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Even if this doesn't work, I have tons of other plans to permanently remove her from this game. And all of them would work.


Not much has happened in the last couple of weeks. I mean, aside from the fact that the very clumsy Bella has gone to the unable to trip in gym Bella…..everything's kinda cool. That is, until I was told I was going to play in one of the varsity games.

"Please Bella! If we don't win this game, we can't make it into the tournament! Please just help us once and then we'll never ask you again." Ha! Never ask again. This is only about the fourth time that they've asked me to help this year.

But who can pass up a chance to play. "Alright. I'll help you."

Edward couldn't describe the emotion he was feeling. "I would love for you to do something you really enjoy, but I just don't want you to get hurt." I couldn't help but smile as he said this. "Edward, it's a volleyball court. Have I tripped once since I started going back out there?"

If vampires could blush, he would be right now.

Now, my friends, being who they are, didn't exactly tell me when the game was. So, the next day, after only practicing for a total of 6 hours that week (It's Friday by the way), they come to me with "Bella! Are you ready for game day??"

WHAT?! I sighed. "You all really need to tell me these things at least a day in advance. Not telling me really doesn't help at all." And as usual, they laughed, saying that I didn't need to practice.

Yes I am good, I'll admit that. But no one is absolutely perfect. "Even perfection needs to practice sometime." They didn't understand what I was saying so they left, laughing at the idea that I, Isabella Marie Swan, needed to practice for volleyball.

After school, I headed straight for the gym to get a little practice in before playing. I stretched a bit and began passing against the wall. "Need a partner?" I smiled and rolled my eyes at Edward. "Only if you insist." We peppered for a good thirty minutes, never breaking the pattern. It was broken when I jumped and slammed it down in front of his face.

"Now that's just not fair. I didn't see it coming." I walked over to him, caressing his face. "Love…..that was the point. Heck, that's the point of the game. Angles and strategy… a little skill." He rolled his eyes and threw me over his shoulder. "Hey! Put me down. I'm not fully warm yet." He set me down on the bleachers and leaned over me. "Not fully warm huh? Well, I suppose we'll have to fix that." Oh no…."Edward, don't you dare." He pushed his body forward, expecting to lightly push me back into the bleachers….but I had already moved. Each time he pounced, I would dive and roll. This continued for about ten minutes before I dove and didn't feel like getting back up.

He was still coming at me. "I surrender! I'm warm already!" He still pounced and gently landed on top of me. "Good, that was getting a bit irritating."

"Why? Because you couldn't catch a human?" He laughed and his eyes sparkled with amusement. "Well, that and….I had to wait to do this." His lips were on mine before I could take a breath. We were lying on the floor, Edward's body over mine, lightly touching me… the gym. Something seem wrong with picture?

It really got interesting when the other team came walking in one door, and the rest of my team came walking in the other. Can anyone say Kodak moment? "Bella, get your boyfriend off of you. We need to warm up."


Not fully warm? Ha! Bella's blush could easily warm her up. This makes it much more interesting. "Well, I suppose we'll have to fix that." I gently, but forcefully, pushed my body forward, expecting to lightly hit her and push her back into the bleachers. But she moved before I even moved forward. This little game of Avoid Edward by Diving and Rolling got a little irritating after a while. Hopefully, you all realize that I'm completely obsessed with Bella by now and I would rather have her in my arms, where I know she's safe, than have her running around a gym with balls flying at her.

I was about to speed up when she dove and didn't get back up. Her heart was beating crazily, proving to me that she was fine. I pounced on top of her when she surrendered. After pretty much killing my pride and ego with the whole "can't catch a human" comment…well, I guess I can let that one slide. "Well, that and….I had to wait to do this." I may have moved a bit too quick. I wasn't really paying attention, but I don't think she took a breath before I kissed her.

It was good while it lasted. Suddenly, my mind was bombarded with the petty thoughts of pathetic humans.

Oh my god…I always knew she was a slut!!

Is that Bella? What are they doing??


Oh honestly, this is a school. Can't they wait until they get home or something?

"Bella, get your boyfriend off of you. We need to warm up." I quietly sighed, only so Bella could hear me. She giggled a little and rolled over to stand back up. "I'm warm. Just waiting for you guys."

As she joined the rest of her team, I walked over to the bleachers and found a good spot to watch. It truly was amazing to watch Bella go from tripping over absolutely nothing to moving more gracefully than even Alice could ever hope to. It may seem that I'm making her seem superficial…you come watch her play and tell me I'm lying.

She easily passed anything that came her way, even someone's hardest hit. Now I see why she wasn't afraid of Emmett's hardest hit. Nothing shook her out there. She was in her moment...and it's almost if nothing bad could happen to her. "So, is that girl any good?" I turned to meet the gaze of a girl staring at me...with lust in her eyes...big shocker there. Before she can even blink, I'll have him...He's all mine now.

Stupid girl.

I smiled. "Yes she is very good. Never seen anything like her. It's incredible. Always takes my breath away at the things she can do." Of course, this girl was thinking about how good Bella was in if I would know...I was talking in a general sense. "Oh...that's nice." She walked away from me, returning to her spot amongst the other team. Good...

On to the game...Bella was playing outside...obviously. Everytime she went to hit, the other team just ducked. Emmett (along with everyone else. What? You thought they'd miss this?) nudged my shoulder, "I'm lovin this whole duck when Big Bad Bella goes up for a hit." Just as he spoke, whatever the libero's name is ( jenny? I don't know) had a fantastic dig. The setter didn't even have to listen for anyone. Almost everything went to Bella. Now, where she was going to hit was always a different story.

Of course in the end, they whipped the other team...duh...Everyone was going up to Bella, congratulating her on an awesome game. Well, at least those who were there congratulated her. This was just a simple that got them into the our school, for some random reason, was hosting.

Just wait till I tell her. Either she'll be thrilled...or I'm going to regret saying anything.

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