Author's Note: Vague manga spoilers, but I figure everyone on the internet already knows this stuff by now. Let's see…If you don't know who Sai is, there are probably spoilers in here for you.

Crying by ACM a.k.a. Annie May

"Crying won't bring Sasuke back," she had said to him.

Naruto knew this. Naruto knew that only he could bring Sasuke back. Only by his own power could he fulfill the promise he'd made years ago to Sakura. He had become stronger but it wasn't enough. It was never enough, he thought, as he lay on his rough tan sleeping mat, staring up at the wooden ceiling of the cabin that Yamato-sensei had effortlessly created with his jutsu. Crying wouldn't bring Sasuke back, but maybe nothing would. So why did it matter if he cried?

And then Naruto was letting go, letting his emotions run wild as they were prone to do, and as the tears flowed down his cheeks, a faint glow of chakra started around him, flaring now red, now blue as he wavered between anger and sadness, self-loathing and resignation, determination and pain. At last the chakra resolved itself into a calm blue glow, an aura that shone around him, illuminating the tears that collected on his chin as he softly cried into folds of his blanket. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. Naruto turned slowly and looked into Sakura's concerned, and, he thought, disappointed face.

"Ah, Sakura! Sorry, did I wake you? I didn't think I was being loud here, but then again, it's me, so…"

"Naruto…I felt your chakra and I knew you were upset," she said softly, her expression unchanged.

"I know…I'm sorry…I wasn't crying…" he said, putting on his best fake smile for her.

"Naruto, I shouldn't have said that. You can cry if you need to. I'm sorry I couldn't do anything. I know you miss him…You two were close, after all…"

Sakura's voice trailed off and she looked at the floor of the cabin. In the moonlight he could a tear sparkling in the corner of her left eye.

"Sakura, it's not that! I promised you! It's the promise of a lifetime and I swear, somehow I'll—"

"Naruto, stop it! Don't say that!" she whispered harshly, looking directly into his face. "It's my responsibility. I let him go in the first place! I couldn't do anything and you've lost a friend, a teammate…and I made you suffer! You've almost been killed over and over, because of me!"

Now tears poured down Sakura's face and she did not hide them from him, even though she was ashamed. Ashamed of her weakness, ashamed of her selfishness in the past. She jumped a little when Naruto took her left hand, but his voice was so tender and soft that she felt instantly soothed.

"Sakura, don't cry. Don't ever cry because of me. That's why I want to bring Sasuke back. That's why I made this promise. I want to make it so you never cry again."

Sakura stopped crying and her eyes widened with shock.

"I never want you to feel alone. I'll do whatever I—"

At that moment, Naruto was silenced by a brief kiss. Sakura's lips touched his for merely a second or two, but to Naruto it seemed a beautiful eternity which words failed to describe.

"Thank you, Naruto. I'm not alone…You and I will bring him back, together," she said resolutely.

Naruto gulped and nodded as she turned to head back to her sleeping mat. He gently touched his lips, feeling the place that hers had touched a moment before, when suddenly he doubled over, holding his head as a large bruise began to appear there. Sakura stood before him, panting, her fist still clenched tightly.

"Don't get used to it!" she hissed menacingly, before marching indignantly back to her spot and lying down to sleep. Naruto winced a little but smiled, then rolled over to go to sleep. He had just gotten his first real kiss, from the girl that he loved, and he would never forget the new promise they had made.