Danny Phantom: An Orphaned Hero

By Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom, he belongs to nickelodeon and Billionfold inc and Spider-Man belongs to Marvel Comics.

Author's Notes: This is my First Danny Phantom fic, I know there are many Danny and Spider-Man crossovers already on the site, but this is different as I chose to use the Spider-Man 1990s cartoon as I am most familiar with it. This is also my first time using first person in a non journal format and to make it easier for you to understand I list the character speaking at the time. Don't forget to review it, to tell me what you think about it. Thank you.

Chapter I: A Twist in Fate


I don't know how long I was flying, and I don't care so long as I get away from Amity Park and those terrible events that occurred there.

It was like any other day for me with the exception that Sam and Tucker, my two best friends were both sick at home with flu, so I had no one to defend me against Dash and his thugs or to wake me up in Mr. Lancer's class. So I was pretty much on my own.

As I was approaching the school, my ghost sense went off, I ran into a secluded corner and transformed into Danny Phantom.

When I emerged, I saw what had triggered my ghost sense for standing right in front of me was Plasmius.

"Greetings Daniel," he said in feigned politeness.

"What do you want Plasmius, come to take my mom and make me your apprentice," I snapped at him, I wasn't in the mood for him or his tricks, I had spent all night fighting the Box Ghost, Skulker, and Technus and only got about 10 minutes of sleep.

"Why, yes, that's what exactly I plan to do and this time you will agree," he said with a smirk, even in my exhausted state of mind, I could tell that he was up to something no good.

"What makes this time so different?" I asked him as I ready to blast him to bits.

"Because Daniel, I have those whom you care about the most as hostages and if you want you want them to stay out of harms way, I suggest that you listen to me," he said as he produced an image of my family and friends locked in his Wisconsin mansion.

This is where my mistake that landed me where I am now comes in, I underestimated Vlad thinking he would not dare to harm my mom, the one person he cares about and decided to call his bluff, "You wouldn't dare harm the woman of your dreams Plasmius," I told him.

"Oh really Daniel," he asked as he smiled and pushed a button and in an instant his castle was destroyed along with everyone I cared about in it: mom, dad, Jazz. Sam and Tucker. It was like when Clockwork had shown me the future when Dan Phantom destroyed the Nasty Burger so that his future would come to pass, and now I feared that's what exactly would happen.

My eyes glowed green, "VLAD PLASMIUS YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT YOU STUPID LITTLE FRUIT LOOP!" I screamed as I blasted him with a powerful ecto-blast sending him back, "The only satisfaction I'll get is seeing you die for your crimes V-Man," I said as I picked him by the collar of his shirt. I raised my hand ready to blast him in when I realized what was happening, I turning into my evil self.

I tossed Vlad to the ground and sped off crying, partially for my family and friends and partially for the fact that I was slowly becoming like Dan, something I vowed that will never happen.

I flew until I found a park bench to sit on, that's when part two of Vlad's plan came in, I was looking around at the scenery when I saw Vlad driving around saying, "Attention people of Amity Park, Danny Phantom is a menace, he brutally attacked me and killed the his own family, that's right Danny Phantom is really Daniel Fenton,"

I knew what I had to, I had leave Amity forever, I couldn't stay now that my secret was made public and I was a wanted person.

So that leads me to where I am now, miles away from Amity Park heading for some large city, New York it appears to be, yep because I can now see the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.

"Well, this looks like a good place to rest," I said as I landed by a bus stop to rest up, although that is the opposite of what happened.

Across the bus stop was a jewelry story and I could tell that something was amiss in there and I was right for sonn a puff of smoke came out of the store and a strange figure emerged, he wore a green suit with a purple cape and green boots, all along the costume there strange holes that appeared like eyes, and his face was obscured by a domed helmet.

Even though it wasn't a ghost, I decided that I better go take care of him.

"Hey Helmet Head, don't you know that shoplifting is against the rules," I told him, chuckling at the fact that I sounded like Walker, and blasted him.

"You think can stop me kid? The sinister Mysterio," He said as he dodged the blast, "Let see if you can play catch," he said as he threw a small cube to the ground and suddenly, he had multiplied himself a hundred times.

"How can you do that without ghost powers?" I asked indingintaly, I was outnumbered, I needed to act fast. I closed my eyes and fired one concentrated ecto-blast sending the real Mysterio flying.

"I'm not only a kid, I'm a ghost too," I said as I tied him up to a post and removed his helmet, reveling a man in his thirties with blue eyes and blonde hair tied in a ponytail, "and as for you, well you're going to jail without passing Go and getting $200" I told him with a smile.

I decided to leave a note with this clown, so the people of New York will know that I'm, a good guy.

"Make sure you give this to whoever unties you," I said as I attached this note to Mysterio and flew away.


Today was a most unusual day, to say the least, it had started normal enough and most of the say was smooth sailing until my biology class with Dr. Connors.

That's when my Spider-Sense went off, and no sooner had I got up that the roof of the lab exploded and Hobgoblin burst in on his glider.

"Trick or Treat!" he cackled as he zoomed across the room throwing pumpkin bombs until he spotted something, "Ah! There's my candy, sorry I can't stick around but I have business to attend to, so lung chumps," he shouted as he flew out of the building laughing.

Luckily, I had made it to an empty room and changed into my 'work clothes' and chased after that lunatic.

"Aren't you staying for the party, we're playing bobbing for apples," I exclaimed as I swung behind him and knocked him out of the sky.

"Spider-Man!" he hissed as he got to his feet, "I should have known you'd show up, no matter, even you won't stop me," he said as he threw a pumpkin bomb and made his getaway, but not before I managed to place a spider-tracer on him.

I followed him for several miles until something on the ground diverted my attention, I swoop down and find Mysterio, "I was wondering when you'd show up fishbowl face," I told him as I walked up to him only to find him tied to a lamppost.

"It looks like Daredevil took car…," I began to say until I looked and saw a note attached to his costume, "Hmm, Fan mail," I joked as I picked it up and read it:

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Danny Phantom and I mean you no harm, I wish only to live in your city and protect it from clowns such as this bozo here.

I have nowhere else to go and would appreciate it if I you allow me to stay in your city.

Thank you for your kindness.


Danny Phantom

PS: My name is not Invisobill

"Looks like there's a rookie hero in town, I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for this Danny Phantom," I said as webbed up Mysterio and left him for the cops, "things are about to get interesting," I said as I swung away.