Digimon: Magog


New Day Dawning


The reports of Ogudomon attacking the DATS base was once again all over the news, but unlike the Demon Invasion, these reports were nothing but praise. The Prime Minister even wanted to host a special celebration, but Taichi and Yamato refused.

"We want to keep that fact that we're Chosen a secret," Taichi said, "Our children have to go to school. We want them to try to have as much a normal life as possible. "

"Not that we don't appreciate it," Yamato said with a slight smile, "But…"

He nodded. "Yes…yes, I understand. However, there are still some things I would like to discuss with you."

Taichi and Yamato glanced at one another, then back at the Prime Minister. "Don't worry," he smiled reassuringly, "Nothing bad, I assure you. Now, Taichi, as you know, Minister Watanabe will be retiring shortly. And the position of Minister of Defense will be available. If you would like it, it is yours."

He blinked, "W…really?"

"Yes," the Minister nodded, "You have certainly proven your worth to me."

Taichi sat back in his seat, unable to believe his ears. Yamato stared at Taichi, then over at the Minister. "Now, Yamato. We, along with other nations, are currently in the process of establishing a special project in association with NASA of America, to send an expedition to Mars. If you wish, I can make you the head of our participation in this project."

Now it was Yamato's turn to remain stunned. The Prime Minister addressed both men at once, "These both positions are…considered long-term positions. This is a major decision, so I shall give you some time to discuss this." He smiled, "Now, since you won't allow me to host a celebration for you, at least pass my thanks and my admiration along to your fellow teammates. Good Day."

The two men slowly exited the Prime Minister's office and numbly walked down the hall, still too in shock to fully contemplate their life-changing offers.


When Yamato returned home, he saw Yasu and Eliane playing a card game at the table, while Noriko was busy in the kitchen. "Hey," he said, walking over to her.

"So," Noriko said, lighting kissing him on the cheek, "How did it go?"

He hesitated for a moment. "Well, um…."

Noriko turned away from the pot and dried her hands on her apron, "What?"

"Well, he…he offered a position as the head of a project working with NASA."

"N…NASA…in America?"

He nodded.

Noriko's face broke into a smile. "That….that's great!"

"Y….yeah, I know, b…but…"

"But what?"

"If I agree to do this, then…my life as a DATS Agent would no doubt be over. I'd be home for probably only a few weeks, if that, a year."

"W…well, okay, but, you've done that before. Remember your last tour of duty?"

"Yeah, I know…" he fidgeted, "But…then I came back and….and this whole thing with the Demons and the Hunters and everything, well…it made me realize how important doing this really is."

She sat down at the table and lightly embraced his hands. "Well, just think it over before you decide on anything, okay?"

He nodded. "Yeah…yeah…"

They both heard Yasu and Eliane march into the hall, heading for the kitchen. "Just don't tell the kids," Yamato said, "I don't want to say anything just yet."

Noriko nodded quickly as she stood up. "Yeah, sure."

"Daddy!" Yasu cheered, hugging him tightly.

Eliane maneuvered over to Noriko and peered at the pot, "Zat smells really good, Mrs. Ishida."

She smiled. "Why thank you, Eliane. Oh, by the way, your mother called earlier. She said that whenever you're ready, we'll buy your ticket, okay?"

She nodded, "Oui."

"Ticket?" Yasu asked, "Are you going home for a visit?"

She gave her friend a curious expression. "N…no, Yasu, I..I am going home."

The blond girl felt her heart slow to a stop. "W..what?" She turned to her parents, "Mom, Dad…she's not…"

"Yasu," Yamato said, "We beat the Hunters and the Demons, t…the war is over."

She was almost in tears, "B…but, s…she can't…"

"Now Yasu," Noriko said, "I'm sure that Eliane wants to see her own parents."

"Y..yeah, but…"

Eliane cut in quickly, "We can still talk over ze Internet, and…and I will visit whenever I can…"

"I'm sorry Yasu," Yamato said, "But…it's time to say goodbye."


Gabe was lying in his hospital bed, his arms behind his head and his eyes closed. He heard the door opened and a female's voice call out, "Gabe, are you awake?"

He smiled and sat up quickly, "Hey, Asami."

She meekly sat next to him on the, gently rubbing her legs. "So, where's Kotemon?"

He sighed, "Oh, Lizzie somehow got it in her head that he was bothering me, so he went with her and Alruamon somewhere."

"Oh, I think it's sweet that she worries about you like that." She frowned, "It makes me wish I had brothers or sisters."

"Well…you have to look after Kasumi like a big sister.."

"Ga-abe," she frowned.

"Sorry," he said quickly.

The girl sighed deeply and turned her head, "So, you're going to be going home in a few days, right?"

He felt a strange feeling in his stomach, "Y…yeah…"

Asami frowned, "Can we really do it? I mean, can we really have this relationship if we're so far away?"

Gabe frowned, "Well…I mean, we can talk every night with the internet."

"Yeah, I know, but talking isn't the same as seeing you…"

The boy sighed, "Y…yeah, I know." He was silent for a long moment, "Well, we can try and meet in the Digital World on the weekends or something…"

"Gabe," she said, "I…I don't want to be away from you…."

"I know," he sighed, "But…we'll try, okay? We'll do the best we can, all right?"

Asami could not help but smile.


Kasumi climbed out of her hospital bed and walked over to look out the window. "Damn it! I'm so bored!" She went to raise her arms to lightly pound on the glass, but her injured shoulder shot pain through her entire body as she lifted her arm. She hissed and lightly rubbed her bandage-covered shoulder.

"Looks like you still belong here. I mean, I'm fine."

She glared at her partner, who was sitting in the armchair, munching on a sandwich, "Digimon heal faster than humans." She swiped the food from Yuki Agumon's hand, "And don't eat my lunch!"

"I'm hungry!"

"You already ate!"

She crossed her arms and hugged, "I'm still hungry."

The door to the room opened and Asami walked inside. "Hello, Kasumi, Yuki Agumon, how are you feeling today?"

"Bored," they said in unison.

The other girl smiled slightly. "Really?"

Kasumi groaned as she fell onto the bed, "I'm getting sick of always being in the hospital. You're lucky you didn't get beat up." He noticed the smile on the girl's face, "What are you so happy about?"

"Oh," she blushed slightly, "I…well…I was just talking to Gabe, and…we're going to try to make our long-distance relationship work. "

Kasumi sighed and rolled her eyes.

Her cousin sat on the bed next to her. "Well, I just came by because I wanted to know if anything happened between you and Lino."

The other girl's face turned beat red, "W…what are you talking about?"

"Did you two talk about your feelings yet?"

"What?! How did you know about…" She suddenly grabbed the pillow and threw it into her partner's head.

"What the hell was that for?" Yuki Agumon snapped.

"You're the only one I told!" the pony-tailed girl shouted.

The white dinosaur fidgeted slightly, "I…you were so happy, I just…"

Kasumi sighed deeply, "Yuki, I…"

Asami placed a hand on her cousin's shoulder, "So, this means that you haven't…"


The other girl sighed, "Well, I think you probably should do so soon."

Kasumi blinked, "W…why?"

"Because, he and Adan are going to be leaving soon."


Sora ran over to kiss her husband as he entered the apartment. "Hi honey, what did the Prime Minister want?"

Taichi sighed as he sat down at the table, "Well…"

Agumon X and Piyomon walked into the kitchen a moment later. "Hey, Taichi," Agumon X said, "What's up? How'd it go?"

"Well," he said, "The Prime Minister wants me to…to become the Minister of Defense after Watanabe retires."

"What?" Sora blinked, "R…really? I mean, you said something about that before, but…"

"Yeah," Taichi sighed again, "I know."

"What's wrong?" Agumon X, "Isn't that a good thing?"

"Yeah, but if I'm the Minister of Defense, that means I won't be able to run DATS anymore."


Sora sat down as well. "But, Taichi, Mitsuo's perfectly able to…"

"It's not only that," he said.


"He'll be stuck behind a desk," Agumon X explained, nodding slightly at his partner, "Right?"

"Yeah," he frowned, "Yeah…"

His wife smiled reassuringly and lightly rubbed his shoulders, "This is about you getting old, isn't it? Taichi, you and Yamato still had to beat GranDracmon, you're still the strongest Chosens on Earth."

He frowned, "Yeah, but…there are so many Megas now…maybe…maybe it's time I did kind of retire from it."

"Retire?" Agumon X gasped, "But…what happens to me then?"

He shrugged. "I don't know, relax?"

He lightly rubbed his chin, "Yeah…you know, that might not be such a bad…"

"You're not just gonna sit around and do nothing," Piyomon said.

Sora rubbed her husband's shoulders again, "Well, whatever you decide…."

Agumon X nodded. "That goes for me too."

Taichi took a deep breath, "Yeah…thanks…"


Yamato sat inside the office of his apartment, tapping his fingers against the arm rest of the chair. "I don't know Gabumon, what should I do?"

His partner was seated on the floor, staring back at him. "I don't know. Why don't you think about the pros and cons of both sides?"

Yamato leaned back in his seat. "Well…if I take the job, then it's no doubt more money, but, I won't be able to be part of DATS anymore. This is a major government project, and running it will probably be a full-time job."

Gabumon X stared at his partner curiously, "Is this about you thinking that you're not useful to DATS anymore?"

He blinked, "W…what are you talking about?"

"I'm your partner, remember? I can sense your moods."

He frowned, "Well, maybe you're right. I mean, we've got the Royal Knights as part of DATS now, there's eight Megas now…" He trailed off, then mentioned to Gabumon X, "Aren't you worried about getting old? I know that you don't age the same way we do, but your data starts to break down, aren't you worried about that?"

He shrugged slightly, "I don't know, I never really thought about it. But…is that was this is really about, you getting older?"

"Maybe….maybe I've gotten to the point where getting that kind of…of 'managing' job is the next step. It's a military position, I'd probably get a promotion."

"But Yamato, is that what you really want?"

The blond man did not answer.


Kasumi ran into the hospital room that was being occupied by Lino; the boy was lying in his bed, watching television with Patamon was on his lap. "Lino!" she yelled.

He stared at her, raising an eyebrow, "W…what?"

The girl was panting, "Y…you're leaving?"

He hesitated for a moment, then turned his head away. "I…I would like to see my parents again…and I know Adan misses them."

She sat down on the bed. "Patamon," Lino said to his partner, "Why don't you see if you can find Adan and Akira?"

"Yeah, sure," the small digimon said, flapping his wings and fluttering out the door.

"Lino," Kasumi said, "What about…you know…us…"

He sighed, "I…I don't know. I mean, it probably wouldn't work…."

"What? W…why not…?"

"Well…because of…you know….your family…"

"What?" she snapped, jumping to her feet. She spoke in a high-pitched voice, "Oh, I'm just a fair princess who needs my Daddy's royal proclamation to court a boy and he must me Daddy's strict approval. Come on, I love my Dad, but…Besides, I don't think he'd really care. My Mom always told me how much your sister meant to him. I…I think he'd be really happy if you…"

He shook his head. "Well, you live in Japan, and I…I live in America."

"Yeah, so?" she asked, "Gabe and Asami are gonna try to make it work!"

"It's…different with them…"

"Different? How is it different?"

"They're the same age."

The ponytailed girl blinked in surprise.

"Kasumi," Lino sighed again, "What happened…shouldn't have happened. I'm nineteen, you're only fifteen."

"So? We just have to wait until…"

"But it's not fair to you. You're only fifteen, you shouldn't wait your entire teenage years just so you can be with a guy you shared a kiss with."

"But…we understand each other…."

"I know," he nodded, "But…does that really mean we're in love? Are the feelings you have for me really…love?" He rubbed his forehead, "Jeeze, I sound like Masa!" He shook his head, "But…Kasumi, are you really in love with me?"

She blinked, "I…I don't know…" She shrugged, "But, I mean, my Mom and Dad knew each other a really long time…"

"And we…really just got to know each other. Let's stop it now before it becomes too hard for us later."

She frowned, "Yeah, but…"

Lino put a hand on her shoulder, "It's better this way…really…"

Kasumi just nodded. She jumped up and ran out the room. Lino sighed and stared at his hands, tears forming in his own eyes.


Once Jyou said it was okay for the injured Chosen to leave the hospital, they made plans to return home. It seemed to be such a long way away, but soon, it was time to say goodbye. They stood in the airport, each one, human and digimon, were embracing their friends.

Michael shook Mitsuo's hand, "Well, it was a pleasure seeing you again."

He nodded with a slight smile, "Yeah, we'll have to get together sometime without having a war to fight."

Lizzie was hugging each of the girls as tight as she could. "Oh, I'm gonna miss you all so much! You're all like my sisters!"

Yasu and Eliane were hugging tightly, tears in their eyes. "Promise you'll write everyday!" Yasu cried.

"Oui," Eliane nodded, crying as well, "You are mon meillour ami, my best friend."

"We'll always be best friends, right?" Yasu sniffiled.

"Oui," she sobbed, "oui."

Ines put a hand on Yasu's shoulder, and the blond girl twirled around. "What do you want?"

The older girl shrugged slightly. "Well, I just wanted to say that…you're pretty strong."

She blinked, "R…really?"

Ines nodded quickly, blushing. "Y…yeah…for a squirt!"

Yasu snarled, "Yeah, well, you're just a bitch!"

Bolades and Eliane sighed, shaking their heads.

Joey slapped Aleksey on the back, "Hey man, it was a pleasure fightin' with ya."

The Russian boy nodded, "Da, it was something that I will not forget."

Mimi was hugging each of the women. "Sora, Noriko, Hikari, Anna, Lynna, man, I never realized how long it's been until we see each other again."

Lynna smiled and nodded, "Yeah, we gotta get together again." She threw her arm into the air, "Girls of DATS, yeah!"

"So," Masa said to Lino, "Remember when we were waiting for the Demons to start their invasion? I asked you if you knew what you were fighting for?"

He gazed at him curiously, "Yeah…?"

"Well, did you find it?"

He looked over at Adan, then over at Kasumi, who was talking to Lizzie. "Yeah, I think I did."

A voice came over the loud speaker, announcing the departure of a number of flights. Taichi sighed, "Well guys, have a safe flight home."

Eliane lifted her bag, which contained her Mushmon hidden inside. She waved, "Au revoir."

"Later," Dingo, and Lynna said with a slight wave, pushing the suitcases which contained their partners. Joey gave Aleksey a thumbs up, then waved to the others.

Anna smiled and bowed slightly, "Good bye, my friends."

Aleksey smiled as well, "It was a pleasure to have met all of you."

"Remember to keep in touch," Hikari called.

Michael placed a hand around Mimi's shoulder as they both waved their goodbyes. Lizzie gave a final hug to Kasumi and Asami before running after her parents. Gabe faced Asami and gently grabbed her hands. "Well, I'll be seeing you."

She reached over and kissed him on the lips as hard as she could. She had tears in her eyes, "Yes, goodbye."

Akira and Adan were staring at each other. "Um…" the redheaded boy said, blushing, "I..um I guess I'll see ya around."

Adan nodded. He opened his mouth, hesitated for a moment, then continued speaking, "Um, guys really don't hug each other, but…well…maybe we're old enough to…um…shake hands…?"

Akira laughed and held out his hand. Adan grabbed it and shook it as hard as he could. "I know that's what you usually do in America," he said, "But in Japan, we like to bow."

Adan nodded quickly and both boys bowed as low as they could.

Kasumi had been watching her brother. She turned to leave, but Lino appeared in front of her. She blinked in surprise, and before she could speak, he kissed her on the lips. "W..wha?"

He stared deeply into her eyes, "Please, don't forget me."

She was in shock and continued to stare forward as Lino and Adan walked away.

Miayag and Masa stood side-by-side, and both bowed at the group. "Farewell," the middle-aged woman said.

Hikari stepped forward, "D…do you really have to leave again? I mean, there's still so much I want to talk to you about, and…and we only see you when there's a problem."

Both mother and son were quiet, glancing at each other.

"Please," Asami said, "Please…?"

Miayag turned and began to walk away. Masa looked at the others, then ran after her. She stopped and glanced over her shoulder, "Maybe…maybe we don't need to wait until the next crisis before we see you again."

Hikari and Asami both grinned. Miayag and Masa then disappeared into the crowd of the lobby. The Japanese members of DATS then began to file out of the airport.


A few days later, Yamato and Gabumon X walked onto the roof of the DATS building. Taichi and Agumon X were standing near the edge, staring at the city's horizon. "Don't jump!" Yamato shouted with a smile on his face, "I know I'm better looking than you, but that's not any reason to kill yourself!"

Taichi rolled his eyes and crossed his arms as the blond man and digimon walked over. "Yeah, you wish you were as good looking as me."

"Yeah, I'm sure," he mumbled. The duo joined them at the edge. "So…"


There was a silence that hung in the air for a few moments. Finally, Taichi spoke, "So, we've both got some major decisions to make soon, huh?"

"Yeah," Yamato nodded, "Yeah…" He was silent for another moment before continuing, "But…I mean, we've done our parts, time and again, right? We had to save the world so many times."

Gabumon X nodded, "Venom Myotismon, the Dark Masters, Diablomon, Armageddmon, the Demon Lords, GranDracmon…that's a lot."

"Well, we had to," Agumon X added, "It was all up to us."

"But maybe it's time for someone else to do it," Yamato said, "We're not going to be around forever. Someone else needs to be the…the end all hero."

"Maybe we are getting too old for this," Taichi sighed, "Maybe it's time we passed the torch. Maybe we all deserve some sort of retirement."

They were silent, contemplating what was said. A fierce breeze blew across them. Taichi was the first to speak again," Remember when we first went to the Digital World? We had no idea what was going on?"

Yamato nodded. "Yeah, we were pretty much stumbling around in the dark. The Digital World, the Digimon, everything was so weird to us."

"It was weird to us too," Agumon X said, "We didn't know anything about our missions or anything like that. We just knew we had to find you."

"I had no idea what a 'Yamato' was," Gabumon X added, "But I knew that I had to find and protect him."

"Well," Taichi continued, "My point is, we had to learn everything ourselves, there was no one to teach us. But now…now the next generation has DATS to teach them. They won't be so…lost, like we were. There's enough Chosen…Soldiers, to handle anything."

They were silent again. Yamato glanced at him, "So, does this mean you're going to take the Minister position and retire from fighting?"

Taichi was silent, then smiled slightly, "Nah. This is too much fun."

Yamato sighed, smiling as well, "Yeah, ditto."

They both looked over their shoulders as Sora and Noriko entered the roof. "There you two are," Sora said.

"Yeah, sorry," Taichi said, "We're just going to take a quick workout." Before either woman could protest, both men took out their digivices.

"Agumon X warp evolve to Wargreymon X!"

"Gabumon X warp evolve to Metalgarurumon X!"

They floated into the air. Wargreymon X stretched his arms, "So, you wanna go once around?"

Metalgarurumon X stretched his neck from side to side. "Yeah, sure."

"What?" Noriko gasped, "You're gonna run around the block like that?"

Both Megas looked at each other and began to laugh. "Just what is so funny?"

"See ya later honey," Metalgarurumon X chuckled. He glanced at the dragon man, "Ready?"

Wargreymon X nodded, "Ready."

Both Mega's exploded in light as they shot forward, flying through the air. They flew around the DATS Building, peeking inside the window to see Mitsuo and Hikari seated within his office, gently embracing each other.

They passed through the buildings of Tokyo. They flew by the Yagami's apartment building, where Yasu and Akira were playing a two-player game. Their characters were in direct competition with each other, and, like a gentleman, Akira let Yasu win. She cheered and hugged him.

They continued flying; Wargreymon X flew to the left, while Metalgarurumon X flew to the right.


Wargreymon X flew past the park, where Kasumi was playing soccer with Asami. The pony-tailed girl kicked the ball as hard as she could, and Asami dove for it, successfully blocking the ball from passing into the goal. Kasumi cheered for her cousin.


Metalgarurumon X flew past Jyou's hospital, where Jyou and Kikku were examining an x-ray of a digimon's leg. Kenji and Shiro were comparing their notes for an upcoming school assignment.


Both digimon left Japan, Wargreymon X heading towards the North, while Metalgarurumon X flew towards the South.


Wargreymon X passed through Russia. Anna, Aleksey and their partners watched from the window as the Dragon Man flew past.


Metalgarurumon X flew past the shorelines of Australia, where Dingo and his family were skimming the water in their boat. Dingo was driving, the throttle as far as it could go. Lynna was resting on the deck, sunbathing, while Joey was water skiing behind.


Both Megas passed by each other somewhere over India, Wargreymon X heading South, and Metalgarurumon X flying North.


Wargreymon passed over a small town in Africa. The children came running out of the houses, Bolades stood among them. She gave a slight wave as the Dragon Man flew by.


Metalgarurumon X flew through a town in France. Eliane was standing on the balcony of her house. The girl was leaping into the air, waving her arms wildly and laughing.


Wargreymon X passed into Brazil, flying low over Brasilia. Ines was standing on the roof of her apartment building, smiling slightly at the flying digimon.


Metalgarurumon X flew over New York City, where the Bartons were standing on the balcony of their apartment. Gabe was standing with his arms crossed while Lizzie leapt up and down excitedly. Michael placed a hand on Mimi's shoulder and lightly kissed her on the cheek.

Wargreymon X passed over Mexico City, where Adan was playing basketball with a group of other children. Lino was standing off to the side. He glanced over her shoulder and nodded slightly.


Both Megas met up again over the Great Plains of the United States. They flew together over California, where Miayag and Masa stood, watching the sun rise over the coastline. Both gave a slight wave as the Dragon and the Wolf passed by.

They both flew as hard as they could over the Pacific Ocean before returning to Tokyo. They landed on the roof of the DATS building, where Sora and Noriko were awaiting them. Both Megas returned to their previous forms, and both women embraced their husbands. They all exited the roof, closing the door behind them.


….Four years later….

Nineteen-year-old Kasumi sat at the table in the dance club. She tapped her finger against the table, glancing at her watch. She looked over to the dance floor, where Asami and Gabe were laughing and giggling as they attempted to keep up with the rhythm. She sighed deeply, looking at her watch again. Why did she agree to come? Just to watch her cousin and her cousin's boyfriend act like the happy couple and just make her jealous?

"Excuse me, would you like to dance?"

She turned to look at the young man standing beside her. She studied his face, it looked familiar. "I'm sorry," she said, "You look really familiar, did we go out before?"

"No, not really, but we did share a kiss-two, in fact: one in the hospital, and the other when I had to leave, and I told you not to forget about me."

Her heart began to beat as her mouth slowly opened. She jumped to her feet and wrapped her arms around his back. "L…lino!"

He chuckled, hugging her back. He mentioned with his neck, "So, how about that dance?"


My name is Kasumi Yagami. Back when the Second Black Death was devastating the Digital World, and so many Chosen were dying; back before Miayag and the Demon Lords first appeared, my Aunt Hikari thought that the "…happy times went by in the blink of an eye and the bad times just go on and on…"

Well, now I know, that the bad times don't go on and on, and the good times…yeah, they do last forever.


Author's note: Well, this story is finally at its end. I had a few people ask me if I was going to write a fic about the First Chosen. I had considered a Digimon: Genesis, but, I think it's time to finally move on. This was my final fic.

I first started writing digimon fanfiction back in the winter of 2000. That was almost nine years ago, nine years…it seems like such a long time ago. I really did enjoy it, but I think it's time to move on. I really and truly enjoyed writing and posting to this site, but I have my own original stories that I would like to work on and try to get published. Who knows, maybe someday, aspiring authors will be writing fanfiction about my stories.

Because that's what I always considered fanfiction to be, a way for aspiring authors to understand concepts such as plot and above all, characterization. These fanfiction writers know how the characters are suppose to act, how they would think, and that helps them understand characterization in creating their own characters. And, it helps these authors deal with criticism, and hopeful learn which criticisms are constructive, and should be considered, and which are nothing but flames and should be ignored. So, for all fanfiction writers everywhere that hope to someday create and publish original stories, remember the lessons you will learn from fanfiction.

I say this truly, I will never forget this site, or any of my fellow fanfiction writers. Waruseadra, HevnoAngered, if every author had fans like you, they would never lose faith in themselves. Dragonchad, Frozen Twins, you were like scholars, analyzing my fics like literature, and that truly makes me happy. Cherrygurl and Demino, don't stop writing, your fics are great. LightScreener and anyone else I've forgotten, thank you for some many reviews, you guys were great.

And to all readers, good luck and thank you.

I don't like to say goodbye, because that implies its forever, so I'll simply say…





Jiro Takenouchi and Duval Rupert are born


Zorion Ramrio, Sachi Mizutani are born


Zilya Mishca, Alem Genet, Sophie Tradam, Adelio Monteng are born


Amanda Chailyn, Fai Shan are born


Haruki Makato, Hagan von Schmidt are born


The ABC (Atanasoff-Berry Computer) is completed at Iowa State University.


The ENIAC (Electronic and Numeric Integrator And Computer) is created by John William Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert of the University of Pennsylvania. When the ENIAC is activated, the Digital World is created. The programmers discover they have created another world and even journey to this other world that they name the Digital World. They create lifeforms for this world, which they call Digital Monsters, or digimon.


The digimon, under the leadership of the Three Celestial Angels, rebel and force the Gods from the Digital World. While they try to banish all records of those Gods, kingdoms in the Digital World still worship them, the greatest being Ceria and Fertanti.

One of the Digimon evolves to GranDracmon, the first virus digimon. He entices a group of angels and transforms them into seven demon digimon.

GranDracmon is defeated, his seven demons are destroyed. GranDracmon himself is sealed within the center of the Digital World, called the Dark Area. The Three Angels position themselves around the Digital World to keep GranDracmon sealed away. They eventually die and are reborn as digitamas, which become the three moons of the Digital World.


Asuka Kae is born.


Despite being trapped as Digitamas, the Three Angels are still able to utilize their powers. They call for help from the Human world to destroy the "Pagan" Kingdoms that still worship the Gods. The First Chosen are pulled into the Digital World. They are scattered around the Digital World. They travel the Digital World, meet their partners, but all meet up in the Desert Kingdom of Fertanti, which is ruled by Pharoahmon. They meet three girls who were pulled into the Digital World as well, each one with the gift of prophecy, Sachi, Sophie and the greatest one, Asuka.

These three priestesses rename the First Chosen: Jiro is named Hidokoro, Amanda is named Kendra, Zilya is named Svetlana, Adleio is named Montenegro, Duval is named Lucien, Fai is named Daiyu, Zorion is named Glaucio, Alem is named Abungu. Haruki is named Yuushi.

Four months after they first arrive, Hagan, named Juro, joins them.

The First Chosen go to war with the Royal Knights and defeat them. Each Chosen takes a weapon of the Knights for themselves: Yuushi the Staff, Hidokoro, the Katana, Lucien, the Shotguns, Kendra the Gauntlets, Svetlana the Claymore, Montenegro the Spear, Glaucio the Shield, Abungu the Bow and Juro the Flail. They built a city called Holy Digitapolis on the Island of the Center, where they ruled from their Divine Castle.

They spent their lives moving from Earth to the Digital World and back, each one starting a family. They lived normal lives on Earth, while ruled as Kings in the Digital World.


Arkadiy Danika, son of Zilya "Svetlana" Mishca, is born


John Jeffry, son of Amanda "Kendra" Chailyn, and Henri Rupert, son of Duval "Lucien" Rupert are born

Kurata is born.


Duka Genet, son of Alem "Abungu" Genet and Jia Li, daughter of Fai "Daiyu" Shan, is born


Haruhiko Takenouchi, Susumu Kamiya, and Eberardo, son of Adedlio "Montenegro" Monteg are born


Satoe Tachikawa, Inigo, son of Zorion "Glaucio" Ramiro is born.

While visiting Hidokoro and Yuushi in Japan, Juro meets Naoki Ishida. They leave for Germany and are engaged.


Yuuko Makato, daughter of Haruki "Yuushi" Makato is born.


Triplets, Dierk, son of, Felici, daughter of, and Hiroki, son of Juro and Naoki Ishida, are born. Naoki, realizes that Juro will be coming for them. She gives Dierk to family friends, with the instructions to find Lucien, due to his illness, Dierk cannot stand long travel, while she takes Felici and Hiroki back to Japan to find Hidokoro or Yuushi.

While crossing the Sea of Japan, their ship is caught in a storm and sinks. Juro believes Naoki and his children are dead.

In truth, only Naoki died, Felici and Hiroki are rescued, but only Hiroki has any identification on him-i.d. tied to his wrist, Felici's fell off, and without any way to i.d. her, is placed in foster care. Hiroki is adopted by Naoki's sister.


Kumiko Makato, second daughter of Haruki "Yuushi" Makato, is born. Akihiro Kurata is born.


Juro and the First Chosen have a falling out. Juro is banished from the kingdom. He wanders and is contacted by GranDracmon. He agrees to become GranDracmon's agent in the Digital World.

He creates his own kingdom which begins hostility towards the First Chosen kingdom.


-Natsuko Takaishi is born.

-Dagomon tries to bring the Gods back to the Digital World. Yuushi and Juro work together to seal him within Yddrisil's dimension-a dimension apart from the Digital World. The First Chosen create the Ancient Warriors to stop any attempts to restore the Gods to the Digital World. Each First Chosen creates an Ancient with their power, except for Yuushi and Juro, who decide that their power is too great, they instead create warriors of ice and thunder.


-Yuushi and Juro both fall in love with Asuka, but she cannot bear their rivalry, and so ends her own life, pouring her power into her watch, the Timepiece of Asuka.

-The War of the First Chosen. Juro's kingdom is destroyed and Juro is banished from the Digital World, his name and weapon hidden for what should have been all time.


The Kingdom of Cer invaded and destroyed the Divine Castle. The First Chosen escape to Earth, and would remain there for the rest of their lives. They kept their lives in the Digital World a secret, not wanting the governments of the world to know of its existence.


Kumiko Makato leaves for America


Susumu and Yuuko Yagami are married.


James Masters is born


Jyou Kido, Iduia Ramiro, daughter of Inigo Ramiro, Mitsuo Yamaki, son of Sadao and Felicie Yamaki is born.


Taichi Yagami, son of Yuuko "Makato" Yagami, Yamato Ishida, Sora Takenouchi, daughter of Toshiko " Kaji" Takenouchi, Anna Danika, daughter of Arkadiy Danika, Victor Von Schmidt, son of Dierk and Helene von Schmidt, Dingo Hogan are born


Vicente Lobo, Mimi Tachikawa, Michael Barton, Koushiro Izumi, Lynna Jeffry, daughter of John Jeffry, Catherine Rupert, daughter of Henri Rupert, Keeya Genet, daughter of Duka Genet Miyako Inoe are born


Hikari Yagami, Takeru Takashi, Daisuke Motomiya, Ken Ichijoji, Yuri Ruskoy, are born


-Apocalymon escapes from beyond the Wall of Fire and warps the Digital World, creating a race of evil digimon and throwing time out of synch with the time of Earth.

-Tatum Heany, Alexandre Rupert, second daughter of Henri Rupert, Sam Anderson, Dingo Hogan, Madelyne Osborn are born


Kumiko Makato meets Masato Seisou


Hiroshi Shibya, Keiko Shingu, Noriko Kawada, daughter of Jia Li Kawada is born

Megumi Seisou is born


Iori Hida, Maria Silvano, daughter of Eberardo Monteng are born


The First Chosen all pass away.


At Hikarigaoka, a Digi-egg emerges from the computer in the Yagami apartment, where it is found by Taichi and Hikari. The egg evolves to Greymon and battles Parrotmon in the city streets. Eight children that witness this event then become the next Chosen Children.


-Takashi Yuuske is born

-The children and their families move out of Hikarigaoka, settling in Odabia. Gennai's order fashions Tags and Crests for each of the second group of Chosen Children, These Tags and Crests are taken by Piedmon and are given to Etemon to hide across the Server desert. Gennai brings seven of the eight eggs to File Island to await the coming of their partners, the eighth became lost in the mountains of Server.

August 1, 1999:

-The Dark Masters began to plot their conquest of the Digital World. The Chosen are pulled through a Digital Gate at camp. They land on File Island and begin their quest by destroying Devimon.

-After gathering their Crests, the Chosen defeat Etemon. Taichi is brought back to Earth momentarily. The rest of the Chosen disband.

-Taichi returns and begins to reunite the Chosen Children.

-After rejoining, they journey back to Earth through Myotismon's gate to search for the Eighth Child.

-Koushiro creates the Crest of Greed when his greed for knowledge overcame his friendship with Mimi during their encounter with Kentarumon in the Dino Ruins maze.

-Taichi inadvertently creates the Crest of Pride when his pride creates Skullgreymon.

-Jyou creates the Crest of Sloth when he does not leave the Gekomon's Diner, preferring to stay there instead.

-Mimi creates the Crest of Envy during her stay in the Gekomon's castle, when she began to crave the life and lifestyle of a princess.

August 2, 1999:

-Hikari is revealed as the Eight Child.

-Myotismon takes over the city. Daisuke and Iori are part of the children taken.

-Sora is attacked by Phantomon and is impaled on his scythe. Hikari's Crest heals her and revives her immediately.

August 3, 1999:

-The Eight Children, together for the first time, defeat Myotismon.

-The Dark Masters, meanwhile, have taken control of the Digital World. The Chosen fight and defeat them.

-Yamato creates the Crest of Wrath when Juriemon manipulates his anger into hate for Taichi.

-During Taichi's battle with Piedmon, he is killed, but is revived immediately due to the power of Yamato's crest.

-The Chosen defeat Apocalymon, and the time between Earth and the Digital World is synchronized once again. The Chosen are forced to return to Earth.

March 2000:

Diablomon and Omegamon battle on the Internet. Miyako is one of the Children watching this battle.


At some point Michael receives his Betamon partner, and even spends time within the Digital World.

Spring-Summer 2002:

Takeru and Hikari join Daisuke, Miyako and Iori in becoming the next generation of Chosen. They fight and defeat, Ken the Digimon Emperor.

-Takeru creates the Crest of Gluttony when he begins to crave the power he had during his first adventure.

Fall-Winter 2002:

Yuukio Oikawa and his two servants Archnemon and Mummymon attempt to disrupt the natural defenses of the Digital World by attacking Destiny Stones. Ken overcomes his guilt at having been the Digimon Emperor and joins with them.

December 24, 2002:

-Taichi asks Sora out, but she dates Yamato instead.

-Sora creates the Crest of Lust from her feelings towards Yamato.

-Archnemon unleashes digimon all across the world.

December 25, 2002:

-Chosen from all over the world are given their Digimon partners to combat the invasion of Digimon.

-Megumi Seisou receives Plotmon, but cannot evolve her.

-Daisuke joins Mimi and Michael in returning the Digimon in New York to the Digital World. He meets Maria, Tatum and Sam.

-Hikari and Koushiro go to China and meet the Poi brothers and Mina from India.

-Jyou and Iori go to Australia and meet Dingo.

-Taichi and Takeru go to Paris and meet Catherine.

-Ken and Yamato go to Mexico and meet Rosa.

-Miyako and Sora go to Russia and meet Anna, Yuri and Lola.

December 26, 2002:

-The Demon Corps arrive, seeking Ken's Dark Spore.

-Noriko, Hiroshi, Keiko, and Takashi are infected by Oikawa.

December 29, 2002:

Noriko's Dark Spore blooms early and Oikawa steals her energy.

December 31, 2002:

-Oikawa gathers the Dark Spore children and absorbs their energy, intending to take them all to the Digital World. However, they appear in a dream world instead, where Myostimon reveals himself to be the source of Oikawa's ambitions.

-The Chosen from all over the world use their digivices to aid in the defeat of Malomyotismon.

-This event causes the gate between Earth and the Digital World to remain open permanently. Those with digivices of any design and type can cross over at will.


-Yamato and Sora break-up.

-Miayag begins to explore the Digital World.

-Juro approaches Victor von Schmidt and trains him how to reach the Fully Evolved level.

-Victor von Schmidt comes to America as an exchange student. He meets Michael.


-Taichi, Sora, Koushiro and Yamato graduate high school.

-Jyou enters college.


-Hikari, Takeru, Miyako, Mimi, Michael, Ken and Daisuke graduate high school

-Sora and Koushiro start college.

-Jyou begins to investigate a mysterious illness that is affecting the Digital City of Yclis. He determines that it is a virus that eats all 'living' digital matter. He warns the other Chosen, and they make preparations.


-Taichi, Michael, Schmidt and others form the Chosen Council. Its base is at Form Magnum Island.

-Hikari and Takeru start college. Daisuke enters culinary school.

-Koushiro determines that the mysterious illness is a mutated form of the . Virus.

-Ken, Takeru, and Iori die from the virus.

-Koushiro begins to develop a cure.

-Lino Silvano is born.


-Koushiro unleashes the X-Antibody, which only affects 10 percent of the population.

-GranDracmon creates the Demon Lords by forming them from the data of the deceased Chosen: Daisuke, Miyako, Ken, Koushiro and Takeru, and the data of Chosen that did die, but were revived immediately, Sora and Taichi. He gives each of the Demon Lords the "Negative" Crests: Pride, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Wrath, Gluttony and Lust.

-Catherine, Lynna, Iduia, Maria, Tatum, Sam, and Keeya are confirmed to be infected.

-Koushiro, Daisuke and Miyko die. Taichi is broken at the deaths of his friends and leaves the Digital World. The Chosen Council votes to put Victor von Schmidt as its leader. Schmidt's true plan is to locate the Flail of Chance for his grandfather.

-Taichi moves into an apartment in Shinjuku, starting a job as an assistant soccer coach.

-Later that year, he enters college.

-Jyou and Kikku are married.

-Hypnos is created with Mitsuo Yamaki as its director.


-Sora graduates from college and works as a designer for Issey Miyake before becoming a freelancer.

-The Synthetic Digital Energy Accelerator (S-DEA) is created.

-Kumiko "Makato" Seisou dies of a drug overdose

-Megumi Seisou moves completely to the Digital World. She wanders in depression and rage until the Digital God appears to her. He gives her the power of Taichi and Hikari and the name Chihi Miayag.

-Hikari graduates from college.

-Hikari begins her teaching job in Shinjuku.

-Hikari moves into Taichi's apartment.

-Michael and Mimi are married

-Noriko, Hiroshi, Takashi and Keiko are confirmed to have the virus.

-While visiting Takeru's grave, Hikari is overcome by emotions and runs away. She bumps into Mitsuo Yamaki and the two begin dating.

-Chihi Miayag appears and begins to preach the God of the Digital World.

April, 2011:

-Sora is infected with BD-2.

May 2, 2011:

-Jyou encounters Miayag, the first Odabia Chosen to do so.

-Taichi meets Sora for the first time in four years.

May 3, 2011:


-Miayag converts James, Vicente, Hiroshi, Keiko, Takashi, Sam and Tatum to her side, giving them the powers of Metalseadramon, Myostimon, Piedmon, Pinochimon, Mugen Dramon, Mummymon and Archnemon.

-Jyou calls Yamato, Hikari and Taichi. They encounter the Demon Lords and are tested.

-They rescue Maria and Noriko and return to Earth.


-Jyou confirms Sora's infection.

-Dingo and Lynna are chased by Karetu and Beelzebubmon.

-Karetu forces Lynna's power of water to awaken.

-Yamato and Jyou arrive to help and discover that Karetu looks similar to Takeru.

-They dig up Takeru's grave to find that his body is still there.

May 4, 2011

-Catherine wakes up with nightmares. She puts the dreams down in drawings, and her father calls Yamato for help.

-Sora calls Hikari to tell her about her infection, however, Taichi receives the message. He goes to Sora's and they talk. He receives a message from Yuri and he, Sora and Maria travel to Zeradza to meet him.

-Yuri tells Taichi that Miayag is planning to invade Nightsun. As they travel to the city, they are attacked by Shiokuro, who looks exactly like Koushiro. He forces Anna's power of wind to awaken.

-Yamato and Noriko head to France to meet Catherine. They are attacked by Karetu, who forces Catherine's power of light to awaken.

May 5, 2011

-Taichi, Sora, and Maria arrive in Nightsun. They call for help.

-Yamato, Catherine and Noriko travel to the village of Namu to speak with Mina. They receive Taichi's message and, along with Mina's student, Keeya, head to Nightsun. They are attacked by Karetu once again, and Noriko and Keeya's power of darkness and forest awaken.

-In New Havenwood, Mimi and Michael meet with Iduia Ramiro. They encounter Tatum and Sam before facing Amikyo and Enk. Iduia's power of metal awakens.

May 6, 2011

-War comes to Nightsun as the Digitalatri invade. While the battle rages on, inside the city, Shiokuro arrives and forces Sora's power of fire to awaken and Maria's power of Earth to awaken. The other young women arrive and the Daughters of the First are together for the first time. Cahiti summons Chimeramon, and the X-Chosen are severely outmatched. All the Daughters, except for Sora and Catherine, give their power to the X-Chosen, but Cahiti steals half of it to power the Soul Catcher. The X-Chosen gain the ability to evolve to Fully Evolved, but Sora and Catherine are captured.

-Miayag gains the Staff of Yuushi and the Machina Codex. The Staff enables her and her Plotmon to evolve to Kuzuhamon

May 7, 2011

-The Chosen Council decides that the Infected Chosen are a threat and approves Chosen Council Executive Order #0045: the immediate classification of all infected Chosen.

May 8, 2011

The first Relocation Camp is formed in New Havenwood. The X-Chosen travel there to rescue Iduia, but the Digitalatri arrive also. Schmidt fatally wounds Miayag and she appears to die.

-Miayag revives from death by the power of the Digital God (in truth, she was not dead, only unconscious).

-The Demon Lords and the leaders of the Chosen Council form an alliance.

-Yuuko Yagami comes to visit Taichi and Hikari,

-Miayag invades Tokyo, demanding the return of the Machina Codex.

-Schmidt and Osborne invade Tokyo as well, demanding the X-Chosen hand over the Infected Chosen they are harboring.

-Yuuko recognizes Miayag as her niece and runs into the battle, only to have Miayag's Bastemon accidently attack her, sending her into a coma.

-Yamato leads a group to attack Schmidt and Osborne. Noriko and the others surrendered themselves willingly, so that Yamato's group was not harmed. Maria and Iduia were given the highest infection number, and taken to Relocation Camps in the Digital World.


-Osborne gives classification numbers to Sora and Catherine.

-The Digitalatri claim the Center Island and the First Chosen's castle as their own.

-The Demon Lords use the power stolen from the Daughters of the First to affect the environment of the Digital World.

-Anna and Yuri escape the Relocation Center in Zeradza.

-Noriko and Yamato start to fall for one another.

-The X-Chosen visit Mina, and are given the first information on the First Chosen's weapons. She presents the Katana of Fire to Taichi and the Shotguns of Light to Yamato.

-The X-Chosen are attacked by Asro. She steals Taichi's goggles and brings them back to the Demon Lord's base, where she presents them as 'proof' to Sora and Catherine that Taichi and the X-Chosen are dead.

-The X-Chosen survived, however, and split up to take out the Relocation Centers of the Chosen Council.

May 9, 2011

-The sun does not rise in Zeradza. This is the result of Shiokuro using the power of Darkness stolen from Noriko. He does this to convince the Chosen population of the city that the Infected Chosen must be exterminated. Among the prisoners of Zeradza is Maria. The administrator of Zeradza's Relocation Center is Ivan Kragoff.

-Amikyo and Enk use the power of Water stolen from Lynna to stop the tide in Ausata, another location of a Relocation Center. Iduia is among its prisoners. The Ausata's Relocation Center is run by Raven Frost and Sebastian Pierce.

-The Demon Lords and the Chosen Council prepare for an attack on the Center Island.

-Yamato, Mimi and Michael arrived in Ylicis to rendezvous with Anna and Yuri. They have to fight Karetu and Samuel Sterns, but are successful.

-Taichi, Hikari and Jyou attack the Zeradza Relocation Center, freeing Maria and the Infected Chosen seconds before they would have been exterminated in the gas chamber.

-Shiokuro uses the power of Darkness stolen from Noriko to fuse Ivan Kragoff to his Karentmon partner, turning them into Reichmon, who is defeated by the X-Chosen, but Shiokuro has run off.

-In Ausata, Yamato's group frees Iduia and the rest of the Infected Chosen from the Relocation Center. Amikyo and Enk, hearing what Shiokuro has done, use the Power of Water stolen from Lynna and the Power of Forest stolen from Keeya, to fuse Raven Frost and Sebastian Pierce to their partners, creating Mermaimon and Trojamon.

-His group is unable to defeat them until Noriko, sensing Yamato is in trouble, tries to give him more of her power, hoping it will evolve Weregarurumon X into a Mega, but it proves to be incompatible with the Shotguns of Light, and Yamato and Weregarurumon X fuse together to become Cerberumon X. He defeats the two transformed Chosen Council members in a rage before returning to normal.

-In Zeradza, Taichi's group locates Shiokuro and he uses the entire stolen power of darkness to fuse with his Barbamon. Maria gives Taichi more of her power, hoping it will evolve Metalgreymon X into a Mega, but it is not compatible with the Katana of Fire, and Taichi and Metalgreymon X evolve to Skull Mammon X. He was able to defeat Shiokuro/Barbamon, but was given a glimpse of the First Chosen's past.

May 10, 2011

-Taichi brings Maria back to Earth while Hikari and Jyou plan an invasion of Form Magnum Island.

-Mimi brings Iduia, Anna and Yuri back to Earth as well.

-Miayag, feeling guilty about sending Yuuko to the hospital, goes to visit her in disguise. Taichi recognizes her and the two begin to fight in the street. Yuuko wakes up momentarily and see the battle outside. She runs outside and reveals that Miayag is her niece, and that she and Taichi are cousins. Miayag escapes, but Yuuko falls back into her coma.

-Mimi and the Daughter of the First, seeing the same news coverage of Taichi and Miayag's battle, go to help, but they run into Amikyo and Leviamon. Mimi and Lillymon X are able to defeat Leviamon, and Amikyo kills herself rather than return to Cahiti in defeat.

-Miayag returns to the Center Island and locks herself in her room, considering the recent revelations. Tatum, Sam and Vicente misunderstand her silence and return to Earth to kill Taichi Yagami.

-Mimi and the Daughters of the First fight and have to kill the three to stop them. Tatum and Mimi make amends with one another before she dies.

-Still prisoners of the Demon Lords, Sora wakes up with prophetic dreams of a dragon destroying the Digital World. Catherine declares that she is the second messenger.

May 11, 2011

-Taichi and Mimi return to the Digital World. Taichi does not tell Hikari that Miayag is their cousin.

-Taichi, Hikari and Jyou enter Form Magnum Island and discover the location of the Demon Lords' base. They have to fight the fused Enk/Belphamon, and Jyou and Anomalocarimon X kills them.

-Sora and Catherine are tricked by Osborn into watching Digital World coverage of the battle. The two Daughters of the First, having thought that the X-Chosen were dead, send their powers to Taichi's group to help them evolve. The powers are intercepted by Cahiti, and now his Soul Catcher has the power of all of the Daughters of the First.

-Yamato, Mimi and Michael travel to the Demon Lords' base. They are in time to watch Schmidt and Cahiti take Sora and Catherine before they are forced to fight Samuel Sterns and his Sagitarimon partner evolved together to Volcamon.

-They chase Schmidt and Cahiti, but are forced to fight Karetu and Beelezbumon. Yamato defeats him, but they lose Schmidt and Cahiti.

May 12, 2011

-The Demon Lords and the Chosen Council invade the Center Island. They thoroughly defeat the Digitalatri.

-Cahiti uses the Soul Catcher, powered with the energies of the Daughters of the First, to turn the elements of the Digital World against each other. This is the Digital Hazard that will destroy the Digital World.

-When Taichi, Hikari and Jyou arrive, they find a barely alive Miayag, who reveals that she is Taichi and Hikari's cousin.

-The three X-Chosen attempt to break through the Chosen Council defenses that guard the First Chosen's castle. Yamato's group arrive, with the Daughters of the First and Dingo and Yuri. Taichi and Yamato lead the Daughters of the First into the Castle.

-Michael fights and defeats Schmidt, and Mimi defeats Osborn. They leave them both for dead.

-Yamato, Noriko, Lynna, and Iduia fight and defeat Seiduka and Demon, freeing Catherine.

-Taichi, Maria, Anna and Keeya fight and defeat Asro and Lillithmon, freeing Sora.

-Sora and Taichi share their first kiss.

-They confront Cahiti and Lucemon. Sora powers up Taichi's Katana of Fire, and Catherine powers up Yamato's Shotgun on Light, enabling them to evolve to Wargreymon X and Metalgarurumon X.

-Cahiti/Lucemon summons the powers and energies of the defeated Demon Lords and evolves to Lucemon Satan Mode. Wargreymon X and Metalgarurumon X are able to defeat him, but the Digital World is completely destroyed, leaving only the three moons and a mysterious black orb where the center once was.

May 13, 2011

-Miayag leads her following Digitalatri into the black orb in the former center of the Digital World, believing it to be the haven of the Digital God.

-Mina receives information that the Digitalatri have entered the center orb, and the X-Chosen follow. They battle the X-Chosen before arriving before the Digital God, who reveals himself to be GranDracmon.

-He reveals his four Horsemen, Matut, Asm, Oiri and Karihi created from the data of the deceased Tatum, Sam, Iori and the negative emotional energy from Hikari.

-The Digitalatri and the X-Chosen escape, but Yuri is killed.

May 14, 2011

-Miayag and the X-Chosen recover their strength while the Daughters of the First and the Digitalatri follow Sora's prophetic dream and investigate the three Digital Moons.

-Sora, Maria, Keeya and Anna arrive on the Seraphimoon, where they battle Oiri. Keeya is killed. The rest reach a cavern where Sora is put through her greatest fear, going blind from BD-2. She overcomes this fear and is rewarded with Serphaimon's Digitama.

-On the Ophanimoon, Noriko, Catherine, Lynna and Iduia fight Asm and Iduia is killed. The rest reach a cavern where Noriko is tempted with her insecurities about comparing herself to Catherine. She realizes that she is not Catherine, she is simply who she is. She will not compare herself to Catherine anymore. She is rewarded with Ophanimon's Digitama.

-On the Cherubimoon, Hiroshi, Keiko, Takashi and James are shown images of their past misdeeds, including nearing killing Maria and Noriko to prove their loyalty to the Digitalatri. They realize that their past was not "good" but they must move forward. They were rewarded with Cherubimon's Digitama.

-On Earth, Karihi brings the Infected Chosen to Tokyo's park, using their energy to free GranDracmon from the Dark Zone and enter Earth.

May 15, 2011


-The X-Chosen and the Daughters of the First prepare for the coming battle.


-The Four Horsemen prepare for GranDracmon's arrival.

-The X-Chosen, the Digitalatri and the Daughters of the First battle the Horsemen, Maria is killed.

-Asm is defeated.

-GranDracmon arrives on Earth. He unleashes his Crystal Revolution, turning all in the park to glass except for Taichi, Yamato, Miayag, the Digitalatri, the remaining Daughters of the First and their partners.

-Oiri kills Catherine. Noriko and Sora are able to use the Digitamas of the Angles to fuse with Lynna and Anna, evolving to Plesiomon and Hououmon. They kill Oiri.

-The Digitalatri are able to use Cherubimon's Digitama so that all four evolve to Apocalymon and kill Matut.

-Kuzuhamon kills Karihi.

-Wargreymon X, Metalgarurumon X, Apocalymon, Kuzuhamon, Plesiomon and Hououmon battle GranDracmon. He turns them all to crystal.

-In a realm between life and death, Taichi, Yamato, Agumon X and Gabumon X are met with the spirits of the Daughters of the First. Sora, Maria, Keeya, and Anna give Fire, Earth, Forest and Wind to Taichi, and Noriko, Catherine, Iduia and Lynna give Darkness, Light, Metal and Water to Yamato. This influx of power evolves them to Omegamon X.

-Omegamon X defeats GranDracmon, freeing all those trapped in crystal.

August, 2012

-Gabriel "Gabe" Barton is born to Michael and Mimi Barton.

-Miayag returns to her home in San Francisco.

September, 2012

-Kenji Kido is born to Jyou and Kiku Kido.

-Miayag enters college.

October 2, 2012


-With the Digital World destroyed, the Weapons of the First Chosen return to Earth. The Flail of Chance falls near the Island of Shikoku, the Bow of Forest crashes into Mount Komaga-take, and the Shield of Metal falls into the sea near the Nichinan Coastline. Taichi, Yamato, and Miayag all feel the weapons enter the Earth due to their weapons, while Juro feels his Flail.

-Hypnos takes the Flail before Juro arrives.

-He challenges Sora and Noriko, his only leads as they contain the power of Hidokoro and Daiyu for the Flail.


-Sora and Noriko tell Hikari and Jyou about their encounter. They don't want to bother Taichi or Yamato, so they travel to Shikoku for information themselves.

-They get a lead on a group of Hypnos "Black" vans that were at the beach earlier that day. Jyou and Hikari find the vans in Kochi city outside Hypnos's temporary base in a warehouse.

-They encounter Juro outside, and the subsequent fight forces the Hypnos staff to flee. Juro follows them.

-When they return to Tokyo, they inform Taichi and Yamato.

October 3, 2012

-Miayag arrives in Tokyo and begins to search for information.

-Through news reports, the X-Chosen determine that the Black Vans have been seen in the Shinjuku Area. Taichi and Yamato head there.

-They locate a Hypnos storage building. Both Yamato and Taichi feel a strange sensation when they approach the building. Juro appears a moment later and reveals that Taichi and Yamato were able to feel the Flail because of their own weapons, Juro could feel his Flail return to Earth, but could not locate it.

-He summons his Flail to him, and summons Metal Piranhmon. He battles Taichi and Yamato and kills them.

-Hypnos quarantines the site, but Taichi and Yamato's data reforms into 12 Digitamas

October 5, 2012

-Taichi and Yamato's funeral.

October 8, 2012

-Kurata and Yamaki bring the Digi-tamas back to Hypnos. Miayag attempts to follow them, but she loses them.

-The X-Chosen attempt to move on with their lives.

-Noriko takes a job in a fast food restaurant.

-Sora begins to experience morning sickness.

-Kurata brings the Digi-tamas back to Hypnos's base. They soon 'hatch,' but only a small number survive the first night. Kurata theorizes that six of the 12 Digitamas are Taichi's data merged with the power of a Daughter of the First and six belong to Yamato. The powers of the Daughters of the First came from when the two absorbed their power to created Omegamon X.

October 11, 2012

-Miayag finally locates Hypnos's base.

-Yamaki discovers that Kurata is holding the surviving 'splinters' of Taichi and Yamato prisoner. He panics and orders them to be terminated. Miayag reveals herself and battles Megumi Ootori. During the fight, the power is damaged and the surviving 'splinters' escaped.

-Sora goes to the doctors for her morning sickness and discovers she is pregnant.


-The group of 'splinters' that escape arrive at a construction site and name themselves: Takuya, Tanna, Miach and Taichi Jr., Koji, Yariko, Yamag and Yamato Jr.

-Miach and Yamag, the 'dark' sides of Taichi and Yamato merged with the powers of Fate, leave.

-Once the others are asleep, Takuya and Koji go after them.

October 12, 2012


-Miayag begins to follow Yamaki.

-Sora and Noriko are attacked by Juro, who wants the weapons of Taichi and Yamato.

-Miayag arrives and battles Juro. They leave when they feel the Katana of Fire and the Shotguns of Light are use.

-Takuya and Koji catch up with Miach and Yamag. They begin to battle and Takuya and Koji summon the Katana of Fire and Shotguns of Light.

-Tanna and Yariko take Taichi Jr. and Yamato Jr. to Hikari's apartment.


-Hikari, Sora and Noriko determine that each of the "Splinters," are an aspect of Taichi and Yamato's personalities with a power of the Daughter of the First.

-Miach and Yamag, wanting to know more about who they are and how Takuya and Koji summonsed the two weapons, return to Kurata.

-They reabsorb the data of the deceased Splinters.

October 13, 2012

-Miayag once again follows Yamaki, and discovers that he is Hikari's boyfriend.

-Kurata, needing more data, sends Miach and Yamag to attack Noriko and Sora. Only a timely rescue by Takuya and Koji saves them.

-Miayag joins with them, and they determine that they need to find the other two weapons that fell to Japan.

-Miayag reveals that Yamaki is the director of Hypnos. Hikari confronts him and he confirms Miayag's revelation. Hikari is heartbroken and remains behind.

-Juro approaches Kurata, Miach and Yamag and proposes an alliance.

-Juro and Kurata decide to construct a Digital Gate in order to manipulate Juro's DNA and extend his life. Kurata also forges documents that appear that Yamaki authorized a Hypnos team and agents to help him.

October 14, 2012

-Sora, Takuya, Tanna and Michael travel to Mount Komaga-take. Miach and Nanami arrived there first and took the Bow of Forest, evolving Miach's Black Agumon to Gaiomon. Takuya is able to take the weapon from him and Miach flees.

-Noriko, Koji, Yariko and Jyou travel to Nichinan Coastline and encounter Ivan and Yamag. They are able to take the Shield of Metal and Hypnos flees in defeat.


-Both groups return to Tokyo. However, since Keeya and Iduia, the Daughters of the First needed to empower those weapons, are deceased, Miayag proposes to 'jumpstart' the Power of Metal in Michael. The result is both weapons activating and Jogressing Jyou, Michael and their partners into Metalseadramon X, Betamon X's Mega form. The power proves too much for him, and he goes on a rampage.

-The Splinters and the Daughters try to subdue him. They defeat Metalseadramon X, but he Slide Evolves to Plesiomon X, Gomamon X's Mega form.

-Hikari uses Miayag's Staff of Fate to evolve to Holydramon X.

-Juro and his allies hear of the battle, and he and Kouki fly to intercept.

-Holydramon defeats Plesiomon X and Kouki takes Jyou, Michael, their partners and the two weapons back to Kurata.

-Juro taunts Holydramon X with lies about him being Hikari's true grandfather and that she and Tailmon were a liability to the Chosen.

-Reika finds Yamaki drunk in his apartment. He is depressed and heartbroken over his and Hikari's break up. Reika alerts him to Kurata's forged authorization orders.

-Takuya and Koji, realizing that they cannot fill the shoes of "Taichi," and "Yamato," have to reform with the other Splinters. They begin to search for Yamato and Miach.

-Hikari determines that their only lead to Juro and Kurata is Yamaki.

-Kurata finishes the Digital Gate but needs to return to his lab.

October 15, 2012

-Hikari, Noriko, Miayag and Sora go to Hypnos to look for Yamaki. They are met by Reika Ootori.

-Yamaki goes to Kurata's lab to confront him, only to find evidence of his crimes. Kurata arrives and Yamaki is about to execute him, but Hikari, Miayag and Reika arrive. Hikari and Yamato make up.

-Yamaki orders Reika to take Kurata to a government prison after he reveals the location of the Digital Gate.

-Juro, Kouki, Ivan and Nanami arrive to free Kurata.

-Takuya and Koji find Miach and Yamag. The two 'dark' sides use the weapons to evolve to their Mega forms, but Takuya and Koji still are victorious.


-Yamaki, Reika and Megumi receive their digimon partners.

-The Chosen attack the warehouse, but the Digital Gate is activated. The Splinters jump inside, and Miach and Yamag realize that they belong as one being and fuse together again.

-Omegamon X emerges from the Gate. He fights and deletes Metal Piranhmon.

-The Gate begins to malfunction, and Juro scarifies himself and Juro to seal the Gate.

-Yamaki professes that Hypnos was useless in the end, but Taichi thinks that it might not be a bad idea to have such an organization.

- While the couples are reunited, Miayag and her Plotmon silently sneak away.

October 31, 2012

-Juro joins with GranDracmon and the Demon Lords in the Digital Underworld.

-They contact Schmidt, who, along with Osborn and Kragoff, survived the Digital Hazard. GranDracmon offers Schmidt the chance to serve him, and he agrees. He is transformed into Lord Sentry, Osborn into Artemis, and Kragoff into Orion, forming the Hunters.

-Lord Sentry finds the Gospel of Juro, discovering the secrets of Yddrisil. In order to reach Yddrisil, he will need to free Dagomon, but the level of Fate and Chance needed cannot be generated by anyone living. He puts in motion a plan to create that power.

November 8, 2012

- Aleksey Danika is born.

December 2, 2012

-Taichi and Sora are married.

December, 2012

-Lord Sentry appears before Miayag in the guise of a normal human named Hagan, his grandfather's name. They began to date.

January 14, 2013

Yamato and Noriko are married.

March 18, 2013

-Bolade Jelani is born.

-Yamato enters the military.

April, 2013

-Miayag becomes pregnant.

July, 2013

Kasumi Yagami is born.

November 16 2013

-Ines Pedro is born.

May 30, 2013

-Joey Hogan is born.

September, 2013

Shiro Ishida is born.

December, 2013

-Miayag discovers that Hagan is actually Schmidt, and he wants her child for the combined powers of Fate and Chance. She runs from him.

January 1, 2014

-Masahiko and Masanori are born. Miayag and Schmidt both discover that Fate and Chance became split in her womb: Masahiko has Fate and Masanori has Chance. Miayag is only able to escape with Masahiko before Schmidt finds her.

-Schmidt takes Masanori, promising that at some point, he will come for Masahiko.

February 4, 2014

-Asami Yamaki is born.

April 21, 2014

-Elizabeth Barton is born.

August 31, 2016

Adan Silvano is born.


-Taichi is elected to the Diet.

July 20, 2017

-Yasu Ishida is born.

November 14, 2017

-Akira Yagami is born.


-Shinji, Yuuji, Ami and Tsuragi, in their true forms, may have been born.

January 31, 2018

-The Digital Accident Tactics Squad is founded. Taichi is its director, Yamato the assistant director, and Mitsuo as the commander.

April 4, 2018

-Eliane Debre is born.


-Yamato leaves DATS to participate in a military project.


-Sentry takes the guise of Michiro Kazuki, and 'buys' his way into the position of Minister of Finance.

-The Hunters find Lino, Adan, Bolade and Ines. Lino takes the Spear of Earth and the name Mixcoatl.

-While training, Mixcoatl and Rudra become rivals.


-At some point, the American Team of DATS Agents are betrayed by Ralph Azala.

-Kenji is an exchange student in American. He meets Langelet.

-Both Azala and Langelet are approached by Lord Sentry and they agree to become the Hunters: Hoakah and Nanook respectively.

-The Digital World reconfigures itself into the configuration it had during the time of the First Chosen.

June 6, 2028

-Masa begins to have strange dreams. He meets Dorumon and they encounter the Hunter, Hinkon. They, along with Miayag, are captured and brought to the Hunters base. Masa attempts to escape, and encounters Hinkon again. Masa summons the Staff of Fate and evolves Dorumon through all of his forms, reaching his Mega form of Dorughoramon, killing Hinkon. Sentry appears and threatens to kill Miayag if Masa does not join the Hunters. With no choice, he agrees.

-Despite now having Masa, Sentry still cannot get the 'Fate' power that he needs. He is forced to clone Miayag, creating Araki, the Demon Priestess.

-Araki and Masanori start to 'recruit." Araki uses the Uni Gift of Demons to turn two orphans into Ami and Tsuragi, and other set of orphans into Rei and Neo. She later experiments on Rei and Neo in an attempt to make Demon Chosen reach the Mega level without losing their minds. This is only mildly successful, Rei and Neo do not lose control, but they are clearly insane.

-Masanori uses the Decima Gift of Demons to turn a tomboy into the male Shinji. He is partnered with Yuuji.

September 16, 2028

-Yamato returns from his tour of duty and resumes running DATS with Taichi and Mitsuo.

-Kasumi and the others meet Gabe and Lizzie for the first time. Kasumi and Gabe do not get along.

-DATS enters Neodigital to explore it.

-Taichi, Hikari, Kasumi, Gabe and Asami encounter Shinji and Yuuji as they acquire the Golden Fleece.

-Yamato, Sora, Akira and Shiro encounter a digimon village under attack by Tsuragi and Ami for the mystical belt Megijorno. They are captured by the Demons, and Akira's Fire power erupts.

-Mimi, Noriko, Yasu and Lizzie are exploring a grassland area when Yasu feels Akira's power. They run to their rescue. Tsuargi and Ami escape with the belt.

-They reorganize their teams: Yamato, Noriko, Shiro and Yasu as one group and Mimi, Lizzie, Sora and Akira as the other.

September 23, 2028

-Masanori tells the Demons to capture Asami, Shiro and Yasu to test them.

-Shinji and Yuuji arrive to capture Asami while Taichi's group is enjoying a dinner by the beach.

-Ami and Tsuragi grab Shiro and Yasu while their group is exploring a mountainous area.

September 24, 2028

-Taichi's group finds Yamato and Noriko, and they set off together to find Asami, Shiro and Yasu.

-Sora's group is attacked by Goblimons, who are under the control of Tsuragi, who is searching for the Giallorhorn.

-The Demons discover that Asami posses the power they are searching for, but the DATS Agents arrive and free her, Shiro and Yasu.

September 30, 2028

-Anna finds the Claymore of Wind in Russia, and Lynna finds the Gauntlets of Water in Australia.

-Now that Sentry and Masa know that Asami has the power they are searching for, they begin to plan to take it. The first step is to terminate the DATS Agents, who will protect her.

-Taichi, Yamato, and Mitsuo have a press conference in front of the Diet building. Unknown to them, Kasumi convinces Shiro to skip school and watch the conference.

-While Taichi begins his speech, Artemis attempts to assassinate him. Her arrow strikes him the chest.

-Kasumi, Shiro and Yamato run after her. Yamato reprimands Kasumi for fighting instead of being with her father. Yamato and Shiro chase after Artemis while Kasumi goes with Mitsuo to the hospital.

-Sora and Noriko, who were watching the conference from Noriko's apartment, go to the hospital.

-While Jyou takes Taichi into the operating room, Mitsuo tells Kasumi to wait for her mother and he returns to DATS Building.

-Along the way, he encounters the Hunter, Flidais. He wins the battle, then, fearing for Hikari, runs to get to his wife.

-Plotmon X calls Hikari, and she leaves to go to the hospital, but along the way, has to battle the Hunter Nanook.

-Yamato catches up with Artemis, but Orion appears. Yamato and Orion battle, and Orion severely injuries him. Shiro arrives a few minutes later and brings Yamato and Gabumon X to the same hospital as Taichi and Agumon X. Kiku Kido begins to operate on Yamato.

-Sora and Noriko arrive at the hospital. Hikari takes Akira and Yasu to DATS and watches them.

-The Bartons leave New York to return to Japan. Along the way, Michael fights Hoakah.


-The Demon Chosen are spotted in Neodigital. Hikari, Kasumi, Shiro and Kenji go with her.

-They arrive on Atrops Island, and fight Shou and Kiyoshi of the Uni Clan. They call Akira and Yasu for help.

-Shiro and Kasumi follow Tsuargi and Ami to the Oracle at Digiphi on the island. She tells the Demons where to find the Gjiallarhorn,

-She tells the DATS Agents that one of them will shortly die.

-Shinji, however, has been watching, and sees Kasumi's personality.

-Jyou and Kiku are able to stabilize Taichi and Yamato's condition, and they begin to recover.

October 2, 2028

-Noriko and Yasu travel to China to get the Lance of Darkness. Yasu powers up the weapon and gives it to Shiro.

October 3, 2028

-The Hogans, Anna and her son and the Bartons arrive in Japan. Kasumi and Gabe still do not get along.

-Shinji leads a group of Decima Demons to attack Kasumi to see her strengths.

-Lynna's son, Joey gives the Gauntlets of Water to Gabe and Anna's son Aleksey gives Asami the Claymore of Wind, but gives the Power of Wind to both Asami and Kasumi.

-Eliane arrives from France.

October 4, 2028

-Gabe, Asami and Shiro go to the Digital World to practice with their weapons. Kasumi feels left out. Sora takes her to visit Taichi in the hospital.

-Artemis returns to finish her assassination of Taichi, but is stopped by Kasumi. Artemis flees, and is chased by Kasumi, Sora and Kenji. She leads them to a base where the DATS Agents encounters Mixcoatl, Adan, Bolade and Ines. Kasumi's rage takes control again.

-Shiro, Gabe and Asami encounter Tsuragi and Ami in the Digital World. The Demons find the Giallarhorn, but Shiro, using the Lance of Darkness, evolves his Psychemon to Weregarurumon. He severely injuries Ami and her Astamon, and the Demons escape.

October 5, 2028

-Kasumi is upset that despite being the great-granddaughter of both Hidokoro and Yuushi, is still weaker than everyone else, even Akira and Yasu.

-Shinji appears before her and forces her to take the Decima Gift of Demons. She refuses and fights back, but no one truly believes that she did not become a Demon willingly.


-Mixcoatl attacks and in order to save her family, Kasumi uses the Gift of Demons. She transforms into a Decima Demon, and Yuki Agumon evolves to Orochimon.

-Under complete control of the Gift, she leaves with Shinji.

October 6, 2028-Early morning

-Sentry, realizing that one of the Demons is acting on his own agenda, sends Masa and Dorumon to terminate the Demon Kasumi.

-Mitsuo, Shiro, Akira, Gabe find Kasumi on a rampage in Neodigital. They want to test Jyou's Digital Encephalon Reader, or DER. Orochimon proves too powerful, and would have killed them, but Masa and Dorumon arrive.

-A fierce battle erupts, but when Masa discovers her family name, he flees with the DER. Kasumi escapes as well.

October 15, 2028

-Kasumi spends nine days with the Demon Generals.

-With Tsuragi and Ami still recovering from Shiro's attack, Masanori puts Shinji in charge of the invasion of Tokyo.

-Sentry sends Masa and Mixcoatl to terminate Kasumi when the Demons invade.

-Gabe tells Asami that Kasumi betrayed them, Lizzie argues with him, telling him that just because he doesn't like her, doesn't mean everyone else does.

-Gabe remembers Angela and when Azala murdered the rest of the American team.

October 16, 2028

-The Demons begin their assault of Tokyo.

-Gabe, Masa, Mixcoatl and Asami confront Shinji, Yuuji and Kasumi. Shinji tricks Asami into giving herself up to save Kasumi, which Shinji does not do.

-Masa attempts to use the DER, but it malfunctions, pulling inside Gabe and Mixcoatl as well.

-The Uni Demon Khatsuharu and his Blimpmon attack the center of Tokyo, while Chiaka and her Locomon travel to the DATS building along their private train tracks. Traveling with her, is Masanori and Dexdorumon.

-Inside of the DER, Gabe and Mixcoatl confront each of Kasumi's negative personalities. They are also given glimpses of their pasts: Gabe's battle with Azala, and Mixcoatl losing his step-sister, Maria.

-While Mixcoatl keeps Shinji and Yuuji busy, Gabe's Kotemon evolves to Mystimon and they defeat and bind each of Kasumi's negative personalities, putting the real Kasumi back in control.

-Kasumi and Orochimon kills Yuuji and Shinji flees. Mixcoatl and Masa leave as well.

-Upon Khatsuharu and Blimpmon's defeat, they crash into a major power facility, cutting off power for most of Tokyo, including the DATS building. Chiaka and Locomon are able to sneak into the building.

-Masanori is able to take the Flail of Chance and Dexdorumon evolves to Dexdorughoramon. He destroys Chiaka and Locomon in a fight of power and escapes

October 17, 2028

-With most of the city damaged from the attack, Sentry, disguised as Kazuki, now has the leverage to shut down DATS.

-Kasumi, depressed over her past deeds as a fully controlled Demon, attempts to kill herself, but is stopped by Akira.

-Shiro begins to research why Asami was taken by the Demons, and comes to the conclusion that she has both Fate and Chance.

-The DATS Children decide to enter Neodigital and rescue Asami themselves, since their parents cannot. They elected Shiro to be their leader.

-Yuuto, the Decima Demon tasked with bringing Asami to the Demon's base, finds that Asami's powers prevent her from crossing into the Demon's domain. He leaves the unconscious Asami and Leormon outside the boundaries while he goes for help.

-Asami and Leormon wake up and they escape.

October 18, 2028

-The group of DATS children are split up during a battle with the Demons.

October 19, 2028

-Kenji, Lizzie, and Akira encounter Masa, Mixcoaatl and Adan, who are investigating the Temple of the First Chosen. They encounter the first of the Ancients: Ancient Beetmon, Ancient Irismon, Ancient Megatherimon.

-Akira empowers Kenji and Lizzie to evolve them to Fully Evolveds. They defeat the three Ancients and reach the cavern where the First Chosen banished Juro.

-Shinji leads Tsuragi and Ami to find the escaped Asami. They encounter Shiro, Gabe, Yasu, Eliane and Kasumi instead. Shinji reveals that he turned Kasumi to a Demon because her desire to evolve would show him the way to evolve to Mega. He manipulates Kasumi into killing Ami, which sends her over the edge, and she and Orochimon evolve together into Lucemon Satan Mode.

-The DATS Agents try to stop Lucemon Satan Mode, but he is too powerful. Asami and Leormon arrive, and Asami tries to fight, but her Claymore begins to glow. Asami manages to get through to Kasumi.

-Lucemon Satan Mode leads them to the Demons Base. Masanori arrives to stop them. He evolves to Dexdorughoramon and kills Kasumi and Yuki Agumon.

-Masanori takes Asami back to the Demons Base.

-Masanori gives Asami to Tsuragi and Shinji to guard while he and Araki prepare to take Asami's powers.

-Shiro's group arrives to rescue Asami. Gabe saves Asami and they share their first kiss.

-It does not last long, as Tsuragi and Shinji follow Kasumi's example and give into their feelings, evolving to Demon and Barbamon.

-Shiro and Gabe are able to use their weapons and evolve to Duftmon X and Dynasmon X.

-During the battle, Demon switches sides and helps to defeat Barbamon. Demon dies from his injuries.

-With both Gabe and Shiro unconscious, the girls move to a hidden area in the dark forest.

October 20, 2028

-Asami, Yasu and Eliane recuperate with the unconscious Shiro and Gabe, waiting for a rescue.

-Kasumi awakes in the Digital Limbo and is sentenced by Annubimon to the Digital Underworld due to her anger, envy and pride during life. She is attacked by Asro and Shinji before being rescued by Maria, Catherine, Iduia and Keeya. They have a plan to send Kasumi back to the Living realm by expunging her demon side.

-Masanori and Araki send their only two remaining Demons after Asami: Neo and Rei.

-Kenji, Lizzie, Akira, Masa, Mixcoatl and Adan, while investigating the Temple of the First Chosen, awaken two more Ancient Warriors, Ancient Troiamon and Ancient Wisemon. The two Ancients chase them back to the surface.

-Neo and Rei arrive at Asami, Yasu and Eliane's camp.

-Maria's group, with the addition of Tsuragi, bring Kasumi to a cavern in the Digital Underworld where hypocrites are forced to face themselves. Cahiti leads a force of Demons to attack them, and they force Kasumi inside. She encounters each of her negative personalities, each one a creation of the inferiority she felt towards the other DATS children. Once she realized she had to stop comparing herself to others, the negative personalities were re-integrated within her being. The Gift of Demons then had nothing on which to power itself, and so Kasumi was returned back to normal. Yuki Agumon evolved to her true Fully Evolved form, Aero V-dramon.

-Sentry, in disguise as Kazuki, the Minister of Finance, forces Taichi to give up the DATS Agents list in return for reopening DATS.

-Kenji's group and the Hunters defeat the Ancients, but receive Eliane's distress call. Masa leaves the Hunters to go with DATS.

-Eliane and Yasu, due to their friendship, are able to get their partners to Jogress to the Fully Evolved form of Machgaogamon to battle Rei and Lotusmon. Asami's Leormon evolves to his Fully Evolved form of Grappleomon.

-Kasumi's discarded negative emotions are taken by GranDracmon and formed into Sakumi, the Demon Princess. She is sent back to the Living World to aid Sentry and Masanori.

-Kasumi and Aero V-dramon fight their way past Juro and GranDracmon to return to the Living World as well. They immediately set out to aide Asami, Yasu and Eliane.

-They arrive just in time and defeat Lotusmon. Neo, enraged at the loss of his sister, jumps into battle with his Arkadimon. Asami relinquishes her Claymore of Wind to Kasumi, and she and Yuki Agumon evolve to Alforce V-dramon X to defeat him.

-Kenji's group arrives, but so does Masanori and Araki. Asami cannot stand the thought of any others hurt because of her, and allows them to siphon her powers of Fate and Chance.

-Masanori reveals to Masahiko that they are twins and that their father is Lord Sentry.


-While the others return to Earth, Taichi and Yamato meet Masa, Akira and Yasu at the Hunters Base. Inside, they rescue Masa's mother, revealed to them to be Miayag, as well as discover that Sentry is Schmidt.

October 21, 2028

-The Hunters begin to exterminate DATS Agents around the world.

-Taichi orders Kazuki to met him at the DATS building to confront him about the killings.

-Miayag leads Masa, Asami, Hikari, Gabe, after Masanori and Araki, who are going to free Dagomon, the Agent of Destruction.

-Ancient Mermaimon and Ancient Volcamon follow them, and Miayag, Hikari and Gabe fight them.

-Masa and Masanori battle each other, while Araki uses Asami's power to augment her Power of Fate and Masanori's Power of Chance to summon Dagomon.

-Anna, Aleksey, Lynna, Dingo and Joey are on their way back to Tokyo to escape the Hunters, when they encounter the Hunter Rudra. Aleksey and Joey evolve their partners to Shawujinmon and fight him off.

-Mixcoatl, Adan, Ines and Bolades attack DATS and are repelled by Kasumi, Akira, Yasu and Eliane.

-Shiro and Kenji investigate a disturbance in the Tokyo Bay. It turns out to be Ancient Sphinxmon, who begins to attack DATS.

-Kasumi convinces Mixcoatl to help them. Adan orders Ines and Bolades to get the Shield of Metal and the Bow of Forest from DATS and power them so that two more Royal Knights can appear.

-Akira and Adan, because of their similar feelings towards their older siblings, evolve their partners to Rizegreymon.

-Kazuki reveals himself to be Sentry.

-Dynasmon X defeats the two Ancients.

-Masa and Dorughoramon defeat Dexdorughoramon and take the Flail of Chance from him.

-Masanori uses Asami's Power of Chance, condensed into a crystal, to evolve to Dexmon.

-Masa and Dorumon use Asami's Power of Fate, condensed into a crystal, to evolve to Alphamon.

-Asami and Leormon use the Flail of Chance to evolve to Rhodo Knightmon.

-Mitsuo uses the Shield of Metal and Kenji uses the Bow of Forest to evolve to Dukemon and Sleipmon. Mixcoatl and Patamon use the Spear of Earth to evolve to Cranniumon. These three Royal Knights, along with Alforce V-dramon X, Duftmon X and Omegamon X, destroy Ancient Sphinxmon.

-Dagomon realizes how long it has been since he was imprisoned, uses his connection to Yddrisil to gain control of the Knights.

October 22, 2028

-Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon arrive on Earth and begin to destroy cities with high populations of Chosen.

-Dagomon sends the Royal Knights to major cities around Earth. He demands the surrender of the Earth governments, or the Knights will begin to destroy the cities.

-Adan, Ines and Bolades agree to help DATS in order to save Mixcoatl. Sora and Noriko send teams of DATS Agents to each city to try and stop the Knights: Mimi and Michael in New York to stop Dynasmon X, Jyou and Anna in Moscow to stop Alforce V-Dramon X, Dingo and Lynna in Beijing to stop Duftmon X, Joey and Aleksey in Cario to stop Sleipmon, Bolades and Ines in Washington D.C. to stop Alphamon, Yasu and Eliane in Paris to stop RhodoKnightmon, Hikari and Lizzie in Brazil with Dukemon, Adan and Akira in Mexico City with Cranniumon. Sora, Noriko and Miayag stay behind to act as leaders.

-Alphamon and RhodoKnightmon disregard Dagomon's deadline and attack the DATS teams that arrive before them. Bolades and Ines are able to get through to Alphamon and he slide evolves to Dorughoramon, breaking Dagomon's hold over him. They fly to engage RhodoKnightmon, and are able to defeat her, regressing her to Asami and Leormon. The new team then move to attack Dagomon.

-Lord Sentry arrives in Dagomon's base. They discuss a partnership but Dagomon refuses the offer. Sentry leaves, but not before stealing a sample of Dagomon's data. Dagomon, now fearful that others will discover his base, sends Omegamon X to attack DATS in Tokyo.

-Miayag appears before the two Ancients and offers them a deal: if they stop attacking cities and killing Chosen, she will arrange for them to battle Taichi and Yamato the next day. They agree.

-Masa's group arrives at Dagomon's base. He and Dorumon evolve to Dorughoramon and battles Dagomon. He does fairly well, but soon loses his advantage, as Dagomon reveals that as long as he is connected to Yddrisil, he will be immortal. All over the Earth, the DATS Agents begin to lose against the Royal Knights, especially in Tokyo, where Garudamon and Ladydevimon are severely outclassed.

-Just as hope is lost, Asami's power of Chance manages to block Dagomon's connection with Yddrisil, allowing Dorughoramon to delete him. With Dagomon gone, his control over the Knights is broken, freeing them all.

-Sentry and the Hunters have been monitoring the battle, and trace Dagomon's last transmission. They now know where Yddrisil is located.

-The Royal Knights are brought back to DATS's hospital to heal. Mixcoatl, not wanting to be a 'DATS prisoner,' orders Adan, Ines and Bolades to leave with him. They do not want to leave DATS, so Mixcoatl escapes by himself.

-He returns to the Hunters base and Lord Sentry reveals that he wants control of Yddrisil so he can bring GranDracmon back from the dead. Mixcoatl tries to stop him, but Sentry severely defeats him and leaves him for dead.

-Kasumi, Adan and Akira come to save him, but are forced to fight Sakumi and her Orochimon, whom they defeat, but flee before she can mount a counter-attack.

October 23, 2028

-The Hunters locate Yddrisil and Sentry uses Dagomon's data, downloaded into his systems, to gain entrance to it. Once inside, he orders that all governments of Earth surrender to the new ruler, GranDracmon.

-The Royal Knights leave to confront the Hunters inside Yddrisil. Kasumi manages to convince Mixcoatl to put his angst over Maria's death behind him. She confesses to him that she tried to kill herself after becoming a Demon, that she knows what it's like when negative feelings and memories are overwhelming. They kiss, and Mixcoatl agrees to help DATS. He gives up the Hunter Mixcoatl, and returns to his true name, Lino.

-With the Knights gone. Sakumi attacks the DATS building. Akira and Adan are able to delete her.

-The Knights enter Yddrisil and are separated. Craniumon, Alforce V-dramon X, Dynasmon X, Rhodo Knightmon, Sleipmon, Alphamon, Duftmon X, Dukemon battle Rudra, Artemis, Hoakah, Araki, Nanook, Dexmon, Orion and Flidais respectively. Each Hunter tries to taunt their Knight opponents with memories of their past mistakes and negative personae, but each Knight overcomes it and kills the Hunters, but they fall in the process. Only Rhodo Knight and Alphamon survive. When Alphamon defeats Dexmon, he takes the Crystal of Chance that had empowered him.

-Omegamon X fights and defeats Sentry as he attempts to use Yddrisil's power to open a gate to the Digital Underworld and bring GranDracmon back to this world. Thinking their mission is over, Taichi, Yamato, Asami, Masa and their partners begin to head back. They are unaware that Sentry was successful, and GranDracmon, Cahiti, Asro and Juro posses Sentry's body, bringing him back to life.

-On their way back down Yddrisil, Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon arrive to commence their battle with Taichi and Yamato. Knowing that they still need time to recover, Masa and Asami fight them instead. It is a short battle, as the possessed Sentry arrives. He absorbs the data of the two Ancients. Sentry now has the data of: Wargreymon X, Metalgarurumon X, GranDracmon, Cahiti, Juro, Dagomon, Ancient Greymon, and Ancient Garurumon, giving him the power to evolve to Ogudomon. GranDracmon now takes direct control of Sentry's transformed body, leaving Sentry, Juro, Cahiti and Asro in need of physical bodies. Ogudomon absorbs Taichi, Yamato, Masa, Asami and their partners into his body.

-Ogudomon arrives on Earth and marches towards Tokyo. Akira leads the DATS Agents into battle against him.

-Inside Ogudomon, Taichi, Yamato, Masa and Asami are forced to fight the digital 'ghosts' of: Cahiti, Juro, Schmidt and Asro. They make short work of them, and Taichi and Yamato go to confront GranDracmon.

-Omegamon X and GranDracmon engage in a fierce battle. GranDracmon has simply grown too powerful. Omegamon X is close to defeat, but then uses the Crystal of Chance that GranDracmon had stolen from Alphamon and infects himself with the power of Chance, giving him all ten powers, evolving him to Susanoomon. Now in his perfect form, he easily defeats GranDracmon and destroys Ogudomon.

-The Royal Knights all manage to survive and return to Earth.

October 27

-With the Agents healed from their battle with the Hunters and Ogudomon, they return home.

-Taichi is offered the position of Minister of Defense, while Yamato is offered the position of supervisor officer for an astronaut program. Both decline, realizing that DATS is more important to their lives.