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Good-bye my love

There's only one thing that I have loved as much as I love Edward. And that's volleyball. It was my life. And it's the reason I moved. You see, I was a freshman at my old high school in Arizona. The first and only freshman on the varsity team. Everyone's dream...not. All of the girls on the freshman and JV team were jealous of me; and no one would stop talking about the freshman who made the varsity team. My only friends were the girls from my team. And they barely counted as friends...they were merely teammates.

I know I know, it's harsh...but they thought the same thing about me. Anyway, I played outside hitter. Yeah I know, how's a girl that's barely 5.5 feet tall play a position meant for a 6 foot player? Easy...have an amazing vertical that no one can beat. Not to mention a powerful arm that beats everyone easily. Sound strange enough for you yet? Would it sound even stranger if I said that the little freshman was also one of the main starters? Yeah, that was me. I really miss that life.

I miss the game; the feel of the ball and the agression you get against competition is something that you can only experience during a game. Thankfully, none of the Cullens know my secret. And hopefully it will stay that way. If they knew, I know that they would continusely ask me why I never played anymore. I would...you have no idea how badly I want to play again...but I can't. Not after that danger proned accident. I'm sure you're wondering what happened. Well it was something much more drastic than James, cliff-diving, or even Italy. No, those things are nothing compared to this. Edward would call me crazy for thinking that, but it's true. It happened on a warm day in Arizona...the championship game...and the end of my volleyball career.

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