Heaven Falls: A Jedi on Earth

Time Frame: GFFA-Legacy Era, 130 ABY

Earth—January 18th, 2002

Author's Note: This is a stand-alone MegaCrossover primarily involving Star Wars, Stargate and Roswell, with elements from Star Trek and a smattering of NCIS, Grey's Anatomy (you'll get the connection) and other stories as appropriate. With the exception of the Star Wars 'verse, which is set in the same AU as my fic Gods of Dark and Light, everything set prior to January 2002 regardless of what show or series should be considered canon. Nothing that takes place after January 2002 is canon.

Nothing belongs to me. In fact, with only a few obvious exceptions, every character in this story is an established character within their respective stories. This is a true MegaCrossover. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy.

Darth Marrs

Part One: A Very Long Day

When the fish that travels over both land and sea, is cast up on to the shore by a great wave, its shape foreign, smooth and frightful. From the sea the enemies soon reach the walls.

Century I, Canto 29, The Prophecies of Nostradamus

Chapter One: From A Galaxy Far Far Away

Ossus, Auril Sector, 130 ABY, 2 Days following the Fall of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances (GFFA)

Siana Delun screamed as the red and black-tattooed Sith warriors cut through the small number of Jedi left who tried to make a perimeter.

"Do not fear, Delun!" Master Skywalker told her as he lifted his own light saber in one hand, and a second taken from a nearby fallen Jedi in the other. "Go with Shado and Cade, now! We've summoned your guardian!"

Behind the Jedi Master, waves of red lightsabers and white storm trooper helmets came rushing on, while overhead Imperial fighters swarmed across the skies. Surrounding buildings exploded under the orbital barrage, throwing everything into chaos.

In all her life, Siana had never felt such fear as she did at that moment. Still, when she felt a soothing hand on her arm, she forced herself to be calm and turned to see a Rutian Twi'lek staring at her compassionately. "Come on, Siana," Shado said. "The younglings need us!"

Nearby, she saw Cade staring at his father and Master Sazen even as he shepherded the younglings into one of the waiting Jedi shuttles. Around them, the new forests of Ossus burned. With a muffled sob, Siana turned and ran from the attack with Shado by her side.

Behind her, she heard Master Skywalker speak words that would burn into her mind for the rest of her life: "I am Kol Skywalker, servant of the Living Force. None of you shall pass!"

There was an explosion ahead of her, and Siana sucked in air as she realized a squad of storm troopers and Sith had flanked them. She reached for her purple lightsaber at the same time Shado ignited his blue double-bladed saber, and the two leaped toward their enemies, while behind them Kol Skywalker and Wolf Sazen by themselves held off an army of Sith and stormtroopers.

The fighting became a blur. Siana lost her fear and pain in the will of the Living Force, letting it guide her as she spun, flew and cut through the fanatics attempting to kill the Jedi younglings. Nearby, she felt Shado twirling savagely as he cut down all who blocked their way, until at last they cleared a path for the younglings, who ran without needing direction as soon as it was safe.

She found Shado staring at her. "What?"

"I'm in awe, Padawan," the Twi'lek said. "What a powerful knight you will be!"

They heard a cry of agony and turned to see Master Skywalker twitching under a shower of Sith Force lightning. Sazen was down as well, clutching the stump that was once his hand. Cade ignored both Shado's calls and her own and ran to aid his father and master.

"Talleth, get the younglings out!" Siana called to another padawan near her own age. Talleth complied and the first of the Jedi shuttles launched.

She turned to rush forward when Shado caught her. "Get out of here," he told her. "I'll get Cade and the rest of the younglings. Get a shuttle and go, while you can!"

"I can't leave you!" she said.

Shado leaned close enough for her to feel and smell the passage of his breath across her face. "Siana, you are the last of your family. For your parents. For your grandparents. For the guardian of your line, you can and will go! Now!" He pushed her away, his blue lekku flailing, before turning to go after Cade.

"Force preserve us," she whispered as the tears again sprung to her eyes. Somewhere out on the grounds of the temple, her mother and father lay dead. Her grandparents as well. Even old Rana, her great, great, great grandmother, the oldest human alive, had finally succumbed.

Overhead, another shuttle lifted off, only to explode under a barrage of orbital fire. Siana doubled over with the pain as she felt twenty youngling lives snuffed out. With a cry of despair, she threw herself into one of the remaining shuttles, ran to the cockpit and lifted off. She began rolling the ship left and then right as soon as she was airborne in an attempt to evade the oncoming barrage. As soon as she was clear of the foliage, she ignited the thrusters and sent the shuttle barreling toward the sky.

Even before she left the atmosphere, a swarm of Predator-class fighters began firing on the heavily armored shuttle. She evaded the fire as best she could, until at last she broke through the atmosphere into empty space. Ten thousand kilometers away, she could see the gray arrow's point that was a Pellaeon-class Imperial star destroyer firing on the surface.

Sparks began to fly from control panels as laser bolts began taking their toll She grabbed the hyperdrive lever, said a prayer to the Force, and then pulled. The stars began to twist into a familiar blue tunnel. Just as the ship was about to enter hyperspace, however, one of the Predators got off a lucky shot that hit the motivator.

The tunnel started collapsing. "No!" Siana cried. She gasped desperately at the Force, throwing raw Force power at the motivator at the same time as she increased power through the engines. The damaged motivator flared a dangerous red through the panels at the rear of the shuttle cargo area, and suddenly the blue tunnel shifted to red, and the shuttle blasted into a type of hyperspace she had never seen or even heard of.

The passage buffeted the ship brutally and tossed the young padawan from her seat. Elsewhere she heard another loud thud and feared something else had broken, but she did not have time to check it out. She picked herself back up and managed to strap herself into the crash webbing just as the ship lost all semblance of control and began tumbling through the red hyperspace tunnel.

The shuttle burst out of hyperspace with a flare of Cronau radiation and a flash of fire from the motivator. Almost immediately, the shuttle began tumbling uncontrollably. In the cockpit, every alarm the shuttle had was howling.

Siana grabbed desperately at the flight controller and fought to level the shuttle out. She just managed to stop the stars from spinning around so violently when a blue orb suddenly dominated the window.

Already the planet's gravity had seized her ship. She tried to activate sublight, but when she hit the switch, the engines behind her exploded and the lighting in the cockpit dimmed. "By the Force," she whispered. "I'm going in blind!"

Plasma began glowing along the leading edges of her ship. She closed her eyes and sent a prayer to the Force. As if in answer, the back-up systems in the shuttle activated and power surged through the cockpit.

"At least I have control thrusters," Sienna said aloud. She looked at the Navcomp, hoping for an ID of the planet. She had originally intended to head toward the core where the remnants of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances still held some Jedi-friendly worlds.

The computer, however, had no information about the planet, or even… "This can't be right," she said. "Computer, verbal interface, confirm location."

"Unable to confirm," a pleasant masculine voice responded. "No known star configurations. High probability of extra-galactic location."

Extra galactic

"Please note we are entering the atmosphere of a Class IV planet without functional shields or sublight engines. Emergency beacon activated. Recommend crash webbing and foam be deployed."

"I can't fly in crash foam," Siana said. She was coming in on the night-side of the planet, and in so doing could see cities evident over all the continents. Her sensors picked up several satellites as well, so at least she was crashing on a space-faring planet.

The shuttle hit the atmosphere like a rock hitting water. The shock of the impact took Siana's breath away and spun the shuttle violently into another uncontrolled tumble. The tumble continued even as the flaming shuttle broke through into the atmosphere. Siana's efforts to level the flight were hampered by the lack of her port-side stabilizer, which appeared to have burned off either in re-entry or in the barrage of fire over Ossus.

"Surface impact in five minutes, recommend deployment of crash foam," the computer's voice said happily as around her air and fire roared.

She kept her hands on the flight controller and poured the Force, her muscles and every once of willpower into leveling and slowing the ship. "Impact in three minutes, recommend deployment of crash foam," the computer said.

"Frak you," Siana said in a very un-Jedi-like manner. The shuttle finally stopped tumbling just long enough to give her a good look at a moonlit lake rushing toward her.

"Impact imminent, recommend deployment of crash foam," the computer said helpfully.

Siana pulled the crashfoam lever and held her breath as the white foam bubbled instantly into the whole cockpit. Then she felt and heard a roar, and everything blacked out.