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Chapter VIII: Acquittal


Ever since I first met Mr. Murdock, I have had the feeling that he's hiding something from me.

When I had met him, while I was recovering, I noticed a similarity between him and Daredevil at first I thought it was my imagination, the fevered workings of delirious brain recovering from a waking nightmare, which I still haven't forgot, and in the mixture of fear and confusion I melded the figures of Daredevil and Matt Murdock into one person.

However, I have also now noticed that whenever Daredevil shows up, Mr. Murdock vanishes and vice versa. It is this observation that has made think Daredevil is Mr. Murdock but I don't have time for this now.

After me and Daredevil took care of the Box Ghost, I raced back to my table and found Mr. Murdock waiting for me.

"Danny, are you all right," he asked concerned, there was something about the voice that hinted that he knew I was all right but had something to hide and wanted to act concerned.

"Yeah, I just thought it was best to get out of the way of that ghost," I said as I sat down.

"Good, we have go, I've scheduled a press conference to prove your innocence," he said as he got up and I followed him out the door.

"Do you mind, if I stop home first and change my clothes, I want to look at least somewhat formal," I asked him as we got inside his car.

"Not at all, driver, take us to the Fenton Works," Mr. Murdock told his driver as left the Nasty Burger.

After a short drive we reached my old home, I missed it so much, but it's so foreign without the sounds of friends and family in it.

Usually when I came home from school, the first thing that greeted me was an explosion, followed by dad racing up the stairs from the lab yelling, "Hey Danny, check my new invention," then Jazz would come home chided our parents for "being too obsessed with ghosts and they were scarring my psyche," ah those were the good days, but they are over now.

I raced upstairs and into the bathroom, I washed off all the blood from my face and made cleaned the wounds, the warm water stung a bit, but I could take it.

Once I was clean again, I raced into my room and got my suit that I wore to the school dance, it was hard getting it on as the fabric rubbed against my wounds making me wince.

While I was getting dressed, I looked at a picture of my family and friends, I felt as if they were still watching me and hoping the best for me.

"Wish me luck," I told the picture, tied my shoes and walked out for the living room where Mr. Murdock was waiting for me.

"Ready, Danny?" Mr. Murdock asked as he got up and went to the door.

"Ready as I'll ever be sir," I sighed, I felt like I was walking to my execution. How would the people take the news, would they believe Mr. Murdock or has Vlad poisoned their minds so much they won't believe anything unless Vlad spoon feeds it to them.

"Good, let's go," Mr. Murdock said we left my house and went to City Hall, on the way there I felt nervous, what if they don't believe Mr. Murdock or Vlad has some scheme to attack me. My mind raced with fear at all the negative reactions that might occur.

"Don't worry, Danny, everything's going to be fine," Mr. Murdock said calmly, I guess after practicing law for so long you don't get nervous anymore, but it was still unsettling that Mr. Murdock didn't seem to be bothered at all.

When we arrived at City Hall, we were swarmed by reporters asking all sort of insane questions I froze with fear not knowing what to do until Mr. Murdock stepped in front of me.

"Please no questions, my client will answer any questions after the conference," he said as he ushered me into the building.

"Thanks, I owe you," I told him as we walked past the throngs of reporters and made our way to the front of the room.

"No problem," he whispered as he approached the podium and adjusted the microphone.

"First off, I would like to thank you all for attending this conference. My name is Matthew Murdock, I am here on behalf of my client Danny Fenton also now known to you as Danny Phantom. It is my goal that information you see today will persuade you that Mr. Fenton is innocent and has never had the desire to harm anyone in this town especially his friends and family," Mr. Murdock began to say.

For the next few hours, he presented loads of evidence in favor of me; I can see why he's the best of the best.

He showed evidence that shoed how I helped Amity Park numerous times, how Walker had framed me and how I saved the city for Pariah Dark. The crowd seems to hang on his words and he spoke with an eloquence that I had never seen before. His voice seemed calm and only rose to draw attentions to certain pieces of information and hearing him speak gave me confidence that things will work out for once.

"So in conclusion, Danny Phantom is a godsend to this town without him Amity Park would have fallen to the forces of evil. Thank you for your time, any questions," he asked as a flood of reporters began talking all at once.

The questions asked were what I expect them to be like 'how did you get your powers?' 'Who named you Danny Phantom?' 'Why did you run away?' I didn't know how to answer; thankfully Mr. Murdock saved my hide telling me how to answer them.

Finally, once all the questions were answered, we headed back to the car, I had won I was no longer a criminal but seen as a hero and all thanks to Murdock.

"Thank you for everything, Mr. Murdock and tell your friend Daredevil I aid thanks as well," I told him as I stepped out of the car.

"Anytime Danny and Daredevil already knows how grateful you were for his help, he told me to say that a you're fine warrior and that Amity Park is blessed to have such a fine champion such as to defend it," he said with a smile, "here's my card in case you need me again, I've also written Peter Parker's phone number on it, in case you need someone to talk to," he told me as he handed me a small card, said goodbye, rolled up his window and left.


My mission here was a success, Danny's name has been cleared and the public no longer fears him. I wonder if Daredevil's path will ever cross again with Danny Phantom, I hope so, Danny is fine warrior and is a worthy ally in the fight against evil.

While it was nice to get away from New York, I will be glad to get back home, the fights here in Amity have energized me and I am anxious to once again try to take down the Kingpin and make the city safe once more and I am sure Danny feels the same way about being back in Amity, I hope things start to go his way for once.


Three years have passed since the dark day Vlad took away my family and friends but I try not to live in the past.

I've enrolled in Casper High again and other than the fact that those who I cared about are gone nothing has changed at Casper High.

Dash still beats me up and calls me names, you would think after learning that I am hero he would treat me a little better, but I guess Mr. Murdock used too may big words and confused him.

Paullina is still as popular as ever and tries to woo me, but I am no longer under her spell, realizing how I felt about Sam made me realize what true love is and that Paullina is definitely not it.

Mr. Lancer is still Mr. Lancer, corny exclamations and all, he gave me a detention for an unexcused absence for last month, I had debated about calling Mr. Murdock up to get me out of this but voted against as I am trying to get on Lancer's good side.

The only thing that has changed is the public's perception of me; they no longer see Danny Phantom as a threat and realize that I am a hero. I even started my own business, 'Danny Phantom's ghost removal service,' a ghost catching business. It hasn't made me rich or anything but it gets food on the table, a roof on my head, and pays the bills to keep the Fenton Works up and running.

When I get off of school for breaks, I usually go up to New York to visit with Peter for awhile, it's a nice little reprieve from Amity Park and its ghosts.

Every time I go there two things happen, first the Daily Bugle runs the same headline, 'Invisobill spotted in city again,' Peter thinks that Mr. Jameson is actually warming up to the idea of a ghost hero and is starting to write less venomous editorials about me. The second thing that happens is that the local Fruit Loops come out of the woodwork and Spidey and I have to clean up after them, and I thought Vlad was bad.

Speaking of the King Fruit Loop, he's showed up a few more times and each time I've stopped whatever plan he concocted.

The most recent happened when I was walking home from school the other day.

I was eager to go home and rest, hoping no ghosts would attack, but luck is never on my side, Vlad snuck up on me and tried to blast me from behind, but I jumped out of his way.

"I see you're getting better since our last encounter, Daniel," he said with feigned politeness.

"If you're here to make me feel guilty about letting my die, forget it, I'm over that Plasmius," I said as I ran behind a tree and changed into Danny Phantom and attacked him.

"Really Daniel," he said as he raised an eyebrow, "Even if you know you could have stopped it," he continued to trying to upset me.

"It wasn't my fault, it was yours," I said as I countered one of ecto-blasts and fired my own at him, then went invisible so I could take him by surprise.

"Face it, Daniel, you're the architect of your parent's death," he sneered as he looked around trying find me.

"Say what you want Vlad, I've come to terms with myself, besides you have other problems or haven't you read the paper," I said as I gave him an uppercut and sent him flying.

"If I was you Plasmius, I'd leave before I call the cops, I'm sure they'd love to question you on why your companies are doing business with the Kingpin," I threatened him holding up a New York paper with the headline, 'Master's Corp. officials indicted for links with Kingpin.'

Daredevil told me on my last visit that while capturing one of the Kingpin's agents he found out that one agent was a top official in Vlad Master's corporation and that the feds are looking into Vlad as the one who started this deal.

Vlad stared in disbelief, he knew he was defeated; he had no more secrets to blackmail me with and now knew that guilt no longer worked on me, leaving him with one option.

"Very well, Daniel but once this goes away, I will return," he said as he ran away.

I have changed in these past years; I now know my purpose in this world to defend from ghosts like Vlad.

I also have come to peace with myself, no longer do I blame myself for my family and friend's death, instead I use their memory to help me continue fighting and help realize that no matter what happens I am not alone.

The End.