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Author's Note: May not be suitable for young children. While the rating is due mostly to language and violence, there may be suggestive adult themes and situation. Better to be safe then sorry.

This is the sequel for Digimon Apocalypse and Digimon:Gog, it is a very good idea to read those fics first. Why a trilogy? Because I have always wanted to write one, ever since my fic, "Legacy."

Also, the name 'Magog,' has many definitions, but for the purposes of this tale, it refers to the Book of Revelation. Basically, after Armageddon, there will come a thousand years, and then will come the Battle of Gog and Magog. So, basically, it means, the battle after the last battle, or, in this case, the struggle after the Apocalypse.


Even in the deepest darkness, there is always light…

Digimon: Magog

            A world floated within a void, a world comprised of data, rather then minerals and atoms. A world whose native population partnered with the native population from another world-humans and digimon together as the Chosen. That was, until, a disease began to spread across the world…

            Thousands of humans and digimon lay across the Digital World, sick, ill, dying. The Second Black Death stripped them of not only their ability to evolve, but it eat away at their bodies, taking away limps, eyes, lungs.

Sora Takenouchi hobbled forward on crutches, her leg and eye missing.

            Noriko Kawada was covered in red spots, her skin beginning to vanish.

As the end fast approached, the Chosen unleashed the X-Antibody, but as it washed over the Infected Chosen, only ten percent were affected. They were healed, cured, granting new powers in the process-the X-Chosen.

            But the Infected Chosen still lay dying, hopeless, until a young woman appeared, a priestess, name Chihi Miayag. She brought the message of the Digital God with her. She gathered Infected Chosen to her, allies of the Odaiba Chosen, the Digitalatri. This neo-religion spread fast, and invaded a city called Nightsun.

            Taichi, Yamato, Hikari, Jyou, Mimi and Michael, the X-Chosen, came to defend that city, but eight young women, Sora and Noriko from Japan,  Catherine from France, Maria from New York, Anna from Siberia, Iduia from Brazil, Keeya from Africa, and Lynna from Australia, each one a descendent of the legendary First Chosen, and each one possessing control over an element: Fire, Darkness, Light, Earth, Wind, Metal, Forest, and Water.

            The Daughters of the First gave their powers to the X-Chosen, allowing them to evolve. While Miayag found the mysterious Staff of Yuushi, Taichi wielded the Katana of Hidokoro and Yamato used the Shotguns of Lucien, but their battle was interrupted as the Demon Lords-dark versions of the Crests, appeared. The X-Chosen defeated six of the demons, but the last one, Cahiti, the Demon Lord of Pride, the evil duplicate of Taichi, used an ancient device to steal the energy from the Daughters of the First. Using the Soul Catcher, he smashed into the ground, and caused the Digital World to break apart.

            Taichi and Yamato fused with their digimon and became Wargreymon X and Metalgaurumon X. Cahiti, fused with his Lucemon partner, became Lucemon Satan Mode. A tremendous battle occurred, but in the end, the two X-digimon were able to annihilate the Demon Lord.

            But as the Digital World was destroyed and drifted into space, an area was uncovered. However in the center of what was once the Digital World, an evil Dark Area was uncovered, where the true God of the Digital World was uncovered, a Demon Beast named GranDracmon. He abandoned Miayag, and she joined with the X-Chosen; together they flew to encounter the vampiric demon. As they did, they past by four tombstones that read: Catherine Rupert, Iduia Ramiro, Keeya Genet and Maria Silvano.

            The collected Chosen battled against GranDracmon, but to no avail, the Demon Beast soundly defeated them. Miayag then gave Taichi and Yamato her Fate powers, the power of Yuushi of the First Chosen. Combined with the other eight powers of the Daughters, they were able to evolve to Omegamon X. With simple ease, this Royal Knight defeated GranDracmon.

            The scene changed to Tokyo, where Taichi and Sora were holding hands, as were Yamato and Noriko. An elderly man appeared, carrying a medieval flail. Tatuso Juro, the Fallen Chosen, with his Fail of Chance, ordered his Mega partner, Metal Piranhmon, to attack.

            As the Demonic Deep Saver defeated the digimon, his metal tail bashed into Miayag and her Plotmon, knocking them unconscious. Hikari picked up the Staff, and the Fate power flowed through her. Her Plotmon X evolved to Holydramon X, but it was not enough to defeat Metal Piranhmon.

            Juro stood before a giant Digital Gate, with the reluctant Kurata at his side. The Hypnos commander, Mitsuo Yamaki, and his digimon partner, V-mon, joined with the X-Chosen to fight Juro, and once again Omegamon X defeated his enemy. Kurata then grabbed Juro and together they leapt through the Gate to keep it from annihilating the city.

            The Chosen stood together; the couples hand-in-hand. The image blurred and the ten young adults were replaced with ten middle-aged adults, a brown-haired girl and a red-haired boy stood between Taichi and Sora: a blond boy and a black-haired girl stood between Yamato and Noriko, a boy between Jyou and his wife, a girl between Hikari and Yamaki, and a brown haired boy and a blond haired girl between Mimi and Michael.

            This happy scene was soon cut short, as a swath of fire  rained down from the sky, and the entire image was covered in darkness….

Digimon Magog

The Heir of the Priestess

Chapter 1

            The teenage boy gave a yelp as he sat up in his bed, panting loudly, sweat pouring from his head. His head fell onto the pillow and he stared at the dull white ceiling of his room. He wiped the sweat from his face, then threw the sheets from his body and reluctantly climbed to his feet.

            He staggered out of his room and down the hall of the small apartment. He entered the bathroom and splashed cold water onto his face. He stopped sweating, and his heartbeat was once again under control. With his business in the bathroom done, he wandered into the kitchen area. A middle-aged woman was in the kitchen, making herself busy at the stove with a frying pan. She glanced over her shoulder and smiled broadly at him. "Good morning."

            "Morning," he responded, sitting down at the table.

            "How are you feeling this morning?" she asked, placing a plate of eggs and bacon before him on the table.

            "I had another one of those dreams again, Mother," he sighed, "I saw those Chosen fighting, I saw them battling against their enemies. What does it mean?"

            His mother was visibly shaken, but her son did not see it. She only smiled and gently rubbed his shoulder. "I am sure that your imagination is simply running wild. You should be focusing on your studies, not those video games that you keep playing."

            He did not answer, but began to eat. As he lifted his fork to his mouth, he glanced up at his mother's face, "But…maybe I am a Chosen?"

            "If you were a Chosen, where is your partner? You are certainly old enough to have received him or her by now."

            "I don't know," he sighed, "I feel as if my entire life's turning inside out, or it's about to."

            "Masahiko, I'm sure that whatever will happen, you will be able to handle it. You are stronger then you think."


            His mother smiled and gently patted his hand. "Hurry and eat, I don't want you to be late." She glanced at the clock on the wall, then smiled even wider, "I should hurry before I am late." She rose to her feet and walked to her own room.

            He sighed once more, then began to eat.


            The city of Tokyo was belonged to those cities that never slept. Even the early morning hours was dominated of cars, of construction, of people, dominated by the sound of the city. Yet, despite this overwhelming noise, a sound exploding from a high-rise apartment could still be heard. It was more then a mere sound, it was a voice, the voice of a frustrated middle-aged woman-a mother.

            "Kasumi! Get up now! This is the last time I'm telling you!"

            The redheaded woman sighed in frustration as she walked away from her daughter's door and sat down at the kitchen table. She was just in time to watch as her husband and son were removing their hands from over their ears. "Oh very funny," she said.

            Her redheaded son gave a slight smile. "Sorry Mom, Dad told me to do it."

            She cast him an evil glance. He gave slight smile, "Well, I just wanted to make sure that our eardrums didn't shatter like the windows."

            She playfully punched him in the arm.

            The door to their daughter's room finally opened, and a 15-year-old girl with brown hair came running out. She was tucking the bottom of her blouse into her uniform skirt. "All right, I'm up, I'm up!" she shouted, "Asami kept me up half the night in the Chat room…"

            "Don't blame this on your cousin," her father said, "If your mother has to yell at you like that to get you up one more time, your video games are getting taken out of your room."

            "What?" she shouted, "Oh, come on!"

            "Don't argue," he said, "Now eat your breakfast before you're late for school."

            She just fell into her seat and grumbled as she began to eat her breakfast. She did not even notice her partner exiting their room with a yawn. "Good morning."

            Kasumi glanced at the white-skinned dinosaur. "Don't bother, Yuki, we're in trouble."

            Yuki Agumon glanced at the humans, then over at the smaller table where the digimon were sitting. "We are?"

            Agumon and Piyomon nodded. "Yes, Kasumi has to get up for school, just because you stay here during the day, doesn't mean she can."

            "I sure wish I could," Kasumi mumbled.

            Taichi turned to her. "You're in enough trouble as it is, don't make it worse."

            Her younger brother, Akira, snickered at her. She would have kicked him beneath the table, but she knew she would be in even more trouble. She just quietly ate her food.

            There was a knock on the door. Sora rose from the chair, and grabbed her crutches, which were resting on the wall beside her. Sixteen years after contracting the Second Black Death, the deadly disease was still in remission. Although she had lost her eye and her leg, it had not spread any further.

            Yet, as she moved forward on her crutches, she had to pass by another set, which were lying on the floor. "Akira!" she snapped, "Pick up your crutches."

            "But Mom," her son protested, "I'm using my artificial leg…"

            ""Don't leave them on the floor," she said, continuing forward. She shifted her weight and opened the door. "Oh, Mitsuo, Asami, good morning."

            Her brother-in-law and niece gave a slight nod. He was dressed in his black suit, and Asami was wearing the blue and green fuku uniform of Shinjuku junior high school. "Good morning," Mitsuo greeted. Asami pushed past Sora to join her cousins at the kitchen table.

            Taichi had come to the door to see to whom his wife was speaking. "Oh, hey Mitsuo."

            Yamaki nodded at him as well. "Yeah, morning."

            "What are you doing here?" he asked.

            He gave him a serious expression. "We've got a major…thing."

            Taichi's eyes narrowed. "A problem thing or a-I-don't-know-what-it-is-yet-thing?"

            He sighed. "Both. I can show you better at headquarters."

            He nodded. "All right. Just let me get my bag." He grabbed his suitcase from beside the table. "Come on, Agumon, we're leaving."

            His orange dinosaur was just about to put a bun into his mouth. "What, now?"

            "Yes," Taichi replied. He kissed Sora on the cheek. "I'll see you later tonight. Later, kids."

            "Bye Dad," Kasumi and Akira said in unison as Taichi and Agumon exited the apartment.

Sora turned to her niece. "Would you like some eggs?"

            The brown-haired girl shook her head. "No thank you, I don't really like eggs."

            "You sure?" Kasumi asked, "Mom makes the best eggs."

            "No thank you," she replied, "I already had miso."

            Her cousin shrugged. "Your loss."

            Sora smiled slightly. "You should get going, or you're going to be late."

            Asami rose from her chair, and Kasumi reluctantly stood as well. She grabbed her bag and followed her cousin. She called a "Good bye,' to her mother before leaving.


            Masahiko kept his head low as he walked through the crowded halls of teenagers. His dreams were filling his waking moments, he could not force them out of his head. Who were those mysterious Chosen? Who was that demon they were fighting against? Most importantly, why was he dreaming them? If he was not a Chosen, why were those thoughts entering his mind?


            He blinked and glance over his shoulder. A teenage girl with long blond hair was calling out to him as she ran through the crowd. "Oh, hey, Gwen, what's up?"

            "You didn't even say hi to me?" she asked, lightly punching him in the arm.

            "Sorry," he replied, lightly kissing her, "I've got a lot on my mind."

            She could tell by the sound of his voice that whatever was bothering him was really bothering him. "Wanna talk about it?"

            He shrugged. "It just these weird dreams, I don't have any idea what they're about."

            She nodded. "W…what are they about? I mean, what are they?"

            He told her about the mysterious vision he had about the Chosen, and their fight against the deadly demons.

            His girlfriend grinned. "You're probably just watching too many animes…"

            He frowned. "Mom thought I was playing too many video games."

            Gwen giggled. "She's right you know…"

            He sighed. "All right, so, if my imagination is just running away with me, why am I dreaming about Chosen?"

            "Because you, just like every other teenager, thinks it would be the coolest thing ever to have a Digimon partner!"

            "Even if most of them got wiped out by that disease?"

            The young couple turned to see one of their friends standing beside them. Peter, a teenager with light brown hair, was smiling slightly at them. "Come on, didn't your parents ever tell you about how scared the world was that it was gonna spread to normal humans?"

            "Wait," Gwen said, "Yeah, I think my Dad told me something about that. It was, like, the Second Black Death, right?"

            Peter nodded. "Right. Pretty scary if you ask me." He sighed, "Besides, there aren't any Chosen around here, they're all in Japan."

            "What about those Chosen in New York?" Gwen questioned.

            Peter shrugged. "Eh, I think that's just an urban legend, you know, to give America some Chosen. Trust me, there aren't any here."

            Masa frowned. "Yeah…unfortunately…"

            A loud bell sounded through the halls. "Come on," Gwen said, grabbing his arm, "That's first period."

            She dragged him through the halls of the school before running inside a classroom. They sat in their assigned seats and waited as their English teacher, Mr. Dickinson, walked inside. "Good morning," he said, marching up to his podium.

            After taking role call, he begin to teach his lesion. "Today, we'll be starting Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, so I hope everyone read it last night. Open your books and we'll begin." He waited for a moment while his students readied themselves to the proper page. "Okay, Middle English can be difficult if you haven't studied it, but a good rule of thumb is to pronounce every letter-the rules of 'two vowels goes walking the first one does the talking," and "silent e," don't usually apply. Let me demonstrate wit the General Prologue:

            Whan that Aprill with his shoures soote/The droghte of March hath perced to the roote/And bathed every veyne in swich licour…"

            As his teacher read in the not-so-ancient language, Masa's mind begin to wander. As it did, he began to grow tired-he had not been sleeping as fully since his mysterious visions began, and it was beginning to affect his daily life. He propped his head up against his bend arm, but it was not any use, his eyes became heavy and he started to drift to sleep.

            The priestess had reached the end of the hall and entered another large rock room. It was much like the previous room, except for two major differences. First, there was a tunnel on the other side of the room leading deeper under the ground. And second, a large altar in the center, standing a full twelve feet, so tall that stairs were required to reach it. Resting on top was a square-shaped stone box, designed with strange and wonderful symbols, while on top were small stone carvings of the three great angels: Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon. Standing before the box was a long metal staff designed on top with a metal sun. She grabbed the staff with eager interest and shoved it into the air.

"The Staff of Yuushi! It is mine at last!"

"Staff of Yuushi?" a male voice asked.

Miayag and Witchmon spun around and saw Taichi, Yamato and their partners standing in the opening leading to the hall. The High Priestess of the Digitalatri slowly walked back down the stairs, holding the staff proudly before her. "My compliments on passing through the seal."

Taichi raised his eyebrow. "You mean that rock/door thing? I was able to walk right through it."

The High Priestess only smirked. "I will miss your so-called 'wit.'" She lifted her digivice and slowly brought it towards the Staff of Yuushi. They two items began to glow brightly, but once the light faded, the staff and the digivice had merged together to create a slightly larger staff with the same sun symbol but a set of buttons down the side and the screen near the middle.

She waved it around in the air. "Now, Bastemon, we have the ability to evolve once more!"

Bastemon ceased her dance and leapt into the air, her body starting to glow with an odd mixture of pink and orange light. "Bastemon evolve to…" The cat-girl began to change once more, this time to a humanoid fox woman dressed in blue armor, with long white hair flowing behind her and a staff appearing in her hands. "…Kuzuhamon!"

Masa's eyes shot open, thankfully, he was able to keep from screaming aloud. He glanced around nervously, no one had noticed that he taken a short nap. He breathed a sigh of relief, and forced himself to stay awake.


            Lt. Onodera smiled and bowed as the two men entered the control room. "Good morning, Colonel, good morning Minister."

            Yamaki nodded slightly. "Megumi."

            "Yeah, hey," Taichi responded.

            Her PawnChessmon walked over with a tray in his hands. "Would you like some tea and pastries?"

            Agumon, and Yamaki's partner, V-mon, both grinned. "Yeah!" they cheered, jumping up to snatch the treats from the tray.

            "Did you like that cookie recipe?" she asked.

            Yamaki nodded. "Yes, Hikari was really happy with how they turned out, thank you."

            Taichi sighed and glanced at his watch. "If you don't mind, the Cabinet is meeting in two hours."

            Yamaki nodded. "Right, sorry."

            Taichi followed his brother-in-law through the clutter command room, past the computer terminals and workstations. Yamaki stepped inside his circular command podium. "Lt, Ootori, please bring up the readings."

            Reika Ootori was seated at a smaller workstation directly in front of Yamaki. "Yes sir," she replied, entering commands into her keyboard. A large monitor on the far wall came to life, displaying a set of numbers and energy waves. "Okay," Taichi said, "You're going to have to explain it."

            Yamaki cleared his throat. "What you're seeing is energy waves emanating from a sector that should be empty."

            "Sector of what?" Agumon asked.

            "The physical manifestation of the Internet."

            The orange dinosaur snorted. "You mean the Digital Plane?"

            He cleared his throat. "Um, yes." He tugged at his tie before continuing.

            "Anyway…?" Taichi asked, annoyed at not being told immediately.

            Yamaki mentioned to Ootori, "Just show him the image."


            She entered another command into her terminal, and the display of numbers and waves changed to one of an Earth-sized planet hovering within space. Agumon's eyes opened wide. "Is that…the Digital World?"

            "We think so," V-mon replied, "I mean, its occupying the same space around the Digital sun."

            "But…that's impossible!" Taichi explained, "It was destroyed! I was there, I saw it happen!"

            "I have no other explanation," Yamaki replied, "The scientists have some theories, but they all basically agree that the Digital World somehow reconstructed itself."

            "It did that once before," Agumon pointed out, "After Apocalymon destroyed it."

            "Yeah, but that was right away," Taichi said, "The Digital World was gone for years, why would it suddenly just come back?"

            Yamaki shrugged. "We don't know."

            V-mon gave a slight smile. "It would probably need to be…explored…?"

            Taichi's ears perked. "Explored?" He glanced at his watch, "This'll have to wait until later, I'm gonna be late. Agumon, you wanna hang here?"

            The orange dinosaur blinked, "Uh, yeah, I guess so."

            He nodded. "All right, I'll see you later." He gave a wave to Yamaki and the others before leaving.


            Masa slowly walked home from school. It had been a harrowing day for him, every time he attempted to concentrate on any form of work, his mind drifted back to his mysterious visions. He was certain that they were more then simple imagination-induced hallucinations, They felt as though they were tugging at the deepest part of him, but what did they mean?

            He was so lost in thought, that he did not notice the person standing before him. He knocked into him, then fell onto his rear. He instantly realized what had happened, but was amazed at the fact that not only was the other person still standing, but the recoil from knocking into him was enough to send Masa backwards-it felt like he had run into a brick wall.

            "I'm so sorry!" he gasped, rising to his feet, "Are you okay?"

            The person standing before him appeared to be only a few years older then Masa, no older then twenty. He had shaggy brown hair and was dressed in what appeared to be a long dark jacket. Masa blinked. "Are you okay?"

            The other man smiled. "Yes, I am, thank you."

             "Your name is Masahiko, isn't it?"

            He nodded slowly. "Yes…"

            The man grinned, "You can call me Hinkon."

            Masa was not sure what to say. "W…well, it's nice to meet you." He felt a strange chill from this man, so he walked past him and continued down the sidewalk.

"One more thing," Hinkon called.

Masa slowly turned back around and saw that the mysterious man was grinning wickedly at him. "Duck!"

            Masa heard the shot and fell to his knees. It was only through the grace of divine intervention that he was able to avoid the projectile, which shattered into a street light hanging over them. Masa stared with horror at Hinkon, yet could not see any sort of firearm in his hands. Another shot fired, this one striking the ground, inches in front of the teenager. He jumped to his feet and began to run. A few more shots sounded, but he fought past his fear and kept running. About a mile later, his legs simply would not move any more and he ducked into an alley. He slid to his knees, his back against the outside of the building.

            He panted heavily for a full minute before enough of his strength had returned for him to peek around the building. Hinkon was no where in sight.

            "What was that about?" Masa asked himself.

            "You'll know soon enough."

            He felt his heart turn to ice. He flipped around and found Hinkon standing only a few feet before him in the alley. The mysterious man dove for Masa's left side, and the teenager shot to the right to avoid him. Hinkon twisted around, and Masa ran, but unfortunately, when Hinkon leapt at him, he had forced the teenager to turn so he was facing deeper into the alley. Masa ran as far as he could, but a tall chain-link fence was sitting within the center of the alley, blocking access to the other exit. Masa was trapped.

            He pressed his back against the fence and stared at the approaching man. "W…why are you doing this?"

            "I've got my orders," he smirked, "I just hope you're better then the others." He raised his arm once more as another projectile shot at Masa, this one hitting landing between his legs. The teenager could now see the horrible truth, he could not see a firearm, because Hinkon was not holding one, the forefinger on his right hand was a firearm-a sliver gun barrel.

            Another shot blasted near Masa's feet, "Come on, kid, let's see that power of yours!"

            "What power?" Masa shouted back. Hinkon responded with two more shots, these coming dangerously close to his shoulders.

            "And he said you were the one," he muttered, "What a waste! A sniveling little brat!"

            Another shot fired only inches above Masa's head. "You're running out of chances," he said, "I'm not as good as that bitch with the crossbows, so I can't keep accidentally missing you. Sooner or later, I'm gonna hit you, and it's not gonna be pretty. I want to see that power!"

            "I don't know what you're talking about!"

            Three more shots, two were on either side of his stomach, the third impacted inches below his crotch. Hinkon smirked, "That was closer then your head, I bet Gwen would be pretty ticked if you lost that."

            Masa froze.

            "Yeah, that's right, I know all about Gwen, his mother, what school you go to. I've been watching you for a while now, how do you think I knew you'd be walking down this street? Because you come this way every day after school. I know everything about you…."

            He began to fire more, a bullet after each word, "If…I…don't…see…it…I'm… going…to…see…Gwen…next!"

            Masa imagined his girlfriend lying dead, a million bullets wounds in her body. Something snapped within the teenager, and he screamed as loud as he could. Suddenly, a column of light erupted from the ground between him and Hinkon. The mysterious man smirked. "Finally."

            Masa stared with awe as the light dimmed and a figure appeared before him. It was a creature that resembled a dragon/dinosaur amalgamation, with purple fur, a long, fox-like tail, and triangle-shaped jewel in its forehead. It stared at Masa before smiling. "Hello."

            The teenager attempted to speak, but only mumbles emerged. "You…you…you're a…a a….a….d…d…d…."

            "Digimon, that's right," the creature bowed, "My name is Dorumon."


            "That's right. Digital or Unknown Monster. DoRUmon."

            "D…igital or unknown…W…where did you get a name like that?"

            He shrugged. "I don't know, someone called me that once, but I don't remember who."

            "I…I see."

            Dorumon looked him over and gently sniffed the air. "And you must be Masahiko, my partner."

            "P…partner?" he gasped, "I'm…I'm your partner?" A smile spread over his lips, "I'm a Chosen? I've got a partner?!"

            "That's right. Oh, I've got something for you…"

            The small digimon handed him a rectangular device, with a small screen near the top, and a row of buttons beneath it. "That's your digivice, it connects me and you together."

            Masa was staring in pleasant surprise. "How do you know this?"

            "I don't know, just…somehow…"

            The teenager suddenly remembered Hinkon. His head shot back forward and saw that the mysterious man was still standing before him. "Good job," he smirked, "But now it's time to go to level two!"

            He threw his arms downward and metal stars emerged from the sleeves of his jacket, caught by his hands. He raised his arms and continued to grin. With one simple motion, the star in his left hand was thrown across the alley before slicing through the metal fence. Hinkon moved his other hand, still holding the star, closer to his face. "This time, I'm not gonna miss."

            Masa gripped his digivice tightly. "You can attack, right?"

            Dorumon grinned. "You betcha. Metal Cannon!"

            An iron ball shot from his mouth, sticking Hinkon in the stomach. The mysterious man winced, but still kept his hand firmly on the metal throwing star.

            Hinkon smirked once more. "That was good, but not good enough!" He threw the other star at Dorumon's head, but the small Beast ducked and the weapon struck the ground. The digimon fired another Metal Cannon, but Hinkon was able to bat the ball aside. He produced another star and whipped it at tremendous speed. Both Chosen and digimon dove to avoid the attack, but this left Dorumon's side wide open. The mysterious man shot forward and kicked as hard as he could.

            Masa gasped in horror and call out his partner's name. The small Beast struggled to his feet. "He's too strong! You've got to evolve me!"

            In his mind, the teenager had a vision of his dreams, in which each Chosen evolved their partners by using the digivice. He pointed the mysterious object forward and screamed. The device began to glow.

            "Dorumon evolve to Dorugamon!" The small Dorumon grew to a larger size, becoming more dragon-like, with longer and larger feet, long wings on his back, and a long tail used for balance.

            "So, ya finally did it," Hinkon grinned, "But unless you can do better, this is the end of the line!"

            He began to whip flying stars as fast as he could. Dorugamon was able to dodge the first round of attacks, but with the second round, he used his long tail like a bat, whipping the shards of metal back at Hinkon. The mysterious man had to use his arms to shield his face. Several stars impacted and sunk deep within his jacket-covered limbs.

            Masa grinned at the sight. "Not so tough now, are you?"

            "Masahiko?" Dorugamon asked.


            "Humans should bleed if they're been cut, right?"

            "Yes, what of it?"

            His digimon partner pointed his finger at their opponent, "He's not bleeding."

            Masa then realized to his horror that Dorugamon was correct, with so many lacerations to his forearms, there should be a puddle of blood around Hinkon's feet, but there was not any-there was not even any blood dripping down his arm. "How can this be?"

            The mysterious man grinned, then ripped one of the sleeves from his jacket. There, where an arm of flesh should have been, was none. Instead, was a limb of metallic substance. "Do you know understand?" he chuckled, "I am far more then human!"

            He ran forward, and Dorugamon leapt into action. The Nature Spirit pulled his head back, then whipped it forward, exhaling a larger metal sphere. "Power Metal!"

            Hinkon batted the first one aside, but he was not fast enough to stop the second, it impacted him directly in the face, the force flipping him around and he landed on his back. He was about to leap back to his feet, when he heard Dorugamon order, "Dove more, or the next one's going to crush you!"

            The mysterious man smirked. "I'll see you again!" He pressed a button on his belt, and a black shadow suddenly appeared beneath him. His entire body fell through and the hole vanished seconds later.

            "Where did he go?" Dorugamon demanded.

            "He must have teleported someone," Masa determined, "But who is he?"

            His partner shrugged. "I don't know, sorry."

            The teenager grinned, staring down at his digivice. "I'm a Chosen, I am a Chosen! Wait until my mother hears this!"


            "Shiro, what's up?"

            The blond teenager frowned when he heard his name called. He turned and saw a familiar teenage girl with her long brown hair pulled into a ponytail running towards him. Behind her was a girl with her brown hair flowing around her shoulders. "Oh, Kasumi, Asami."

            The younger girl held her hands in front of her waist. "Are you okay? You seem upset…"

            He smiled slightly. "A little worried about what my Mom's gonna say about the grade I got on Takahashi's test."

            Kasumi shrugged. "It won't be as bad as you think, what did you get on it?"

            "A 75."

            "You did better then me," she mumbled.

            "What did you get?" Asami asked.

            The older girl was pale for a moment. "T…that's none of your business!"

            "That bad?" her cousin asked.

            "No," Kasumi sighed, "Probably a hell of a lot worse."

            "You need to spend more time studying…"

            "You sound just like my mother!" she snapped.

            The three teenagers continued down the sidewalk for another five minutes, complaining about the school day they had just completed. Even Asami was annoyed because she felt that Mr. Takahashi did not grade the tests fairly.

            "You got a 93!" Kasumi exclaimed.

            "I should have gotten a 100," she pouted.

            Her cousin simply rolled her eyes.

They eventually arrived at Shiro's apartment building. The teenage boy was silent as the elevator climbed to the appropriate floor, and when he reached his apartment door, he hesitated while his hand nervously fumbled the door handle.

            "Just open it!" Kasumi snapped, kicking him in the back. He stumbled through the door and landed on his face.

             "Shiro! Are you okay?"

            "Yeah, Mom, I'm fine," he replied, climbing to his feet. His brown-haired mother was standing before him in the hall.

            Noriko nodded, then noticed the two girls. "Oh, hi."

            "Hi Mrs. Ishida," Asami said politely.

            "Hey," Kasumi waved.

            She smiled at the differences in the two girls. "Won't you come in?"

            The three teenagers shed their shoes and followed the middle-aged woman in the kitchen. "Do you want anything to eat?"

            "Like what?" Kasumi asked.

            Noriko fished through the cabinets over the refrigerator. "I have some cookies."

            "That'll do, thanks," the brown-haired girl said with a grin.

            While the two girls eagerly ate the treats before them, Shiro slowly approached his mother. "Um, Mom, I got Mr. Takahashi's test back…"

            Noriko raised her eyebrow. "Really, let me see."

            He reluctantly handed her the paper. She scanned the page before smiling. "A 75! That's great!"

            Both Kasumi and Asami stopped munching on their treats to stare at her in shock. Shiro did not look as surprised. "Mom…"

            "No, this is perfect!" Noriko interrupted, "I can't wait to tell the neighbors that my son got a 75 on his history test. That makes me the proudest mother in the building-no, the entire city! I'm just going to put it on the fridge so everyone can see what a great job you're doing." She marched over to her refrigerator and placed on the door with a large magnet. Shiro was staring at the floor, his face completely red.

            Asami whispered in her cousin's ear, "Now I know what he didn't want to tell her."

            "Yeah," Kasumi whispered back, but not quite as quiet. "My dad just yells and my mom punishes me." She paused for a moment, "She's just being sarcastic, right?"

            Asami sighed and rolled her eyes.


            Masa held tightly to Dorugamon as his partner ran as fast as he could. Despite his wings, Dorugamon's power of flight was limited, and not wishing to attracted unwanted attention on the street, they took to running across the rooftops. The teenager held tightly as his partner easily cleared twenty-foot gasps between buildings. 

"Are you okay?" Dorguamon asked.

"Yes, just hurry! I have a terrible feeling! Just hurry!"

Eventually, they entered the suburbs of the city, and without tall buildings, they were forced to use the trees and shrugs as cover as they darted further on their journey.

            "Dorugamon, wait!"

            The Nature Spirit slowly to a stop. "What is it?"

            Masa leapt off of his partner and ran to a one-level house. "This is where I live!" He threw the door open and leapt inside. "Mother!" he shouted, "Mother?" He ran down the hall and searched inside his mother's room, but found nothing.

            Dorugamon trotted inside behind him. "What's wrong?"

            "My mother isn't here," he frowned, "And I really wanted to show you to her. It's odd that she wouldn't be here."

            "She's here a lot?" Dorugamon asked, sniffing the furniture.

            "Today was her day off," he replied, "And she doesn't really go out."

            The Nature Spirit continued to smell the objects in the room. "Your sent is here, with a bunch of other people."

            "Really?" he asked, starting to become worried.

            "They're really old though, really faint…"

            He breathed a sigh of relief. "Probably our friends."

            Dorugamon moved over to an armchair. "Here's your mother's."

            "How can you tell?"

            "She sort of smells like you."

            He gave a slight smile. "Are you saying that I need a bath?"

            He blinked. "No! You see, every living being has a sent…"

            "I was kidding," he smiled, "Just kidding."

            "Oh, hah, yeah, I get it, heh…"

            Masa rolled his eyes.

            His partner continued to smell the furnishings, until he gasped. "What?" Masa asked.

            "There's another fresh sent here."


            Dorugamon narrowed his eyes as he stared at his partner, "Hinkon."

            Masa tighten his grip. "Can you follow the sent?"

            His partner sniffed a few more times. "It's strong, I should be able to."

            "All right, then proceed."


            Kasumi yawned as she stepped through the front door of her apartment. "Hey, I'm home."

            She pulled off her school shoes and walked towards her room. She heard someone walk from her parents room, it was her mother. "Hey, wait, why are you dressed up?"

            Sora was wearing a low cut, black evening dress. The 'skin' on her prosthetic leg had been upgraded to a near perfect match-no one would ever be able to tell it was fake. "Your father called, and he wants me to meet him at a restaurant."

            "What about me and Akira?" she asked.

            "You're going to stay over at the Ishida's tonight."

            She was silent for a moment, then shrugged. "Okay I guess."

            "Hurry and grab your things."

            The brown-haired girl walked into her room where she saw her partner seated on the desk chair, watching television. "Hey, what's up?"

"I guess we're spending the night at Shiro's."

"Yeah, your mom told us," Yuki Agumon answered.

Kasumi quickly threw off her school uniform and pulled on her jeans and yellow t-shirt. She dragged out a suitcase in the back of her closet and threw in a pair of her blue pajamas, along with her other hygiene products.

            There was a knock on the door. "Are you ready?"

            "Yeah, come on Yuki."

            Yuki Agumon followed her partner to the living room, where Akira as his Falcomon partner were waiting.

            "Kasumi," the little boy gasped, "What the hell is that on your shoulder?"

            "What?" the brown-haired girl shrieked, looking at his shoulders.

            "Oh," Akira grinned, "It was just your face."

            She started to growl, and stepped forward.

            "Don't start you two," Sora sighed in annoyance, "If I hear any bad stories from Mrs. Ishida, you two will be grounded, understand?"

            "Yes, Ma'am," they both said.

            Piyomon mentioned to Yuki Agumon and Falcomon, "And that goes for you two as well."

            Both digimon hung their heads low.

            "All right, come on, get a move on," Sora said, ushering kids and digimon through the door.

            They climbed into Sora's car, which was parked in the garage beneath the building. The redhead woman maneuvered through traffic to reach the other side of Shinjuku, where the Ishida's apartment building was located.

            Sora knocked on the door to the Ishida's apartment. A girl with long dark brown hair answered-she was missing her right hand and most of her right arm. "Oh, hi, Mrs. Yagami."

            "Hello Yasu," she bowed.

Noriko appeared behind her daughter a moment later, "Sora, hi."

            The redhead and her pink partner ushered their family through the door. "You guys behave, understand?" she said.

            "Won't you come in for a minute?" Noriko asked.

            "We're running late as it is," Piyomon said.

            "We'll be back tomorrow morning," Sora smiled, "Good night."

            "Have fun," Noriko smiled as she closed the door.

            Akira and Yasu wandered off together, while Kasumi walked to Shiro's room. The blond-haired boy was seated at his desk, using his computer. "Shiro, what's up?" she grinned.

            Yuki Agumon greeted Shiro's Psychemon, who was seated in Shiro's bed, reading a book. "What'cha reading?"


            The white dinosaur snorted.

            "You don't read?"

            "I like magnas."

            Psychemon gave a slight smile. "This one's about a warrior who rips off a monster's arm."


            Kasumi turned to Shiro. "So, your Mom's not gonna freak out again, is she?"

            "Probably," he muttered.

She mentioned to the computer. "So you're not grounded any more?"

"I am," he said, "But she didn't want you to have to be punished to, even though she said you should be pun…"

            "That's good, that's enough," Noriko said, running to the room. "Um, so what do you guys what for dinner?"

            "Have any burgers?" Kasumi asked.

            "No!" Noriko gasped, "Um, no, we…uh…don't. How about pizza?"

            "That sounds fine," the brown-haired girl grinned.

            The middle-aged woman nodded and went to order a large pie. "What was that about?" Kasumi asked.

            "Mom hates burgers," Shiro whispered, "Dad said she got traumatized at a job or something. Whenever she goes to visit her parents, me and Dad pig out at the local Burger King."

            "Cute," she sighed, rolling her eyes.


            Dorugamon leapt over the fence to the elementary school playground. It was well after hours, so it was empty save for a set of swings, a jungle gym, and other playground equipment. There were street lights illuminating the area. "He's here," Dorugamon said, sniffing the air.

            Masa leapt off of his partner's back. "Where are you?!" he shouted, "Where is my mother?!"

            "Your mother's currently enjoying the company of our master," Hinkon's voice sounded through the playground.

            "Where?" Masa demanded.

            The mysterious figure leapt down from atop the school's equipment shed and landed before them. Dorugamon tensed and readied for battled. Hinkon smirked, "If you want to know, you'll have to get past me."

            Masa nodded at his partner. Dorugamon took a deep breath and fired a massive metal ball. "Power Metal!"

……..The Final Act has only just begun………

Author's note: As I've said before, this is the third part of a trilogy of Apocalypse, and Gog. While it's not absolutely necessary to read Gog, it's pretty important to read Apocalypse. Even though Masa's dream sequence at the beginning was kind of an 'in-story,' summary, a more direct and to the point summary is as follows:

            Eight years after the end of 02, the Chosen Children have grown up and started their own lives. Taichi got a job as a gym teacher in Shinjuku, Hikari got a teaching job in the same distract, so they shared an apartment together. Taichi moved on with his studies and went to a university for political science. Yamato was a small-time musician, while waiting to get accepted into the Japanese air force. Sora became a freelance fashion designer, Jyou started his hospital internship, Mimi and Michael got married, with him producing her cooking show.

            But an annoying computer virus started to appear on the internet, it eventually mutated into an epidemic that attacked all digital matter-Chosen have a high percentage of digital matter in their bodies. This virus, the Second Black Death, or BD2, literally ate away at the bodies of Chosen and digimon, they lost limbs, eyes, organs. Hundreds died in the first wave, and even more were given to a slow, painful death. But digimon could not survive on Earth indefinitely. So many Chosen moved to the Digital World, where large populations were forming.

            Koushiro Izumi created a cure for the BD-2, the X-Antibody. He unleashed it upon the Chosen population, but only ten percent were compatible. Digimon who accepted the X-Antibody were cured of the BD-2, but they became mutated-they changed forms, evolution lines, they were stronger, faster. They became the X-digimon, and their Chosen accepted the X-Antibody too. Taichi, Hikari, Yamato, Mimi, Michael and Jyou became the X-Chosen. However, Koushiro Izumi, Takeru Takaishi, Daisuke Motomiya, Miyako Inoe, Ken Ichijoji, and Iori Hida all died from the virus. Sora Takenouchi from Japan, Anna from Russia, Maria, Tatum, Sam from New York, Catherine from France, and Noriko, Hiroshi, Keiko and Takashi from the Dark Seed Kids were all infected. After the death of Koushiro and Daisuke, Taichi lost all interest in the Digital World. He turned his back on his friends, except for Hikari.

            Two years later, and the virus was still running rampant, with hundreds of Chosen being infected and dying daily. A mysterious young woman named Chihi Miayag appeared, preaching the message of the Digital God. She coerced Hiroshi, Keiko, Takashi, Tatum and Sam into joining her religion, the Digitalatri. Hiroshi, Keiko and Takashi, along with a British Chosen named James, were given the power to evolve their partners, something they could not do with the BD-2 infection. Their partners became Piedmon, Pinocchimon, Mugen Dramon, and Metalseadramon, they became Digitalatri's military leaders. Tatum, Sam and a Mexican Chosen named Vincente were given Archnemon, Mummymon and Skull Satanmon as partners, and became the messengers.

            Noriko and Maria did not join with Digitalatri, and were spying on their friends, before they were captured. Yamato and Jyou had been keeping tabs on the Digitalatri, and knowing they were outnumbered, called Taichi and Hikari for help. They were able to rescue Maria and Noriko, but they encountered the mysterious Demon Lords.

            Meanwhile, Dingo, an X-Chosen from Australia, was watching a woman named Lynna, who was being chased by one of the Demon Lords, Karetu of Gluttony. Yamato and Jyou came to help, and that's when they realized the horrible truth, Karetu was an exact double of the deceased Takeru. Lynna displayed weird energy, and was able to make her Gizamon partner evolve, something he should not be able to do while infected with BD-2.

            Miayag and her Digitalatri, meanwhile, had begun to invade a city far in the north of the Digital World, called Nightsun, since for half of the year, the sun remained in the sky, even in the night. This city was inhabited by Russian Chosen, and led by Yuri and Anna-who had lost her eyes to BD-2. They called Taichi for help, and he brought Maria and Sora-who's own BD-2 infection was spreading, with him. Along the way, they were attacked by another Demon Lord, Shiokuro-who was a duplicate of Koushiro. Anna displayed a strange energy and her Penmon partner evolved as well.

            Yamato, meanwhile, was called to France by Catherine, who was having weird dreams. They were attacked by Karetu, and Catherine made Floramon evolve. In order to find the cause for her dreams, they went to see Mina in India. There they met Keeya, one of Mina's students. She was attacked by Karetu, and her Mushmon evolved. They received a call for help from Taichi, and so went to Nightsun to help. Along the way, they were attacked once more, and Noriko's Plotmon evolved.

            Mimi and Michael, meanwhile, went to the Digital city of New Havenwood where Tatum and Sam were preaching. They met another Infected Chosen, Iduia from Brazil, who was forced to wear a respirator, along with other artificial organs. After a short battle with Tatum and Sam, they were attacked by the Demon Lords, Amikyo and Enk, duplicates of Miyako and Ken. Iduia then displayed the same mysterious energy.

            They all answered the call to come to Nightsun as Digitalatri invaded. The last three Demon Lords: Seiduka-duplicate of Daisuke-Asro-duplicate of Sora-and Cahiti-duplicate of Taichi attack the young women during the war. Sora and Maria were the last to display the strange energy. Cahiti summoned Chimeramon to attack the X-Chosen, and the eight young women gave their energies to the X-Chosen, but Cahiti used a mysterious object called the Soul Catcher to steal that energy. Sora and Catherine did not give their energy, but the Demon Lords captured them.

            The X-Chosen were able to evolve to the Fully Evolved level, but they still lost the city to the Digitalatri. Miayag entered a secret cavern below the city to take an artifact called the Staff of Yuushi.

            The young women were each the granddaughters of the legendary First Chosen. Sora was the granddaughter of Hidokoro of Fire, Catherine was the granddaughter of Lucien of Light, Maria, Montengro of Earth, Lynna Kendra of Water, Iduia, Glaucio of Metal, Keeya, Abungu of Forest, Noriko, Daiyu of Darkness, and Anna, Svetlana of Wind. The Demon Lords manipulated each Daughter to awaken to their inherited powers so that they could steal it, and remake the Digital World into a world of their own image.

            As more and more Chosen entered the Digital World, a government body was created, called the Chosen Council. Their leader, Victor von Schmidt, fearing the spread of the Second Black Death, instituted a policy to relocate all the Infected Chosen to centers around the Digital World. The Demon Lords approached him for an alliance-a Chosen council member would be paired with a Demon Lord and sent to a different center. The X-Chosen split into two: Taichi, Jyou and Hikari on one team, and Yamato, Mimi and Michael on another. They toppled each center, and Shiokuro was killed.

            Taichi and Mimi briefly returned to Earth to return the captured Maria and Iduia. Amikyo came to recapture them, but Mimi and the Daughters drove them off, killing the Demon Lord. While there, Miayag attacked, and Taichi's mother revealed a tremendous secret, Miayag's mother was Taichi's mother's younger sister-Taichi and Miayag were cousins!  During that fight, Mrs. Yagami was injured and sent into a coma. Miayag returned to the Digitalatri's base on the Digital World's Central Island. Tatum, seeing the distress of her Priestess, took Sam and Vincente to Earth to capture Taichi. Mimi would not let them near him while he was worried about his mother, and during that battle, Tatum, Sam and Vincente were killed.

            Taichi, Hikari and Jyou broke into the Chosen Council's headquarters to find the locations of the Demon Lords' base. They encountered Enk, and the Demon Lord was killed. They discovered the Demon Lords were in a temple in the center desert, and Yamato's team snuck inside. They were seconds away from rescuing Sora and Catherine when Karetu attacked. Yamato was finally able to defeat the evil double of his brother.

            The remaining members of the Demon Lords and the Council invaded the Center Island to drive away the Digitalatri. With the powers of Sora and Catherine finally his, the Soul Catcher full, Cahiti initiated the Digital Hazard, and the elements of the Digital Would began to attack one another.

            The X-Chosen arrived, and while Taichi, Yamato and the Daughters charged inside the ancient castle, the rest of the X-Chosen defeated Schmidt and his secretary, Raven Osborn. While Yamato rescued Catherine from Seiduka, Taichi defeated Asro to save Sora. They then shared their first kiss.

            Sora and Catherine gave Taichi and Yamato their energy, and they evolved to their Mega forms: Wargreymon X and Metalgarurumon X. With their combined might, they defeated Cahiti, but the Digital World still self-destructed…..