kurogane scoffed, "What's it to you, anyway?"

"Well, I must learn more of my companions, shouldn't I?" the female gave a huff.

"Tell me, girl-"


"Girl," Kurogane insisted, "why are you hanging around?"

"Because I must be prepared to sacrifice my life for Sakura-hime!"

"Then why aren't you with the hime?"

"Oh, black-san! You do not understand women, do you? Sakura-hime may force a smile for you every now and then, but she is still suffering. She needs her space!"

Kurogane grunted, Sakura, Kero, and Souppy returning to the group. "No one over there has heard of anything," she reported grimly.

"Daijoubou, Sakura-chan," Fai assured. "Someone soon will report something."

Suddenly, a frantic man in uniform ran into the restaurant, yelling at the top of his lungs, "Minna-san, run! The Nagaths are coming! Run to the nearest shelter - a few miles outside of town!" And with that, he ran from the building, screaming the news everywhere.

And there are many paths to tread

Through shadow

Instantly, people began panicking. They all began screaming, grabbing the hands of their families and friends, and running. The time-traveling group stayed together, but waited until the crowd cleared out from the building. Syaoran said above the noise, "I heard from someone that the Nagaths are apparantly demons from the underworld."

"They believe that stuff?" Kero scoffed.

"Well, Cerberus, if black creatures of legend becoming running amuck in the streets, I think I'd believe, too!" Nakuru snapped.

"Mokona doesn't think that the Nagath people will be here any time soon," Mokona bluntly said.

"What makes you say that?" Fai inquired.

"I feel a feather. From that direction." Mokona pointed to the opposite flow of the screaming crowd. "Only it's stopped moving."

Sakura yelped with surprise as the crowd began to drag her along. Syaoran quickly latched on to her hand, balancing her. Sakura attempted to let go, but Syaoran held tighter. They patiently waited on the crowd to thin out to nothingness, and they began walking towards the direction of the feather's waves. They twisted and turned in and around buildings. They came to a line of soldiers and hid from them, knowing that if they were seen, they'd be forced to leave. Fai leaned against the building they were hiding behind in thought. Then, he looked at Mokona. "Mokona, would you please give me Sohi?"

"Ano...hai." Mokona opened his mouth, allowing Sohi to fly from it. Fai took it from him, then turned to Kurogane.

"Your hand, onegai."

Kurogane hesitantly held his hand out to the wizard. Fai drew magical symbols around his hand, and Sohi was sucked into it. Kurogane looked questionably at the wizard from Seresu. Fai explained with a slight smirk. "Just in case we get separated. You wouldn't want to be without your sword. You can summon it easily. Just as Syaoran-kun uses to draw his magic sword from his hand."

And so, they all settled in, waiting.

To the edge of night

Until the stars are all alight




"I've had enough! I want to die! If I die, then Yui can get out of here! If we aren't twins, he can live! I want to die! I want to die! I want to die! I want to die! I want to die! But before that, I want someone to...I want someone to...save Yui. He needs to be saved!"

"Assume that there was a method to bring the dead back to life. Would you do it?"

"Bring Fai back..."



Mist and shadow

Cloud and shade

Fai flew up, breathing heavily, beads of sweat on his brow. He tried to catch his breath, remembering his nightmare. He sighed when he realized that it was a dream and nothing more.


It was more...

Much more...

Much more than a dream. It was his past. One he would not speak of. He glanced to the right and saw that Kurogane was still awake, his back turned, murmuring with Mokona. Fai felt so guilty inside. Things between Kurogane and Mokona were always amusing, but the two were developing a true friendship. All mostly because of...

"If I had waited a few more moments, he would've been dead. Besides...I don't know what the witch was thinking...but I had to trust in that thing over there and ask the witch to save him. I trust that thing."


All shall fade

All shall...

But Fai knew. He knew that things would take too much time before they were repaired between he and Kurogane. Especially when he found out about...


Iie! Fai shook his head painfully, wanting the memory of him to erase.


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